30 June 2014

Wherever Gaia Goes, We Will Follow

Let's face it...this Ascension thing is primarily Gaia's show. We, as the Earth Human race, are part of Gaia's ascension, and as a result, we get to ascend as well. It's also our show, but we have second billing.

We've been told repeatedly that this has never before been attempted in the entire Cosmic history of Ascension ~ planetary as well as the entire collective race, both at the same time. This in no way diminishes the magnitude or significance of our own ascension; indeed, we actually hold the key codes for attaining the Cosmic visa or passport. More on that in another post.

At this point in time, there is no ONE Ascension scenario that is being embraced as THE Ascension scenario. We have a few versions, depending on the source of the information that we are getting. There's the Two-Earths (New Earth/Old Earth) version, then there's the Collective-Ascension version (where all get to transition together as a collective), and there's also the Ascension-Waves version, where those who are ready get to transition in collective waves across a period of time. Then there's even the World-Evacuation-Ascension scenario, where Gaia goes through a quick but complete cleansing before terra-forming to her original pristine blueprint; this would involve the evacuation of individuals who are ready prior to the great cleansing (this was well-documented in Tuella's writings but from what I understand, this scenario is no longer a possibility because our consciousness levels have risen sufficiently to avoid this cataclysmic version). Finally, there's the Individual-Ascension version, where transitions to the higher dimensions occur for those who are ready, on an individual basis.

There may be more that I'm not aware of, but at the end of the day, I'm beginning to feel very strongly that it doesn't really matter what scenario eventually unfolds, or even if two or more scenarios take place at the same time.

I used to get quite upset with all the various Ascension scenarios that were being discussed over the past years. I spent a great deal of time trying to understand the various scenarios, until I finally realised that as far as I'm concerned, the only one that truly matters is the one where we follow Gaia's footsteps. Where Gaia goes, we will need to follow. It's her show, after all!

We know that Gaia has risen in her vibrational frequency, courtesy of her Schuman Resonance. I'm aware that there is no way (that I know of) to confirm this, but I do remember a couple of sources saying that this SR frequency is now very near 13 Hz, where we will experience Zero-Point field of consciousness.

This is how I look at it ~ if Gaia is rising in her vibrational frequency, and if we wish to ascend when she does, then we'd better work on raising our vibrational frequency as well. This is why I keep saying "raise your vibrations" because to me, simple spiritual physics dictate that if Gaia gets to the point where she makes the transition to 5D, we won't be able to follow her if we are still languishing in 3D-vibrations and not having cleared out our auric and etheric junk, emotional baggage and all holding us back.

We've got to keep up with Gaia! So whatever happens or whichever Ascension scenario we ultimately experience, as long as we match Gaia's frequencies, we will transition with her. I may be completely wrong in how I look at this, but it sure works for me!  :)  At any rate, sources such as An T'na via Gesanna have clearly stated that it is our connection with Gaia that ensures our Ascension together with her. I resonate very much with that.

Do I have a preferred Ascension scenario? No, not really. All I look forward to is to just get this Ascension thing off the ground, and transition already! Tomorrow, if possible :)

One more thing before I end this thinking-aloud post...at the rate (or lack of) that global awakening is taking place, I fervently believe that we need a Divine-Supernatural-kick-in-the-behind-intervention to propel us forward. Enter The Event aka The Pulse...

Raise your vibrations! And may The Pulse be with us :)

29 June 2014

Taking Control of Your Destiny ~ Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman ~ July 2014

The following is an excerpt:

We encourage you to study each of the important points below, until you have a comprehensive understanding of its meaning, so that you may decide if the concept is valid for you. You may then make an intelligent decision as to whether or not you wish to integrate the knowledge, and then claim it as part of your core truth. Discernment is vitally important as you replace your old out-dated, restrictive beliefs with new, higher frequency, and expanded conscious awareness.  It is the way of a Self-master.

•            The focused gaze of humanity is being lifted out of the stifling quagmire of earthly existence onto the far-distant horizon of the future.  Desire for material riches is being replaced with a yearning for Soul consciousness.

•            Focused intelligence is necessary to successfully enter the many sub-planes of the fifth dimension so that you may tap into the vast storehouse of wisdom and advanced abilities available therein.

•            World Servers will be held together by a strong Soul connection–a remembrance of a solemn oath to serve humanity, with a common goal of ascending in consciousness.

•            Heart-felt prayers of gratitude and supplication for the greatest good of all, along with Soul-focused meditation must become the accepted form of communing with our Father/Mother God and the great Beings of Light.

•            Vast numbers of Souls, who are still functioning within the illusion of the third- / fourth-dimensional environment, are gradually awakening to the nudgings of their Soul-self as they move beyond the influence of the mass consciousness belief structure.

•            It is vitally important that you gain control of the ego-personality and the sub-conscious mind, so that the Over-Soul/ Higher Self may begin to radiate forth its wisdom to your Soul-self.

•            It was preordained that facets/Sparks of the angelic kingdom and of other great Beings of Light would incarnate on Earth, and follow the path of humans.

•            Portals of initiation were opened and have remained open down through the Ages. However, in the past, only a few brave Souls made it past the Open Door and gained Self-mastery.

Please read the complete message here.

Sacrificial Paradigms Have Released From Gaia Energetics ~ Gaia Portal ~ 29 June 2014

Source: Gaia Portal

Sacrificial paradigms have released from Gaia energetics. 

Hue-manity collective has supplanted distorted concepts.

Passionates of Ascension complete their works.

Planetary mis-alignments corrected.

Seamless adventures lie ahead.

28 June 2014

Final Global Healing ~ Please Help and Let's All Go Home!!! ~ Andrew Bojarski

Please join in if you feel guided to do so :)

Hello Everyone.  Thank you to everyone that has sent their healing and love intentions for the healings that I have been performing the last 26 days.  To see the details of the daily healings and who was healed on a given day, please click HERE.

We are approaching the last of the June energy healings.  All the healings have been very effective and successful.  I have seen, been shown, and experienced so much.  I cannot put it in words.

Truly, know that so much is being done with these healings.  Pillars of light have been placed all around the planet.  The planet is filled with so much light at the moment.  Planet Earth has never had so much light as it does now, in it’s entire history, even at past Golden Ages.  Know this!!

However, please understand that ascension is an individual journey and all of you must do the individual work.  Connect with your I AM Presence and feel your Divinity as your freedom in your ascension is awaiting you.  Invoke the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness and Grace to help you in your soul expansion.
The next six days of energy healings will be the most important and respectfully I ask for your assistance again.  Please send your love and awakening intentions  to all souls on the planet.

