31 May 2014

10 Steps That Happen After a Pineal Awakening ~ Sitara Ansari ~ 26 May 2014

The way we view and participate in the world around us changes after we have initiated a pineal activation. Apart from the external changes, we also undergo deep inner changes, which include re-wiring the DNA.

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30 May 2014

Being One in the Moment ~ Jamye Price ~ 29 May 2014

Source: Jamye Price. For the video version, please go here.

You are becoming accustomed to a state of Being as you allow Life to flow with you and direct your creative focus toward your desires with a detached observance.  The magic of Life becomes more obvious to your human perspective as you interact with the perception of the beauty and grace of Life.  It is an engine of creation and movement that begets Life; therefore, all that you experience is to create the strength of Life to thrive.  What opposes you, strengthens you.  What supports you, strengthens you.  If you allow the perspective of it strengthening you and direct your focus toward manifestation with that same allowance.  For the butterfly, the cocoon is safety until the butterfly grows to such a moment that the cocoon becomes a hinderance that must be pushed past for the freedom flight to begin.  Do you lament your moments of challenge beyond the benefit of your desire for change?  As you direct your awareness into a focus of benevolent change opposing and supporting you into freedom, you relax more into Life improving.  It is the natural flow.  Unseen to most is the vast Love that is calling you to your Freedom and Empowerment.  Life is with you, living through you.  
To allow the perspective of Oneness, is to direct your focus to the connection of Life.  That unseen Love is your Higher Self and the Source Beingness of all others.  In this non-physical form, Love is known so deeply that the human form of forgetting is its expansion.  You are that expansion in each moment, choosing with your inner free will.  You are that expansion as you forgive, as you perceive through Love, as you hold a boundary that empowers you, even as you oppose or support another.  You are the expansion of Love on Earth.  In each moment, as you are aware of the connection of Love that threads all Life, you are being the change you want to see in the world.  You are the moment offering hope, offering inspiration and offering a new way of being that benefits All Life.  You have the power of Love at your stead, which is consciousness living through you.  
As we sit to Blast Being One in the Moment, we are appreciating how Life is presented to us as it is the platform for change and improvement.  We are allowing Life to flow around us, giving us fuel for focus.  We are seeing connection with all beings, even those we disagree with, as this connection is what brings true healing rather than a new form of domination.  We are calm and aware, which is a powerful state of being, we are connected and conscious, which amplifies the moment.  We are appreciating the flow of Life because we are that flow, resisting Love’s transformation for a time until forgiveness and empowerment rush in.  We are teaching others the power of Love, for it is the true transformer of Life.   
Blast on!

The Clock Strikes Five ~ Valiant ~ 29 May 2014

Vulcan Warrior Angel ~ Valiant
Tick Tock…The Clock, Shaking, Strikes 5…Dreams of Danger, Warning Signs…Beware.

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-May-2014 12:44:11

I’ve never had this happen before,
So forgive me if this sounds shaky.

I don’t know what you did, or are planning,
Big Brother, but for sure, you’ve done it this time.

Did you forget the diapers or go straight to
Adult undergarments? Like it would help…
Apparently some things never change, or people rather…
Those block heads of yours won’t change?
Then they’ll be smashed…
I can only imagine this is because of your
Obsessive control of money…

All those promises of money to the people were
Lies by the way, to string you along, they
Never planned to give it up…only offer
The public special “benefits” instead.

Like people need your broken promises or
Over complicated offers, Big Brother…
Just do the right thing, is that so hard?

Virtue, integrity…good principles. Do these
Words escape your understanding or is it just
That “stupid” thing?

Forget it. Somehow it appears now “stupid” is an IQ,
Far too high for your capability.

You’d better not be planning another ridiculous
Stunt to shock the world, or overwhelm the media,
With some fake…strategically planned
Act of terrorism to cull the population so
That you can institute martial law,
Instill a one world government and currency…
So the Anakim can take control.

Yes, they know about that.
And it will backfire on you, believe me.

I know now what this past weekend was.
They don’t tell me everything but I can piece
Together enough.

They, upstairs, marked the 500,000. Those to
Be saved and spared from what’s coming.
This involves the event…the pulse.
The original plan seems to be in process…
It’s not an exact number..
Personally, I’m hoping for more, not less.

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Passing of the Torch: Stewardship and Direction from the New Sun-Light ~ Corrina Steward ~ 29 May 2014

Source: Earth Hive

Hello all,

This is another quick update of some vast incoming new energy fields that are descending into Earth now to integrate us into the new feminine architecture for planet Earth.  All of this is building from the Golden Egg transmission to the recent Mother”ship” landing of the new feminine systems  and from the “birthing room” of the new Angelic Earth (as I myself enter the physical birthing room for the birth of my daughter).  If you require assistance or want deeper guidance to navigate your role in these incoming energies, I strongly encourage you to receive the activations from March 22nd of the Global Unified Heart transmission.  These include the Tribes of Light transmission that are specifically for this moment.

Passing of the Torch: Ancient Earth Mission Complete
For some time now, especially leading up to the shifting energies of 2012 and the grounding in of the new  Angelic Earth, the blueprint of Ancient Earth has been leading the way for the rising of the Angelic Earth.  We needed to go “back in time” to re-integrate the Ancient Earth wisdom codes to create a solid foundation for our new evolutionary experience.  This is process is now complete.  We have integrated the Ancient Earth wisdom codes and the elders and ancestors who guided our process are passing the torch onto us!  As the ancestoral co-creators created the Earth, we now have the wisdom and the tools to carry forward the re-creation of the Earth in a very physical, “real” way now.

