23 March 2014

MH 370 ~ Lost in Confusion?

"Alignment" by Primal Painter www.lightworkerenergyart.com
Update 25 March: 
  • In Tara and Rama's report, they say that the passengers and crew are safe, in another dimension. Here for the article. Please  note that this was on 11 March.
  • Sheldan Nidle mentioned in his Sunday webinar that the passengers and crew are safe, in Inner Earth. I catch his webinars on Thursdays and not Sundays due to time zone difference, so I didn't get to hear him say that. Also, it's mentioned in this same article that he would mention this in his update tomorrow.
  • Elizabeth Trutwin's personal take on this is that the plane was rescued by the GF from Cabal attack, just like the four planes involved in 911. This was brought up in a recent interview with Bob Charles, which you can download here.
It's been two weeks since the distressing disappearance of flight MH 370. And yes, although I am aware that a couple of sources have since told us that the entire plane, all passengers and crew have been safely "taken" to a secure place, I still use the word "distressing", which I will explain later on.

At this point in time, we have already received so much information from various sources ~ channeled, non-channeled, mainstream, alternative ~ that are conflicting and generally compounds the confusion that surrounds this incident. The information/disinformation/misinformation that is coming out only adds to the air of mystery that is shrouding this case, making it increasingly suspicious.

Leuren Moret, interviewed by Alfred Webre, has claimed that the plane was downed in an act of vengeance for the KL War Crimes Tribunal verdict, which ruled against the western Cabal. More information here. Other sources' claims include the energy patent factor linked to four passengers and the plane to be designated for terrorist use.

Then we have the alternative side, which I will focus on. I had earlier posted on some infomation given by Denise LeFay, Cosmic Awareness and Focus Session (here for the post); Denise and Focus Sessions both say that the passengers and crew are safe, but not in this dimensional reality. Cosmic Awareness says about the same thing, but added that the plane was attacked by Cabal weaponry; the GF/Light Forces are now trying to bring them back to this reality.

Zorra from Hollow Earth Network revealed that the plane developed hydraulic issues which would  have resulted in a fatal crash; the passengers were rescued in time and are now at Hollow Earth.

Ashtar via Kathryn May informs that the passengers are "hostages" taken by GF, and that they will be "freed" to demonstrate Disclosure to the world. And here is where I explain my use of the word "distressing".

Along the same lines, Suzy Ward has presented information from Ashtar that says they are all safe, having been rescued and transported to a small planet after the plane developed serious malfunctions.

Valiant writes in his update that the plane was shot down because the Cabal thought "someone" was on it; he/she wasn't (posted here).

Meanwhile, we have Archangel Michael and Ashira via Linda Dillon who insist that they didn't "take" the plane and passengers, and that they would never do such a thing that would create so much suffering and agony for the passengers' and crews' loved ones (and this is where I agree with this line of explanation, which is why I used the word "distressing" earlier one). They say the plane exploded and is not intact. However, I must point out that, if I remember correctly, I don't think they mentioned that the passengers and crew perished. So if indeed it's true that the plane isn't intact, my wish is for the passengers and crew to still be safe, somehow, somewhere.

And finally, we have Cobra who maintains that there is no ET involvement (posted here).

So who is providing us with the authentic scenario? Is it possible that all the reports have some element of truth in them, and that they could possibly be connected even though they seem to contradict each other? Or are we just getting inaccurate interpretations of information?

At this point in time, although I am exasperated with the seemingly confusing state of affairs, I have accepted the fact that we will know for sure when the time is right. In the meantime, I will continue to hold the highest intention for a positive outcome, and may this outcome serve the highest purpose.

I also send the loved ones of the passengers and crew much Love, Light and Blessings. May their angst end soon.

**Note: Message carried by the image "Alignment" created by Primal Painter:

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  1. Thanks for bringing together all these different scenarios. Several channeled sources such as Bashar have said they can't talk about this, which implies that this is a 'hot potato' that a lot of people aren't ready to hear about.

    The intuitive, Jennifer Hoffman, paints a picture that is pretty much in sync with the Cosmic Awareness and Denise LeFay:

    I believe that the 'missing' Malaysia flight has not crashed and is still around, but it's' going to be hard to bring it back without revealing the technology that was used to make it disappear. The suspicious number of ships in the area so quickly (it takes a long time to move ships around) is their participation in military exercises to test this technology. Now they're in a quandry because I believe there are people on that plane they need so they can't just blow it up but they also cannot bring it back without making the world aware that they have technology which can move objects between dimensions.

    A few reports call it 'cloaking' technology, I believe that it is actually able to move things between dimensions, a little like they did with the Philadelphia experiment in 1943, but in a more exacting and refined way. The military has been testing this technology for decades and has refined its performance but now, with the availability of instant access to news, satellite broadcasts, video cellphones and transparency, it's much harder to hide info today than it was in 1943.

    The way they can do this involves the properties of particle physics. By increasing the spaces between the particles of matter they can move it into another dimension, beyond 3D density. The problem is, and has always been, how to bring it back because they cannot shrink the particle spaces in the same way they expanded them. When physical matter is exposed to higher frequencies it fundamentally changes its composition, at both the space and particle level, and will never go back to the way it was prior to the expansion. It's a little like putting ingredients together to bake a cake, then trying to take the finished cake back to the ingredients that were used to bake it.

    I think that reports of finding debris will be made, but it won't be of that airplane, it will be of something else. They'll find a way to bring the airplane back and not reveal too much of their work but I don't think that will succeed either. As I said, I feel they are in a real pickle right now and don't know what to do. The usual fake stories will be broadcast but they still won't explain the situation in a believable way. This is just one of a number of very highly sophisticated technologies that we're going to be finding out about, by 'accident', now. I wrote about this in the 2014 predictions, it's going to start ramping up now and by June, you're going to be hearing about things that will make your hair stand on end. If you haven't read the predictions, they're here http://enlighteninglife.com/2014-predictions-year-love/

    1. Your Focus Session also lends this scenario more weight, of course.

  2. Thanks very much for your contribution, Jen :) Much appreciated. I haven't come across Bashar's input, so if you could pass me the link or the information, I would be very grateful! AA Michael through Linda Dillon actually (politely) asked Steve Beckow to not ask further questions. I agree, this is way more than meets the eye. More like a hot coal! Thanks again :)

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agKO_beX7hE