Send your love and healing intentions to planet Earth and all life streams and beings on planet earth.  We are sending so much love and light to all life on Earth and beyond.  Your light is so needed and so intensified by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters.

It is a blessing to be working with all of you collectively in this service to mankind, Mother Earth, and the elemental life that lives on Earth.  It is always in the giving that you receive.  Always give when you can…


The Seamless Merge of Dimensions ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 June 2014

The June Shift did not disappoint. We encountered the marker on this miraculous Ascension timeline when we merged dimensional expressions. It was seamless, profound and changes everything – again.
We have a new platform for our physical experience of multidimensionality here on beloved Gaia. We received a huge amplification to accelerate our perception of what occurred 18 months ago at the end of 2012. Now we apply our knowledge of these events with the New Light provided and attain wisdom at last. It seemed like a long journey, then it was boldly, instantly un-created for the New. A seamless shift of perception.

We are different beings, in a different area of space, dealing with different energies, creations, and many tools which we planted in the planet to assist us during this passage. With this deep realization comes acceleration for many on the Ascension path; responsible creation will be the test of Mastery during this passage.

There is absolutely no judgment on other experiences during this passage. This is not the same experience of multidimensionality we have had in the past. It is a physical merge, and in our Mastery we keep our cards close to the chest as this unfolds. I heard many folks had a hard time during the June gateway; perhaps this will provide clarity for some, and frustration for others. Repeating the whys and hows of leveling up feels like madness to me. I have deep (healthy, detached) compassion for the collective encountering difficulty with the New dynamic.

A new conversation has begun
I willingly, joyfully abandon the regurgitation of old Ascension rhetoric which has been discussed to death. RIP to all which is not applicable to the New. Everything has changed through this gateway, and we must focus on attuning our perception to the Now truth which breaks apart old energies and old creations. Many will try to apply old beliefs to the New, and they have the free-will right to do that as long as they need it, or as long as the collective needs it to feel comfortable during the Shift.

New energies, New Light
I understand many perceive the New Light to be a return of an old light. I do not resonate with that definition, nor the tales of raising something which once was. Source has sent out a command for a new creation, and the remembering phase of our journey now spawns something brand new. I feel the Golden Age/Golden Race will be different from anything we, our Master Selves, Archangelic Selves, or Galactic Selves have experienced before. There may be an exploration of old intel; I feel we have been in that passage for a while, and it now feels nostalgic.

It is BRILLIANT what happened in June
Here is a look for the mind-flow levels at what unfolded for the Forerunners of Ascension. The design of these events is brilliant:

December 2012: Dimensional Shift of Gaia and HUmanity. Holographic shadow of the old maintained as an act of mercy and Divine Will, easing us into our new reality.

August 2013 – February 2104: Old holographic templates of Self begin to collapse for Wayshowers, after running on personal and collective intent for months

March 2014: The Return of the Christ energies enter the Planetary fields, awakening Solar Cosmic Christ codes within Wayshower/Forerunner Heart centers.

April 2014: Full Anchoring of the Christed activations through the planetary grids (stabilization attained). May have felt like Feminine energy; I feel that is just the perception of balance after a long period of patriarchy.

May 2014: New Self Templates activated within Wayshowers. Powerful upgrade for many as DNA rewrites in alignment with the new templates. Major physical preparation for the June Shift. Some may not have known what was occurring; that time in the cave led to transformation of your path.

June 2014 Shift:
- Gaia enters an area of space which triggers the dimensional merge of higher and lower expressions.
- Unification of 3D-5D expressions within Wayshowers/Forerunners begins in a clear and physical way. Physical perceptional access to 9D (I AM template levels) available to many as the New Light activates DNA in the planetary grids (12/12/12 codes and ancient templates in many locations) and is willfully called forth. Pineal adjustments for eyes-wide-open interaction with 6D-9D aspects through telepathic union. (May be perceived as lifting of the veils.)
- Deeply personal revelations; a departure from collective experience in order to fully realize the Creator State of consciousness, pure creativity, and the effect of Divine Will on the personal path of Ascension.
-Begin to unify and greet (in the physical) the 12 Divine Aspects of divine (Christed) HUman Self, realization of Cosmic Christ template activation.

Please continue reading here.

27 June 2014

The Clock Strikes Nine ~ Valiant ~ 26 June 2014

Summer Wolves ~ Valiant

Valiant's countdown continues...will it end at 12?

Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 9…A Flashing Warning,

and a Few Other Things…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jun-2014 12:30:09

I can’t believe this is happening.
I’ve talked about it, wrote about it…
Received the information…
It just never seemed so real before, more
Like a dream…

Something that’s been talked about for years…
But now…the signs…Everywhere…
And not just little hidden signs..
I’m talking Big Flashing Signs…Warnings.
This is it.

First and Foremost, THE Warning…Big Brother…
They know…and I’m warning you.
Don’t do it. Do not initiate any act of a culling.
This is not your place to make.

Do not attempt to use your devices to
Manipulate the planet’s NATURAL process
Right now…or the consequences will be Dire.

The Earth is programmed to react…
First, she will neutralize all technology…
Everywhere…It will make the movie
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Look like a cartoon.

Then, when your devices are useless…
The changes will come…violently.
And there will be nowhere to run.

I expect that’s when the Lion Men might
Act out, or rather use their claws.

Cooperate Please, this is not just about you.
I suppose I should not be surprised.

In a strange way I’ve been preparing for this…
You see I don’t live in an ordinary place.
Some legends say the Pine Barrens of New Jersey
Had a vortex of power unlike anywhere…
And then there are those monster legends…
The Jersey Devil…Strange how Reptilian-like it is…
But what I’m talking about is very real.
Frighteningly real.

I graduated with a class of 150 in a small
Town. 30 of my former classmates are dead,
Many others seriously ill. Tragic eerie deaths…
I road a school bus, 48 kids…75% gone now.

Now I ask you, is that normal?
I’ve talked to friends around the country.

No one has ever told me anything close to
That about stories where they grew up.
It’s scary, but very true.

I used to talk about it with a few former
High school friends…but it’s like we were
Scared to discuss it, always in whispers…in secret…
We agreed it always felt like some supernatural
Force was hunting us…

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Each Thought... ~ Gillian MacBeth Louthan

Image: www.desktopwallpapers4me.me

Knowing All Is Well ~ Jamye Price ~ 26 June 2014

Dear Being, as you create you change the vibrational balance upon Earth.  We hear the call of frustration, confusion and sometimes even defeat as the will of the collective, the will of the present does not seem to cooperate with the future you want to create now.  You are a vital part of Life; honored, cherished and respected as the Creator that you are.  You are supported and sustained by the engine of Life and this engine is in continual motion beyond your concept of Time.  Yet Time has given its flow to you, it interweaves with you and allows your focus to permeate its flow and form.  It responds, allows and holds you on a track of movement, confined to day and night, confined to a collective clock.  Your perception and participation with this engine of Life melds its flow into form.  You create.  You create with the collective of Life, with the rules of Life.  

