31 March 2014

MH 370 ~ A Prelude to Disclosure?

In the ensuing days after the plight of Flight MH 370, the entire world was basically plunged into a morass of confusion as we were fed with continuous streams of conflicting information from all fronts. The official statements, channeled messages, analysts, truthers, researchers, alternative sources...we had so much information and yet so little to actually confirm what really occurred on that fateful day when the passengers and crew boarded the aircraft, fully expecting to arrive at their target destination. As far as I'm aware, this has spawned more theories than any other incident.

I can't help but realise that what "version" we choose to align with (or not), demonstrates in some way the "individual world" we are in. In general, I see that people with rigid, traditional and mainstream belief structures readily accept the official version transmitted via the mass media. The idea that any other cause apart from that given officially is not entertained even for a second and the merest hint of a conspiracy is dismissed straightaway. The encouraging sign is that, compared with 911, significantly more people are rejecting official statements that are given to conveniently "close the book".

I suppose the same applies to the rest of us ~ what resonates with the individual speaks much about his or her own world and belief systems. At this point in time, it has very little to do with the truth, because no one (apart from those in the know) actually knows for sure what "the truth" is.

This unfortunate incident has become a sort of sum-total of all that has occurred in the history of Humanity. It has become representative of all the hidden and suppressed truths, the deception and lies, the control and manipulation, the insane and diabolical deeds. Each and every version involves one or more element of hidden history - we have the whole gamut ranging from secret wars to secret treaties, Cabal involvement to Galactic intervention, from black ops to dimension rifts. There is also a subtle but oh-so-obvious reticence among some channels to divulge more details, which makes me feel that this is way bigger than we think.

I also keep feeling that this is a sort of prelude to a great exposure that's lurking around the corner that's just coming up. Maybe it's also wishful thinking on my part, but I believe that this Flight 370 incident may well be the ultimate catalyst and avenue used to finally break apart the iron-clad armour that's been placed around Disclosure to prevent it from surfacing.

As with my earlier post, I will end with my intention for this to have the highest outcome to serve the highest purpose.

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