15 June 2014

Drunvalo Interview with Lotus Guide ~ 15 April 2013

This video was posted more than a year ago, but I've only just watched it. If you haven't yet seen it, and if you have about 78 minutes to spare, and if you just feel like zoning out, feeling blissful, taking a break and yet be "engaged"...then enjoy this interview :)  Drunvalo also talks more about his experiences with what he calls "Plasma Beings", our Intra-Terrestrial family. I've always felt that our focus on their existence have been somewhat side-tracked because we seem to be paying more attention to our Extraterrestrial family, or worse, some don't even acknowledge or believe in them.

Anyway, I'm digressing. Okay, summary for this interview follows. You can watch the video here.
  • End of Masculine Cycle and beginning of Feminine, constructs based purely on masculine energies will end too (economy, politics, finance)
  • Universe as a Hologram
  • 2nd part of Mayan prophecy focuses on Ascension
  • Plasma Beings and their own Ascension and their etheric bodies
  • Our Ascension path will differ because we will be taking our physical bodies with us, albeit in Lighter form
  • We are "ready to go", can happen anytime, just waiting for Mother Earth (the Feminine) to give go-ahead
  • Drunvalo's failed liaison with Carlos Diaz to publicize ET knowledge (if you are interested, you can research his work, very fascinating!)
  • Illuminati = Martian "remnants" when they came here and corrupted Atlantis
  • Jews came from 800 years in future (sources such as Tobias from Crimson Circle has defined them as a specific race)
  • Anunnaki = Mother aspect; Sirian B = Father aspect in terms of DNA/creation
  • This Father aspect will protect us when time is right; they are in fact here now
  • Marduk/Nibiru and NASA's attempt to cover up their discovery
  • Much disinformation out "there", about 80%
  • New Melchizedek Consciousness purpose ~ investigate spiritual anomaly of suicide
  • We have 14 days' notice before the transition (!)
  • Going within to become Who You Really Are
  • Every person has everything you need within yourself
  • Let go of fear
  • Our future will be flawless.

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