18 June 2014

Q & A: Beyond Fairness ~ Matt Kahn ~ 15 June 2014

A summary of this session from Matt Kahn...soak up the Love!
  • A Human Being is the highest manifestation of God in form
  • Don't make your Self work hard for your approval..."I Love You"
  • Being honest, soft, gentle with others prepares us for being honest, soft and gentle with our Self
  • People can only give to you when they are loving themselves
  • When they are not "reciprocating" or validating, it's just an opportunity for your Love to purify yourself
  • I don't love others to open their hearts, I love others to open my heart; and if other hearts are opened as a result, that's wonderful but that's not my focus. Their hearts will open when they choose to open it, and the Love I give them is because I'm choosing to open my own Heart now, and that's the power of my own Love
  • The most powerful intention is to not intend to open up others' hearts; just intend to open up yours
  • The desire to be free from your Wisdom is how you become the Wisdom, not the collector, rememberer or repeater of it
  • One who has woken up is no longer hypnotised by questions, "waking up from waking up".

Here for the 15+minute video.

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