27 June 2014

The Clock Strikes Nine ~ Valiant ~ 26 June 2014

Summer Wolves ~ Valiant

Valiant's countdown continues...will it end at 12?

Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 9…A Flashing Warning,

and a Few Other Things…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jun-2014 12:30:09

I can’t believe this is happening.
I’ve talked about it, wrote about it…
Received the information…
It just never seemed so real before, more
Like a dream…

Something that’s been talked about for years…
But now…the signs…Everywhere…
And not just little hidden signs..
I’m talking Big Flashing Signs…Warnings.
This is it.

First and Foremost, THE Warning…Big Brother…
They know…and I’m warning you.
Don’t do it. Do not initiate any act of a culling.
This is not your place to make.

Do not attempt to use your devices to
Manipulate the planet’s NATURAL process
Right now…or the consequences will be Dire.

The Earth is programmed to react…
First, she will neutralize all technology…
Everywhere…It will make the movie
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Look like a cartoon.

Then, when your devices are useless…
The changes will come…violently.
And there will be nowhere to run.

I expect that’s when the Lion Men might
Act out, or rather use their claws.

Cooperate Please, this is not just about you.
I suppose I should not be surprised.

In a strange way I’ve been preparing for this…
You see I don’t live in an ordinary place.
Some legends say the Pine Barrens of New Jersey
Had a vortex of power unlike anywhere…
And then there are those monster legends…
The Jersey Devil…Strange how Reptilian-like it is…
But what I’m talking about is very real.
Frighteningly real.

I graduated with a class of 150 in a small
Town. 30 of my former classmates are dead,
Many others seriously ill. Tragic eerie deaths…
I road a school bus, 48 kids…75% gone now.

Now I ask you, is that normal?
I’ve talked to friends around the country.

No one has ever told me anything close to
That about stories where they grew up.
It’s scary, but very true.

I used to talk about it with a few former
High school friends…but it’s like we were
Scared to discuss it, always in whispers…in secret…
We agreed it always felt like some supernatural
Force was hunting us…

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