12 June 2014

Evolving Into More Multidimensional Awareness ~ Denise LeFay ~ 11 June 2014

If you've been living the past few weeks wondering whether you're coming or going, or whether you're even here at all, then this update from Denise will assure you that you're still quite altogether doing okay. It's really a very "strange" phase that I believe many of us are experiencing, and although there are many similar "symptoms" with which we can relate, I also feel that we are going through this in our own unique way. And as Denise explains, the experience is becoming more difficult to describe appropriately. It's like we are moving so much more between dimensions, or are becoming more Multidimensional, that our brain is unable to clearly modulate the experience in a practical manner.

And those X-class flares...eeek! Denise has more to say about those, too. I always remind myself that the energies being amplified and delivered via our beautiful Sun is a crucial part of our Ascension process, but sometimes...sigh.

Please head over to Denise's site to read her update.

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