13 June 2014

Integrating the Multidimensional Self ~ A Meditation

House of Many Mansions ~ Kuba Ambrose
I'm sharing my meditation experience in case some find it useful or helpful in one way or another.

Every now and then, I am guided to make changes to my own daily meditations. This doesn't occur very often, and I'm usually quite surprised if it does. There is no advance notice, it happens in real-time.

This morning, as I settled in for my morning meditation, I found myself doing something totally new. It was so intense I felt my arms pinned to my sides as the energies descended...phew! After I completed it, I knew that it was something I had to share, as we all drag our bone-weary bodies forward, and at the same time, pull the Ascension timeline to Zero Point merge.

1. Prepare for the meditation in your own way ~ create your safe, sacred space and get comfortable, doing what you need to do (getting into position, breathing, clearing, etc...whatever your usual steps are).

2. When ready, connect with your I Am Presence/Divinity/Monad in your own way, with Love.

3. When ready, connect with Source or Prime Creator (whichever feels comfortable for you, or just connect with the Galactic Centre if you prefer), with Love.

4. Allow the energies from Source/Prime Creator/Galactic Centre to flow to your I Am Presence/Divinity/Monad, then step-down each level to the next Higher Self, then another step-down to the one after, and so on, until your physical Self, at the bottom of the "stairs". Allow the strong flow of pure Divine energies to bathe all your Multidimensional Selves for as long as required. This can feel quite intense, just continue breathing and allow.

5. Then allow these energies to anchor and flow towards the Inner Sun of our Planet, where they will pick up/activate the necessary genetic codes and frequencies from the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth.

6. Allow these energies to rise back up through your physical and higher dimensional Selves, infusing all with the activated codes and frequencies, and integrating the Multidimensional Self. Allow this for as long as necessary.

7. Continue to feel the connection from Source/Prime Creator/Galactic Centre and the Inner Sun to you as a Multidimensional Self.

8. When ready, do what you need to do to gradually come out of this meditation. Remember to give thanks and love to Source/Prime Creator/Galactic Centre and your Multidimensional Self.

May this be of assistance :)  Namaste.

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