13 March 2014

MH 370 ~ Focus Sessions 11 March 2014

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There are several reports (mainstream as well as alternative) as to the fate of this Malaysian Airline flight, many of which are conflicting while the rest are inconclusive. I just came across some information which I'm posting here specifically ~ it's from the transients.info site. However, I would suggest that you go to the source, which is Focus Sessions, because the information may be updated as time goes by.

I will copy the complete message here, but again, I suggest you go to the Focus Sessions page itself in case the information is updated. 

Malaysia Airline MH370

6:10 AM

I have had a lot of questions regarding this, so I wanted to take some time to tune in:  

Q. Could you please do a reading on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that is reported to have crashed in the South China Sea on 8 March 2014.Was it an accident or was it deliberate sabotage ? [I will continue to monitor the questions/comments and update as necessary. Please scroll to the bottom for the most current posting.]

A.  When I tune in, my mind is at the point of the flight where issues start to arise.  I see that there is a huge electrical disturbance.  What looks like a clear day turns into this dark, gloomy surrounding.  It looks like heat lightening and flashes surround the plane.  I also see what looks like discharges of static electricity coming off the plane.  The flight attendants are trying to stand, and people are trying to stand and grab something above their heads?  It is chaotic and a lot of turbulence.  Oxygen masks then start to fall.  Then there is this loud thundering sound that is so deafening that people are grabbing the sides of their head (I feel the pain in my ear, like it is loud and so much pressure!) 

Then all of a sudden there is this silence- It is so quiet and calm.  No one is talking, there is no noise.  It is the ultimate peaceful feeling.  I don't even hear the noise of the plane- as if the engine isn't even running.  It feels like the plane is gliding, there is no turbulence.  Like it is floating so peacefully through the air.

I can't help but feel like this plane went into a different layer or dimension of our current existence [I realize this is a very alternative concept, but I just report what I see].  I see the jungle, and what I notice most are the leaves.  The passengers are looking at the vegetation is complete amazement, but not in complete horror, but rather amazement.  They are gigantic.  The climate feels warm and humid, but rather comfortable.  I also have the images of the plane on a beachy coast as if it coasted to a graceful landing.  I can't get the images of show Lost out of my mind, as if the fundamental situation may be similar...

Q. Many people are very suspicious about what happened and do not believe it was an accident due to suspicious circumstances and coincidences surrounding the flight. Such as 2 passengers on the flight having fake passports from Thailand. Also the pilot was interviewed and photographed with a CNN reporter 1 week before the crash.
A.  As I focus on this, what I get is that China is behaving oddly about their airspace.  They are being very restrictive as to who gets into and who doesn't.  I also get that this flight was forced south of the planned route in air.  Shortly after it was forced south is when the electrical disturbance began.  I am not getting anything specific with passengers or the pilot.  

Q. Could the crash be because of a oometary explosion ( similar to Russia last year)? The air France was also kind
of a mystery over the Atlantic ?  That would explain why the crew is taken by surprise .
A.  I see this as some electrical / magnetic situation.  I can't visualize an explosion at this time. 

And that is all I have for now.  It is 6:38 AM.  (No audio at this time).  

As a side note, if anyone has further questions on this topic, just leave a comment and I will monitor them.  I'm sure there are a lot of unanswered items out there.  Thanks.

[Update from comments: 3/11/14 2:50 PM:
Thank you everyone for the great comments. I even respect 12:18 PM as I think everyone deserves their own opinion and my reading was a little "out of the box." Truthfully, I surprised myself with what I saw. 
Anyways, I wanted to address some points that came up.

Phones: I get that they may be ringing, but no one is able to answer. It looks like a one-way communication. It looks like the number can be dialed as valid, and the phone may sound to ring, but in reality the call is not connected. This looks to be able to go on for a while now.

What they saw before and during the event: They were flying normal, and it got very dark out. Like the were being surrounded by something that looked like smog. Then I saw what looked like a lightening storm. Lighting was hitting the plane and electric sparks were coming from the plane. The ride got rough and it was complete chaos. Then this loud rumbling started, and at that time people started covering their ears. Once the rumbling stopped, there was an eerie calm over everyone. It was incredibly silent.

Description of the place: It is warm. Looks like an island. The plane coasted into a sandy beach. There is what looks like a tropical jungle about 100 yards off the coastline. The leaves on the plants are enormous- reminds of something I would have seen on Jurassic Park. The temperature is warm, I see people in short sleeves and still sweating. They were able to make fire and are keeping a fire on the beach as some kind of signal. Looks incredibly remote- I see no other people on the island. I can see some mountains in the central part of the island and at a distance look like they may have snow on the very top.

Will they come back, do they want too: They don't realize how lost they are. Yes, they want to come back. They are more anxious than scared. I cannot see them being located- I feel like bits of the plane broke off during the turbulence / electrical storm and that will be found, but for the most part the plane is in tact.

How and Why did this plane slip into another dimension: To be honest I can't see the why or how, I just see what looks like an electric storm and the sky immediately surrounding the plane has this plasma look to it. When you stare at a hot road it gives the appearance of blurry vision in the space directly above it- well the sky looks like that around the plane. The next thing I see is that the plane is gone.]

[Update from comments 3/11/14 8:01 PM:
Thank you again for all of your feedback. 

There are a couple more things I wanted to discuss. I do not see this as intentional or a government plan. I see this more as a phenomenon or rare, unusual event. They were at the wrong place at the right time and right conditions. I see this as being unexplained for a long time. 

Also regarding where they are. This is a concept that is somewhat hard to understand, but we are taught that time is linear. We are also taught that there is a start and stop point and things progress forward along a line. I too see time as linear, but I don't think we are restricted to always moving forward. I see we jump ahead and backwards. We don't always remember where we have been (just like we can't all remember with our conscious mind what we ate for lunch last Tuesday). Your subconscious knows and that is why (for example) we may feel that we have been somewhere or recognize someone (because we have been there or met them) and don't remember. Having said that, I see that they had a (what I call) "time slip" into the past. I have had many images of Gilligan's Island pop up in typing this, so I think that is also noteworthy. I still see them on an island with a jungle inland. They are alive...

I also keep seeing tiny islands on a map to the east of Malaysia- I feel the plane was directed more toward that area.]

[Update from comments 3/12/14 6:57 AM:
Thanks again for all the feedback. I agree with many of the posts- the only way back is the way they went, and I can't see that happening (in my mind). I see them being on Earth, but in the past, like an alternate reality (I know this is a very different concept- I just report what I see).

As a whole, people look to be ok.. There are some injuries- I see one person specifically with some pretty big cuts on their leg and limping, but there is some kind of huge leaves wrapped around it. I am not viewing any deaths, just injuries at this point. If there were deaths, they are out of my view. 

I also see some kind of tribal people. I get the impression that they will eventually meet them, but I don't feel hostility. I see them looking at the survivors strangely like they don't understand the aircraft that brought them, and the clothing is very perplexing to them. The tribal people are more afraid of them than anything... This looks like a glimpse as to how they merge into a society....]

I feel like what happened is so connected to events that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle that I have also attached links to past readings I have done on the topic.
Bermuda Triangle Reading: 


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