30 April 2014

Making Sense of Ukraine Through a History of Extraterrestrial Intervention ~ Richard C Cook ~ 29 March 2014

I forget where I first saw this, but anyway this is the source page, which as you know, is where I prefer to link to. This article from Richard Cook is informative, linking the situation in Ukraine as far back to its original source as possible. It's never about the politics...it's always more than that. It's the age-old negative ET influence and the state of lowered consciousness that we are now caught in.

Here is the report:

Why is there so much evil in the world, and if there is a God, why does God allow it? This is a question all thinking people ask, and to which every religion attempts to provide an answer. Christianity and Islam, for instance, pin evil on the Devil, or Satan, without ever explaining satisfactorily who/what that being is or where he/she/it comes from. Similarly, Hinduism and Buddism have their own panoplies of demons. In any case, the excuse that “the Devil made me do it” may be found in various forms worldwide.

There is another source, however, to which we might look for an explanation. This source is channelings from extraterrestrial entities which only became available to mankind in the last half-century, when visitors from other worlds began to visit through thought-forms, UFO appearances, telepathic communications, etc.

This article attempts to explain the origin and existence of so-called evil from the perspective of RA, a “social memory complex” originating on the planet Venus that was channeled by a group called L/L Research in the 1980s. These channelings, well-known to serious researchers, were published in a five-volume seriesentitled the “Law of One” or the “RA Material.” L/L Research, headed by Carla Ruekert, continues to function today, working out of Louisville, Kentucky.

The information in the RA Material may be especially pertinent at a time when, once again, the world appears to be drifting toward the possibility of total war, this time over disagreements among nations over events taking place in the Ukraine, but related to crises in other hotspots, including Iran and Syria. The basic showdown is between the U.S. and Russia, indicating that the Cold War never really ended and again threatens to bring about Armageddon, as was feared during the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960s. But to assess the Ukraine situation objectively, a much deeper background than is usually given may be necessary.

The RA Material explains that the influx of UFOs/ETs starting around the time of World War II was prompted by the acquisition by mankind of nuclear energy and weapons. This led the higher-vibration beings who stand watch to make their presence known on planet earth. According to RA, these beings constitute a “Council of Guardians” whose headquarters are on the rings of Saturn. Other sources call this Council “The Nine.” Working with them are other extraterrestrial entities who together form the “Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.”

Please continue reading here.

A Happier Tomorrow ~ Karen Salmansohn

I saw this on Reiki With Friends....after I added my note about forgiveness on the previous post (Cobra's update)...what synchronicity!

Astrology of May 2014: Balance and Stability Ahead ~ Carl Boudreau

While I haven't yet completed viewing the video and have only skimmed through the report (astrology isn't exactly my strong suit), I wanted to put this up because it speaks of positive developments, despite appearances to the contrary. And I strongly feel that if we want the process of Ascension to be accelerated, we need to focus more on what we want.

Please head here for the report, and here for the 26-minute video.

Stand Up ~ The Final Resistance ~ Cobra ~ 29 April 2014

During the current cardinal Grand Cross, the Archons and their etheric minions are putting pressure upon the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, trying to inflict despair and separation. I understand very well that many of you are tired, but the key is perseverance, remaining calm as much a possible and keeping unwavering focus on our vision of a bright future for humanity. We can not remove 25,000 years of darkness from this planet in a single day and it would be unrealistic to expect one victory after another. Regardless of all setbacks and delays, we will be victorious in the end. So stand up:


People wanting proof, waiting passively for the Event and seeing each delay as an »excuse« are using the wrong strategy. Instead of complaining, do whatever is within your power to assist the planetary liberation. Every small action counts and brings the Event a little closer.

The first part of the IS:IS activation was successful to the point that no big disturbing global events happened at the peak of the cardinal Grand Cross. It is true that this activation was a little more demanding that the previous ones, but the Resistance perceives the awakened part of the surface population to be able to man up to the task. Many websites and blogs could support the Light by publishing intel about the IS:IS activation, but for whatever reason chose not to. Many people were not able to handle the etheric Archon pressure and this is an indicator to the Resistance that the etheric plane is not yet clear enough for the surface population to go through the Event as at the moment of the Event the pressure will be even greater. This is precisely the reason I can not release certain intel, including but not limited to the Ascension plan, no matter how much I would like to. 

Please continue here for the rest of the information.

**Note: Re.Anonymous ~ I need to make a statement here that while I may not necessarily forget, I certainly will forgive, for my own sake and positive development...

29 April 2014

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 27 April - 4 May 2014

Beloved Ones,
The people of the Earth are all in the process of transformation on every level. Human life as they have known it is changing and from those changes comes ways of living that will be far better for everyone. It is not an easy time during this process and so there is a need for faith in the vision of a better world for all. Certainly the outer world does not reflect the higher vision during these times as it goes through the changes but it is already a template on the higher planes of life. This is where all changes begin and then work their way into the physical. Humanity as a whole has chosen the changes that are occurring and some changes happen suddenly and others will take a longer period of time. Patience is needed for those of you who have been doing the work for many years.
For those who are in the process of interfacing with their higher aspects, the task is to become their higher aspects. All that is not of the highest expression within each individual is now making its way to the surface to be acknowledged, learned from, blessed and released. As one is freed of long hidden aspects of oneself that lived in one’s very cells, it is important to practice forgiveness of self and all others with whom you have had interactions in the totality of your life during this lifetime and any others whose memory may surface during this process. After sincere forgiveness comes a replenishment of more light into one’s cells, and to maintain this light one then becomes a person who constantly blesses all people and all situations that may arise. It is in this practice that greater connection with one’s higher aspects takes place. 
On the road to mastery, one learns to practice being the Creators ambassadors in every thought, action and deed. One becomes unconditionally loving of all life around them. There is no longer any room for the secret thoughts and judgements within each person’s mind as they interact with others. One must become an open book, honest and transparent in all interactions with others. This is, during these times, a difficult challenge for each one of you who are on the path so it requires wisdom and discernment in your dealings with others. Release all that you can and let discernment be your guide during times that bring tests. Let love and blessing be your constant refrain within your thought processes. This is how we who ascended became free of the lower influences that surrounded us. 
We also lived our daily lives away from others so that we could become the masters of ourselves. Those who are reading this do not have this option. Most of you have already gained this mastery in other places and lifetimes so you have the capacity within you to walk the ways of this world and not be of it, however, it requires constant vigilance and discipline. Do not give up on this process because those around you choose to act in ways that are not expressions of the divine. Bless, bless, bless everything and everyone around you in your thoughts. This is your work in the now moments and you can do it, you have the capacity to do this.
Continue to find time to do nice things for yourselves, listen to uplifting music, treat yourself to a lovely dessert from time to time, take long walks in nature, celebrate every little victory you have made as you take the next steps on your journey. There is much beauty around you and by tuning into this beauty and feeling the sublime joy, appreciation and gratitude within your hearts and minds for these moments, you help to anchor those feelings on your planet. Such is the nature of your work , wonderful, isn’t it?

