30 June 2014

Wherever Gaia Goes, We Will Follow

Let's face it...this Ascension thing is primarily Gaia's show. We, as the Earth Human race, are part of Gaia's ascension, and as a result, we get to ascend as well. It's also our show, but we have second billing.

We've been told repeatedly that this has never before been attempted in the entire Cosmic history of Ascension ~ planetary as well as the entire collective race, both at the same time. This in no way diminishes the magnitude or significance of our own ascension; indeed, we actually hold the key codes for attaining the Cosmic visa or passport. More on that in another post.

At this point in time, there is no ONE Ascension scenario that is being embraced as THE Ascension scenario. We have a few versions, depending on the source of the information that we are getting. There's the Two-Earths (New Earth/Old Earth) version, then there's the Collective-Ascension version (where all get to transition together as a collective), and there's also the Ascension-Waves version, where those who are ready get to transition in collective waves across a period of time. Then there's even the World-Evacuation-Ascension scenario, where Gaia goes through a quick but complete cleansing before terra-forming to her original pristine blueprint; this would involve the evacuation of individuals who are ready prior to the great cleansing (this was well-documented in Tuella's writings but from what I understand, this scenario is no longer a possibility because our consciousness levels have risen sufficiently to avoid this cataclysmic version). Finally, there's the Individual-Ascension version, where transitions to the higher dimensions occur for those who are ready, on an individual basis.

There may be more that I'm not aware of, but at the end of the day, I'm beginning to feel very strongly that it doesn't really matter what scenario eventually unfolds, or even if two or more scenarios take place at the same time.

I used to get quite upset with all the various Ascension scenarios that were being discussed over the past years. I spent a great deal of time trying to understand the various scenarios, until I finally realised that as far as I'm concerned, the only one that truly matters is the one where we follow Gaia's footsteps. Where Gaia goes, we will need to follow. It's her show, after all!

We know that Gaia has risen in her vibrational frequency, courtesy of her Schuman Resonance. I'm aware that there is no way (that I know of) to confirm this, but I do remember a couple of sources saying that this SR frequency is now very near 13 Hz, where we will experience Zero-Point field of consciousness.

This is how I look at it ~ if Gaia is rising in her vibrational frequency, and if we wish to ascend when she does, then we'd better work on raising our vibrational frequency as well. This is why I keep saying "raise your vibrations" because to me, simple spiritual physics dictate that if Gaia gets to the point where she makes the transition to 5D, we won't be able to follow her if we are still languishing in 3D-vibrations and not having cleared out our auric and etheric junk, emotional baggage and all holding us back.

We've got to keep up with Gaia! So whatever happens or whichever Ascension scenario we ultimately experience, as long as we match Gaia's frequencies, we will transition with her. I may be completely wrong in how I look at this, but it sure works for me!  :)  At any rate, sources such as An T'na via Gesanna have clearly stated that it is our connection with Gaia that ensures our Ascension together with her. I resonate very much with that.

Do I have a preferred Ascension scenario? No, not really. All I look forward to is to just get this Ascension thing off the ground, and transition already! Tomorrow, if possible :)

One more thing before I end this thinking-aloud post...at the rate (or lack of) that global awakening is taking place, I fervently believe that we need a Divine-Supernatural-kick-in-the-behind-intervention to propel us forward. Enter The Event aka The Pulse...

Raise your vibrations! And may The Pulse be with us :)

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