04 June 2014

Switching Off

I'm probably preaching to the choir, but just in case this helps someone :)

We've been getting blasted by high energies continuously since the December Solstice in 2012. And yes, we keep getting wave after wave of intense frequencies to assist us in our transformation. But lately, these energies seem even more intense, and there's a different "feel" to them. Add to that all those powerful solar flares delivering massive bursts of Divine codes...and Life gets pretty interesting.

I've learnt the hard (and torturous and painful) way that R.E.S.T. or downtime is so essential these days, with all this potent cocktail of Cosmic frequencies streaming in. Over the past days, I received signals from my physical body to rest, and preferably sleep. This occurred usually around the mid- or late-afternoon (synchronistically, Sandra Walter in her latest update mentioned this to be around 1-3 pm). However, owing to parental duties, the opportunity to switch off did not always present itself. So there were days when I shrugged off the message to down tools, and instead proceeded on autopilot.

After about a week of ignoring these signals, everything in my body revolted. Painful migraines, intense nausea, strong dizziness...I won't go into details, but oh-my-goddess I had many hours of pure torture physically. Lesson learnt, painfully.

What I've found is that even if I don't get to lie down immediately, I could do it as soon as I'm able, and things would still be fine. As long as I switch off, in whatever manner.

The "downloads" are sometimes very compressed and concentrated, with rapid flashes of light going off once the eyes are closed. After a while (usually 30 minutes are more) I can get up again, and everything is OK.

So just remember, this downtime is extremely important. Obey your body's message to switch off as best as you can, or the consequences could be too painful! Interestingly enough, a dear Soul friend mentioned just a week ago that he had to nap in the afternoons for his energy downloads to take place. I'm inclined to believe that this is occurring to many on a large scale.

Time for that rest now...

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