01 March 2014

No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes. A Message From Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 28 February 2014

Greetings! This is Ashtar. You do not understand what you do not understand. This leads to impatience, anger, frustration and depressed feelings. You must avail yourself to knowledge and work to help others to qualify to receive wisdom conferred by your Guides. Contemplate this command. 10,000 years ago was the time of the Ramayana on Earth. This is a story of the Tretra Yuga a period on Earth’s history where our lifetimes were much longer than the average hundred years now. It is important to understand that when reading the Hindu Epic the Ramayana. Just like any Galactic History, like Rumi’s Masnavi, the Torah or the Book of Enoch there are three levels of understanding. One is the story itself, the other is an esoteric meaning and further there is a mystical meaning. The mystical meaning is a coded language written within all these stories and it is not comprehensible by ordinary man. It keeps the mystical information protected. The esoteric meanings are tackled by priests and taught to followers. 

The Ramayana is an example where the common story has been used in Hindu society in a way that has kept the sexes segregated and caused an unhealthy imbalance between the role of men and women in that society. As we delve into the esoteric and mystical meanings of the Ramayana that segregation falls completely away. As we evolve our consciousness we drop the ordinary meanings of our Galactic History and integrate into our spirit lives the esoteric and mystical wisdom which has always been there waiting.

What is happening now on Earth is a reflection of what was happening during the Tetra Yuga period of the Ramayana. The story goes that God incarnated on Earth in human form to come into the matrix and kill the dark cabal force which had taken over Earth. It was during that time when the greatest genetic engineer of all time lived and his name was Ravana. Ravana liked to combine the DNA of different beings to create something new. When you read the Ramayana in English you will see that this was a ‘Jetson’s’ society on Earth. The translations read as ‘flying cars’ (Shuttle Craft) and ‘flying Cities’ (MotherShips). Ravana was then collaborating with Scientists from Off Planet to make his genetic creations. He would travel off Planet to do so. 

5000 years ago was the time of the Mahabharata on Earth. This was the Atlantean period when the use of nuclear weapons destroyed the Great Crystal in the Atlantic, sinking major areas of land into the Sea. This is the period of time when many of those living today had past lives on Earth. There was a great deal of karma created in that event and we have all come together to cleanse Earth of that karma to prepare for the end of time, the end of duality, the end of karma.
These two most memorable events in Earth History – in our recent History – are exactly the issues we are dealing with on Earth today. 

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