19 June 2014

Psychic Parasite Attack on Internet 20-23 June 2014 ~ Andrew Bartzis

I was half-listening to a discussion between Andrew Bartzis and Andrea Foulkes as I went about my chores, but when Andrew mentioned a psychic parasite attack that was expected to occur over the next four days, I thought I'd quickly post it here.

I managed to find the excerpt where he mentioned this, and you can watch it here.

The full video with Andrea Foulkes is here.

For your discretion and action, if so guided.

**Update: In my opinion, a Himalayan salt bath is good for this sort of cleansing. However, to conserve water (I have a thing about minimising water and paper usage) I dissolve some salt in a dipper of water and just pour it over me. I feel it works :)

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