01 June 2014

The Neruda Interviews Part V ~ Wingmakers

When I first came across the Wingmakers interviews some time ago, I was rivieted to the information presented, in the form of interviews between (brave) journalist "Anne" and Dr Anderson, who had defected from an above top-secret Advanced Contact Intelligence Organisation (ACIO). There were two interviews available, with a promise of more to come. Then Dr Anderson mysteriously disappeared, apparently never to be heard of again.

Like all materials that attempt to prick through this bubble of illusion we call Life by taking us back to our ancient history and human origins, the information that Dr Anderson presented soon got mired in the usual murky pool of doubt by accusations that the information had been manipulated and doctored. It even got to the stage where a  new website was set up with edited versions of the original interviews, and new names. "Anne" became "Sarah" and "Dr Anderson" became "Dr Neruda". It left me feeling very...less-than-happy (I'm trying not to be dramatic). And as with so many sources of information of this nature, I never really stopped thinking about it.

The "new" website came up with two more purported interviews over time. Recently, I came across the fifth interview which was embargoed by Dr Neruda until April of this year, when it was finally released to the public. I didn't know about it until I saw the link in one of the comments on Divine Cosmos. I've only read a few pages at this point in time, but I'd like to post it here now, for you to read and decide on your own with regard to its information. All the five interviews are available for download.

The history behind the Wingmakers material is fraught with controversy and allegations, but I'm still posting this if you wish to delve into it and make up your own mind.

You may know that I have a strong interest in the Human Origins and Galactic History, and ultimately, Ascension (which is what this blog is about). I will admit that I spend more time on these two topics than any others, because they are one and the same to me. It remains mysterious and nebulous, with several versions, angles and perspectives from various sources, as well as distortions and out-right deception. However, I've also come to believe that there's some disinformation in all sources that are "authentic", and a degree of truth in all sources that are deceptive. The sad part is that sometimes we may not know for sure which is which!

We have heard one "perspective" (for lack of a better word) where the Atlanteans were "tricked" into integrating their essence into the biological vessels created by the Anunnaki and the eventual creation of the reincarnation cycles to keep Souls entrapped. In this Wingmakers interview, Dr Neruda presents information that basically expands on this thread with more details. Please decide for yourself if the information is for you.

You can find all five interviews here.

The site where I first found the "original" two interviews is still in existence. You can find it here. 

**Update 2 June 2014 - please also read my additional notes, posted today here.

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