21 June 2014

Solara's June 2014 Surf Report ~ The Air We Breathe

May brought in a completely new component which is the element of clicking into position. Even though we are still busy and the energy is still intense, things are now coming together in totally new ways. It's like encountering one of those magic locks in a fairy tale computer game. As hidden symbols align, they light up, causing some pins within the lock to move outwards, while others move inwards. All the while, the multiple rings of the cylinders spin around, constantly clicking into their new positions. The right people come together; we move closer to our True Homes; our True Purpose is revealed. We find the help we need. New doors open. Wondrous new opportunities are presented to us. 

All year long, many of us have had trouble breathing the air of the old world. The stale air of duality doesn't contain enough nourishment or life force in it for us. There's a missing component in it that we need. Now, something has noticeably changed. The fresh air of the new world is impermeating more and more of the world around us. The air is far more enriched than before. These new energies provide us with the true nourishment we most need.

The New Landscape is immeasurably deepening and expanding. It might sound strange, but the New Landscape has the quality of Mother's Milk -- something so deeply familiar, extremely comforting and full of nourishment, yet at the same time, there are absolutely new, completely unexpected elements within the New Landscape which are super exciting!

These new, unforeseen elements are revealed in strange new corners that we didn't see before. They are completely unexpected. They come from Off the Map of the Known. Because of this, it's important that as we create the New, we always leave room for the unknown.

Since creating the New and True requires us to deal with so many practical details, this forces us to either create things in new ways or in a way that leaves openings for the new to enter. We are learning to keep everything expanded and undefined until the new meaning or new symbology becomes clear. 

June brings major revisions, course corrections and unexpected changes. June's changes will greatly accelerate towards the end of the month. In-depth revisions are necessary now because we have finally let go of our hesitation to fully embrace the New and True. We no longer want to cling to our expired comfort zones and we know that everything within us which is still based on the illusory level of duality has to go and that only heartfelt authenticity rings true.

Because of this, we are constantly realigning and recalibrating ourselves from the old level to the new one. This requires frequent revisions. We may write an email and then two minutes later suddenly realize that what we wrote was coming from the old energy, so we need to quickly write a new one that comes from a truer place.

The prolonged transitional period that we've been going through has been removing lots of expired elements. After the raging bonfires of the past several years, we realize that some deeply cherished parts of ourselves are also missing. They've been burned up in the bonfires along with the elements that we no longer need. These are things like the solace of aloneness, quiet communion with nature and the tender lover within us which all used to be a great source of nourishment. We sometimes wonder if any of these qualities will ever return, but they will, most likely in a new form.

The vibrant colors of the New Landscape are not only becoming increasingly visible, but they are coloring our lives, what we do, how we feel, what we focus on, how we act. These vibrant colors bring with them the new puzzle pieces that we've been waiting for, so we can fully inhabit the new level.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete JUNE 2014 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

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