Knowing All is Well is another way of saying have ease with the rules of Life.  Rather than fight against or push forward, create as you flow, observe and choose.  Continually observe the clues that flow and form are giving you and choose anew, choose anew, choose anew.  Life is fail-safed to not only continue, but to flourish and expand.  The tree digs deep and finds root in water so that its expansion continues into the Light with a strength that takes from the body of the earth and gives to the nourishment of Life.  Life is served, shared with and enhanced by the tree and in this cycle, it also gives back to the body of Earth.  Your very existence is a cycle of give and take with Life and this cycle is sacred.  As you breathe, eat and excrete you enact a cycle of transformation and service that includes other aspects of Life.  It is this collective participation that is your connection, your choice and your expansion.  Take it and give it new Life. 

As you trust your mind to create and Know All is Well, you are aligning your empowerment with your Divine Nature in human form.  You have been given dominion of choice.  How you choose to perceive your fellow humans, life on Earth and Free Will either disrupts your flow or facilitates change.  When you look at other humans that you disagree with, do you find expansion in the disagreement or do you find a wall that you must push against?  This wall is invisible, so you must Follow Your Mind to observe your truth – your initial reaction.  This wall is not in form, Dear One, it is in you.  Do not resist it, for at first it provides you safety and sanctuary.   

Within the walls of your resistance to another, you nurture your choice and your strength to choose it.  Do you have the strength to forgive another to melt your resistance and also build your endurance to hold a boundary of choice?  That boundary of choice becomes a wall that allows your Free Movement, not binding you within walls of fortification, but fortifying you with walls of participation with Life.  Your clarity of focus, your clarity of Love, your clarity of choice and holding your empowerment of give/take with another is your Free Movement with Life.

As we sit to Blast Knowing All is Well, we are choosing with a power that does not apologize for our existence, but co-creates with this beautiful game of Life – tipping the scales toward Love.  We are observing the choices of others, as we agree and disagree, and honoring the glory of each being’s ability to choose how they participate with Life.  We are appreciating free will, for it is an engine of learning, developing and choosing that is in-built into Life prior to birth.  We are looking beyond the moment, into the potential of empowerment it creates and enhancing Love’s emergence on Earth.  We are observing our reaction to others and using resistance to form a new path for the flow of Love as we erode the walls of fear and separation into the current of Time.  We are boldly choosing Love and empowerment within, for Life responds to our choice and forms anew be-cause of us.  Blast on! 

Source: Weekly Light Blast

For the Youtube version, please go here.

The Sands of No-Time ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Source: The Quantum Awakening Newsletter

Before I post the featured article from Gillian, I would like to also reproduce her own introduction to her newsletter, which I feel is really important (and I hope she doesn't mind!). Both the introduction and article are reproduced in full below, because they don't have their own permanent page:

A Word From Your Hostess Of Light:

Sorry newsletter is late try to get it out by the 15th of the month but lately its like swimming upstream against the current, the only thing we can do is literally go with the cosmic flow.

As we enter all levels of our multidimensional self we come to a corridor with many choices. Do we continue forward embracing all the fragments of our human self or do we chose to stop healing what is not broken? All aspects of humanness, whether dark or light, serve our evolution. Every step, every mistake, every tear, gifts us something we so desperately need as we move onward and upward like Christian soldiers.

Throughout time we have given our hearts and our very lives to the Creator. No matter what form that God took. Sometimes it was religion, sometimes it was love, other times it was pure survival. Many times we were forced to release our deepest belief system so we could protect our loved ones and ourselves. This summer 2014 with its myriad forms of light, gifts us in a way we could never perceive before this time in space.

Within the crystalline silica composition of computer memory there is a doorway that has been invisible up until now. An entrance to that which we seek. Since humans are so preoccupied with trivial pursuit the universe has issued a decree of unobstructed light infusion. All the computers of earth create a giant web of light. Like a spider that weaves her sacred geometry and knowledge in the darkness of night, we too come to a conjunction and intersection where we all must stop, look and listen.

The light from the sun becomes more intense as it tries to force itself into our lives. Pushing and pulling and stretching our very nerve endings to the point of frying and fraying. The human body cannot take much more of solar probing, as stellar instructs ask more and more of us. Hence the universe is taking the backdoor into planetary downloading.

The light has decided to surf the World Wide Web enabling it to distribute tens of thousands of instructs into our daily lives. Instructs of healing, wisdom, truth and the true meaning of love. Instructs that show us how to become what we were born to be and do. It is not like God has a facebook page or a twitter account, but these very modalities will be enhanced and used to bring about a planetary healing. The healing comes in an ocular downloading as well as our very fingertips being empowered.

The dark and the light play out the situation via the internet, as good and bad come face to face. ‘All hands on deck’ is the clarion call from the Godhead. Like a giant game of chess all is played out revealing that which was once hidden. Sides are chosen as Angels descend from the heavens to take their righteous places among humanity.

What does this mean for the regular Joe, well dear ones, first off there are no ‘regular Joe’s’ on Earth. All have volunteered for this mission outpost, knowing full well what was to come.

Every keystroke every posting will have power. Every word (especially mean nasty ones) will be seen as a choice. The greatest choice possible. Do your words on facebook and twitter etc show your Light or your darkness. Every human being incarnates with a strand of darkness within. This darkness comes to show you the way home to the Light.

This summer know without a shadow of doubt that you are truly being given an opportunity to become a vessel of healing and love and a great light. This summer comes in the form of many teachers. Some are incarnate, others are dimensional, others come riding the waves of light.

As the energy of Gemini duels with itself we all feel pulled in every direction, like a whirlwind, our thoughts gather in these daily dust devils, distracting us from what is truly important and asking that we lend a hand in situations we would rather not address. The dark and the light of the astrological twins demands that we make peace with the darkness within and the darkness without.

In the place of Mirrors, there is no good or bad, nor right or wrong - there is only reflection. Within the reflection, there dwells a sword of Light, lancing what has poisoned one, allowing the healing to begin, releasing the illusion of cause and effect. All the slight of hand that has presented itself over time will be seen naked and exposed in the blinding solar light thus creating new time lines that will usher earth into a place it has not been before.

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves know. places of parallel time can escort one back and forth creating an exhausting dizzying effect. Time doors open and close.

