19 June 2014

Connecting With Mother Gaia "Without" Nature

Just a very quick note about connecting with Mother Gaia, and this is especially for those who are not able to be out as often as they like in Nature (like me), or who live in apartments (like me), or who are city-dwellers (like me).

There are Grounding/Earthing equipments and gadgets which you can use to establish a pseudo-link with Mother Gaia. For some reason, I personally do not resonate with those gadgets so I don't use them.

Thankfully, I've learnt that I can also make this connection in an energetic way, with the aid of visualisation. There is no one specific way, so I don't think I'm wrong to say that you can come up with your own unique method. Here are a few ways that work well for me:

I do what I need to do to get into my "zone", then I visualise being embraced by Mother Gaia. This can be very comforting and very nurturing. Sometimes, I visualise being tiny, almost like a little pixie, and I just allow myself to be enveloped by a huge bloom, its petals wrapped snugly around me. Or I just imagine energetic links that attach me to Mother Gaia.

These are just my own methods that work for me, and I hope they do so for you, too. Or just create one of your own :)

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