14 June 2014

Energy Update June 2014 ~ Light Activation Stage 1 ~ Matt Kahn

Oh what a wonderfully-timed message this is from Matt Kahn! After weeks of feeling like I've gone through a civilised version of physical torture and constantly wondering what else I needed to do (more clearing/releasing/allowing/meditation/water/chlorophyll/what...?), or even how much more I needed to clear for the Collective Consciousness, I stopped aggravating my discomfort by ceasing to connect it to something more I had to do. I accepted that I had done (and continue to do) my best, and just try to breathe deeply (it's amazing that even now, I sometimes "forget" to breathe when feeling distressed) through these times, rest as much as possible, and simply BE.

If you've been having a tough time physically during these weeks of intense inner changes, and have beaten yourself over the head trying to figure out what else you needed to do to end these symptoms because oh-my-goodness-aren't-we-done-with-all-of-this-yet then please know that it's not because you still to do more clearing or whatever, it just is so, as Matt Kahn reassures us.

So quickly head over to his site and read his very comforting update.

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