Truth and time are individual of nature. Everyone is a little more sensitive, a little more grouchy, a little hair-brained. Our thoughts change like the weather in a full moon pattern. The fork in the road leads humanity in a new direction. A place where compasses no longer work and the hologram shifts to fits ones needs. Do you change time or does time change you the answer to that question is yet to be seen.

The Sands of No-Time

The sands of time being silica of nature hold an evolutionary shift. The crystalline sands of time slide in and out creating a dimensional flux. Time gets away from us as we focus so hard on daily events and unfoldings.

As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred, seen and unseen, humanity’s future is unveiled as it is seen in a full spectrum of possibility. As each person walks forward in their life, there is a set of energetic time-prints, they produce. As earth walks forward into her newly formed dunes of evolution it will seem and feel as if one is left completely alone.

The feeling of utter aloneness envelops all sparing no one. Time asks you to not give up on what lives in your heart. The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot expire, that cannot be sown over. The Universe has placed in you a time imprint that asks to be viewed under the microscopic eye of your heart.

Earth herself and all her inhabitants are at a turning point that asks everyone to be explicit in the expression of every passing thought for they all count. No more excuses for the mistaken choices of those in power as they look for ways to polish their own metals.

As of the summertime of 2014, higher stratums of light will be integrated into the soul patterns of Earth. Every individual upon Earth has an opportunity to ask for Divine assistance, for Divine acknowledgment, for Divine intervention. Many allow themselves to be washed about in a tidal pull as the waves crest pushing them about.

Each thought that humanity has is more important than the thought before. Within Each thought wisdom either increases or decreases exponentially. Every interaction with every person gives you food for thought to be digested at your own discretion. When you hear sad news move your heart and your energies up to a safe place where one can see the totality of the situation and chose action accordingly.

Those that wear the higher patterns of light and time will be asked to go beyond what they deem suitable for their experiences as commitment to the cause. What this means is that you will be given deep soul insights that will ask you to fly higher and dance through space as well as time. You will be given instructions from the Universe within your heart that ask you to surpass any previous limitation. You will be asked to become one with the legions of light. The legions of light that hold the heart of humanity within the very palms of their hands.

So many of earth have chosen not to change, not to move forward, not to believe and not to trust. So many of Earth have given up, have not seen their absentee interplanetary landlord in eons. What you seek as a planet now has more mass to it. The biology has changed and shifted in the land of the unseen. As a planet you have always been asked to believe in what is invisible. You are asked to believe in a supreme being has placed you here for your highest good and then walked away to another galactic assignment. You have been asked to believe that every loss, every death every dark day is really a blessings that holds a divine opportunity wrapped up in a childproof package.

We come to tell you that the miracle that you seek lives. It listens when you speak, it dances in your dreams, and it sees the patterns of your heart. The miracles that humanity so needs are guaranteed if one will only believe deeply, no matter how outer circumstances appear. For single a miniscule blueprint of doubt creates a deadly cocktail. As the solstice births itself, deep emotions will come to the surface - angers and hates, loves, fears and tears. The solstice begins a seasonal cleanse, remember Life is circular of nature time to walk the labyrinth.

Illuminating Darkness ~ Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch

Image: www.wallwallhd.com

26 June 2014

Time Capsules ~ Joan Ocean

Colleen from PAO had included this article in their recent newsletter. Three time-capsules are described ~ the Ancient Arrow site in Chaco Canyon (which resulted in the Wingmakers materials), Bucegi Mountains in Romania and Baghdad in Iraq.

Time Capsules-vicinity of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

As with all extraterrestrial news, please research this material for yourself and reach your own conclusions. Historically, when this type of spiritual and educational extraterrestrial information is revealed, you often find Internet disclaimers attempting to deny it.

In 1972, the Ancient Arrow site was discovered in New Mexico by a few young hikers. They came upon some caverns which led deeply into the mountain side. These caverns were spreading out like a wheel on both sides of a long tunnel. Each side-tunnel ended in a chamber, 23 all together, and these chambers all had artifacts in them. The young hikers were in awe because they figured what they saw couldn't be of this world!

The site was subsequently taken over by a special branch of the United States National Security Agency whose mission is to create and decode encrypted messages.  In short time, the NSA came to the same conclusion as the hikers, that these artifacts, in the form of out-of-this-world paintings, odd-looking technologies, engraved symbols and complex star charts were something they'd never seen here on Earth before. They named the site, Ancient Arrow Project, it was categorized as ‘Above-Top-Secret’ and it was sealed off from public access.

Upon further explorations of the caverns and the chambers, they found other artifacts besides paintings, such as poetry, music discs and a disc containing more than 8,000 pages with written material in a language similar to Sumerian. However not even the best linguists at the U.S. Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) could decode any of it.

The Ancient Arrow Project was shelved for 22 years, due to an inability to have the technology required to open an informational disc found at the site, and decipher what was written on it.

Eventually one of the scientists who devoted his life to understanding these encoded transmissions, found himself in telepathic contact with the very civilization that prepared this underground enigmatic time capsule. They are a civilization living 800 years into our future on our timeline and they left these traces and the advanced wisdom to us to be opened in our future when we on Earth, are ready.

The creators of the time capsule referred to themselves as WingMakers. They claimed to be culture bearers, bringing seeds of art, science and philosophy to humanity. They created in remote locations on Earth a total of seven of these massive interior theaters, tunnels, chambers and time capsules to be discovered according to a well-orchestrated plan.  Their apparent goal was to help the next several generations of humans develop a global culture; and a unified understanding of advanced science, art and philosophy.

Similar chambers and amphitheaters inside mountains have been located in Tibet and Iraq and another appears to be beneath the Sphinx in Egypt. Interestingly, archeologists digging near some of the remarkable time capsule locations have discovered burial plots that upon exhumation reveal skeletons measuring 7 to 10 feet tall, supporting the research that very large people inhabited these areas.

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Forgiveness ~ Swami Beyondananda

Leaf image: best-wallpapers.net

25 June 2014

Illuminated Energetic Grid Structures Become Visible to Higher Vision, and Those With Such ~ Gaia Portal ~ 25 June 2014

It's been a busy week for Gaia Portal, this is the fourth update in just one week.

Source: Gaia Portal

Illuminated Energetic grid structures become visible to Higher Vision, and those with such. 

Such grid structures now clarify all beings with dense intent and end points have now been established, subject to minor alteration.

Shadow regions have dissolved sufficiently for all Gaia inhabitants to pursue passionates without resistance.

Passion seekers reach from feminine depths to manifest Gaia-centered paradigms and establishments.