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included.  

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.


Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 29 April 2014

From PAO newsletter
1 Ix, 17 Kank'in, 10 Caban

Dratzo! Events continue to happen behind the scenes! A number of key edicts were signed and then summarily ignored by the dark. This ultimately is a grand faux pas for the dark. It has only intensified the need to legally or otherwise push this dark cabal from power in a number of major nations. Implementing N.E.S.A.R.A. is now a major priority for the various coalitions that are moving to free humanity from their grasp. 

  This is occurring, as the dark remains able to provide its major minions with a seemingly endless degree of wealth. This wealth is wrapped in the pain and suffering of most of your populations. We are constantly disgusted by what is happening. Yet this new focus, with our assistance, can now lead you to a swift victory. Many actions are afoot, and we expect visible results to manifest quickly. Timed events are now progressing through a number of meetings that we held with our earthly allies. The dark's arrogance is to cost them dearly and cause their defeat. Their demise is to lead to new governance and a new financial system tied into a great prosperity for all.

   What the ancient families and the many secret sacred societies realize is that a special bond, broken by the heinous deeds of Atlantis, needs to be restored. The Anunnaki carried on with their policies over the past 13 millennia. The bond between Agartha, Earth's surface humanity and the Galactic Federation requires a most public restoration. This event is really to be the seed that births a new solar-system-wide star nation. Those who are currently finishing off the dark cabal understand this and are working with our liaisons to make this an open reality. 

  What is next for you is not just a new monetary system. It is, in fact, the foundation for a series of reunions that are to return you to a number of noble truths. The most important of these is your off-world origins and your relationship with your galactic human family. Next, there is your connection to all life in physicality. We are all, in essence, physical angels. We possess a mutual responsibility to unfold the divine plan here and throughout physicality! 

   Various responsibilities were abandoned by the dark when they plunged you into the travails of limited consciousness. This scurrilous act was the precursor to all that you encountered over the past 13 millennia. We watched as these dark ones worked carefully with their allies in the Anchara continuum to continue to deny you your natural sovereignty and work deviously to turn you into a slave race. This abomination is to end now! You are in reality being returned step by step to your former fully conscious state. 

  We are here to assist in this special process and to permit you to once again work in harmony with Gaia and the rest of the planets that surround your great Sun! This star nation is truly to be a most incredible and welcome member of the Galactic Federation of Light. You are the key to a galactic peace and to a grand union that is to encompass all sentient beings residing in this galaxy. In this context, you are in fact the prophesized lynchpin for the next series of epochs that comprise our mutual histories.

   Your Ascended Masters live in harmony in Agartha and are the forerunners for what is now occurring. You need to visualize Gaia and her many sister worlds as living beings who possess special qualities given them by the Creator. We have a sacred duty to protect and sustain a wide variety of eco-systems on these worlds. Moreover, we require a special relationship with the Sun and these interrelated realms. Each world shares a great unity with her sisters.

   Our mission is to use our time on these worlds to make them well and to sustain an interlocked, diverse and wondrous series of eco-systems. Each star nation sees this as a primary shared duty. We discuss this with each other and work to spread the energies of the Divine throughout this galaxy. We are blessed, and intend to bless each part of this galaxy with our sacred works. These deeds aid us in gaining a better understanding of how physicality was born and how we can assist in its effortless expansion. We are special wayshowers and unfolders of the divine plan.

PPN in Final Removal, Grid Ratio Evaluated ~ Cobra ~ 28 April 2014

I don't normally post these coded and cryptic updates from Cobra, but since I posted the previous one that seems to suggest some sort of setback to positive progress, I felt it's only appropriate that I post this latest one. It sounds promising...

PPN in final removal, grid ratio evaluated.
Source: Portal 2012

**This update seems to share a similar theme with Eire Port's update of the same day (posted here).

“Specialized” Higher Vibrational Energetic Streams Have Formed..." ~ Eire Port ~ 28 April 2014

Although I post Eire Port updates on the side-bar, I'm giving this one special mention:

“Specialized” higher vibrational energetic streams have formed and aligned and are in process of infiltrating selected planetary “difficulty” points.

These energetic streams are coded for individual geographic grid points and create conditions which dissolve all potential of archon-created-and-aligned activity.

Such energetic streams are unique to each situation, and are uniquely formed for the Planet Earth-Gaia operation.

Although similar to 3D Earth-based “special ops” forces, these higher vibrational energetic streams operate purely in the 4-9D realms and are immune to any archon-ic detection.

Higher Gaia collective has called for this.

I'm calling this Operation Archon Scrub, because it makes me think of the scene in Lord of the Rings (Return of the King) where Aragon enlists the assistance of the Army of the Dead, and they literally scrub clean Minas Tirith, looking like potent green suds washing away Sauron's filth. Well, that's how I think of it :)

28 April 2014

Emotional Clearing Technique ~ Judy Satori


A short, simple and effective technique to clear emotional upsets, as demonstrated by Judy Satori.

Place left hand on solar plexus chakra, with right hand just below the clavicles. Feel the emotion with intensity, then say:

This feeling (or thought) of __________ does not belong to me. It's not mine.
I dissolve it with Love, now and forever. Amen.