The blueprint of the Angelic Earth is already imprinted into our planet’s hologram, as well as individuals who are the Angelic Humans.  Thus, we are emitting these wisdom codes and now are being led to the specific tasks that are our Angelic Human missions.  Our new missions reflect the “future” state of the planet.  We are moving in the direction of a humane planet that is built on peace, love, beauty and expanding joy.  We will know the vastness of these energy fields as unified life experiences: Peace is. Love is.  Beauty is. Joy is the catalyst of them all.  No longer “caught” in the web of constricted creation rules, we are the manifestors of the New Human Freedom.  We carry the Keys to the Kingdom and are now being “pushed” to use them and use them fast!  The Earth is in need of some rapid intervention.  So if you’re doubting your role or unsure of the direction, it’s time to move on from that state.  Your wisdom codes are unlocked and you are fully empowered to transform all that you have come here to create.  If there ever was a moment to leap, it’s now.  You will not be alone.  As you leap into your New Human Freedom, you will be met with others be fully supported in your Angelic Earth mission.

Emissaries of the New Sun-Light
A new group of souls are awakening and descending into the planet that carry the Light of New Sun.  There is a new activation from the sun that is directing the Sun Souls to physically embody and in the case of some humans “awaken” in their current bodies to carry out the mission of Sun Souls.  The Sun Souls are carriers of new light rays that are transmuting old Earth matter with instantaneous sun ray radiation.  Beaming this light through the third eye and heart centered golden light re-wires the old Earth matter into new Earth matter and re-aligns Earth matter to the direction of the Light of the New Sun.

The New Sun-Light is encoded with planetary stewardship “harmony” codes that are relieving Mother Earth from “holding balance” by circulating “new light breathe” into the Earth matter.  The transmission of the Sun Souls brings planetary “enlivenment” and harmony intelligences that are new to the planet.  As we move towards the June Solstice, the Sun Souls’ transmission will intensify and open new portals for sun travelers to visit the planet to work on the Stewardship Harmony Grid of Earth.  The Harmony Grid informs the planet to manifest harmonious life-giving systems, firstly, to Nature Consciousness and, secondly, to Humanity as She awakens into the New Earth Song vibration.  Humanity as She will integrate the new feminine intelligence to carry out the instructions of the Steward Harmony Grid.
My glorious love and joy to you all and blessings from the New Sun-Light!

Cherokee Prayer ~ Unity Consciousness


29 May 2014

Extraterrestrials Have Been Visiting Earth a Very Long Time ~ Ashtar via Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 28 May 2014

Greetings! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin. I would like to begin you off today with an Activation you can use which will help you with Activating Your Star DNA, Crystalline Instrument, Connecting Source Energy with Your Heart and increase your ability To Express Love through Your Instrument with the Instruction Packets downloading to Your Heart as the Next Steps to Take in your Individual and Planetary Mission.

Source Activation:
There is nothing that will unite you to Oneness, in an Attunement with Humanity, the creatures, with their struggles and problems then the heartfelt willingness to be of assistance where, when and as the need arises. This is accomplished through mindfulness. Read this Source Activation daily before your meditations and ask Your Guides to show you the way that day.

Mindfulness is emotional control
Mindfulness is coolness and clarity of thought
Mindfulness exists in overcoming emotional storms
By defusing them, rather than indulging them….
It is not being swept away
By fantasy and emotional distortions
Which are creations of faulty mental conditioning.
Mindfulness is being aware and conscious
Mindfulness is concentration on the business of the moment.
Mindfulness is the dedication of All one’s thoughts, speech and action
To the Infinite. 

Extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth a very long time. This is greatly misunderstood. The human condition lends itself to gradually waking up only to fall into residual programming as if being pulled by a tractor beam from above. This means integrating a tiny part of new truth into your hard drive while losing site of the much larger truth. Humans go through this process incessantly and the whole time they are closing themselves off from a full connection with Source. This arises from fear. It is the fear of knowing Source and being afraid that the knowing will leave and not come back. 

The Truth Embargo bases everything in fear. Look at the word UFO. Unidentified Flying Object. Every time a person encounters any new information regarding Extraterrestrials they are reprogrammed again that we don’t know what these aerial vehicles are. We do know what they are and who is commanding them.

Earth is a hollow Planet existing within a Galactic Citizenship inside the Milky Way Galaxy. All Planets are hollow including the Sun, Sol. The Sun is a hollow Planet and Jupiter has become more like a Sun. Mars has an entire Civilization with skyscrapers and hanging gardens floating inside the interior of the Planet. There is a sun inside Earth which glows blue. The aurora borealis is a reflection of the inner sunlight. UFOs can be seen flying in and out of the Poles on the Sun to its Inner Civilization at the Corona. 

MotherShips larger than Earth travel in and out of the Sun this way. NASA has imaged the inner suns at Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. Conditioning as a prerequisite of the Truth Embargo has held Humanity to infantile notions. The programming which says the Helios Solar System only has eight or nine Planets is unforgivable. That is like saying Earth is the only Planet with intelligent life. A Planet with mass starvation, worldwide war and nuclear energy as a weapon is the ONLY intelligent life? I certainly hope not. Yet very intelligent people will not look past the conspiracy portion of the UFO story to see what true reality exists.

Cobra Interview with Rob Potter ~ May 2014

I had problems with the audio, even after trying it on different devices. I could only hear bits and pieces, as if the audio was chopped up. Anyway, it could be just me because I see that Therese Zumi Sumner has, in her usual efficient manner, written a summary about it.

Please listen to the interview here.

For Therese' helpful summary, please go here. 

I will update this page once a transcript becomes available.

**Update: I just found out that the transcript is already up, on the same page as the audio. I also realised that the reason my audio had problems because it's a very large file and I didn't allow it time to load before listening. This was explained in the transcript.

**Update 31 May 2014: Cobra has posted the interview links on his site, here.

Divine Push into Deeper Change and Release ~ Denise LeFay ~ 26 May 2014

Denise shares her experiences of this stage of the Ascension process, and although each one of us has our own individual "reality" of Ascension, it generally reflects the overall theme of what's been happening to us. More releasing of everything that does not fit into our blueprint of Higher Consciousness, more surrendering to Divine Guidance...actually, make that "allowing". We sometimes sabotage ourselves by now allowing higher guidance, and then end up taking the long route which involves more pain. So this message from Denise will encourage us to allow that guidance with more trust. And on a personal note, I'd like to say that our connection with our Divinity/I Am Presence is becoming more vital than ever before. This is, after all, a spiritual process :)

Here for Denise' update.

