24 June 2014

Preparations and Timelines


This is a little warning to those who do not like dates, “predictions”, possible future events or any time-related messages, because I will be doing some rambling about precisely those things :) So please skip this if you are totally allergic to time-related stuff (and who can blame you, given all that had transpired in the past 2 years?).

Right, I'll carry on, and if you are choosing to proceed, my intention is to piece together bits and pieces of information packets that are floating around as thoughts in my head, with no specific end result or expectations. It will basically be me thinking out loud, and not necessarily making any sense at all, so this is my second warning :)

Still here? Okay, my last and final warning is this ~ I won't always be providing references or links to back up what I'm going to say. It's really just me with some words that I need to put down in as (hopefully) coherent a manner as possible so that, in the process, I can gain some clarity from it. This is, as I said, me thinking out loud, in the light of several things that I'm personally experiencing or know about.

As we enter the last week of June, I feel the energies of “preparation” in the air. It's as if we are preparing, as well as being prepared, for a “biggie” in the coming days. I personally know of a couple of dear Souls who have actually told me they are “preparing” for July, although there may not be any specific articulation for what they are preparing. I've also come across some readers' comments in various sites/blogs that allude to this sense of “something” that's coming up.

I'm fully aware that we've all been through many cycles of “something” coming up, and waves, and shifts, and cycles and energy bursts etc. Such is the process of Ascension...”stair-steps” as Denise LeFay terms it. Well, I feel that this is going to be one major stair-step. We'll need to be prepared to go up this one without faltering. More about this “something major” later.

About timelines. Yes, pesky things these timelines. I personally believe that one of the reasons why dates/timelines that have been predicted did not come to pass is because of timeline manipulations. I see from several sources that this is now being discussed quite a bit. Some may say that timeline manipulations is a convenient excuse to explain away why “predictions” failed. I actually believe in the timeline manipulation explanation, because I myself had that sense of awareness soon after the December Solstice of 2012.

To explain further, this is an excerpt of what I wrote in early January 2013 (posted here):

"For whatever it's worth, I will admit to something that I've been mulling over since the Solstice. Again, this is my own personal experience, and not necessarily a Cosmic Truth. On the 22nd, I had such a strong feeling of what can only be described as Groundhog Day. I felt, deep within, that we've been in a time loop leading up to the 21st, and we/Earth actually failed to get through this alignment in previous "passes". A time loop was created for us to try again, and this time, we made it through the Galactic Alignment. I felt a very deep sense of deja vu on the 22nd, because to a certain degree, we didn't "make it" since Earth's full Ascension was delayed, but it was a success because she got through the alignment. I have a feeling that this New Energy coming in has helped us tremendously in being successful this time around."

Some of the sources that I can remember off-hand that mention timelines include Andrew Bartzis, Valiant and Laron (from transients.info). There are more, but I can't recall at the moment (just remembered Gaia Portal!). Even a personal dear Soul friend of mine (who has connections to the Pleiadians) told me that this is what the Pleiadians have revealed to her.

At this point, I'd like to state that these timeline manipulations have been carried out by both negative and positive groups.

In addition to timeline manipulations, there are the ever-present (and have been for eons) concerted and well-executed attempts to prevent us from moving further along the Ascension Timeline. One example of this is the 60's movement which attempted to make a pronounced shove forward on the Ascension Timeline. Like almost every attempt to progress us along, this was thwarted and ultimately perverted by the Cabal, with the end-result being a diluted affair, marred by drugs and treated with ridicule. 911 was another example that had massive negative global impact and possibly led to the creation of new timelines.

So what could possibly be coming up around the corner?

Ibrahim Hassan in his writings identified the one-year period from 21 June 2014 as having the potential for our physical transformation into 5D. Alkesh's information says that in July, our Earth frequencies will be reset so that they resonate with the frequencies of the Sun and Moon (their frequencies have already been reset), assisted by Ison. Andrew Bartzis had previously alluded to August as a time for Ascension-related change.

These are just dates that are not set in stone. They may come and go without any Earth-changing events, and if they do, it won't be the first time (don't we know that!). I mention them as a point of interest only.

At the end of the day, what matters more than anything else is the inner work we do for ourselves, and the outer work we do for others. I've said this before ~ Ascension is a spiritual process. This blog is Ascension-specific, and that will remain my major focus, with some little distractions here and there along the way :) As I very recently mentioned to a couple of dear readers, if we do nothing and wait for "something" and that "something" doesn't happen, then nothing happens for us, too. But if we continue to increase our awareness, grow our consciousness, raise our vibrations and shine our Light, then we will maintain our progress even if "nothing" happens externally.

Even if dates come and go, "something" will still  happen for us.

**Update: Forgot to say this most important bit ~ Mother Gaia is vibrating at higher and higher frequencies, divinely aided by Cosmic events and Galactic endeavours. If we are going with her, then we should match her increasingly elevated frequencies  :)

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