02 June 2014

The Neruda Interviews Part V ~ Wingmakers ~ A Personal Update ~ 2 June 2014

If you've read my earlier post on the Neruda Interviews (Part V), please consider reading this update from me as well. These are my own considerations, a sort of update, to the interview. Bearing in mind that the series of interviews were supposedly conducted around 1997, much has transpired since then, mainly for the positive.

My main mistake was not to add these thoughts to my post; I only just realised that I should have, my apologies.

Forward 17 years to 2014. Today, there has been great progress with regard to the Light quotient on our Planet. There has been much intervention as well as support from the Higher Realms to assist Humanity in reaching our goal of ascending out of our limited existence. At the same time, there are markedly more people who are awakening and carrying more of their own Light, adding to the overall Light frequencies on the Planet. Additionally, many Lightworkers are playing their role in greatly assisting with this Great Cause. And for good measure, we are also receiving huge blasts of Divine Photonic Light from beyond the Great Central Sun, designed to further elevate the frequencies as well as activate our own DNA codes. Mother Gaia herself is raising her vibrations.

One more thing I should mention is this, and as usual, please use discernment with all I'm saying. From what I understand, the top Anunnaki are no longer a direct threat to our existence as they have been dealt with. The problem today is the lower level faction who are still clinging on to the illusion of power in a do-or-die last-ditch-throw-everything-you've-got-into-it situation. Not that it's going to be easy to neutralise this, but I feel that the situation has changed quite radically from 1997.

And finally, as I've mentioned before in the earlier post, there is serious contention between the "original" interviews and the ones that subsequently took over the Wingmakers material.

I feel very strongly that I should point all this out, in case you had read the interviews and became very discouraged. (I haven't yet at this point finished reading it.) And the most important thing I wish to point out is this, and please excuse me for repeating myself, but it's so vitally, crucially important, yet we forget it so easily:

We are gods and goddesses in our own right. We are Sovereign Beings of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. We are, each one of us, the eternal spark of Creator, individualised yet One. We are the Mighty I Am. And So It Is.

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