Centering and Grounding of Ascended Gaia Energetic Occurs at this Moment ~ Gaia Portal ~ 27 May 2014

Source: Gaia Portal

Centering and grounding of Ascended Gaia Energetics occurs at this moment. 

Flash points are reached and released in rapid succession astro-points are passed.

Sufficient Hue-manity numbers allow up-risings on planetary scales. 

Solar accompaniments produce necessary planetary adjustments. 

Phase nears completion.

28 May 2014

The Secret of Change ~ Socrates

Ascension ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 27 May 2014

Fron PAO newsletter
3 Ix, 5 Pax, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) A grand series of events is now occurring around your globe! These events mark the beginnings of certain critical projects that are to bring you freedom, sovereignty, prosperity and new governance. Our liaisons report that several groups, which comprise our Earth allies, are moving to push the dark cabal and its minions from power. Included in these projects are the means to exponentially expand a nation-by-nation common law network, and projects, which tie this network into a means to forge new governance around your globe. The prosperity projects are also readying the delivery systems that are to be the basis for declaring NESARA to come into effect. As these events get ready to surface, we are preparing to put a formal stop to an international conspiracy that has made the spraying of "chemtrails" a nearly daily occurrence. The Agarthan liaisons are also busy informing the various dark cabal leadership groups that their vile objectives are to be ended in a slew of mass arrests.

   It is vital that Gaia be saved from a daily onslaught of innumerable surface human companies that seek to exploit her many resources. These earthly resources are really the source for many items which help to maintain her numerous and diverse ecosystems. Our scientists daily monitor these developments and do what they can to maintain a degree of stability. There is a natural mechanism provided by Heaven that enables Gaia to make the extraction of these resources more and more difficult. This is the cause behind many of the mining and construction disasters, which develop from time to time on your world. The introduction of a number of presently sequestered technologies can greatly reduce the possibilities for such disasters. The dark cabal insists on keeping processes that the ushering in of these technologies can easily remedy. This is one of the reasons behind the necessity of ousting these dark ones from power. Added to these calamities is the enormous greed and arrogance of this dark oligarchy.

   As we remove this dark set of vile minions from power, we also need to move your own transformations forward. Heaven has a very detailed time schedule for what is about to happen. Gaia needs to complete a series of preliminary changes before we can begin our mass landings. Hence, we are assisting Gaia and working with her to minimize what is to occur. As your geologists and meteorologists surmise, the seabeds need to continue to rise, and broad changes in your normal patterns are to take place. These changes are readying Gaia's surface for the massive series of acts that are to reshape her continents, alter her oceans and set up the means in the atmosphere for a new set of layers of the ancient firmament. Gaia previously was a pristine place with only occasional disruption. These disruptions were times when new ecosystems were introduced and new species obtained a period of domination. These periods generally lasted for many hundreds of millions of years. You arrived when such a change had recently happened. 

   This surface had more continents and smaller oceans. A general balance was in effect. Your ancestors realized this and at first used their ethereal-like state of consciousness to adapt themselves to this realm. Later, they explored Inner Earth and immediately understood that their guardianship extended to both realms. Over hundreds of thousands of years the Lemurians graciously were able to oversee Gaia and her numerous ecosystems. While doing this, the Lemurians welcomed new colonists and began to forge a network of lands, and carried out their stewardship with love, grace and divine wisdom. Tales were told to each new generation, which in turn added to this ever-growing history. A long relationship with Gaia had preserved her unique chain of diverse life forms. This serenity was to be broken by the sudden actions of Atlantis. These actions sank Lemuria, cut off Agartha from Gaia's surface and made Atlantis the dominant land on Gaia's surface realm! Your long, dark age had begun!


Sisterhood of the Rose ~ Cobra ~ 27 May 2014

In Atlantis, priestesses of the Goddess were gathering in circles of twelve to anchor the energy of peace and harmony. They were called the Sisterhood of the Rose. They later reemerged in ancient Egypt as priestesses of Isis, with rose being a sacred symbol of the Goddess Isis. In the time of Crusades, Sisterhood of the Rose was the feminine counterpart to the Templars. During World War 2, they tried to influence some of the top Nazis, sometimes successfully persuading them to more peaceful ways, and thus saving many lives.

Venus-Sun transits in 2004 and 2012 were a coded sign in the sky to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose:

This summer, a grand trine of Eris, Lilith and Chariklo will activate the Goddess archetype on this planet on a deeper level than ever before. It is interesting to note that at the same time outer solar system objects Chariklo, Pholus and Ixion will make a triple conjunction in late Sagittarius, close to the position of the Galactic Center. This signifies a breakthrough of the suppresses Goddess archetype from collective unconscious on a planetary level. Feminine principle was suppressed by the Archons throughout the human history by female sexual energy control and manipulation and the key to liberate the feminine is for women to allow themselves to feel their sexual energy, align it with their heart and express it in their own way.

At the moment of summer solstice on June 21st, the process of activating the planetary Goddess archetype will begin. This will be activated by many women from the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadian fleet meditating and directing their loving energy to humanity. You can join that meditation in your own way. Summer solstice comes at 10 hours 52 minutes GMT. This equals 12:52 pm local time in Egypt and central Europe, 11:52 am BST in London, 6:52 am EDT in New York, 5:52 CDT in Chicago, 4:52 MDT in Denver and 3:52 PDT in Los Angeles. 

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Platforms of Illuminations Have Been Created to Support "Mass" Consciousness Ascension ~ EirePort ~ 27 May 2014


Posted here as well as side-bar:

Platforms of Illumination have been created to support “mass” consciousness ascension. 
Selected individualized groups are in place to create lower atmospheric attenuation and eduction into Higher Mind. 