Relief paradigm for Gaia injuries accelerates to full priority among Gaia inhabitants.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 22-29 June 2014

Beloved Ones,

There has been a great influx of the energy of love and compassion which has been directed from the hearts of many lightworkers around the world as they joined together in unity to bring about beneficent changes in the monetary systems of the Earth and within the hearts of humanity, and this energy has been magnified by the ascended realms as requested by many. As mentioned before, the changes occurring on Earth are wrought in peaceful ways that carry the higher vibrational impact in a vision that includes the intent that the changes must be for the highest good of all. The impetus of this activity will now filter down to effect changes within the hearts of those who have long controlled the world’s systems in a self serving way. When many are gathered together with focused intent for the highest good of all, there is nothing that can long delay the desired outcome.

The creation of a new world is being intended by those who carry the spark of the Creator strongly within their hearts. These ones are remembering that this is a part of the mission they came to implement in voluntary service to the Divine Plan. They are realizing that change begins with their input and that they must take peaceful and loving action personally in order to bring these changes into manifestation. They understand that appearances as they play out are not what really is and they maintain their higher vision. The qualities of faith, hope and determination can move mountains and this will become more noticeable as the events envisioned come into manifestation in the every day life of humanity. We of the ascended realms bow to all who work together in unity in these ways and encourage more efforts such as these to take place with regularity.

The Goddess energy is permeating the atmosphere of Earth and all her inhabitants and this will affect humanity in surprising ways that will uplift the hearts of the majority of people on the planet. As greater balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies takes place within each soul, there will be balance in their outer world as well. The intent and desire to live in a peaceful and prosperous world will come into fruition for humanity. This vision is required to be maintained and affirmed each day by all who understand the power that they wield by such activity. Let them also understand that they do not stand alone in this effort; that many unseen forces are assisting and encouraging this work to continue. It is the inner thought processes of humanity that meld together to create their reality and when more people realize this, the changes to their world will be phenomenal. It is most important to join minds to recreate a new type of civilization that will serve all upon the planet.

As more people become governed by spirit, they begin to release and let go of all that has been holding them back from pursuing their dreams with passion. Their desires will be in alignment with their soul’s natural inclinations and they will begin to move into their best role in the new world that is being created. Each person will live each day by following their natural passions and that which brings them joy and this will help in creating a synchronistic and harmonious lifestyle for each. There are as many paths to the new world as there are souls upon it and all are needed in their communities as these come into manifestation. They must be open to sharing with others and helping each other share their particular gifts as each is needed to contribute in the best way for all.

As people in the new world are unfolding their inner capabilities, they are beginning to have a greater ability to discern the intentions of others and are able to more easily deflect these frequencies and energies from interfering with the direction they have set for themselves and their world. Keeping focus on their higher aspirations will ensure that only those who are in tune with their intentions can influence them and many there are who awakening to the knowledge that they do not need governance by any external force as long as they follow their own soul’s path. Each person is being guided to the highest contribution they can give to the collective of humanity to create a new and rewarding life for all humankind. The possibility of creating something beyond what has been dreamed of is now upon the people of Earth. It is a most exciting time to be a part of and here you are, poised for take-off!

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included.  


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The Return of ISIS ~ How It Will Affect You and Where You Can Find Her ~ Anna Merkaba ~ 24 June 2014

I don't really know what to make of this message, here it is for you to decide:

On June 21st a fantastic event has occurred on planet earth. The wheel has been set in motion and we will finally be able to breathe with release. On June 21st the Goddess that we’ve all been waiting for, for so very long, has returned! Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, she is known by many different names. One of the most powerful goddesses to ever have stepped foot onto earth. Finally she has arrived!

I was pulled into an experience on June 21st, the angles have once again raised their trumpets and beautiful music began to spread far and wide throughout the whole world. I did not understand at first what all of this commotion was about and then I saw her! She was magnificent, stunning, ever changing. It was rather unnerving at times to look at her, due to her many facets she kept changing from one image to another to show what she represents. Many know that she is not only the goddess of love, but also of war, prosperity, fertility, passion, and so much more. I found myself overcome with incredible tranquility and a thought “now everything will be okay”.

What I am being told is that Isis is pure energy of love and femininity. She is a representation of everything that is feminine, tranquil and yet powerful. Immensely Powerful. She is not simply a being, she is a gregarious being of light. Pure energy is what she truly is, and yet as an energy being she is able to transform and take form of various people in order to get the job done. She is the representation of our feminine side, regardless of weather you are a man or a woman. A part of her is in you and a part of you is in her. Every single being on earth and beyond has a particle of her in them, and she has a particle of them in her. She is the MOTHER GOD, the MOTHER SOURCE so to speak of ALL that there is. She is the feminine representation of the SOURCE.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that upon holding the disc you are engaging the energies of your sub atomic principles to step forward, and the vortex that has been created to pull your subconsciousness into the sphere, allowing you to pass through the zero point and return to your true state of being. And so, the disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay. Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA.

So what happens now? What I was told is mind boggling, extremely exciting, and downright awesome.

Please continue reading here. There are locations and dates for the ISIS activations in the rest of the message.


Ceremony of Honour: Your Degree in Mastery ~ Lauren C Gorgo

Crazy to think that 2014 is already at the halfway point…and with all that has been awakened, acknowledged, shifted and transmuted within us since the year began, we are at once  a c h i n g  to bust out of our cocoons and get on with some new earth living already, while stilllllll bearing witness to so much physical distress.

From the December to June solstice, many of us have been dedicating ourselves solely the massive inner alignment process that has been required for the activation of our personal merkaba, that which initiates the descension of our spiritual self into physical form.  This alignment is not only the motor behind embodiment, it has since precipitated the unveiling of a core revelation in each of our lives in preparation for the emergence of our true soular Self.

Now that we have all but anchored ourselves in the new reality system that is available to all those ready to live in LOVE (non-polarity), the solstice will deliver us to the next 2-part phase of incarnation where we will be spending the next 6 months and two full seasons integrating our newborn Self into our lives on earth…learning what it means to be “ensouled” while resurrecting every facet of life to reflect our new crystalline core makeup.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 24 June 2014

5 Oc, 13 Kayab, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We come to you on this date with good news! The dark's network of minions is facing defeat. The Light has come to the conclusion that it is unwise to permit these scoundrels to continue. The governments that these minions occupy are totally dedicated to preventing the dark's nefarious financial dealings from ever failing. Hence, it is most wise to oust these drones from power. The key to this is the new financial system, which has only been partially revealed. This new monetary program is to end fiat monies and obliterate those central banks which strongly support this worthless system. 

