25 March 2014

MH 370 : Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof 16 March 2014

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Stephen Cook referred to this message by Cosmic Awareness (previous post) in his analysis of the events surrounding MH 370. In this update, Cosmic Awareness expands on the earlier information that was given regarding the disappearance of MH 370. I will copy the part that pertains to MH 370 below; please go here to read the full message which has more details as well as covering other topics.

"Indeed, this Awareness can and will speak to this now. But It must start by explaining the true situation behind events. It is not known by the majority, indeed very few know, that the Russians and the Chinese have developed a missile of such superiority that it was and is a huge threat to the Powers That Be, to America and Britain. That this missile is called the Topol missile and it was capable and is capable of flying at Mach 4 ten feet above the ground. It has a target range of over 2000 miles, therefore can be launched from deep inside China or Russia, and that it carries a very potent warhead, nuclear in nature.

That this weapon, this missile was tested several days before the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner, to the western powers. That this particular missile in a sense makes a Navy obsolete, is a threat to ground forces anywhere, and of course could be a threat to the air force and air force planes as well as their missiles. For it is much faster and more potent than anything the western powers had, or so it seemed.

However, at the same time, in conjunction if you will to what Awareness said earlier, that there are those in the Western powers that have been working on a new type of weapon, a laser weapon. Indeed that it is called Laser Weapon System or LaWS. That after the test of the Topol missile that was done for the benefit of the western powers, that certain ones in power realized that they must show the Russian/Chinese faction that they are not intimidated by this weapon, for they have something else that would make the Topol missile obsolete, a weapon that could be used against them.  They needed to show this to the Russians.

That one of the problems of that system that is known as LaWS is that unlike the Russian/ Chinese Topol missile it has a much reduced field of operation. Indeed it truly can only be used in a 15-mile radius from a ship that the weapon might be located on. This has to do with the nature of the straight-line laser beam versus the curvature of the planet, and how once the curvature changes that the weapon becomes ineffective and loses its force. They have overcome this problem. The means by which to employ the method of this weapon is no longer confined to operation on a ship or in a land position, but rather can be mounted now.

They have produced a weapon that is much smaller than previous weapons, previous manifestations of this weapon, for they had versions of this already but they were too big and had too many problems.

But in recent times they did develop a version that is much more compact. It was this prototype that was placed aboard one of the two ships that intercepted the Malaysian airliner. That these were retrograde ships, not used by extraterrestrial ones, certainly not the Galactic Federation ones, but also not the Greys or Reptilians or Orions either. It was a group, a secret group that is operating in the U.S. Navy.

It is this group that, as this Awareness sees it, performed this operation, carried this operation out, and it was an electromagnetic pulse beam type weapon along the laser line of the LaWS weapon that was used. It is why the electrical system went out, it is why the transponders and black boxes were cancelled out, and why there was damage to the plane, some of the debris falling to the earth. It shot this plane down, but not in the traditional way, for at the same time it is seen that a rift appeared, a rift that transected dimensions and that the plane went through this rift, being towed into it by the aircraft that was in front of it, not a traditional aircraft this Awareness must add, and that it was transported and did land in another place. It is seen an island.

That there are some reports that are being brought forward by certain ones, certain psychics in particular. One who has seen the event observed the electrical discharge, viewed psychically the plane going through something of a cloud with electrical discharge and great noise, and then landing on a deserted island, if you will, and that the individuals were still alive. This Awareness has alluded to that, that this Awareness has said it is seen that they are still alive in this other dimension.

But as to the event itself, it is seen that this secret agency contained within the American military, especially the U.S. navy, is known of by the upper echelon of the Powers That Be, and that this was their response to the actions of Russia to tell them they are not afraid of their Topol missile, for they have something now that can cancel it and send it elsewhere.

There is some difficulty at this moment to see exactly if it was the intent of the secret agency to open up this space rift, for it is seen there was an intervention yet by another group. That this intervention is thought to be the Galactic ones who would not allow this plane to crash, for it is seen it went through tremendous difficulty when the electronic or electric-magnetic pulse beam delivered through the LaWS system first hit it, and that this intervention by the Galactic Federation is seen as the opening of a rift, a portal and that the plane was thus saved by the Galactic Federation, who would not allow the destruction of this plane and the many innocent ones aboard this plane.

As this Awareness has said previously, it is not yet seen clearly whether this plane will be returned, but this Awareness does indicate here that the Galactic Federation ones did intervene but were not the cause of the difficulty to the plane.  That this was caused by this secret group that have been working with the technology that they have received from their extraterrestrial Orion/Reptilian allies.

That they have certain vessels/ships that are like the UFOs, are capable of, high, hyper flight, are capable of many things and now that they have made a compact weapon that can be mounted on certain of these ships they have, that they feel that they are now again on the top of the heap. The intervention of the Galactic Federation ones was secret, but was also a message to this group, as well as to the Russians and others, the Chinese as well, that there is indeed another player onboard as well."


"Recently when this Awareness was speaking of the possibility of a return of the aircraft It did state: imagine the reaction on the planet if this occurred, if this ship returned, this airliner returned and all were alive onboard and it simply landed in Malaysia or Beijing. But that this is still not yet a guarantee, It simply is stating here, this Awareness is simply stating here that humanity would most definitely truly begin to understand and accept there are others here as well and that the evidence that is so denied by so many can no longer be denied, especially if those ones onboard come back with strange tales indeed.

That this Awareness would ask one and all to energize this timeline, to hold it as more than possible, that it can be so, will be so, for you wish it to be so."


Finally this Awareness asks one and all at this crucial time to send light and love to those who are onboard the Malaysian airliner. To state in your mind at this time that you hold it to be so that they will be brought back, they will be returned, that you hold for them the greatest love, the greatest light, the greatest hope for them and their families, that a miracle can occur.

That this can be the turning point that changes everything. Hold it to be so, project it to the planet, project it to all on the planet at this time. That this is that time now for the great change, the great miracle to begin, that is the transformation of Mother Earth and all who reside. Hold this energy for a moment now. That the energies of this Awareness are added to the energies being projected and are sent to each and all. Open now to receive these energies and Its Love and Its Blessings to one and all."



  1. This is so exiting. I truly do believe that there is a wonderful possibility for a push into the 5th dimension through this catastrophic, yet likely benevolent event. I'm keeping a vision for the highest possible good for all in the eventual (and hopefully soon) outcome.

  2. I agree with you, Stephanie :) May this seemingly unfortunate event transform into one that finally brings us Disclosure, and with it, our unfettered path towards Ascension.

  3. Really appreciating your updates, the Cosmic Awareness message resonates with me. Will share. :)

    1. Thanks, Jen :) May we see a most positive end to this saga..."soon"...!