Transference from platform to platform occurs with great ease at this time.

Elevation of humanity to Hue-manity on “mass” scale occurs is accelerated.

Source: EirePort

27 May 2014

Integrate Divine Government First In Our Hearts And Then To The Planet ~ Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 26 May 2014

Image Source

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 Very High Beings have incarnated to Earth to assist in Her Ascension. Souls who have prepared themselves and are coming from the Highest Forces of Light agree to incarnate into other species on their home Planet at specific times to effect change. It is prime time for Earth to change. This brings in the Higher Teachings and helps the home Planet evolve to Higher Levels at particular times in their history. Often it is argued in religious discussion the meanings of the Ultimate Supreme knowledge. There are the real, the esoteric and the mystical meanings in the Higher Teachings. Sometimes Gurus or Teachers only obtain the esoteric knowledge and their pupils do not realize they do not grasp the highest mystical meanings and only a portion of truth is being revealed to them.

When reading the Ancient Texts one must understand that the carefully chosen wording is an energetic transfer or a download. Without exposing yourself to the Ancient Texts your chance of receiving Shakti from a High Being of Light is greatly narrowed. Likely you will spend years if not the rest of your life complaining that you are not ‘getting anywhere’ or moving forward on the Path. That’s OK after you die you may reincarnate on another Planet and start all over again.

Each Planet and her inhabitants goes through a very similar Ascension Path process. Many of the Ancient Texts have particular cultural flavors and language. That is because the Highest Teachings are Universal and are designed to invoke shifts into higher light and intelligence. Many of these teachings focus on the Human experience between the Soul Awareness and the Physical Body and how to integrate the two in harmony. The teachings focus on the Ultimate Supreme Awareness and the Human Instrument. This evolution process is psychological, spiritual and social.

As each sovereign Soul Awareness animating a Human vehicle they begin to emanate Unity and Equality in a very deep state of emanating transmissions to Humanity and by extension all life forms on their Planet. In this state of consciousness, from this level of understanding we learn to work together to make the human experience more fulfilling for all involved.

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26 May 2014

Fruition of Energetic Seeds Implanted in Gaia Grid Structures Occurs in Short Order ~ Gaia Portal ~ 25 May 2014

Another message from Gaia Portal which, I feel, should be posted here as well as the side-bar:

Fruition of energetic seeds implanted in Gaia grid structures occurs in short order. 

Removal of oppositional energetic seeds and accompanying entanglements nears completion. 

Forces of Higher Dimensional Light flow effortlessly through current energetic undulations on Gaia surface. 

Impactful renderings of shadow structures occurs at each now moment, within each hu- and Hue-being, as well as within all group structures. 

Veracity of “Light Guidance” rapidly becomes validated for all Gaia participants.

Source: Gaia Portal

25 May 2014

Where I Am

I thought I would share a little about where I am at this point in time. I've been waiting for some information or "status report" for this stage that we are in, but haven't come across any so far. My own story follows.

No Place
For a couple of months now, I keep having experiences that make me feel that there's no place for me in the old reality. I've mentioned before that sometimes, we are kept from being too entangled in the 3D realms, and if we still insist on getting involved, then the experience can be challenging. However, I have been finding that this has intensified over the past weeks, sometimes with alarming consequences. I have been needing a decent pair of comfortable shoes since March, and until today I still can't find one that is appropriate. It's usually that they don't have my size, or colour preference, or right price range. It's been two months and I'm still looking.

It's not just limited to shoes; that was one example I quoted. Sometimes it feels like I can't find anything suitable ~ food, household needs, toiletries. It's like I don't have a place in the existing world.

Then there was the more serious incident where a truck almost collided with my car. I was literally right in front of truck which should have waited for me to pass, and it didn't.  Thankfully there was no accident, just frazzled nerves on my part. The truck actually stopped on the road, and I don't know why because I carried on my way. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the driver had an equally huge fright when he/she realised what had happened. I will say that I'm used to being "invisible" sometimes to others, but my car...?

Awake and Dreaming
Of late, I find that I get very disoriented after I wake up. It takes me a while to re-adjust to this reality, and sometimes the feeling of being discombobulated is very strong. I don't really remember my dreams, so perhaps that makes it more difficult for me to figure out what's going on; nevertheless, I do know at a deeper level that my dream-state is very busy, full of activity and events. Quite often, I get through the day in a haze, feeling as if I'm still dreaming.

Being Huge
Sandra Walter has mentioned this in one of her updates not too long ago, so I'm not worried at all about it (although I would appreciate an explanation). There are moments, just before falling asleep, when I feel that I'm as large as the Planet, and feeling very comfortable with that, too. For those who don't know me, I'm this petite-sized person who doesn't look robust at all!

Brighter With Eyes Closed
Sandra Walter has also talked about this, so ditto. An explanation would also be nice, perhaps I'll write to her and ask :)  Just a mention that this light sometimes take on a violet hue.

Resonating with Our Source Origin/Purpose
The last thing I wish to mention is that I find myself gravitating towards very specific types of information, despite the fact that there is so much more coming out these days. I strongly believe that this is what's happening to many; we are becoming more aligned with our source of origin and purpose. What I mean is this ~ we are remembering and becoming more of our origin. For example, someone who hails from Sirius and who worked with energy healing will become more interested in Sirian-based messages and energy healing practices. She may begin to lose interest in other things that have no commonality with her source origin and purpose as she becomes more focused and aligned with what matters to her.

If we bear in mind that we came from all over the Cosmos, each having our own specific set of skills and purpose, this "activation" is to be expected.

Activate Your Pineal Gland & Re-Program Your Mind ~ Deus Nexus

I just came across this page...and I just posted a couple of things on the Pineal Gland yesterday!

There are three videos from Infinite Waters which I haven't yet watched at this point in time. There are also related posts at the bottom  of this article, all of which I haven't yet finished reading. I'm posting this first because I truly believe that the Pineal Gland is so crucial to our progress in the Ascension process. I have posted before about its importance already, so I won't repeat myself :)

Please go over to Deus Nexus for the article and related posts.

