19 June 2014

Crop Circle ~ Badbury Rings near Wimborne Minster, Dorset ~ 17 June 2014

Nice one...  :)

I got a bit confused over the different names I came across..Badbury or Banbury? I'll just follow what was given in Crop Circle Connector.

Here for more details including a video.

**Update: Shortly after posting this, I went on to get some links about Bucegi Mountains for a dear Soul who had mentioned it. Imagine my surprise (putting it mildly) when I saw this picture:

In this particular article, this diagram is identified as tunnels connecting Mount Kailash in Tibet. I was speechless because I had just seen it in the comments section for this Crop Circle! They had called it “Yggdrasil the World Tree”. This is the inverted picture of the Crop Circle at the top:

And I also realised I had forgotten (I was in a terrible rush) to give the link to the comments section. So here are the two additional links:

The Bucegi Mountains Secrets and Evidence ~ hiddenfromhumanity.com

Comments section for the CC from Crop Circle Connector.

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