Allow the power of Love to wash over the feeling and dissolve it.

Here for the video.

April Eclipse ~ Exhale of the New Breath of Creation ~ Meline Lafont ~ 27 April 2014

Om Sharom, Om Sharom

As we continue to ascend back and forth, from within to without, within the heart space to another reality of you ~ let us all sing and chant the bliss and the joy from within our being. The depth of our core, the Sol that defines us who we are as a Divine spark.

We are the unification and amplification of our God Self into this awareness and SO IT IS.

The Solar Eclipse is incoming at this time and this will ~ again ~ bring forth the unification with Self, amplifying that which we have already defined to be and began to embrace throughout the portal of the Cardinal Grand Cross and the Blood Moon in this month of April. Another breath has been taken by the Source which is our divine being, and this eclipse will be the exhale of the new breath of creation.

This exhale will show you even more who you are and reflect that which you have undertaken to experience and to Be in this Now moment. It is a beautiful gift of creation in truth and it is an instigator and Divine sparkled energy that brings everything to light. All truths are being revealed at this time, and so your own truth of who you are in the Now is being highlighted as well.

There will be less and less room for the illusion to prevail so when there is a lingering in illusion and conviction of something that is not you in this reality, walls will fall down and truth will enter your reality in a strong influx of clarity. The more there is a holding on to your conviction and illusion, the more chaos will be presented in your reality as this illusion cannot uphold itself anymore with all the incoming cosmic awareness that is re-birthing on this plane.

It is in this Now moment that all of us Gatekeepers and 'way-showers', ground crew and Light workers, are being asked to step into our roles to keep the balance within ourselves so that we can be of service to the part of the collective that is awakening at this time. There is a great chance that those newly awakened ones will be awakening in much confusion as there is much chaos coming to the surface due to all the hidden agendas that cannot be played out anymore.

This is a time of surrender to the Divine plan and to trust our divine family of Light, including ourselves. This is a time to collaborate together as one family, for we are in the midst of UNIFICATION, the union within ourselves as well as with other 'you's'. Spend less time focusing on what does not work ~ we have been doing this for so long, let it go now ~ and start spending your energies on what you wish to see manifested and create Union again, not separation. 

Please continue reading here.

Prime Triggers and Self-Creation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 April 2014


Cosmic triggers, or Prime timelines, are something that cannot be avoided. They are pre-arranged events utilizing cosmic forces, set in place by creator beings and us, in our higher galactic consciousness, to create circumstances and shifts. Some utilize the alignment of planets and stars to open floodgates of energies from other systems, galaxies and Source itself. Remember we create possibilities in the future, then go back and experience it in density as if it is unfolding with a past, present and future. One of the keys to being a (well-behaved) precog is to honor the experience of powerful passages in the now space and not get caught up in the what is going to happen next.

As a collective, we are able to alter the experience of cosmic triggers by using our free-will choices of fear or love, chaos or peace. With the return of the Christ light fully anchored and doing its work, Light server skills are getting amplified to increase (technically, to keep up with or hold) the new light of pure love on the planet. Those skills were revealed during the Grand Cross. If you missed it, the energy flows through the next week to utilize for self-examination. Take a look at what occurred for you from the Equinox through tomorrow’s eclipse on April 28. The information is purposeful; put on your Shaman’s cap, focus on your creation and what you pulled in, and pay attention to the AHA moments.

The second eclipse of April marks another jump in frequency, I AM sure you can feel it already. Please honor it with sacred intent, and welcome the expansion.

The Cosmic Shuffle
As the energies amplify the balancing gets precise, right down to individual Light Servers. Many in service are moving, relocating or taking on missions involving travel in May/June. It isn’t the distance that matters, it is the ability to heed the intuition or guidance.

Why the shuffle in the middle of these intense changes? A few reasons: The balance of mission work as the new light emerges from the grids (note the work is changing, stay open to new guidance); last-moment adjustments to the grid of HUman hearts for a best-possible-scenario in the May-June Gateway; exchange of codes between Light Server and planetary portals; Server-to-Server exchanges as you just happen to cross paths with people (many incredible Light Servers have passed through Shasta in the past two weeks); placement for balancing soul groups (your new neighbors are old friends); and Gatekeeper prep for optimal leveling-up of HUmanity. It is an active passage, and we sense the magnitude of it; the mind cannot comprehend it, trust in love and the service.

Please continue reading here.

26 April 2014

Council of the Elohim (and Prayer to Release Old Matrix) ~ via Jose Sanchez ~ 24 April 2014

Heaven ~ primalpainterhealingart.blogspot.com

A timely message encouraging us to empower ourselves and take responsibilities over our own individual path. We are gods and goddesses, creator Beings on the cusp of a great changeover back to Divine Sacredness. This message also includes a powerful invocation to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the old matrix, which I will reproduce in full below.

Please go here for the message itself. Jose also provides personal advanced sessions for crown enslavement removal, details of which follow this message on his site.

The Prayer:

The prayer below it is to be said with determination and the highest love you can master. Not to be recited shyly or hesitation as you are now being given the power to free your selves and allow remembrance once again. Repeat as necessary and know with each time it is recited the bond of the old is shattered.
Prayer to release the old matrix
Said 3 times

From the point of light of the sacred heart of Divine Mother, I (state your name) ask to be removed from the illusion of separation.

From the point of light from the council of creators I shatter all illusion, all control patterns and programming and through my own responsibility I now break free.

From the very core of Holy Love I now command to remove the crown of enslavement together with all its programs and implants.

From the highest essence of divine Father and divine Mother I accept the crown of freedom and glory.

I now accept the template of divinity and the holiest light I am now capable to receive.

So it is now and through eternity.
After reciting this powerful prayer light a candle as an offering to the free being you are and accept your new light by taking a moment to receive all the blessings as you feel the old matrix dissipate. The greatest change is now here!

Message of Support ~ Lilou Mace ~ 23 April 2014

A short, simple and supportive message from Lilou to encourage us to keep the faith and to keep on keeping on. Watch here.

