31 July 2014

Divine Intervention: Creating New Everything ~ Sandra Walter ~ 30 July 2014

Tree of Life ~ Karla Gudeon ~ www.rmichelson.com
After two whole days of asking questions without seemingly hearing any guidance (and getting quite antsy about it...sigh), this update from Sandra Walter answered them perfectly! This definitely calls for a grateful energy exchange towards her new endeavour...   :)  Sandra's message follows:

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

What a magnificent end to July energetics ~ Stimulating, heart-opening, expansive Light. Our next Cosmic Gateway is August 4 – 12, however I AM excited for the NOW of this Light and what is has to show all of us.

Clearing the Path for MORE
My dear 2008 Mac, a parting gift from my last employer, reflected my desire to create the brand new and stopped being of service last SUNday. As Divine Will would have it, this happened the day after a deep conversation with a friend when I shared that I wanted to spend August focused on this New Light and all it has to reveal to me. New Moon manifestation said *SO BE IT!* – Mac gone, no more creating with the tool that graciously supported me through this transition into the New Light. And a big YES to taking the time to experience the powers of August, which prepares us for another trigger-like energetic shift first week of September (what a fine Birthday Presence!)

While my Divine Team and I manifest the abundance for a new computer, which will enable the creation of the brand new work (very excited, more on that when the moment is right), my online tools are quite limited. Purposeful and brilliant.

Some had commented on the Mac dissolvement with the old energy response of *It means spirit wants you to quit*. (Pause for Higher Realm laughter… ) To them I respectfully say *Oh Beloved, We are just getting started!* My Higher levels show me that the New Light requires more powerful tools, a better space (Aho to that, bring it on), and more outreach than ever in the coming months. I feel that the new skills awakening in me (my goodness beloveds, I had a channel the other night that contained 12 voices at once, and somehow I comprehended all 12 simultaneously) require new creative platforms.

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Crystalline Christened Energies Purification Phase II Has Begun ~ Andromeda, Arcturian and Pleiades ~

The purification phase has begun, and it is up to all of you to assist in bringing the awakened ones into a new understanding of self. For as the energies released from their conscious and subconscious selves enters your sphere of existence, it shall influence the without and the within. For these energies to be contained and transformed, you are to begin working with the crystalline energies that are stored within your vehicle, by utilizing various tools and crystals at your disposal. For the crystalline energy shall permeate your lives in the next few months to come. For indeed this next phase shall bring forth fruitful commencement of a new era, a new era amidst the seeming destruction of your old world.

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Agarthan Crystal Activation Update ~ Thank You! ~ Anna Merkaba ~ 30 July 2014

A note of thanks and wonderful news of success from Anna Merkaba to those who merged their energies for this activation. May we be several steps closer to the Peace that has eluded this battle-scarred Planet for far too long.

~AGARTHIAN CRYSTAL ACTIVATION UPDATE ~ THANK YOU! I want to take a moment and thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart for participating in yesterdays Agarthian Crystal Activation. It was a fantastic experience and I will share what I saw from my end on that day. Would love to hear what you guys have experienced as well, so please post your experiences in the comments of this post.
The crystal was successfully installed underneath the border of Israel and Palestine, and all Light workers who are presently here on Earth were called into action. There also were the Agarthians and Adama, there were the Pleiadians and Arcturians, Arch Angels, Isis. We were all working diligently on activating the crystal and the crystal grid that that this particular crystal was placed on.

A spinning vortex has appeared before us within the crystal that outstretched and pulsated with crystalline golden energy infusing each and every being, plant, rock, water with pure unconditional love. Much has been accomplished. The darkness that was being generated in the area is not only generated there as there was a lot of it coming from other places around the world. This darkness has risen from the surrounding lands and began to make its way to the vortex that has appeared in the midst of the golden light, swallowing it and sending it through the portal to be transmuted to light.

Thank you everyone for being there. Every single one of you who has tuned into the crystal activation ceremony. Each soul on earth thanks you for your light. It was magnificent, as we managed to transmute a tremendous amount of dark energy and distribute the golden life giving energy through the crystalline grids that spread around the area of Middle East and through the energy grids has reached the heart of Europe as well transmuting everything in its way.

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30 July 2014

Escalating Attacks from Strangers ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 29 July 2014

Shutting Out the World
Excerpt from Denise Le Fay's latest update:

Those traversing the Ascending path are effected by every Energy Wave, and now every NEW Energy Wave that arrives. We feel each of these in our bodies,  consciousness, emotions and so on as we embody them and are evolved, “ascended” a bit more each time by them. This Process in 2014 is driving each of us to discover more aspects of our old lower selves which we’re able to remove faster now than ever before via this ongoing Divine Striptease. See whatever it is in yourself now (those mini revelations) that you must, peel it off and let it fall away so you’ll have cleared space within to embody more of the Higher, Greater YOU.