IBOC Communique 15 Transcript ~ An T'Na via Gesanna

The transcript for the video version is now available on the Contact2Ascension site.

**Previous post for video and short summary here.

24 May 2014

Touching Down in the New Tree of Life ~ The Star Elders through Aluna Joy ~ 15 May 2014

In summary, this message via Aluna Joy brings guidance on how we can best navigate this phase of our evolution. We are now moving further into the new phase of a new major cycle that includes an infinite number of  mini-cycles. This means that we will be operating from a "new-ness" that includes a new set of creation codes, with unconditional love, unity consciousness and holistic manifesting replacing the old paradigm of fear, ego and self-serving creations. Living in the now as integrated masters will allow us to move forward into the higher consciousness realities.

For the complete message, please head over to Aluna's site.

10 Questions About the Pineal Gland That Add to the Mystery of Spirituality ~ Buck Rogers, Waking Times ~ 11 April 2014

The  pine cone shaped, pea-sized pineal gland, located in the center of the human brain, is an organ of tremendous interest these days. To many spiritual seekers it is the ‘seat of the soul‘ and the ‘third eye,’ the anatomical part of the human body that acts as our spiritual antennae, connecting us to the non-physical, spiritual planes of existence. However, to many scientists and rigid materialist thinkers, it is strictly an endocrine gland responsible for the secretion of the hormone melatonin, a substance which, among other things, aids in the regulation of our circadian rhythms.

Far from cased closed, this small, but intriguing piece of the human organism is the source of endless discussion and consideration, as many people believe that by cleansing, detoxifying or decalcifying the pineal gland, one can more readily achieve spiritual states of consciousness and can experience with greater depth and clarity.

Of course naysayers who disregard the possibility of the existence of any spiritual dimension to life and to the pineal gland are quick to point out that no scientific evidence has proven that the pineal gland is in fact the organ responsible for spiritual experience. Yet, many people who’ve developed the subtle awareness and inward reflection required to connect to the spiritual qualities of humanity can clearly sense that something profound takes place within the area of the brain where the pineal gland sits, including visions, intuitive thoughts, vibrations, harmonic resonance with certain sounds, and other mystical phenomenon.

As the debate between science and spirituality carries on, the pineal gland sits at the center of the brain enticing both spiritual adepts and naysayers alike to take a closer look into the mysteries that make human beings spiritual creatures capable having psychological experiences that evade validation by modern scientific research methods and modes of thought.

Here are 10 questions about the pineal gland that add to the mystery of spirituality:

1. Is the pineal gland the evolutionary remnant of a literal third mammalian eye that moved into the center of the brain and changed functions from gathering light to entraining rhythms in accordance with information gathered by the retina?

2. Why do the visionary states of consciousness induced by psychedelics and meditative practices seem to be centered around the very part of the brain where the pineal gland sits?

3. If there is no connection between spirituality and the pineal gland, how is it that the 6th chakra (Ajna chakra), according to ancient Hindu tradition, is located precisely where the pineal gland sits, and has for centuries been associated with the ‘mind’s eye,’ the eye of intellect and intuition?

4. Is there a connection between the spiritual promise of the pineal gland, which is shaped like a pine cone, and the Pigna, the colossal bronze pine cone statue of ancient Rome which now sits in a courtyard in the Vatican?

5. Does the pineal gland produce the body’s natural supply of DMT, dimethyltriptamine, a chemical compound that produces incredible visionary effects when consumed in concentrated form or in the Amazonian medicine Ayahuasca?

Please continue reading here.

The Crystalline Gland aka Pineal Gland ~ Gateway to Higher Consciousness ~ Sunshine Before the Dawn ~ Judy Satori

Excerpts from Sunshine Before the Dawn by Judy Satori about the Pineal Gland:

“This being must be given the capacity to think, feel and express, but most importantly this new Earth being must be of God and be created according to divine design. My desire is that this be called the hu-man as ‘hu’ is the sacred sound of God’s creation. I also propose that within the body of the new hu-man being we implant a crystalline gland to act as a receiver and transmitter of information from our worlds. In this way, the new hu-man creation will never be alone and will always be able to access that aspect of self which is divine."


“As the planet Earth begins to be prepared by the Elohim for ascension the hu-mans will also be prepared. The spark of God within them, the crystalline gland of communication that we have implanted will be triggered and the inherent abilities within their new hu-man DNA will be activated."


"There is a crystalline gland that we will place within this new hu-man body. We have spoken of it before. It will be a link for these new hu-man beings directly to God mind, the consciousness of the Elohim. Not only will they be able to find this connection within themselves, but also feel this connection as part of self."

Shine Your Light ~ Notes from The Universe via Mike Dooley

Short Planetary History ~ Therese Zumi Sumner ~ 23 May 2014

This may seem trivial, but for me it's very significant as synchronicity is very real and important to me. I woke up this morning thinking about our Earth Human history, and making some mental notes about it. Then later in the day I came across this!

This is a re-post from and earlier one on Therese's site. I will reproduce the full article here; the links to the original are within the article itself. Therese has explained that she wrote this after one of Cobra's conferences. Therese's fb page is here, and her site for which she first wrote this is Veritas Galactic Sweden.


Short Planetary History

About 8 million years ago there was a group of powerfully
conscious Archangels. One of them had an idea. He wondered what it would be like to cut himself off from the Source. He wondered what matter would feel like. With His enormously sophisticated Intelligence and using technology of the dimensional chamber along with strong electromagnetic fields, He cut himself away from The Source. Immediately He regretted what He had done. He could not find a way to go back. This was the first moment of darkness.

This Being wanted help so he trapped other Angels and Beings, so as not to be alone, and to try to find a way back. Then they all realised what they had done to themselves and they could not find a way out. They decided to conquer the Universe and so started invading planets and spreading darkness. This was the birth of the dark forces. This was an extremely conflicting era for the Galaxy.

