13 June 2014

The Clock Strikes Seven ~ Valiant ~ 12 June 2014

Cave Ponies ~ Valiant

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Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 7
Note From the Future…Bigfoot…and a Few Little Things…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 12-Jun-2014 12:22:06

So far the clock keeps moving steadily,
More confidently than before…

And just to clarify something…
The Clock countdown…is not directly
Or rather immediately referring to the Pulse…

The Pulse will come, yes, but there is no warning
Date for that…They don’t want anyone to know
The time for that…for obvious reasons…
And even I was told I would only be given
A 10 minute warning…

You may not like this, but you should know…
The countdown refers to the finalizing
Of the time re-alignment…

And a Pandora’s box of sorts, of adjustments
That will fix things corrupted by
Time’s manipulation.

That’s why Best Behavior is more important
Now than ever…

Be wary of the Warning Signs
They will increase and worsen…
As people who are not prepared for
The current changes will continue to snap
In worse ways than before.

Stay calm, cool and collected.

I also want to add one more thing, this I hope
Sincerely makes you feel better…
I do know the 500,000 are not the only ones
To be saved…they were marked to be protected
Above all…That’s why many of them are

Remarkable children are being born…and must
Be protected. Some of you may already know this.

They, the 500,000 will contribute greatly to
The advancement of the human race once on Earth
With each subsequent future generation
Improving with abilities we’ve always dreamed
Of…And one day will surpass our Alien visitors.

So, others will survive…And lifespans will be longer…
But it greatly depends on you…who you are,
Your faith, integrity, morals. So please, have Faith.

Though I must advise a stern warning…
Watch those hormones…
Especially with those cheating, it’s grown far out
Of control and is one of the things they are
Unhappy with. Live for Love, not lust.

I personally have had several friends who
Were frequent cheaters, and secretly cheated
Hundreds of times on their wives…
Needless to say that won’t be forgiven, I’m sorry.

I won’t lecture on this, just please be careful.
On to other things…

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