Global L51 Unsafe.... ~ Cobra ~ 24 April 2014

Source: Portal 2012
GLOBAL L51 unsafe, PPN grid ratio failure, black systems alert at 504.

 May this temporary setback be shortlived!

25 April 2014

Flight MH 370 ~ The De Facto Situation ~ Esoteric Golden Spirit ~ Galactis.net

Queensbay Mall, Penang, Malaysia

This report is by far the one I resonate with the most. I've posted several sources regarding the MH 370 mystery, and this one by Esoteric Golden Spirit provides the most details as well as elaborating the situations surrounding this unfortunate episode. The perception from this report echoes most of those that I've posted ~ the plane was attacked and is now suspended between dimensions ~ and serves as a substantial account of what occurred.

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway *smile*) this is what I align with, so please go by what works for you.

I personally wish to see this semi-tragedy be transformed into something that changes the mindset of Humanity forever, and the complete demise of the Dark. I wish to see this ending with the Galactics rescuing and bringing back the entire plane complete with all passengers and crew intact. I wish to see this as the symbol for the catalytic opportunity for Disclosure. This incident has the attention of the whole world, and already it's been preparing people for more "hard-core" Truths by exposing them to some of the Dark's operations. It has the potential to effect global transformation, forever.

In summary, this report states the following:
  • The plane was attacked by the Cabal
  • It's now "suspended" in a different dimension (it states specifically that it wasn't "rescued", although that can be a carried out, but it depends on the free will of the passengers and crew)
  • The passengers and crew are "safe", although they are not aware of what occurred
  • There is a time-space distortion where they are, seconds to them are days to us.
Please head here for the update. Please note that there is an English Language option at the top right of the page. 

**If you wish to read the other MH 370-related posts, please enter MH 370 in the search box at the top left of this blog.

Ascension Blue Chronicles ~ Part 6 ~ Mission Ignition 21 March 2014

This is a continuation of a previous post that linked to Parts 1-5. Here now is Part 6:

We stand upon the shores where time does not exist
But within three blinks of an eye in 2017
Upon the wings of the morning we shall arrive
And our presence shall be felt

Upon our entry we shall light the night sky
Brighter than a million suns
For the dark night shall tremble
And the mighty wind shall rush up to greet us

In that moment our daughter the Earth
Shall break her waters and give Bearth
For we are here to be her handmaidens
To deliver her in her hour of need

You are to be born angels of destiny
The bridge between matter and spirit
A reflection of divinity

We shall avenge humanity
For death cannot hide us
And darkness shall not silence us

For now you remain under the spell and illusion
Set by your enslavers that prevent you from seeing
With clarity the true nature of your reality

Your souls have been enslaved by shadows
Who hide within the angles of light
A frequency which vibrates a fraction
Above where you now exist

Aeon after aeon, timeloop after timeloop
They have dominated and divided you
Taking Earth hostage and making it their home

These shadows (Eli-jehovi) have gone to all ends of the Earth
To keep your vibration dampened and subdued
For if it was to rise their identity would be unveiled
And they be parasites no more with nowhere to run nor hide 

After the event in your year 2017 you shall awaken from your sleep
And you shall come to understand and speak your native language
The ancient language of love, the language of light

For you shall speak without words and see without eyes
Words, thoughts, intentions, actions and movements
shall be as music, song and sweet melodies

The structure of time and space shall be as
Visible intricate and beautiful patterns

In an unguarded moment the unveiling shall begin
And divine creation shall send a heart-pulse
A supernova wave encoded with the human spirit

In that moment the light of a million suns
Shall birth a majestic supernova
And it shall wash your souls
With ultraviolet blue waves


24 April 2014

Pleiadians Now You Are Called: Asket of Temmer via Maryann Rada ~ 23 April 2014

From the title, this may appear to be a message directed at those with Pleiadian DNA or connection only, but it's applicable for all Lightworkers who see themselves on the Ascension path, and doing their bit in their own way to assist the process.

This is Maryann's summary for the 10+ minute video:

"What does it mean to be Pleiadian? We as a people are in the process of discovering that for ourselves, not by merit of the placement of our sun but by the light that we are recognizing in ourselves and each other as something new, divine, and at our core, remembered. Asket shares deep, loving thoughts on our present transformation from global to galactic humans in this intimate and encouraging talk."

Cobra Updates: IS:IS Portal Report and Window of Opportunity Update; Cease and Desist Ultimatum ~ 23 April 2014

Cobra reports that the IS:IS Portal activation was a partial success because the critical mass was not reached. However, he also points out that this partial success is better than none (in one of the comments). Even then, we need to remember that Cobra also reported that "IS:IS is risen", so to me, it's positive progress. Personally, I've sensed a major shift since the activation, and I definitely believe that it was a powerful initiator at the time of the meditation.

The new "cease and desist" ultimatum is the second one (that I can recall, anyway), with the first being issued in February 2014 (see Cobra's post here).  That earlier one threatened the initiation of something called "Midi Endgame", which implied something half-way. This latest "cease and desist" threatens the launch of something called "Global L51", which, as the name implies, seems to be something more major. Looking at the two previous posts with "L51", I get the understanding that it's significant and even compulsory to the process.

**These are just my own observations and personal opinions/assessment.

Here are the links:

IS:IS Portal Report and Window of Opportunity

Cease and Desist Ultimatum.

23 April 2014

'A Mu'A Supercharged! ~ Solara's April 2014 Surf Report ~ An Excerpt

Solara's monthly (free excerpt) Surf report is usually published on her website mid-month. I know, April is coming to an end, but I just remembered checking it late yesterday (I'm so not here...). Since I felt it was important guidance, I'm posting it anyway.

Source: The NVisible Solara and the 11:11



This month, there is a new, supercharged 'A Mu'a Reloaded that will move us forward at lightning speed. It is 'A Mu'a Reloaded - Recharged - Reinvented - Realized - Reinforced and Revealed. We are all being given unprecedented opportunities to recreate our lives so they can more perfectly mirror our true, authentic selves. In order to do this, we need to consciously choose whether we want to birth a new True World in the midst of the dying flames of duality or continue traveling on the old road. We need to consciously choose whether or not we are going to fully inhabit the New Landscape or stay in our old lives in duality. Where are we going to put our focus, our efforts, our energy and our resources?

