05 March 2014

Review of February 2014 ~ Cobra and Alexandra Meadors

This 55-minute update from Cobra can be found here in mp3 format.

*Update: Youtube version here, with extensive topic summary and time-stamp.
*Update: Transcript now available at Galactic Connection, where Alexandra Meadors also clarifies some issues pertaining to the interview.

Some highlights:
  • Situation in Ukraine / Russia very complex, Cabal wants to trigger conflict like they tried in Syria; Light Forces trying to prevent this; top-most layer concerns fighting over oil resources; Jesuits and Cabal manipulating to prevent positive progress and tried to involve Russia
  • Peace is fragile now in Crimea but Light Forces doing everything to preserve peace
  • Planetary situation is that "red lines" crossed by Cabal and Light Forces had to respond ~ in Ukraine this red line was the removal of President who was elected by the people and created instability that allowed Cabal to forward their plans, prompting Eastern Alliance response
  • Protests on both sides were genuine but were later infiltrated by Cabal
  • No nuclear attacks possible now because Light Forces will neutralise them (**Note: Nuclear missiles/potential attacks have been deactivated for a long time now by our Star Families / Light Forces)
  • Process of bankrupting Federal Reserve is unfolding
  • If Cabal has absolutely zero gold, the whole structure collapses very quickly
  • Gold is now off-planet; people believe otherwise because outdated documents show gold still stored in various locations; now their source is from "scraps" which they re-melt back into the banking system
  • Jesuits and Cabals have their own version of the financial reset, but this will not be possible now
  • North Korea is "special experiment" created by Cabal in '50s to completely close off and isolate the country t0 maximise its entropy; they have survived by selling their own gold reserves; 250,000 are being held in camps
  • Reunification between North and South Korea initiated by Light Forces but it's a slow process so The Event will occur without this being a pre-requisite
  • Chemtrails ~ after The Event the eco-system will be healed completely; food-poisoning, water-poisoning and financial system are far more dangerous
  • G20 meeting ~ indications that Cabal are no longer able to solve their situation; Ukraine situation is their desperate attempt
  • JP Morgan has agreement with NSA to hack any bank account
  • Bankers were murdered because they were about to reveal frauds; potential whistle-blowers now getting some protection; "The rules of the game have changed", and Cobra advises potential whistle-blowers to "wait a little bit longer"
  • BRICS banks can easily transition to new system when the time arrives
  • International Court of Justice is attempt by Light Forces to restore law on Planet; first purpose is to expose crimes of Vatican and Cabal
  • Cobra unable to support claim that Homo Capensis (Boskop Man) is progenitor of Black Pope but confirms that most IRS proceeds go to City of London and Jesuits
  • Many claim to be designated signatories for Gold but Resistance Movement has clarified that this isn't so because the Gold belongs to Humanity, and not any source or faction
  • Most of the gold extracted from Earth over the centuries by peasants for their landlords and then collected by royal dynasties of both East and West, who claimed ownership over  this gold, which actually belongs to ALL; some of the Dragons didn't want to part with the gold which is what delayed the whole resetting process
  • Gold will be brought back and stored in undisclosed locations, to form the backbone of new system
  • Transition to this new financial system will be quite smooth due to all the preparations; what will cause more drastic for people is the hidden and suppressed history of Humanity, the ET presence and removal of Cabal
  • Nations will be restored only after removal of Cabal; legal decisions are at the moment "just a piece of paper"
  • If we own a World Bank bond it allows us the avenue to exercise self-empowerment
  • Cabal and Jesuits still control some parts of the military; however Positive Military is fully-functional and ready for action
  • Theoretically, legal decision can be made but they cannot be enforced yet until Cabal is removed
  • Many funds were set up in attempts to reform the financial system but some are scams; Nesara is law and will be implemented
  • Obama's visit to Pope Francis is to make pacts with Jesuits
  • Cobra unable to confirm at the moment regarding New Mexico radiation; Galactic intervention in Fukushima, chemtrails, environmental pollution etc. otherwise we wouldn't survive; Humanity has been saved "many many times over" in last few decades
  • If Edward Snowden allowed to return to USA it would encourage more potential whistle-blowers to come forward, but he would have less opportunity to disclose
  • TPP ~ many ways to reduce its impact; it's up to the people to make it so
  • Cabal wants to destroy Bitcoin because it challenges their monopoly
  • Putin does not belong to Light Forces but he supports their agenda because they have common objective of removing Cabal; Obama has been controlled to the point that he cannot express his free will any longer
  • Cobra's encrypted messages intended for RM, not surface population
  • Congo portal not shut down yet
  • DNA experiments during Atlantis and this has led to degradation of consciousness
  • Our Free Will compromised but this spark will never die; we need to enhance this to attain our full Sovereignty
  • Basic Plan for our liberation is the same but the transition may not be as smooth as hoped for because there are more elements now, could be more instability such as food supply disruptions, insanity, riots; at this moment not all problems have been resolved ~ be prepared for about a week of disruptions
  • Significant repositioning of GF ships around the Earth occurred in mid-February, allowed next stage of preparations for The Event
  • Increased activity of Galactic Sun creating extreme weather anomalies
  • Invisibles are parasites that infect etheric and mental brain that compromise thinking process by blocking certain signals, this disables connection to higher thinking; they are the evolution process that "went wrong" after creation of Light in this Galaxy (this has been called a "virus" in some other sources).

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