 In addition, the new precious metal-backed monies are to usher in the reasons for declaring NESARA in North America and GESARA throughout this globe. The new government is to be a temporary one. Its purpose is to set the stage for a globe filled with numerous de jure governments whose prime convention is serve their people and pave the way for a global prosperity. These governments are also to release technologies which are to clean your waters, air and ground of the pestilence produced by the destructive industries of the dark.

   These governments are to allow the Ascended Masters to directly address you and permit the decades-long UFO cover-up to cease. We look forward to being able to address you and prepare you for first contact. This realm has for too long been lied to about its true origins and your true ancestry. You are Beings who are descended from colonists sent nearly 900,000 years ago to Gaia for one overriding reason to act as Gaia's guardian and, along with the Cetaceans, to keep Gaia's diverse ecosystems flourishing. This prime purpose is one which you are to take on again, and use your grand abilities to maintain this living orb and her many and unique life forms. 

 Moreover, you are to forge a grand star nation filled with wondrous life forms and truly amazing environments. You are to discover the secrets behind how this living solar system was created, and to use this wisdom to produce wonders and miracles, to be a foundation for a permanent galactic peace and for the final transformation of the Anchara continuum to the Light.

   Indeed, first contact is a great dividing point for your society. Before, you were a group of limited consciousness Beings who were led by a dark global alliance. This cabal is now to be replaced. In its stead a contact is to arrive and push you to the very edge of a transformation as to how you view yourselves, your world, and even how you spiritually conceive your origins. This grand watershed is to be the point where you confront your beliefs and begin to accept radically new ones. In this interregnum you are to meet us and discover how you came to be. All of this is merely preliminary to what is to happen when you slide into your Light Chamber. At that point, you are to meet your True Self and unlock you ability to swiftly return to full consciousness in just three days time. 

 The task of our mentors is to arrive, meet with you and take you on an inner journey, which leads to the magic moment when you attain full consciousness. Their task is then to teach you the etiquette required to successfully navigate this new fully conscious reality.

   As fully conscious Beings, you gladly take on the various points of Gaia's divine stewardship. These responsibilities are delineated in numerous life contracts, which each of you agreed to when you originally migrated to this beautiful blue orb. These spiritual documents are to be discovered when you can freely navigate your Akashic Records. In this light, you are to dedicate your divine service to maintain and preserve each aspect of a reintegrated and fully conscious Mother Earth. In this sacred task, you are to be joyously joined by your Agarthan and Cetacean brethren. This divine union is also to join with others in this solar system to forge a new star nation. This star nation is to be a reflection of the very divine nature of Gaia. You are then to receive honoring and special tasks to complete the transformation of this galaxy to the Light. You are to be blessed by all of us and to become a grand center for various conferences. These conferences are to include Beings from across this sector of physicality. You indeed possess a most glorious destiny!!!


24 June 2014

Preparations and Timelines


This is a little warning to those who do not like dates, “predictions”, possible future events or any time-related messages, because I will be doing some rambling about precisely those things :) So please skip this if you are totally allergic to time-related stuff (and who can blame you, given all that had transpired in the past 2 years?).

Right, I'll carry on, and if you are choosing to proceed, my intention is to piece together bits and pieces of information packets that are floating around as thoughts in my head, with no specific end result or expectations. It will basically be me thinking out loud, and not necessarily making any sense at all, so this is my second warning :)

Still here? Okay, my last and final warning is this ~ I won't always be providing references or links to back up what I'm going to say. It's really just me with some words that I need to put down in as (hopefully) coherent a manner as possible so that, in the process, I can gain some clarity from it. This is, as I said, me thinking out loud, in the light of several things that I'm personally experiencing or know about.

As we enter the last week of June, I feel the energies of “preparation” in the air. It's as if we are preparing, as well as being prepared, for a “biggie” in the coming days. I personally know of a couple of dear Souls who have actually told me they are “preparing” for July, although there may not be any specific articulation for what they are preparing. I've also come across some readers' comments in various sites/blogs that allude to this sense of “something” that's coming up.

I'm fully aware that we've all been through many cycles of “something” coming up, and waves, and shifts, and cycles and energy bursts etc. Such is the process of Ascension...”stair-steps” as Denise LeFay terms it. Well, I feel that this is going to be one major stair-step. We'll need to be prepared to go up this one without faltering. More about this “something major” later.

About timelines. Yes, pesky things these timelines. I personally believe that one of the reasons why dates/timelines that have been predicted did not come to pass is because of timeline manipulations. I see from several sources that this is now being discussed quite a bit. Some may say that timeline manipulations is a convenient excuse to explain away why “predictions” failed. I actually believe in the timeline manipulation explanation, because I myself had that sense of awareness soon after the December Solstice of 2012.

To explain further, this is an excerpt of what I wrote in early January 2013 (posted here):

"For whatever it's worth, I will admit to something that I've been mulling over since the Solstice. Again, this is my own personal experience, and not necessarily a Cosmic Truth. On the 22nd, I had such a strong feeling of what can only be described as Groundhog Day. I felt, deep within, that we've been in a time loop leading up to the 21st, and we/Earth actually failed to get through this alignment in previous "passes". A time loop was created for us to try again, and this time, we made it through the Galactic Alignment. I felt a very deep sense of deja vu on the 22nd, because to a certain degree, we didn't "make it" since Earth's full Ascension was delayed, but it was a success because she got through the alignment. I have a feeling that this New Energy coming in has helped us tremendously in being successful this time around."

Some of the sources that I can remember off-hand that mention timelines include Andrew Bartzis, Valiant and Laron (from transients.info). There are more, but I can't recall at the moment (just remembered Gaia Portal!). Even a personal dear Soul friend of mine (who has connections to the Pleiadians) told me that this is what the Pleiadians have revealed to her.

At this point, I'd like to state that these timeline manipulations have been carried out by both negative and positive groups.

In addition to timeline manipulations, there are the ever-present (and have been for eons) concerted and well-executed attempts to prevent us from moving further along the Ascension Timeline. One example of this is the 60's movement which attempted to make a pronounced shove forward on the Ascension Timeline. Like almost every attempt to progress us along, this was thwarted and ultimately perverted by the Cabal, with the end-result being a diluted affair, marred by drugs and treated with ridicule. 911 was another example that had massive negative global impact and possibly led to the creation of new timelines.

So what could possibly be coming up around the corner?

Ibrahim Hassan in his writings identified the one-year period from 21 June 2014 as having the potential for our physical transformation into 5D. Alkesh's information says that in July, our Earth frequencies will be reset so that they resonate with the frequencies of the Sun and Moon (their frequencies have already been reset), assisted by Ison. Andrew Bartzis had previously alluded to August as a time for Ascension-related change.

