20 June 2014

Portal Openings and Expansions in a Rapid Sense are to be Expected, in Short Order ~ Gaia Portal 2014

"Intrusions"..."persistent intruders"..."time reversal"..."lower-intenders"... This Gaia Portal update seems to allude to the psychic parasite attack that Andrew Bartzis revealed was going to occur over the Solstice period. It even mentions time manipulation, something that he and Valiant have informed us have been at play over the years. This suggests that the upcoming Solstice activations are going to be incredibly powerful; desperate and intensive attempts are being made to block our progress. All the more for us to stay the course and keep going!

Here is Gaia Portal's update:

Statics of prior moments is now dissolved and released. 

Intrusions into Gaia Energetic Complex are monitored and ameliorated, as persistent intruders attempt a time reversal.

Placid-ation is now at hand, within each and every Hue-Being, and is now being called forth.

E-Lucidation of all priories is now in full progress, and cannot be stopped by lower-intenders.

Portal openings and expansions in a rapid sense are to be expected, in short order.

Source: Gaia Portal

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