Those traversing the Decending path, and/or those who’ve chosen to not live the Ascension Process in their current bodies but continue embodying the old patriarchal energies and consciousness for as long as they can, are people who feel every NEW 2014 (and beyond) Energy Wave as a big “negative”; as increasing horrible pressures and personal restrictions which are causing them rapidly growing frustrations.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 29 July 2014

1 Chicchan, 3 Pop, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We come to you with a belated Happy Galactic New Year! A great deal of movement is occurring around your globe. These actions are setting up the events, which are to change your world forever. We expect these events to manifest shortly. The dark cabal ran your reality by itself for the past two decades. This interlocking group of powerful men and women determine the fate of nations, and whether certain economic conditions are to nearly ruin one large corporation or another. Their daily policy positions bring them great wealth and seemingly great respect. Nonetheless, these decisions bring them great disrespect as well! Over the last two decades we have worked diligently with a group of ingenious lawyers, investors and scientists to create a means to bring this great wall of power down. It began initially as a union of various individuals who wished to use their wealth, acumen and beliefs to forge a network to produce a global common law and human rights organization. They were to work together, share information and leak examples of what was discovered via Internet blogs. 

   Now, these interlinked groups have within them individuals who fully grasp what is needed for them to succeed. To further their righteous cause, we connected them to the Agarthans who observe this realm and provided liaisons that can reach the highest levels of business, government and those engaged in the work of Spirit. Never lose sight that this endeavor is a spiritual and transcendental experience. It is about preparing the path for new networks, which affect the law, governance and especially the ways of Spirit. The aim is to install a means to forge a common law that is one with the original intent of the U.S. constitution and to spread this throughout the globe. America was given a blueprint from Count St. Germain to create a free republic filled with the right to guarantee the individual sovereignty of each American. This notion was to eventually be repeated across this globe. What happened was the diabolical interference of a cabal intent on derailing this noble experiment in freedom. It succeeded for a few centuries and it is now time to complete what this republic started.

   The legal remedy for this is NESARA. NESARA is the special instrument, which enables this global common law network to intertwine with a new form of governance. This is to forge a means to free your realm from a most egregious debt slavery. It is to mark the end of a system that tolerated corruption and other forms of criminal actions that were the core of how governance on your world operated. You are entering a time of shared wealth, untold prosperity and good faith shown by governments and by those who run them. This wondrous time is to permit us to reveal ourselves to you and let you know how these actions are preliminaries for a new reality. This is to be a reality that encourages your growth in consciousness and a return to a spiritual-based righteousness. We come into this mix and are to give you the means to complete your transformation toward the Light and toward fulfilling the grand decrees of Heaven. This return to full consciousness is only the start for what you are truly to accomplish. We are in joy and ready to carry out what Heaven gave us to do.

   These actions are the beginnings of what we are to accomplish together. Earth's humanity is, in reality, the best and brightest of us all. Returning you to full consciousness adds to our abilities to creatively solve whatever is to be put before us. We rejoice in what we are to be jointly capable of. Often, when a more advanced society reaches a far more primitive one, the more primitive one suffers greatly. This is not the case; we come specifically to transform you into what the Atlanteans took from you. You combine, in your now mixed ancestry, the ways of nearly 50 human star nations. This conjoined ancestry is most advantageous. It gives you a new way to look at what you are to face daily in your mission to bring Light to this entire galaxy. Added to this is wisdom, grown generation by generation from all the misery you encountered on your numerous life journeys through darkness.


28 July 2014

HilarionUpdate via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 27 July - 3 August 2014

July 27-August 3, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The pressure within increases as the energy intensifies from the cosmos. The activity of purification is intensifying in all quarters of life. There is no escape for anyone or anything upon the earth plane. All are as one in the eye of the cosmic storm that is passing through. The energy sensitive among you will find yourselves moving into the next step of your journey in wonderful and unexpected ways. With a suddenness that is startling, you will find yourselves in a blessed space as you find the longed for peace within. As this alignment and recalibration takes place yet again, you enter a new phase of healing within your human operating system. The healing will become noticeable in your daily life as you go about your duties. There will be more energy flowing through you and you will have the energy to create all that you desire in your lives. Your ability to remain focused upon your goals will see a marked improvement.

There will continue to be a choosing of the crossroads for each and every soul upon the planet and it can be difficult for many as the rifts within families and friendships continues to occur. Many times, these rifts are temporary as those who are confused about what is occurring or totally unaware of it move away in rejection of the awakened ones. Hold your ground and remain centered in your own truth. Each person on Earth is responsible for their own choices and decisions at all times and must accept the consequences that come about as a result. Those who hurt or harm others will find that energy coming back to them in numerous ways that will keep them having to look within themselves in a clear and honest manner until they understand that the energy they give out into the universe comes back to them in equal measure, no matter if it is positive or negative.

