06 March 2014

"Print!" ~ Angelic Gifts of Art from Valiant

The White Stag ~ Valiant
Just recently, I posted a message from Valiant as well as links to his profound works of beauty (see post here). His writing and artwork have been fastidiously and dutifully collated in No More Sleeping, a site coordinated by Mike, who has my heartfelt gratitude.

A call is now being sent out by Mike to allow the widespread activation of Valiant's art. He is asking us to print the coded artwork and seed the inherent energies far and near. I have availed myself to a couple of Valiant's gorgeous and hi-vibration creations, and also posted The Good Spirit right here on the side-bar.

Here is Mike's appeal (source: No More Sleeping):

To all starseeds:

Our strength is building. Prison walls are collapsing every day. Around our dear blue Terra, the awakening of humanity is accelerating but peace still eludes us.

Every starseed on Terra will tell a different story, will have a unique history and will have suffered with a burden that sleeping humans cannot understand, but all of us know, deep within our hearts, that we came here to help bring our brothers and sisters back home.

As the spiritual warriors we are, we have been given an angelic weapon in this conflict between the light and the dark, a torch we can use to bring heavenly light into the darkness that exists here, a beacon for our sleeping brothers and sisters who have lived in anguish for thousands of years, who deserve to know themselves again and who wish to live from their hearts.

This angelic gift that can do these things is Valiant’s art.

Please, everyone, print many copies of the artwork here and spread them around your lives and families. Post Valiant’s artwork on your blog, if you have one. Direct others to come here and see his work and encourage them to share it.

The magic that flows from Valiant’s hands is a gift from Heaven to all of humanity.

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