When the Light forces discovered this and realised what had happened, Archangel Michael set a barrier fence around the infected areas so that the darkness could not spread. Other Light Beings created a magnificent Starfleet, the beginning of the Galactic Confederation, to liberate planets under dark forces. This was the beginning of the Galactic Wars.

We have these memories in our subconscious. Some of the producers working in the film-making arena are not creating science fiction but visions of our collective memories, like the Star Wars movies.


In the centre of our Galaxy there is the Galactic Central Sun. This is our source of Light. Souls are created there and expand out in all directions. When some beings became aware of Oneness they began creating a Galactic civilisation – a Galactic Brotherhood of Light. They chose to liberate the Galaxy of darkness. Our Galaxy is composed of two spiral vortexes and they contain 100 billion stars. This central Galactic civilisation chose to liberate the Galaxy of darkness. They started sharing and spreading the Light. They liberated one planet after the other, making great advancements. They nearly always won.


25000 years ago all of the darkness fled from most of the Galaxy to our corner. These beings existed both on the physical and the non-physical planes. They had major strongholds in the Orion constellation and on Earth. They took humanity into hostage and created quarantine. No other Spaceships were allowed to land, without their approval. No contact was allowed between the people of earth and other visitors. They threatened the Light forces with nuclear war if they tried to interfere. The Light had to be extremely careful with this planet. We had also to take our free will into consideration. Star Seeds from other planets have incarnated here for intervention and 1st Contact when the time comes.

The critical mass of humanity is for this now. Each of us has a ‘Divine Right’ for this to happen.

The only reason we don’t interfere is because the Cabal get very nervous if we make 1st Contact. Also if people remember having direct contact with their Galactic Family members it can be dangerous for them. So at ‘The Event’ many people will remember things they have forgotten.


The Ascended Masters left the planet 25000, years ago. This was the Atlantean time. Around this time the vast majority of the Light forces retreated underground and developed the underground Agarthan cities and society, to help to maintain balance on our planet.


The Agarthan city Telos lies below Mt Shasta. It is a major underground city. Many Ascended Masters materialise in that area above surface. This inner Earth society is a 5th Dimensional society. Being 5th Dimensional it is aligned with higher purpose.

The Agarthan society networks easily, having high speed trains interconnecting their cities. Some people discovered these openings into the Earth among them the Mayan and Hopi people, as also the Anasazi, Incas and Greeks. Much of the Inca gold is in safekeeping underground, as are much of the Templars and Eldorado treasures.

We are completing that cycle right now. We are at the end. The quarantine will be lifted. The dark forces will be removed and we will join the Galactic Confederation.


The Archons lie behind three invasions of our planet during the timeframe of 5-6000 years ago and up until the present time. They have used their Reptilian minions in these invasions. One must remember that the Archons are not of human origin and the desire has been to create a stronghold here, which they then have successfully maintained up until now.


This invasion was about 6 - 5000, years ago in Russia. The invaders came through a portal. They invaded the peaceful European culture of the time. The goal of this invasion was to destroy the Goddess presence. The results of this invasion at this time lay the ground for the Macho Western Society. These invaders arrived to an area of what we now call Russia, and they continued their invasion moving out in every direction in time, East, West, North East and North West and South east and South West.
{Map on original see link}


This invasion occurred during the last phase of the Roman Empire. The invaders used the same portal as the 1st invaders. Many Reptilians came through this portal. They were called the Barbarians.

Constantine the Great {306 -307} converted to Christianity. All the Roman emperors after Constantine except for Julian were Christians. Typically for the dark rulers he took all the old great wisdom and twisted it around to suit him. He became the ruler of the Roman Empire, and built the new eastern capital of Constantinople. He created the Catholic Cult. He gathered all of the Bishops and priests and all of the military and controlled all of these groups entirely. He then ordered the Khazar invaders {the so called Barbarian tribes} to invade and destroy the Roman Empire. It was at this time that the Catholic Church destroyed all of the Goddess Temples. The archon and reptilian {Khazar} invaders tore down each temple and built archon temples over these sites – with the intention of stifling the energy.***

The Bishop of Milan known as Theodosius the Great {this soul was totally Archon controlled} destroyed all the old mystery schools. He ordered the burning of the Alexandria library and the books were destroyed or put into the Vatican library.


This invasion occurred strangely enough, indeed amazingly enough in our time. This occurred in the year 1996. The dark ones created a portal in Africa in an area which includes the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. This portal came into being by the creation of 12 subterranean nuclear explosions. They teleported huge numbers of Reptilians into this area.

These were then infiltrated into politics and the military and subsequently used in the genocide there. This may all seem very-very strange indeed but it also gives one an understanding of the terrible-terrible genocide that occurred there. It was so unbelievably savage.

THIS PORTAL IS NOW CLOSED. This portal in Africa is now closed but there are a few Reptilians left that are hiding in the jungle. There are also dinosaur sightings!

NB: At the time of the 3rd Archon invasion, microwave technology, cell phone transmission towers were built into all the Churches to facilitate the control of the evil grid - the Matrix. The real war of the Cabal is being played out on other planes. For a greater understanding of this read my article 'The Veil that hides the Truth' on the 'Cobra School' page.

This was the absolute final, the absolute last invasion of this planet. These dark beings no longer have any nuclear devices that they can detonate as earlier explained.


There is an area in Central Europe, earlier known as Czechoslovakia, where a large group of Pleiadians have incarnated. The reason for this is because there has been a larger group of Archons in that area who had major plans to stop the awakening. There are of course connections between these Archons and the horrible genocides committed in the recent wars in former Yugoslavia.


The 1st Atlantis.

The 1st Atlantis was not a physical one. It was the home of the Pleiadian Angels. They were discovering how to explore matter. They were also learning about the different levels of Consciousness, and the unification and merging of the male and female polarities. These angels decided to densify their planet to the physical plane but the planet exploded. Fragments of this planet went in all directions and a few small fragments landed on Earth. These fragments landed in the area of the country earlier known as Czechoslovakia. The stone that is found there and only there is called Moldavite – this is the stone that The Holy Grail is carved from.

