16 June 2014

The Status of the Shift in Consciousness ~ Laron ~ 14 June 2014


Time. It really has a major influence on the way we live our lives here on Earth, day to day. I know there are many of you wondering what is going on with regards to the shift in consciousness, or which some may call the event, the gathering, the ascension, the global coastal event, the new earth and so on. Time passes us by and alongside time sits our expectations which are based upon our current knowledge in those moments of time.

As we can see, the weather of the world is acting strangely and this strange actively is still increasing. From volcanic eruptions, new islands forming, rivers of rain in the sky causing major flooding, the ongoing sinkhole epidemic, tornadoes/twisters in unusual locations, record breaking cyclones and so on. We also have strong evidence showing that a min-ice age is on the way. The seasons around the world continue to be a bit out of synch on top of all this.

We continue to see social upheaval through protests and riots, on a global scale, and many people in positions of power are falling, which is what we were expecting to occur during these times. Within the last few months, this has stood out to be more so than ever and I think its important to take note of this, that the control and power of what some of us know to be 'The Powers that Be', is crumbling.

There has been an increase online from channelled information to other sources, showing that the energies coming into our planet have increased and have reached an important stage in relation to the ongoing shift in consciousness process. This did seem to stand out more and increase from early May, 2014.

Mainly from volunteer souls, I have heard from people saying they have a sense that time is running out for them, that they feel they need to do something specific or get certain things done before there is no more time. People may be sensing an impending change coming up in their own unique and individual ways.

In addition to seeing information out there about the energies, so many people have been experiencing these energies in the form of physical symptoms, whether those symptoms have been based around discomfort, aches and pains, headaches, and so on, or just the sense of energy it self running through their bodies. People have also been dealing with a multitude of energies as a result of what is going on with the shift, but also because of the eclipses of April, 2014. On top of the eclipses, there was a blood full moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross occurring. Upheaval in peoples lives is one of the main themes I have seen here, with loved ones leaving, people having to move location, changes in work situations and new connections being made.
In Lai's third Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session that I conducted, a lot of very detailed and useful information came through in relation to the shift in consciousness. The information explained why there has been ongoing delays and validated parts of my theory within my article 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift'. It was explained that certain events in in the world are tied into the shift directly, and those events need to occur first, and if an event is delayed, this can delay the whole process. If an event is stopped, then its possible a new series of events was generated in relation to the shift.

Again, we touch on time here and our expectations around what is up ahead. If things don't turn out how we expect, we start to gain doubts around our expectations and beliefs.

This third QHHT session with Lai went on to show that the shift is already happening, that its an ongoing process, but there will be a point in time where it can no longer be delayed and it will happen in more of a fuller way. What I am expecting is to see an upcoming period in time where most of the population of the world will be aware of an event around the same moment simultaneously, an event which will relate directly to a pinnacle point in relation to the shift in consciousness. But not everyone will understand and recognise it for what it is, as each person will experience that event in a different way based upon many factors.

After that event has occurred, the consciousness shift will continue on for a number of years I believe, with additional windows of time where further opportunities come up for those who choose and are able to move on from the Earth experience and be part of this shift. The destination? I think there are multiple depending on each individual soul.

In relation to the physical earth changes, I am still expecting certain events to occur. But, when saying that, I believe that the global collective consciousness has now reached a stage where the combined vibration is positive and high enough so that such drastic changes, which might have been seen previously by many, will not be required to occur for the shift in consciousness to complete in a more fuller way.

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