These are just dates that are not set in stone. They may come and go without any Earth-changing events, and if they do, it won't be the first time (don't we know that!). I mention them as a point of interest only.

At the end of the day, what matters more than anything else is the inner work we do for ourselves, and the outer work we do for others. I've said this before ~ Ascension is a spiritual process. This blog is Ascension-specific, and that will remain my major focus, with some little distractions here and there along the way :) As I very recently mentioned to a couple of dear readers, if we do nothing and wait for "something" and that "something" doesn't happen, then nothing happens for us, too. But if we continue to increase our awareness, grow our consciousness, raise our vibrations and shine our Light, then we will maintain our progress even if "nothing" happens externally.

Even if dates come and go, "something" will still  happen for us.

**Update: Forgot to say this most important bit ~ Mother Gaia is vibrating at higher and higher frequencies, divinely aided by Cosmic events and Galactic endeavours. If we are going with her, then we should match her increasingly elevated frequencies  :)

Cobra Interview with Rob Potter ~ 17 June 2014

I just saw this on Rob's site; I haven't heard it yet, but the transcript is already posted on the same page as the audio, which is here. A quick check tells me the interview (in two parts) is about 80-minutes in length.

**Update 26 June: Video posted here.

**Update: I'm adding some highlights as I read the transcript;
  • Cobra confirms to some degree the thousands of mid-level Cabal who have accepted amnesty and are now off-planet, courtesy of a Pleiadian group
  • Forgiveness (and compassion) is (are) something that will become crucial in the near future when the truths come out; persecution is borne out of our level of consciousness as a human
  • Sitchin's works have been  incorrectly interpreted; there is widespread disinformation regarding Nibiru
  • G2 Cloud phenomenon resulted in much cleansing of the etheric and astral planes; difficult time as desperate attempts made by the Dark to attack the Light
  • Contact with higher Beings should be made via our Higher Self, so this connection with our Higher Self must be in place first, or else we may end up connecting with beings in the astral or etheric realms where the Archons can still interfere
  • Love is the basis of human reality; it is our birth-right
  • All Life-streams (including Cetaceans, animals) on our Planet are subject to the darkness as we are not yet fully liberated; after The Event there will be much improvement for all Life-streams
  • People who require healing will be healed, assisted by appropriate technology, after The Event
  • Ascension will occur only after The Event because it's still being suppressed by the Archons and their technology; they are still in control of the reincarnation machinery
  • Lightworkers who incarnated to assist Humanity had their parents chosen by the Archons which would explain their dysfunctional family environment (!)
  • No such thing as Soul "age", more of Soul Wisdom; the dark are immature and very misguided 
  • Souls
  • Homosexual relationships can be authentic loving situations, and they can also be perverted by the Cabal to prevent potent male/female polarity; hence many relationships within Cabal are programmed and perverted homosexuality
  • Twin Souls will re-unite and merge into a complete Being with integrated male/female polarities
  • The Event is the beginning of REAL EVOLUTION, it's not the end of it
  • Karma is an Archon creation; say NO and liberate yourself and the Planet
  • Movements of Chimera group and their TR3s limited at the moment by Light forces, soon theese TR3s will removed; process of clearing this group proceeding fast, in some ways aided by Cobra's poll to the population which was basically a green light for more intervention (they wanted to determine what our free will wanted)
  • Dark forces from Orion came to Atlantis with permission; programming and DNA manipulations led to downfall of Man and eventual planetary quarantine; leaders then are the Cabal leaders now; we will not experience another Atlantis ending, we have the free will to choose, so choose the changeover to the Golden Age
  • No more major false flags allowed
  • This is not Cobra's first liberation, but it will definitely be the last  :)
  • No more darkness will be allowed to exist after The Event; we are now in the window for Ascension and The Event to occur.

Transfigurations ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation

As with so many things that are in “my queue”, I've been meaning to write about this for some time now but just never got to it. Somehow today seems to be the ideal time to finally do this.

One of my favourite episodes of Star Trek (from TOS and TNG ) is "Transfigurations", courtesy of TNG team. This episode is all about Ascension and the implications that come along with it, including attempts by “authorities” to prevent it from happening through lies and deceipt, aided by a public that is largely ignorant.

If you haven't yet seen this, here is the summary:

In this episode, the Enterprise crew rescues a mysterious being who is seriously injured and suffering from amnesia. Dr Crusher manages to heal him sufficiently, but is concerned about his cells which seem to be mutating. As he continues to recuperate, the cell mutation doesn't cease. In fact, John Doe (as he is unfortunately named) begins to exhibit strange symptoms, which include bouts of physical pain and energy bursts from his Heart centre (!). He also appears to be able to heal and affect others positively (later on, he also was able to “resurrect” Worf).

As fragments of his memory returns, he is able to recall that he was escaping from his planet, but doesn't remember more. With his mutations increasing, he fears that he may endanger the crew of the Enterprise. This motivates him to escape in a shuttlecraft, but in the course of doing so, Worf is killed....but brought back to life by John Doe.

John's pursuers eventually arrive at the scene, identifying him as a dangerous criminal and demands that he be transported to their ship. When their demand is not met, the Enterprise is hit with an energetic pulse that suffocates everyone onboard (!). John manages to heal them, and is soon face-to-face with his potential captors, which triggers John to regain his memory. He was escaping persecution because of his cellular changes, which we learn is the evolutionary process of that race, and something entirely natural. The leaders were preventing the evolution from occurring by persecuting those with such symptoms.

By now, John is changing at an accelerated pace, with his powers enhancing. He is literally becoming a Lightbody! He beams the leader back to his own ship, which then flees, thanks the crew of the Enterprise, and then leaves.

Wowee...! So many interesting parallels in that episode with what we are going through now. This would be my favouritest episode if Spock were in it, but alas... And yes, I know there's no such word as “favouritest” :)

I won't provide a specific link to that episode for obvious copyright reasons, but I'm sure you'll be able to locate it somewhere in Cyberspace by googling “Watch Transfigurations Online” or something like that ;)

"Flash Portals" Have Activated Across Gaia ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 June 2014

This message needs to be read a few times...Gaia is ready to move on!

Source: Gaia Portal

“Flash portals” have activated across Gaia. Locations of such are known to those with Higher Discerning capabilities activated fully.
“Flash portals” enable rapid transformation of Hue-Beings and hu-beings, ready for such.

These portals will also find application in removing those with chronic ingrained resistance patterns to suitable cultivation facilities.

Gaia has demonstrated grand patience with all of the hu-beings, but the time has been entered where resist-ers will energetically be unable to tolerate the refined Cosmic Energetics in which Gaia is now immersed and with which Gaia is now aligned.