The 2nd Atlantis.

This was an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland and Great Britain are a part of the remains of this. The real name of Ireland {Gaelic} is Tir Na Nog. This literally means ‘land of the forever young’. This was about 1 million years ago. That was a true Golden Age. They had very advanced technology in this civilisation.

Then about 900,000 years ago the Orions came here – the dark ones, and they started using their mind implantation technology. The actual machines they used would remind one of dental chairs. They used crystals with electric current into the body to program people. This was the beginning of all mind programming for humankind. They had two major programming programs. The 1st belief system program was to convince people to the belief that we are separate from God, the ‘Fall from Eden’ or Paradise. This separated us from our awareness of our higher consciousness, our ‘I Am’ consciousness.

The 2nd belief system program was to affect a separation between male and female polarities. This was done first on a psychological level and then on a physical level. Women have different psychological programming than men.

Each of us is a soul in a human body. Men are inclined to just use their bodies to grow in consciousness. This originated on the 2nd Atlantis.

Many Pleiadians and Sirians incarnated to Atlantis to heal this separation, having the goal to support the Light. About 16000 years ago a task force known as ‘The Order of the Star’ 144,000 Beings volunteered to incarnate here to heal this separation and integrate the darkness into Light. See Main text of The Light Resistance Movement on the main ‘Event’ page for more information on them.

The 3rd Atlantis

Now when this planet is liberated soon we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis. When Saint Germaine was incarnated here as Sir Francis Bacon he wrote about this.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 23/02/2013

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Gaia Energetic Alignments Progress to Unprecedented Levels ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 May 2014

Once again, I'm posting this Gaia Portal update here in addition to the side-bar. This is fabulous!

Source: Gaia Portal

Gaia energetic alignments progress to unprecedented levels, not yet experienced on planetary scale.
Angular incomings to Gaia are increasing in intensity and maximize opportunities for hu-manity to Hue-manity transformation.

Stellar and Galactic alignments support all such transformative processes, and establish new foundations for Gaia evolution.

23 May 2014

Grateful Thanks and Some Synchronicity

Image by Beatrix
With hands on my heart, I wish to thank the wonderful Souls who contacted me over my earlier personal post (Bring on the Cavalry), expressing concern and offering encouragement. I'm so grateful for your support! I want you to know that I'm OK, and that it wasn't my intention to create worry. I just needed to rant a little and lament on the lack of unity that was disrupting our efforts to carry out whatever it is we came here to carry out. Other than that, I'm fine, and despite all that ranting, deep inside me I know that all will unfold according to Divine Plan  :)  Hantanyel órenyallo.

I would like to share a little story about synchronicity. It's a demonstration as if to show me that all is indeed proceeding forward:

Just yesterday, I had to meet some people at noon in a mall. In order to save some time, I had planned to get there by 11:30 am and swing by a shop to pick up a gift for a friend. Try as I may, I encountered three consecutive and non-related delays. They were all totally unexpected and quite exasperating. No matter what I did, I couldn't prevent these delays, nor could I speed things up. By the time I got into my car, I only had 20 minutes to make a 30-minute journey. 

As I stopped at the first traffic light, I glanced at my car clock to check the time. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this:

Thank goodness it was a long red light and I was in the middle of a long queue so I had time to whip out my phone to take the picture. If I didn't "create" those delays **wink** I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see this combination of numbers.

All's well...  :)

PS...It's also interesting that in his latest update, Cobra suggested positive ways of channeling our energy instead of attacking each other...**double wink**

Accessing Grace ~ Jamye Price ~ 22 May 2014

Source: Jamye Price Weekly LightBlast; you can also listen to this on Youtube, here.
Life has a delicate beauty that is often lost in the perceptions of the world around you.  When you look at Life, do you see beauty?  Do you see the potential of beauty within any experience or any choice?  It is not always evident in the moment.  You must seek the potential of Love that quietly awaits your awareness to be brought into form.  This is the unconditional Love that inspires the expansion of Love on Earth, rather than the judgment that inflames shame.  When you perceive yourself and others through the graceful beauty that Love creates, you give hope and healing to any situation.  Do you have the powerful knowing within that your Love is that strong?  When you choose to Love, you are taking the first step of action that creates the next moment.  It is a courageous choice to Love the ‘unlovable.’  It is your Love that breaks the chains of pain that bind humanity.  Love easily and abundantly.  You are that powerful. 
Humanity is at an exciting point in Ascension that is quietly looming within the heart.  Do you have the courage to Love the new world into form?  Your Love weaves the fabric of Life, offering hope and new solution to life’s problems.  This Grace is the peaces that passes all understanding into the peace that offers all understanding.  As you perceive another through their pain seeking resolution within, you perceive their power to overcome challenge and begin to interact with Life in a different way.  Your Grace of seeing the Love within begins to ignite the flame of Love in another, rather than inflaming shame.  What a powerful gift to Life you have within you. 
As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are releasing the egos lazy need to dominate the world into acceptable behavior so that we can find peace within.  We are opening to the power that brings healing and change, not just a new façade of domination.  We are teaching the power of peace within, as all humans begin to discover their inner beauty through the reflection of Love abounding on Earth.  We are changing the past into wisdom, the present into a gift, and the future into a world of Love.  Thank you for being the Love that you are.  Blast on!