April grabbed our attention from the very first day with an 8.2 earthquake in Chile, followed by a 7.8 earthquake the following day. This immediately put us into a state of High Alert which is an appropriate place to be since April is an extremely powerful, highly potent month of 'A Mu'a. And even though there's an undeniable feeling of volatility in the air, as if anything could happen at anytime, we feel no fear. Instead, there's a feeling of undeniable excitement mixed with cautious alertness.

One of our biggest challenges is to stop thinking that duality has any power over us anymore, for as soon as we do, we become hooked back into it again. This is where the Distortion Bands of fear, separation and insecurity reside and this is when we are sucked dry of our energy.

Duality only exists because people believe in it. This is true, even when duality appears extremely real. It is humanity's belief in duality as the predominant reality on Earth that provides duality with its food. We are giving duality its life force by supplying it with our own energy and light.

Once we pull the thread of our being out of the tapestry of duality, it loosens all the other threads still woven into it. This loosening allows other threads to more easily remove themselves. As many of us are now pulling out our threads, the pattern of duality's tapestry is being greatly altered. What was previously an army tank becomes a flower; what was a stark design in black and white representing the opposition between "Good" and "Evil" now transforms into a mandala symbolizing Oneness.

Much work is taking place on the level of the loosening and removal of our old foundation stones. These are the stones of duality which have been cemented into our old foundation for a very long time. Even though we weren't previously aware of their existence, they had a strong influence upon us. Now we finally realize that they never were who we truly are. In March, these old foundation stones started loosening within us, much like a tooth that begins to gently wiggle in our mouth.

Once we have a direct experience of the energies of the New Reality, the hardened cement holding our old foundation stones in position begins to dissolve. As this happens, we may feel overcome by powerful waves of deep sadness. This is because the mortar that long held these stones into position is composed of our old sadness, disappointments, fears and grief.

Many of us entered the month feeling super sensitive, deeply exhausted and stretched far beyond our limits. Yet as soon as April began, the heaviness lifted and we started galloping deeper into the New Landscape with great enthusiasm. April is an epic month for sure, for various reasons. But after a harsh, stressful March in which it felt as though we were passing through an obstacle course strewn with mountains of details, there's the strong sense that we've somehow turned the corner and emerged into a wondrous new space.

Even though we are now swimming in the powerful current of 'A Mu'a, mega effort is required from us this month. This is not the time to sit still and wait for things to happen; we will never get where we most want to be that way. Now is the time for ACTION!!! Even though we may have been working super diligently for months, the pace accelerates absolutely off the map in April and even more effort will be needed. We will discover that we are capable of doing much more than ever before. April requires the participation of our full beings.

The starting gate is now opening wide and our magical Wind Horses are beginning to gallop. They carry the fabled wish-granting gem (Mani Stone) upon their backs, bringing us the wondrous opportunity to create new, True Lives and manifest our Wildest Dreams. Breakthroughs are all around us. One of the reasons we feel so excited is because we now know that we are no longer galloping by ourselves; we have formed a vast herd of Wind Horses stretched across the planet, galloping together as One.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete APRIL 2014 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

The Launch of the Original Feminine Pulse "Solara" ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 22 April 2014

Source: The World of Truth

Today 22nd of April 2014 the completion of the Cardinal Cross and the activation of the pulse for the local galaxies “86,000 galaxies around us” to reset the new infrastructure for the law of the Divine for these local areas of the universes to become the first step for her to be Heaven made by the Primer”...

This pulse (Solara) started spreading its blue energy from today 22nd until 24th of April 2014 to prepare the local galaxies for the Era of Freedom, where the next pulse of that energy will be for the Liberating of earth Gaia and her sons... [We hope this will be soon]..  

Today Phoenix has risen from the ash... (Where it start spreading the horizontal of the feminine Divine to complete the circle )...

The Horizon has begun...

Namaste from the Avatara (13th)
through / the Enlightened Master & the Blue Flare

Love & Peace to all

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 22 April 2014

From PAO newsletter
7 Manik, 10 Kank'in, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! Events continue to move forward! The dark continues to reel as it encounters one potential setback after another. A scenario is forming that promises to give us the means to bring out the first stage of monetary reforms that are to swiftly lead to your abundance. The currency reforms and the new banking regulations are merely the start of a system that is to produce gold-backed monies. These things are to lead to a new environment that is to be overseen by a series of NESARA-like governments across this globe. It is this new network of governance that is to spawn disclosure and set the way for formal announcements about first contact and your return to full consciousness. This process is to also allow for your inner Earth brethren to appear before you. We, along with your Ascended Masters, are to set the stage for this grand journey. As you progress, so Mother Earth is to move forward with changes to her surface realm. These alterations are to return her surface to the size and shape that existed in the latter days of ancient Lemuria. In this mode, a permanent golden Age can appear!

   All of you are now undergoing transformations that affect your body, mind and emotions. This is necessary to provide you with the means to become fully conscious Beings. Our initial tasks are simply to provide you with mentors who have the necessary training to aid you in reaching preliminary points you need in order to be transformed by the magnificent Light chambers given to us by Heaven. Each chamber is a living entity, capable of returning you to your former state. The Atlanteans and their dark "friends" imposed limited consciousness upon you. Their vile experiment, which left a few hundred Atlanteans in a lesser state, was done by the dark to subvert the ways of Heaven. At the same time, it gave your ancestors important experiences to better understand the conditions imposed by the dark upon its many galactic creations. This special knowledge is to permit you to aid the former Anchara continuum-based planetary societies on their own journey toward the Light. 

