01 June 2014

Transcript of Messages from Méline and Saint Germain During Radio Show "The One People Oneness" ~ Meline Lafont ~ 31 May 2014

In this Radio show we talk about:
An update on the current status of the planet concerning Ascension as seen from Méline's and Saint Germain's perspective.
Clearing process and our embodiment
the weird dreams that are going on
Anxieties that were felt during the week of May 21st
Twin Flames and re-union
Light quotient of Humanity
Are we close to a choice point?
Holding space and releasing for the collective
Getting in the heart
How to BE in the NOW
What is the collective going through
Staying low profile
Message from Saint Germain on show
Support and brotherhood
Remembrances of “Home”, the past time lines
Labeling and names
Light workers and the difficulties with money
Creations and issues that block the creations to be manifested
Self Love, Self acceptance
Channeling course and services from Méline
For a short transcript, details and link to the show, please continue here.

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