16 March 2014

MH 370 : Cosmic Awareness and Denise LeFay

Magic Angel ~ William Griffiths aka Valiant
At this point in time, I have posted only once on the plight of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 (from Focus Sessions here) despite numerous reports that have surfaced, both from the mainstsream and alternative media. I'm posting two more reports that I've just read, from Cosmic Awareness and Denise LeFay. Together with the report from Focus Sessions, I feel they all tie in very well.

If these three perceptions are indeed correct, then there are two very crucial and encouraging points:
  • Those onboard are alive
  • This could be positively manipulated by the Light Forces/GF to force Disclosure and bump up the awakening process.
Our job is to hold the highest vibrations possible for this, and continue to do our inner work, which doesn't stop. Personally, I've not been successful in tapping into the outcome of MH 370; perhaps these reports explain why ~ that they are in a different time-space reality.

The combined scenario painted by these three reports is what I resonate with. Whether they are accurate are not, I cannot say. I can only hold the highest outcome for this to eventually manifest.

Here for Cosmic Awareness, and here for Denise LeFay.

**Note: Bold highlights added to further clarify the positive potential of this situation. Cosmic Awareness says that the plane was attacked by Cabal weaponry and that it's now at a different time-space reality. The GF is trying to retrieve them back to this realm.

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  1. Actually, Cosmic Awareness is pretty clear that it's the PTB that disappeared the plane, not the Light Forces/GF, and that the GF is working on returning it to our timeline. In any case, yes, hold the highest outcome for all concerned. As CA says, their return would prove that our 3D reality is not all there is, and this would facilitate a new paradigm for a lot of people.

  2. Yes, that's what I meant when I said the Light Forces/GF could use this event for a positive outcome. I have edited my post to clarify it. Thanks for alerting me!