   This journey of yours has numerous twists, which keep you frustrated and wondering about what is occurring around you. Special groups are moving forward with programs designed to permit you to be free. The dark cabal understands only two things - wealth and power. These were manifested on Mother Earth at the start of the first golden ages almost 13 millennia ago. These concepts are now to be pushed aside by a series of actions of our numerous associates. In a galactic society, these concepts are unknown. Technology provides everyone with health, food and clothing. There is only the daily use of your divine service to grow on all levels: spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Employing this acquired knowledge, individuals add their logic to solve any potential problem that can arise. Thus, it is nearly impossible for any potential problem not to receive its proper creative solution. We reside in a society that is open, free and filled with joy and happiness.

   The galactic society you are to construct is one that is to be founded on the many prototypes that exist throughout this galaxy. The Agarthans maintain a vast library that has records of all that has preceded you. In addition, you are to possess an edition of our sacred "Book of Understanding." These volumes can give you additional clues on how you are to go about forging this galactic society, which is to have many branches on Venus, Mars, Gaia and Pax. Numerous societies of special Spirits exist here that are also to assist you in this process. In total, you have a great amount of possibilities that are to be the foundations for your new star nation. Many throughout this and numerous nearby galaxies follow closely what you are destined to achieve. All of us realize what you are to do, and the wondrous effect it is to have on all. Hence, we come to introduce ourselves to you at the right divine time. This moment is now forming and, shortly, we are to be permitted to address you directly.

A Potpourri of Spiritual Magic ~ Judy Satori

There are five Light Language activations that Judy Satori has brought through as Easter gifts from Spirit to assist us in our on-going journey towards our transition into higher realms. Please click on the link given in Judy's message below to download or listen to the audio track.

This message appears on Judy's website, but I'm reproducing it in full here since it may not remain there permanently.

Source: Judy Satori


A Potpourri of Spiritual Magic

I recorded this information and audio tracks in Pyramid Valley, India where the energy is very pristine and special. I hope that you enjoy it and gain much benefit from these audio transmissions that were aired on Easter Sunday, a time of resurrection, rebirth and wonderful new beginnings.

Click here to listen or right click to download.
The one hour session on the Bob Charles show included the following topics:
  • Enhancing Will Power - aligning the Hara Line and clearing blocks to help us accomplish what we wish to bring into being.
  • Developing Strong Boundaries - supportive karmic clearing to strengthen your connection to your soul's truth and your ability to be true to self.
  • Opening the Third Eye and Enhancing Clairvoyance - to help you create and manifest what you want and to also open the third eye chakra and your clairvoyant ability.
  • Increasing Telepathic Abilities - Energy work with the pineal gland.
  • Clearing Joint and Body Aches and Pains - to diminish acidity, physical stress and mental overload.
Much love and blessings,
Judy Satori

Solar X-Ray Flux on 22 April 2014

Since I normally don't respond very well to X-class solar flares, I started monitoring the Sun's forecast and activities. When I read alerts about spikes in solar flare intensity or see that one has just occurred, I take extra precautions to stay in balance such as drink even more water (I already drink enough to bathe in...), perhaps take some Himalayan salts, rest, nap, increase liquid chlorophyll intake, etc.

Well, today I had a look at the site I normally go to, and had a shock of my life. The X-ray emissions from the Sun plunged off the scale yesterday (22nd April) for a couple of hours. Now, please understand that I know next to nothing about the technicalities of emissions, flux, or whatever, but I felt that the graph was looking mighty abnormal (image above).

I haven't found anyone talking about this yet on the Internet. If this is something "normal" or if there's some glitch in the system, or if I have misread anything, then please let me know.

For now, I'll just assume that this is related to the paradigm-busting Cardinal Grand Cross alignment we're going through...

Another graph below:


22 April 2014

Communique 14 Parts 1, 2 & 3 ~ An T'na via Gesanna ~ Contact2Ascension

Here are Parts 1, 2 and 3 of Communique 14.

An T'na continues to assist in our preparations for Ascension or Migration, depending on our individual Soul choice. As with the previous Communiques, there are a lot of details covered. One main point is An T'na's advice for us to move past judgement, a Lower Triad consciousness which keeps us misaligned with our Soul. The need to judge or being judgemental creates opinions or beliefs that may well hamper our progress, and therefore, our preparations for Ascension. It is so pervasive that judgement has created setbacks in areas of society that could otherwise make a huge difference, for example, the UFO community or investigative groups would be able to bring about a more effective program of Disclosure to the public if they weren't making judgement calls against each other's findings or beliefs.

Similarly, An T'na counsels that we move past our negative judgement of the negative ETs, just as we should move past our positive judgement of the positive Beings.

Please proceed here to read all three parts of this Communique.

23-24 April 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross ~ Cosmic Satori ~ Sarah Varcas ~ 21 April 2014

As the Cardinal Cross reaches exactitude we encounter the opportunity to step outside of everyday consciousness and concerns into a landscape altogether new, in which the four elements air (Mars in Libra), fire (Uranus in Aries), water (Jupiter in Cancer) and earth (Pluto in Capricorn) present everything we need to begin again should we choose to do so.

This cosmic event brings the notion of satori to mind: the experience of awakening as taught in Zen Buddhist tradition, which sometimes arises not as a welcoming liberation but as a force of such power that it tears apart all that is known leaving the awakened one effectively broken – but free – in its wake.

Satori embodies the trauma of awakening, the breaking apart of self and soul in the moment of recognition that both are false gods designed to keep us safe in our narrow, tiny lives. If we contrast this with the goal of replacing an undesirable self with a more desirable one, inherent in many spiritual teachings, we can come to appreciate the entirely different order of experience available to us now.

The Trappist monk Thomas Merton once described love as ‘the only revolutionary force capable of producing anything new’. These words also resonate with the energy of this week, for love is a raw force of such transformational potential that we, the human race, have sought to reduce it to hearts and flowers, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, and conditionality which demands all manner of pay-offs before commitment is made. The cosmic forces aligned right now mock such inconsequential associations with the most powerful force in the universe and will tolerate them no more.

