13 June 2014

The Return of Light ~ Final Update

I have finally finished reading the book and this is my final update on this subject. I will be appending this to the original post (here) to make it more organised.

As with almost all sources of information that I've come across over the years, there are parts that resonate perfectly and there are parts that don't at all. The ratio between these two parts vary from source to source, but in general, I just take what I need and what feels right for me at that point in time, and leave the rest.

The same applies for Return of Light. There was much for me to appreciate, while at the same time there were parts of the book that didn't align with me, at this phase of my journey. It could be that I didn't understand the information properly, or I'm not ready, or simply that it's not my truth. And that's the point ~ "my truth".

It's not so much whether the information contained within the book is "the truth"... it's more of whether the information serves us in any way. For me, I did come away with a deeper understand of the cosmic aspects underpinning the forces of Creation. I found it to be very helpful in gaining yet another perspective of the Bigger Picture, in which I've always had a keen interest.

This book reinforced in me the resolve to continue to do whatever I can to assist in the Ascension process in general. It reminded me of why I need to keep on going. And on a very personal level, it allowed me to free myself of all misgivings for feeling great distress over "Life" in this limited consciousness. It just simply doesn't work, because "this" was never meant to be.

What happened to Earth Humans and the Planet stemmed from an error in judgement, which resulted in this inauthentic Life that we are forced to live, groping about desperately in the dark. Remedial actions have been implemented, and the tide is turning. It's time for the return of Light :)

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