25 June 2014

Ceremony of Honour: Your Degree in Mastery ~ Lauren C Gorgo

Crazy to think that 2014 is already at the halfway point…and with all that has been awakened, acknowledged, shifted and transmuted within us since the year began, we are at once  a c h i n g  to bust out of our cocoons and get on with some new earth living already, while stilllllll bearing witness to so much physical distress.

From the December to June solstice, many of us have been dedicating ourselves solely the massive inner alignment process that has been required for the activation of our personal merkaba, that which initiates the descension of our spiritual self into physical form.  This alignment is not only the motor behind embodiment, it has since precipitated the unveiling of a core revelation in each of our lives in preparation for the emergence of our true soular Self.

Now that we have all but anchored ourselves in the new reality system that is available to all those ready to live in LOVE (non-polarity), the solstice will deliver us to the next 2-part phase of incarnation where we will be spending the next 6 months and two full seasons integrating our newborn Self into our lives on earth…learning what it means to be “ensouled” while resurrecting every facet of life to reflect our new crystalline core makeup.

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