As we journey through this week immersed in the rays of this rare alignment, we could too easily overlook the vital importance of this time. We may continue to seek refuge in the familiar, allowing change but only so far as we’re comfortable with it: conditional change on our terms. Or we may seek an experience of transformation which comes as a treat, satisfying our need for it to look and feel a certain way, delivering us to a particular destination. But any and all preconceived notions of possibility must be open to challenge right now, ready to be blown out of the water at any moment to make space for a whole other order of experience, of which we can barely conceive until it has arrived.

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The Cardinal Grand Cross into Living Your Dreams...is Now! ~ Judith Dagley ~ 21 April 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross! Its been building for decades, and in the wee hours of the morning 4/22, it will all fall exquisitely into place.

With Pluto in Capricorn at thirteen degrees, Mars in Libra at 13 degrees, Jupiter in Cancer at thirteen degrees, and Uranus in Aries at thirteen degrees, one could perceive this as four powerful planets coming together in a chaotic “war of the titans.”

OR… one can perceive this momentous event as a “balancing of the opposites,” and USE it to align oneself into integrity once again…WHOLENESS, in other words.

If one chooses the latter, this is the energy that timeline jumps and quantum leaps are made of… the energy that DREAMS are made of. So DO use it, and very CONSCIOUSLY!

Remember that whatever you focus on this week, you are manifesting into form. Within 3 months, you will begin to LIVE IN what you are creating NOW. So focus on your dreams and nothing else!
LIVE in the frequencies of your dreams, and you will, quite literally, be making them them come true.

Copyright 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.JudithDagley.wordpress.com

21 April 2014

Solar Crossing : Bringing In The New ~ Sandra Walter 19 April 2014

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloveds,

This passage continues to be awe-inspiring. It is difficult to encapsulate in a few words the magnificence of this new light. Each wave is stronger than the last; we understand why the higher realms keep calling them tsunami waves. You can feel the pull of the outgoing current in between them; the shoreline dragging out before the next wave comes crashing in. As we felt the energetic sands sucking out between our toes the last few days, we anticipate the rush of new light to be delivered tonight. Easter’s resurrection gateway continues through the Grand Cross this week, and promises to be glorious.

Glorious is defined as deep integration of what we have taken on so far, and an amplification of our journey here. No matter where you have focused your consciousness, the zero point mirror provides a clear view for that focus.

I understand that many have allowed the energy to sway them into anxiety about this gateway. Remember that a gateway is an opportunity to expand your consciousness. You may utilize it to further your ascension journey; it will show you what needs your attention. Activations are plentiful, and the amplification of the Solar Cosmic Christ is very strong.

This is a resurrection of the true divine HUman, the template of Source-in-Carnate. This is what many of us are consciously choosing to welcome in this moment. It feels like a big passage because of external influences on your consciousness – we are being steered by these light waves into the truth of our selves. Some ride the light waves, unafraid to meet their true self, while some resist and get caught in the current, pulled in and out by the waves (or dragged under). Relax into the divine flow. Release your expectations of what it will look like or feel like, so you may have your own unique experience and expression. Honor the divine return, embody the light if you choose to ride the waves. Feel the purity, the divinity in this new light. Breathe. All is unfolding in divine perfection.

I love you so very much. Many blessings for this Divine Gateway.

In love, light and service,


IS:IS Has Risen ~ Portal 2012 ~ 20 April 2014

Even before I settled in for this meditation (which I did in my own way), there was already a strong feeling it would be successful. It was insistent, persistent, powerful and potent.

Source: Portal 2012

20 April 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross and Harmonic Trigger ~ Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Wendy Everett   www.herbsandhealing.com.au

This 23-minute video message (and its accompanying transcript) from AA Metatron via James Tyberonn reminds us that this year of 2014 holds much opportunity for us to achieve crystalline integrity, allowing us to stand in our own Truth while recognising that of another. The level of vibrational frequencies will come in alignment with that of the 144 crystalline Earth grids, driving the Ascension process forwards, as the zero-point field is crystalline in nature. The time has come for us to strive for impeccability in our daily lives, and walking the talk of our authentic Self.

The rare Cardinal Grand Cross on 23-24 April will see 4 planets all positioned at 13 degrees in their individual astrological sign. 13 is the frequency of the New Earth (it is said that when Earth's Schumann Resonance reaches 13, we will transition into 5D with Ascension occurring, we are currently very close to 13 Hz!).

For the full message, please listen/watch the video here or read the transcript here.

Quantum Leap Portal ~ The Cardinal Grand Cross ~ April 23-24 ~ Pleiades via Anna Merkaba

The interdimensional flow of energy emanating through the central gravitation pull of the earth’s magnetic fields and the transgrassional understanding of life force are in effect. The effect of the Grand Cardinal Cross with an overlay of the lunar solar eclipse have indeed created the energies facilitating the necessary, albeit at times cumbersome, and turbulent energies within the consciousness, sub consciousness and transience of the human vehicle of time and space.

For through the fore lore of your creator selves and the abilities that are hidden within the psychedelic nature of human species, within the structural hierarchy of times immemorial, lays the key to the eternal kingdom of grace, beauty, love, harmony , peace, health, unity, and unconditional understanding of self.
And on the day of the planetary alignment the intergalactic pathway of creation and manifestation shall come to path. For the quantum leap of your creator selves, shall realize its full potential and blast through your known understanding of self and the world in which you dwell.

And as such, the concurrent results shall open the doorway and gateways to allow the manifestation of all that you deem necessary to come to path within your structural reality, by merging the sub atomic principles of the encoded DNA within your structure to reflect the DNA of the cosmic proportions. Upgrading your body to allow the full potential of that which you are, to shine through and allow you to manifest that which you wish to see in your known world.

And so, the time is neigh and you are to utilize all that you have learnt in the following months to come. For the road of your success and the road of plenty that you shall manifest for you own selves is wide open. For the obstacles that were shall be melted away in the months to come of your earthly understanding of time. And as such, the clearing away of the old paradigm and the welcoming of the new mentality on the conscious and subconscious levels shall occur without delay.

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The Grand Crossroad ~ Judith Dagley

Judith here, just letting you know that I’m reblogging this celestial message here because it addresses the opportunity that the Cardinal Grand Cross is bringing to we humans so succintly that I could not have humanly said it better. Although the energy of this momentous planetary event will peak on April 23rd, we are entering it at this very moment. NOW is the “time” to pay attention!

