28 June 2014

Final Global Healing ~ Please Help and Let's All Go Home!!! ~ Andrew Bojarski

Please join in if you feel guided to do so :)

Hello Everyone.  Thank you to everyone that has sent their healing and love intentions for the healings that I have been performing the last 26 days.  To see the details of the daily healings and who was healed on a given day, please click HERE.

We are approaching the last of the June energy healings.  All the healings have been very effective and successful.  I have seen, been shown, and experienced so much.  I cannot put it in words.

Truly, know that so much is being done with these healings.  Pillars of light have been placed all around the planet.  The planet is filled with so much light at the moment.  Planet Earth has never had so much light as it does now, in it’s entire history, even at past Golden Ages.  Know this!!

However, please understand that ascension is an individual journey and all of you must do the individual work.  Connect with your I AM Presence and feel your Divinity as your freedom in your ascension is awaiting you.  Invoke the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness and Grace to help you in your soul expansion.
The next six days of energy healings will be the most important and respectfully I ask for your assistance again.  Please send your love and awakening intentions  to all souls on the planet.

Send your love and healing intentions to planet Earth and all life streams and beings on planet earth.  We are sending so much love and light to all life on Earth and beyond.  Your light is so needed and so intensified by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters.

It is a blessing to be working with all of you collectively in this service to mankind, Mother Earth, and the elemental life that lives on Earth.  It is always in the giving that you receive.  Always give when you can…


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