16 March 2014

Solara's March 2014 Surf Report ~ Excerpt

Source: Solara 11:11



March begins with a tsunami of intensity. The new energy that is now coming in is so strong that it's almost flattening. We can feel the deep undercurrents of something so wondrous, so vast, so very "Off the Map" which is being born and this fills us with a mixture of awe, profound gratitude and excitement. Everything is pulsating with change. We are continually being bombarded by Hurricanes of Change, not merely Winds of Change. This is why it's so important to stand in our Trueness at all times; it's the place of the eye of the storm.

March feels incredibly fast; it's dramatic and rough. Everything is moving forward at light speed. It's exciting that we have reentered Zoom Mode, but it's also too much to handle at times. This is when we most need silence and stillness. This month is a mixture of overwhelming energies, (which are continually growing stronger), and fresh inspiration brought in by a massive creative surge. It's like racing on a tightrope over a deep abyss -- we're going extremely fast, but have to be fully aware of every step because any unconscious action could cause us to drown in all the intensity.

As we enter March, some of us are profoundly weary. We feel like punch drunk boxers who have been pummeled in too many rounds; absolutely tired to the bone. For many months, we've been dealing with a staggering amount of minute details, juggling them all in our overloaded minds. We already have a multitude of things to do, but even more urgent tasks constantly keep appearing -- an endless procession of things to do that never seem to reach their end.

As much as we'd love to completely let everything go, we cannot. We are in the midst of a massive, rather messy birth, and cannot stop now. We gulp at the old air with its pockets of life-giving new freshness, but it's not enough of the new to fully energize us. This is when we start getting strange physical symptoms that tell us to hurry up and get fully into the New Landscape as soon as we can. There's a heightened sense of urgency because we feel that we can't breathe the old air for much longer, that it won't be able to sustain us.

One of the reasons why we feel so overwhelmed is because we're living in a huge range or vast scale of energies. Stretching out to the deep vastness of the New Landscape and bringing it back into the action-filled HERE and NOW, weaving them all together into a New Paradigm. This is how the New World gets born right in the midst of the old world.

There's a deepened seriousness that permeates everything, heightened by geopolitical uprisings, natural disasters and the unexpected illnesses and deaths of those we know. This is especially shocking when bright, young Second Waves leave the planet. All of this demonstrates the fragility of life right now; we never know what will happen next. This fragility causes our existing relationships to deepen. The stakes are really high and getting even higher. But the levels of Trueness being revealed are amazing and totally worth it.

Change in Motion has begun.... We have leapt upon our magic Green Horses and are beginning the ride of a lifetime. The remaining bonds to our old lives, old selves and old stories are snapping off, one after the other, in the hurricane force winds. As we break free of the past and emerge as authentic beings, we are seeing everything with new eyes. This enables us to align with our True Direction and True Purpose. And the Change in Motion will only continue to get stronger....

During this time, many people are experiencing a profound awakening, a total transformation, a complete 360' shift. The veils of illusion suddenly dissolve and their True Self emerges. At the same time, their True Direction becomes crystal clear. This is happening because the energies are super supportive right now for us to become true, authentic beings living True Lives.

This month will truly be a new beginning. March is the first month in which we will feel the powerful effects of the entrance of this new wave of people who just broke free and are now putting their 100% commitment into going into their True Directions with everything they've got. This is going to make a huge difference and will help clear the path for all of us into the New Landscape.

It's now time to choose LIFE. Real, authentic, heart-filled TRUE LIFE. It's time to simply leap in and do it. To walk our talk by investing our time, energy, money and full being into what we most want to manifest. To live our authenticity, integrity and TRUE HEART LOVE in everything we do. This dance into a new True Life has started and it cannot be stopped.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete MARCH 2014 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

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