24 June 2014

Cobra Interview with Rob Potter ~ 17 June 2014

I just saw this on Rob's site; I haven't heard it yet, but the transcript is already posted on the same page as the audio, which is here. A quick check tells me the interview (in two parts) is about 80-minutes in length.

**Update 26 June: Video posted here.

**Update: I'm adding some highlights as I read the transcript;
  • Cobra confirms to some degree the thousands of mid-level Cabal who have accepted amnesty and are now off-planet, courtesy of a Pleiadian group
  • Forgiveness (and compassion) is (are) something that will become crucial in the near future when the truths come out; persecution is borne out of our level of consciousness as a human
  • Sitchin's works have been  incorrectly interpreted; there is widespread disinformation regarding Nibiru
  • G2 Cloud phenomenon resulted in much cleansing of the etheric and astral planes; difficult time as desperate attempts made by the Dark to attack the Light
  • Contact with higher Beings should be made via our Higher Self, so this connection with our Higher Self must be in place first, or else we may end up connecting with beings in the astral or etheric realms where the Archons can still interfere
  • Love is the basis of human reality; it is our birth-right
  • All Life-streams (including Cetaceans, animals) on our Planet are subject to the darkness as we are not yet fully liberated; after The Event there will be much improvement for all Life-streams
  • People who require healing will be healed, assisted by appropriate technology, after The Event
  • Ascension will occur only after The Event because it's still being suppressed by the Archons and their technology; they are still in control of the reincarnation machinery
  • Lightworkers who incarnated to assist Humanity had their parents chosen by the Archons which would explain their dysfunctional family environment (!)
  • No such thing as Soul "age", more of Soul Wisdom; the dark are immature and very misguided 
  • Souls
  • Homosexual relationships can be authentic loving situations, and they can also be perverted by the Cabal to prevent potent male/female polarity; hence many relationships within Cabal are programmed and perverted homosexuality
  • Twin Souls will re-unite and merge into a complete Being with integrated male/female polarities
  • The Event is the beginning of REAL EVOLUTION, it's not the end of it
  • Karma is an Archon creation; say NO and liberate yourself and the Planet
  • Movements of Chimera group and their TR3s limited at the moment by Light forces, soon theese TR3s will removed; process of clearing this group proceeding fast, in some ways aided by Cobra's poll to the population which was basically a green light for more intervention (they wanted to determine what our free will wanted)
  • Dark forces from Orion came to Atlantis with permission; programming and DNA manipulations led to downfall of Man and eventual planetary quarantine; leaders then are the Cabal leaders now; we will not experience another Atlantis ending, we have the free will to choose, so choose the changeover to the Golden Age
  • No more major false flags allowed
  • This is not Cobra's first liberation, but it will definitely be the last  :)
  • No more darkness will be allowed to exist after The Event; we are now in the window for Ascension and The Event to occur.

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