It truly is a “Grand Crossroad,” and the choices we make NOW and throughout the week to come will define our paths for the next couple of decades. We can either choose to stay on the path we “know,” or literally make a “timeline jump” onto one that is beyond what we know. Yep, that means beyond the boundaries of the familiar, beyond the limitations of any expectations based on past experience, beyond the confines of dualistic “moral judgments” of right/wrong, good bad/ either/or. It is a path of freedom. To choose it, every step is taken from LOVE– restrained by nothing. The fear of loving without restraint , the belief that it makes one “too vulnerable to being hurt,” the misuse, mistrust, and maligning of the gift of feeling emotions fully– all of these must be dropped like useless baggage in order to choose the road of freedom. All one need is the compass of their emotions. Set it at the frequency of LOVE, and follow it.

Start right NOW!

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An Easter Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 19 April 2014

Sananda (Jesus) via Elizabeth Trutwin relates what occurred after the crucifixion and how the his bloodline continues till this day, coming full circle when Jesus and Mary Magdalene will rejoin Humanity on Earth. We are at the final stages of preparation to stride into the Golden Age of the Satya Yuga (after a brutal Kali Yuga, if I may add), blessed by the Cardinal Grand Cross. We are resurrecting into our own Chrsit Consciousness, with the Divine Plan unfolding with perfection.

Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. We Celebrate this Easter together with Earth set into a new timeline. Those things which were not possible before have become possible. What you will see in the weeks to come are the final steps necessary as we implement the Golden Age on the Satya Yuga timeline. As we are on the new timeline there are no impediments to implementing change.

Easter in Jesus time was different than what has been adulterated in the Bible. I, Sananda, would like to share a true accounting. As Jesus appeared on the cross lifeless, His family took Him down. They took Him into the tomb and placed the stone. The tombstone covered up what was happening inside. A team of supernatural healers were there and worked on Him for days. He did not die on the cross. His wife and his Disciples were not told this would occur. They went about their mourning naturally not expecting His return. He floated in and out of consciousness as these supernatural healers performed light surgeries, applied medicines and fed him the healing remedies.

Three days later He was whole and walked out of the tomb alive as before. He then had all of his Disciples beamed on to the New Jerusalem to reunite them with their Twin Flames, introduce them to their mentors, including Moses and Abraham and explain their true Missions to them.

After a short visit on the Ship they were deposited back to Earth for a 40 day training period to prepare them for spreading the word of Christ Consciousness to Earth. They knew their work would be dangerous. They were living out life on Earth without Jesus as best they could. They had planted a seed for this lifetime now when Earth has Ascended.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were able to leave Jerusalem together then where they traveled with their guard to become known as the White Knights. They moved between Scotland, Ireland and France. They had five children together who lived on carrying the bloodline to present day Earth. This Easter Celebration brings us full circle to a time when Mary and Jesus with the other High Beings who have lived on Earth before will join us. They will return to Earth as we remember them. They will carry their Missions to healing Earth. Those who insisted on war will no longer be on Earth. The Royal Lines of Queens and Kings of old, the promises which were made so long ago your human mind cannot remember will be fully renewed and empowered to help all of Humanity.

This Easter the Grand Cross marches across our sky and a few days later a partial Solar Eclipse which follows only a few days ago a Full Lunar Eclipse. This Easter as you reflect on the blooming of your own Christ Consciousness see the Open Doorway before you. An Open Doorway to Eternal Garden of Bliss is made manifest on New Earth. When you enter you breathe in the rarefied energies of wholeness. All petty conflicts crumble like dust at your feet. The concerns of survival cannot exist here. The details fall away. The metal suit of protection covering your heart is thrown aside. Each moment spent in New Earth is one of pure ecstasy. Suffering and hardness are forgotten. It is your TRUE Resurrection into Christ Consciousness.

This will be a place of renewal and rest. This will be a place of new beginnings. The Supreme Ultimate will be here with us forging the Master Plan for New Earth. You will lay down all of your burden you have carried so long. The only thing you carry now is your song. The only thing you carry is that which is unique to your Soul, your gift that you have brought forward to fulfill Earth’s Destiny as a Planet of Diversity within Unity. You carry forth your song to harmonize with all here.

There is some clean up to do now that Earth has been placed within its new timeline. The old cannot sustain this high vibration on New Earth and will be removed. The old ways of operating must be dissolved to make room for the new. Accountability will be paid one final time as karma is finally ended on Earth. All is playing out in the Divine Plan to perfection. We are all expecting to see big changes around Easter. Big changes are happening whether you can see them or not. The Divine Plan has been hidden from the masses to protect the surprises necessary to bring in the changes. The dark have held sway for thousands and thousands of years and the magic bringing the changes needed to go unseen in order to have success.

Move forward now. Never stop making changes for your Highest Good. You may be leaving your job, moving your home, ending a relationship or changing how you spend your time. Change is inevitable. Greet change like an old friend. Be bold. Make Big Moves. Join with those of like mind to Be The Change. In your new found freedom, be creative. Solve problems with creativity. Master new ways to create. Make new things. Start something new. You will be successful.

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IS:IS Portal Activation Update ~ 18 April 2014

If you are adding your energy to this auspicious event, please note that there is a change in the guided meditation, which is explained in the post below, reproduced in full. I have also amended my countdown clock to show the correct time, sorry about the mistake :/

Source: Portal 2012

There are less than two days before the activation left. The energies are already intensifying and the compression is getting stronger. It is very important that we remain as calm as possible and hold the Light. Also, it is still important to get this viral and reach as many people as possible.

The official facebook group for this activation is here:

There has been a slight change to the instructions for the activation. We will not be doing the Sacred Spiral Dance just before the activation. Please skip this part, all other instructions remain the same.
Here are the Youtube videos for the activation. Although the instruction for the Sacred Spiral Dance is still included, please disregard that small section of the video. The videos have been created in 9 languages until now.