All hu-beings demonstrating resist-er characteristics which cause overall harm to Gaia, on any dimension, will be lovingly removed via the “Flash Portal” experience.

This may occur at any time.

“Flash Portals” will remain active across (and within) Gaia until no longer needed.

23 June 2014

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 22 June 2014

Source: Oneness of All

I AM THAT I AM.  Say these words aloud and say them silently.  Hold them sacredly and secretly in your heart and ponder their meaning.  I AM THAT I AM, (The answer given Moses when he asked God's name) is a  mystical statement of profound truth available to each and every soul for all are in and of the only ONE.  Humanhood is not I AM,  for ego is but an  illusory sense of who and what you are...a personhood created from a consciousness of separation.   These sacred words resulted in torture and death for anyone voicing them in past times of ignorance, powerlessness, and suppression.  
I AM THAT I AM has been declared by enlightened masters throughout time but has been overlooked by the un-evolved masses  unable to comprehend the depth or meaning of them.  It was and still is commonly accepted that this statement  applies only to a male God person made in man's image and likeness looking down from the sky.

Dear ones, you are ready to embrace the deeper truths, taking them into your consciousness and making them yours.  As you sit quietly in meditation or walk alone in a quiet forest, ponder the meaning of "I AM THAT I AM".   Ask yourselves; "What do these words really mean? Could they apply to me?  Who is this I?  Are they true?"  Note that the words do not say I will be after I meditate for a few more years, or  I could be if I would just work harder--they state "I AM".    You are ready for this step dear ones, the step in which you begin to actually embrace the deeper truth about yourselves and stop dilly dallying about on the surface of metaphysics. 

Arcturian Group wishes to address the upsurge of violence you have been witness to lately and remind you that this is the surfacing of very dense and heavy energies  held for centuries in certain areas of the world.  What may appear to be backward steps for mankind is  actually the activity of ever increasing Light on the long held shadows needing to be cleared.  Energies of the past must  be seen as such--the past, old, finished.  They must  give way to the  new  for the only life and power theyreally have comes from the universal belief in them.  This is how evolution works.

Try not to focus on  violence or the people involved in it,  but instead realize that everyone is a spiritual being acting out from their present state of consciousness--many of which are still fully enmeshed in duality and separation.  Hold to truth regardless of  appearances, not denying them or dismissing them as simply illusions, but remembering  how appearances are formed.  The material world represents a mind interpretation according to individual and global states of consciousness--world belief system. In the human scene you see the perfect creations and qualities of Divine Consciousness through a stained glass window--the colors and formations, your state of consciousness.

A consciousness  fully aware of its oneness with the fullness of Source will appear outwardly as whatever is needed (not always what you think you need) because Divine consciousness-(your consciousness when awakened)- is complete, harmonious, and whole in every way.  When you forget and allow yourselves to resonate  with appearances of duality and separation, you add energy and fuel to them, the only substance they have. 

This is a difficult time for all--many are suffering and everyone is feeling the intensity of the new energies while at the same time clearing that which is old and heavy.  Do what you are guided to do by way of helping others in the human scene, but first and foremost hold to the truth--this is the way change will come for the outer scene simply manifests the inner.  You are creators but have not realized it.

Those who would prefer that you remain in the darkness and ignorance of the past,  are using every opportunity to spark fear and chaos at this time but much of that which worked before, is no longer working.  Try not to buy into ploys meant to feed world fear,  and be aware of what is going on.  Stay in the stillness of your center when  presented with the negativity and violence constantly being broadcast from the media and do not engage.  Be aware, but  not continually immersed  in the negative stories for that simply brings your energy field down to that level. 

It is not easy to break free of the hypnotism of the third dimension.  There are many observing your struggles with great admiration for your strength and determination.  You are powerful beings of Light and are doing a fine job within an energy that does not yet fully support that.   You have experienced lifetime after lifetime in third dimensional energy and are programmed by these experiences  to look for solutions and answers with the mind.

You are  learning to  shift yourselves away from that impersonal universal human mind  filled with every belief of duality and separation and into a realization  that outer pictures whether good or bad,  have nothing real to sustain or maintain them--only belief. This is what is meant by the bible term "seeing through a glass darkly"...the manifestations of Divine Consciousness are always complete and perfect and embody all Its qualities (completeness, wholeness, abundance, joy etc. etc.) but when these ideas flow through the filter of duality and separation, they become something different.
The material world is a mind translation of  perfect Divine Ideas.  Imagine a bread pan... the dough is your state of consciousness and the bread pan is your mind.  The loaf is formed from the dough you put in it. 

There is only ONE MIND...another profound truth that many will at first resist.   Take this truth into your hearts and ponder it.  You are more than ready to receive and embrace the deeper truths, to shift out of metaphysics and into mysticism.

In the human scene, the One mind- your mind, becomes conditioned by whatever  false beliefs you accept. Every  belief ever believed is floating  in human consciousness and is never yours personally until accepted.  Because of past life experiences, each person  has a propensity for particular beliefs over others.  (Some may be more prone to health beliefs, others more prone to relationship beliefs etc. )

It is important not to claim old energies back  during your clearing process. For example you may be clearing cellular memory from the emotional body and re-experiencing  some of these emotions.  Instead of declaring; "I am so depressed, I am so sad, I am so angry etc. etc." which will fasten them back to you, recognize that these are simply old energies clearing and let them go.  The world would have you believe that there is a pharmaceutical solution to any and every discord (much to the financial benefit of these companies).  Seeking to "fix"  clearing symptoms can give them new life and power and slow the process but this is not to say you cannot consult a doctor if you are guided to.

Obsolete third dimensional energies of the past cannot be carried with you  into the new and higher resonance no matter how well they may have served in the past.  The choice as always, is yours.

As you begin to live out from the One Mind which contains within it no false concepts or beliefs, the outer scene will begin to reflect that, your consciousness will be  manifesting clearer interpretations of Divine Ideas.  Do not make the mistake of spending your time looking for results, saying: "Oh I have practiced and failed.  It doesn't work."   Change does not happen over night, and simply having the knowledge of truth does is not the same as the consciousness of it.  Eons of time and millions of experiences were necessary to develop each state of consciousness into readiness to awaken. First comes receptivity, then the intellectual knowledge, then the practice, and finally a new  state of consciousness is born, one which then manifests in the outer as the higher and better forms.

Take the profound mystical truths we have given you today into you hearts dear ones, for you are ready.  Examine them, ask your higher selves and Guides to help you understand and move into the consciousness of them, and practice. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                     6/22/14