24 June 2014

Transfigurations ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation

As with so many things that are in “my queue”, I've been meaning to write about this for some time now but just never got to it. Somehow today seems to be the ideal time to finally do this.

One of my favourite episodes of Star Trek (from TOS and TNG ) is "Transfigurations", courtesy of TNG team. This episode is all about Ascension and the implications that come along with it, including attempts by “authorities” to prevent it from happening through lies and deceipt, aided by a public that is largely ignorant.

If you haven't yet seen this, here is the summary:

In this episode, the Enterprise crew rescues a mysterious being who is seriously injured and suffering from amnesia. Dr Crusher manages to heal him sufficiently, but is concerned about his cells which seem to be mutating. As he continues to recuperate, the cell mutation doesn't cease. In fact, John Doe (as he is unfortunately named) begins to exhibit strange symptoms, which include bouts of physical pain and energy bursts from his Heart centre (!). He also appears to be able to heal and affect others positively (later on, he also was able to “resurrect” Worf).

As fragments of his memory returns, he is able to recall that he was escaping from his planet, but doesn't remember more. With his mutations increasing, he fears that he may endanger the crew of the Enterprise. This motivates him to escape in a shuttlecraft, but in the course of doing so, Worf is killed....but brought back to life by John Doe.

John's pursuers eventually arrive at the scene, identifying him as a dangerous criminal and demands that he be transported to their ship. When their demand is not met, the Enterprise is hit with an energetic pulse that suffocates everyone onboard (!). John manages to heal them, and is soon face-to-face with his potential captors, which triggers John to regain his memory. He was escaping persecution because of his cellular changes, which we learn is the evolutionary process of that race, and something entirely natural. The leaders were preventing the evolution from occurring by persecuting those with such symptoms.

By now, John is changing at an accelerated pace, with his powers enhancing. He is literally becoming a Lightbody! He beams the leader back to his own ship, which then flees, thanks the crew of the Enterprise, and then leaves.

Wowee...! So many interesting parallels in that episode with what we are going through now. This would be my favouritest episode if Spock were in it, but alas... And yes, I know there's no such word as “favouritest” :)

I won't provide a specific link to that episode for obvious copyright reasons, but I'm sure you'll be able to locate it somewhere in Cyberspace by googling “Watch Transfigurations Online” or something like that ;)

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