15 March 2014

Massive UFO Fleet Heading Towards Earth ~ ISS Video 10 March 2014

 If this video is legit, it's definitely an incredible visual confirmation!

From Kauilapele's blog:

[Kp note: Found this at 2012theBigPicture. Cobra spoke about the billions of galactic craft around our planet to assist us right now. Are these some of them, coming through the portal?]
[Cobra] “On the physical plane, everything is ready for the Event. There is also a vast fleet of Confederation ships surrounding the Earth. There are about 5 billion cloaked physical ships positioned in the LEO region…
“In addition to that, there are about 120 million cloaked physical Confederation ships in the region between the Karman line…
“The number and strategic position of cloaked Confederation ships in the troposphere and on the surface of the planet remains highly classified for now.”
Video notes…
Incredible fleet of unknown objects caught by the ISS on March 10th, 2014. Objects seem to appear out of thin air, possibly a portal or wormhole of some kind. This footage cannot be denied or easily debunked, whatever these objects are they are heading for Earth, is disclosure imminent?
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