03 June 2014

June Wave: Take It Personally ~ Sandra Walter ~ 2 June 2014


June is a deeply personal passage for those on the Ascension path. We have been fortunate to share common experiences, side-effects and phenomenon through the Shift, however this may change for you as the June wave begins to arrive.

The Cave Before the Wave
You may have noticed a resistance to sharing your journey lately; a need to be silent, quiet, reclusive. I call it the Cave before the Wave. The personal revelations have begun and they must be honored. Often that means keeping the information to oneself, and integrating the brand new experience without external interference. We have an opportunity now to see our true self, meet our divine teams in the physical, and experience dramatic shifts in our reality.

During this time we may experience a separation from our Ascension tribe, our spiritual friends, or the people we have been able to share experiences and side-effects with in the past. For me personally, I have not wanted to speak to anyone. It is not the (sometimes exhausting) energies, it is because my personal revelations need to be honored. Many of these experiences – first contact, DNA changes, revelations of Self, merging with the Higher Realms – cannot be accurately described. It belittles the experiences to put them into words right now.

There is a lot going on; June insists on my attention. I set up camp and spent a few chilly nights on the mountain (campers; it has been in the 30s at night at 7000 ft but is warming up this week), and the contact, energy and lightship interactions have been powerful. This cranial expansion of mine is coming online, like a telepathic crown, and I AM amazed at how different communication feels with my higher levels. This type of communication cannot be translated easily into words, which may be another reason for keeping quiet at the moment.

It tends to lessen the personal experiences when we describe it to people who need to react/judge/comment rather than feel into/honor what is unfolding for us. Let’s keep that in heart as we move through these months of personal revelations. The conversation has changed for many of us, so the litany of symptom talk or regurgitation of what is or isn’t happening will not serve us at this time.
Honor this passage properly – it is new and deeply private level and will show you the truth of You. The series of veils between you and your Higher Self (Christed Self, I AM Presence, Multidimensional Self), your Divine Team, the Masters, your Star Families and Galactic levels are disappearing for a while. It is a divine opportunity for advancement, clarity, acceleration of your process, and private AHA moments. It is happening already, however it will grow very strong as we move through June.

Some notes to assist; more on these topics later:

Intense Energies: The current energy is provided by the area of space we have moved into. Certain areas of the photon belt have different effects, and they are laid out perfectly for our Ascension process.

The eyes-wide-open experience: If your focus is on 5D and above, the 4D realm may appear like a field of orbs, sparkles, zipping light in front of the beings you are connecting with. You are looking through lower levels of consciousness to connect with these Higher realms, so the 4D layers may look like a meteor shower or pinpoints of light. Attune (look) past these layers if you desire to connect with 5D and above. High 4D light effects still occur in most of my contact experiences so far.

The Afternoon Activations: Many of us are receiving the afternoon activations from 1-3pm. This happened back in March, and we all know what Equinox brought in. It isn’t every day, and they are different each time. It is remarkable that folks all over the world are experiencing this in the same hours in their time zone. Brilliant. If you welcome it, energetic upgrades and adjustments are available to assist in this passage of revelation. You need to upgrade in order to experience something new. Some of the upgrades can be overwhelming, as they expand our consciousness in a quickened way. If you feel the energy coming in, lay down, go into a meditative state, or just be still and feel it. Depending on the day and circumstances, you can receive a lighter activation by acknowledging when the activation hits, and accepting it consciously into your energy fields and body. Say thank you.

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