What Kind of Wave Are We Experiencing At This Time? ~ Meline Lafont ~ 22 May 2014

Meline Lafont mentions that the energies are so intensely augmented now, she has to stop singing certain songs as the lyrics are not what she wants in her reality. I can certainly relate to that, because I can no longer enjoy many songs I used to because their lyrics no longer resonate. Of course, there's so much more in her message other than just this point! 
Breathe my sweet friends and fellow travelers of Light. We are being absorbed into an exhale of creation, where we plant the seeds through our being and our consciousness level of being which is rising as a result of all the intense integrations that we are absorbing and even start to emanate at this time. We exhale our new birthing Self into this reality, because we are embodying our Divine and true essence more and more on several levels, which our bodies can hold for us at this time.
Just like in the times of Lemuria we are holding the space and the frequencies of Light, through our own consciousness in our embodiment, this as high as possible for us to maintain. What we hold now, is something that we could never hold before on such a level of consciousness and in this lower density simultaneously, for our bodies are transforming at the same time and at the same rate that our consciousness is re-birthing us into our Divine essence.
We are currently arriving at the higher levels of integration of our birthed Self, which is our Divinity, our Christ consciousness and our I AM expression. These levels require a lot of Self acceptance, knowledge, trust and allowance for we start to experience the Mastering level of our own Self. This Master level brings us all into realities where you are pointed into the direction of that which must be released concerning the ego, for there is no ego in self Mastery.

A true Master being has not one thought of judgment of another, for the Master sees all as one and everything as one with him. A Master sees all as a process of being without any judgment for nothing is wrong or bad in this level of consciousness, all just is. We either face our ego in the now, or we receive more lessons to let this go once and for all. This brings a lot of triggers and intense energies that blend with your reality, to assist you with the release.
Sanat Kumara has given me a true heartfelt guidance with regards to this and I was astounded at how thin the veil of judgment is. I will share his guidance and explanation with you all through an example:
“If you are for instant scrolling down on someone's profile on the internet or seeing someone's personal reality filled with interests you feel is not needed to put any energy into, and you think to yourself: why is this person keeping his focus on this rather than on love? This is judgment for you fill in what another one should be doing instead of this one's current chosen path. A Master being does not judge what he sees for he sees love in everything and all without any thought at all. He observes, he sees and he allows. This with respect for everyone's path. You cannot fill in what another should do or rather be in your point of view, you can only decide on your own reality and let all the rest BE.”
Sanat Kumara has given me a very clear view on this now and it has brought me on such a sensitive level that I even cannot sing lyrics of certain songs anymore for I feel that what I sing along, I enhance and create, even by just allowing it to be in my mind. I am grateful for his guidance here.
This is a moment of really monitoring your thoughts for we have reached a level of consciousness where all you send out as thoughts, just by thinking and speaking of it, becomes your reality. In one second, manifestation is being created so we are assisted here in monitoring our thoughts every now moment, for it is a part of the Self Mastery.

Awaken to Who You Are ~ Message to the Ground Crew ~ Sirian High Council via Anna Merkaba ~ 22 May 2014

Some of you do not know that you are you do not consciously understand what significant roles you are playing in the ascension, in the changing of the world organizations for you are not to consciously to know who you are, you are not to reveal your identity and hence we do not wish to inform you in person that you are who you are, but those that are going to read this message and feel within their hearts that they are being spoken to directly, are the key persons that are indeed involved in the reorganization and change. You are who are reading this message, you are who are heeding the words of this message are the ones that are in control of the destiny of the humanity .

Know this that those who are in power are being brought into the chambers of light for healing and transmutation, know that the new world government is about to unfold before your very eyes and you are going to be in awe and in shock of the changes that are about to occur, know this that it is indeed so that we are speeding up the consequences of everything that you are believing to be true, and know that we are by your side, we are descending or rather you are coming to us, many of you are going to be seeing more of us, for we are in your territories right now, and in the next few weeks you are going to see many more of so called UFO’s appear in the sky, and many more such stories being reported for we are making ourselves visible for the time has come and we are going to be showing ourselves to you, to the key ones that are playing this game with fierce heart and open mind, we are spreading this message far and wide but know that those of you who are going to be reading this message and feel a zing or feel a shiver go down your back, those of you are the key leaders of the new earth.

Please continue reading here.

The Clock Strikes Four ~ Valiant ~ 22 May 2014

Tranquility Shield ~ Valiant

Tick Tock…And the Clock Strikes 4…The Pulse…Your Power…And a Little Punch…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 22-May-2014 12:25:07

Things are surely heating up…
Waves of energy…
The heat, the Fire, you can feel it in the air…
Something’s building.
I wanted to make something clear…
And not for sympathy.

There are those that think I may do this
For attention…WRONG, SO WRONG.

Since I’m about to get more serious with things
To come…I thought it only fair…
To share something of myself, my own little
Secret so you may understand.

What is it about May…
That Meteor Shower to come, that weekend…
It’s a month that has always haunted me.

You see, my life changed when I was 16
In the middle of May.

It was at a County Teen Arts Festival
When a painfully shy quiet fat kid, me…
Was forced to go to…
My artwork was one of the favorite pieces, I
Had no choice.

Well, you see, at this Teen Arts Festival
Which was held at the local community college
That the teens were given the chance to tour
A college campus…how they prep you, you know, etc…

I was walking around with some other kids
When a group of college kids, laughing, joking,
Stopped me and surrounded me…you could see
The sinister motive in their faces…

They poked and punched me, I remember a stick…
But the chief loud mouth tormented me most
With names…

Other kids saw, watched with fear…no one said
Or did a thing…they just turned away…
It went on and on…I went numb, I can’t
Remember how long…then the kid finally
Said: “You’re so ugly, why don’t you just kill
Yourself.” I was speechless.

Just then, some professors came along the sidewalk
And this little crowd dispersed…and I took
The opportunity to follow the professors…
To sum it up…
It was the day I stopped eating, I couldn’t
Take it anymore.

And strangely enough my artwork from the fair
Was stolen…it won some prize, it didn’t matter.

That’s all anyone cared about anyway.
My point here is…that was the first breaking point,
Why I dieted. I didn’t, wouldn’t be treated
Like garbage anymore…so I grew numb
And cold hearted…to survive…lost the weight…
Just to be left alone.
I’ve said it enough, all I’ve ever wanted to be
Was a farmer.

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