31 March 2014

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 30 March 2014

Source: Oneness Of All

Greetings dear ones.  We see many starting to accept and understand change in their lives...some even saying; "Why didn't we think of this before?"  People are losing the fear of change which is a big part of evolution, that is how it works.   Never be afraid to try something new and then if you find that it does not work, that is fine, the sky does not fall down.   Learning to be open to new ideas and change on all levels  allows an individual to likewise receive on all levels--the inner door opens. 

Many of the so called "older generation " continue to hold themselves  back through the belief that there are no better ways of doing things than their life experiences have taught them.  They have become comfortable in routine, refusing to even contemplate other ways of seeing the world and are missing opportunities to spiritually grow.  Allowing oneself to contemplate new ideas does not mean living lives without joy or fun in work and activity, nor does it mean that your current way of doing and seeing either globally or personally is wrong and has to change.  Being open simply means a willingness to let go of resistance and not being so locked into what is  known and familiar that any change is impossible.

Arcturian Group wishes to speak about energy.  Energy is the essence of all things, for it is Divine Consciousness  and the substance of all form .  Energy in its purest, is  white Light and is interpreted according to the consciousness of each individual. The halo of light seen around saints and masters is simply their energy field, so filled with pure light that many can see it.

Energy, being Omnipresent Consciousness can never be lost, and only changes form.  You are aware of and experiencing energy at all times, but are not always aware of what you are feeling.  You may sense a heaviness in places like old battlefields that still hold the vibration of fear and suffering.  Bars often carry a very heavy third dimensional energy  which can be felt immediately.  Most have experienced  the peace and lightness of a cathedral or simple country church where the prayers of many throughout time have created almost a "presence" of light energy.  The healing energy of nature in an undeveloped forest or beside a flowing stream is felt by almost everyone and is the reason these powerful and sacred places need to be protected. 

All humans experience energy but do not always understand what it is they are feeling.   Channels often say;  "The energy is not yet in place." for this or that to happen. This means that the level and alignment of energy needed to bring a particular event into manifestation has not yet been reached.  All living things feel energy and interpret on the  level of their state of consciousness.   Scientists will most often interpret it as physical,  psychiatrists as emotional, and intellectuals as ideas and brain power...these are  interpretations based on their states of consciousness--their belief system.  Animals are very receptive to energy and easily sense and respond to the  fear, anger, love, or whatever that is  being projected by others...human or animal.

Color and the sacred Rays, are facets of Source energy, pure Light each carrying unique vibrational qualities but still in and of  Light.  As evolution moves to ever deepening levels, new colors never before seen will manifest. Every aura has varying colors  representing of the energy of the individual.  This is why individuals are drawn to or look best in certain colors, and this is why purple is considered a royal color (the perfect blending of red-physical and blue-mental).   Ancient healing temples (and some healers now)  used color therapy to adjust  vibrational frequencies.

Make use of  the Violet flame (seventh ray) as taught by Adamus/St. Germain for it is the vibrational  energy of transmutation.  Flood yourselves with it and flow it to the world and others if guided (without attaching any purpose or goal).  Use this tool often in your meditation and inner work as the violet flame transmutes  denser energies into the lighter, dissolving all that has no law to support it.  All energy is Light, but its frequencies are lowered through the thoughts and beliefs of the un-evolved third dimensional consciousness thus moving it into slower, denser vibration...Light vs dark--duality.

The human eye is as of yet unable to perceive the lighter faster frequencies and this is why most do not see their Guides or those in light bodies and believe that the material/physical is all there is.  This will change.

Because of ONEness,  each vibrational level draws to itself similar...ideas and people of like frequency.  This is what makes relationships work... not looks, money, status, or anything else the world may believe.   Relationships are built within a somewhat same level of resonance.  This is why many  are drawn to those of Light, they are seeking their own Light but don't know that it is within and so look outside to others.
At this powerful time of change the vibrational frequencies of your physical, emotional, and mental  bodies are becoming lighter which  is why many  are having  physical symptoms requiring the need to  lay down and rest.  The releasing of old dense energies stored through lifetimes in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies takes a lot of basic physical energy, leaving many  exhausted for no apparent reason.  Trust the process, rest when you need it, and drink lots of clean water.  This process will complete at some point following the clearings,  integration of lighter energies, and the DNA activations you are ready for.  

Energy is all these things, and MORE, much MORE.   Energy is the vibrational frequency expression of the Divine, and as you evolve  ever more deeply into truth, your personal energy field will become lighter and brighter, more representative of the reality of your true essence.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                 3/30/14

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