17 June 2014

Cleansing Changes in July and Current Effects of Nibiru ~ Cosmic Awareness ~ 4 June 2014

This message from Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff was referred to in the recent article by Laron (posted here) and I thought I would also post this separately as some may find the information contained within relevant. I will admit that in the past, there have been messages from Cosmic Awareness that I've resonated with, and some that I don't. As usual, it's up the to individual to make that call.

The guidance given is to prepare ourselves for the next major phase in this transition that we are going through by the simple (but most crucial) act of connecting with the energies of Mother Earth. We can even do this while we have a moment, for example, waiting at the traffic lights. So even if we do not have direct access to Nature (for the usual bare feet grounding), we can still make this connection.

Cosmic Awareness also provides an update on the status of Nibiru. This time around, it won't be the destructive force that it was previously.

Please read the full message here.

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