In times past this energy took some time, sometimes years, to manifest within a person’s life but what will now start to occur with more rapidity is the manifestation of focused thought so it is wise to become disciplined in your thought processes so that only good will come to you. When you notice recurring thoughts that make you feel unhappy and sad, let them fall away and immediately replace them with empowering thoughts or ideas. As you practice this regularly, life will take on an added lustre as you begin to see life through the lens of joy, beauty and contentment. People everywhere will start to do things for others just for the pleasure of bringing joy to others. There will be spontaneous and random acts of kindness that will blossom all over the planet. The spirit, energy and force of love will uplift the hearts and minds of many people as they feel into these waves of love coming into the atmosphere, into and from the very Earth itself.

The now floundering and chaotic shadow energy will become balanced both within each person and within the outer world in daily life. Each person will see in their mind’s eye, the outcomes of each energy input they choose to make and will be able to instantly correct any action, thought or behaviour that could bring them an unhappy experience. As this continues, the mastery of self on all levels of being takes place and opens the way for the further downloading of one’s higher essence into the physical human operating system. More enlightened beings walking upon the planet bring a more enlightened society and civilization. This is already taking place and will only grow stronger as each person brings in their higher essence, the higher aspects of their soul.

Love is the greatest force in the universe and this force will have its effect within and upon the planet. The unseen will become visible and will open up a new vista of experience and sensory delight to all who have attained this level of frequency. As more people attain this level, it paves the way and makes it easier for others to rise to greater levels of consciousness and understanding. The golden age of Terra will rise in glory and majesty remembered and lived.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included.  


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Benefactor to Beneficiary: Bestowal of Blessings ~ Laren C Gorgo ~ 27 July 2014

Ok people…even if it feels otherwise, we are finally at a very long-awaited and super significant turning point.

It definitely took me ALL of July to be-lie-ve this to be true…and btw, thank you in advance for your patience so I could get to a more expanded place personally before I wrote this report…had I not waited, this would have been a VERY different article 8O 

The unrelenting force of compression that was required to get to where we are right now, to turn the last of our carbon into diamond…to rid ourselves of those final patterns of self destructive limitations…was straight-up Crazyville. But thru all of it, the unseens kept assuring me that we were grounding into a major earth-bound crossroads…put into place by the cosmic (grand) cross-roads reflected in the skies back in May…and that the intensified pressure we have been feeling the enhttps://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=5258637833855615494#editor/target=post;postID=5739533300776654087tire month of July was the actual pressure created/needed to outgrow and break free from our metamorphic cocoon.
compression |kəmˈpreSHən| • the reduction in volume (causing an increase in pressure) of the fuel mixture in an internal combustion engine before ignition.
And while that made sense to me on a logical level, I just couldn’t connect with the feeling of it for weeks and weeks. You know how it is when you’re “in it”…and I was IN IT…so deep that it felt plain irresponsible to write. But that’s over now and we are starting…if barely…to feel the wheel of destiny creak and moan, preparing to turn in our favor after many months of non-movement and a sincere lack of motivation. The thought that ‘things just might be possible’ is starting to slip thru the cracks of our justified, but overly-doubtful minds.

And while this may have definitely been another grueling make-or-break month for you, the difference between this month and all the other 175-ish months since the lions gate (8/8) in 1999…3 days before that massive four-way planetary conjunction/grand cross that occurred simultaneously with a total solar eclipse on 8/11/99 @ 11:11 am…is that this lions gate (which opens today-7/26) is showing us to our ability to finally turn over our brand new (crystalline) engines.


27 July 2014

Setting Our Internal GPS for Timelines of the New Earth ~ DL Zeta ~ 25 July 2014

Adam McLean www.alchemywebsite.com

We can begin amplifying our experience of the new time at any point we wish to have a greater experience of love, peace and spiritual connection in our lives. Those who have already begun this process are finding the energies of the new earth readily available to be woven into the fabric of new beginnings.

With the July 26 New Moon in Leo joining forces with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, this is truly a time to begin anew. This is an excellent time to begin a new spiritual practice, expand our creative horizons, forge new connections with others, start new health regimens and re-invent ourselves in some new and daring way. Our efforts toward expansion are greatly supported now. For lightworkers, this holds special significance as we allow the gentle winds of this time to speed us along on our journey of self-realization.

Accessing the Etheric Internet and Facilitating Rapid Healing
Lightworkers have known for some time the direction we are moving individually and collectively. Whatever we have experienced thus far by way of intuitive knowing, dreams and visions, we are able now to greatly expand. We are able to shift to life tracks aligned with high-vibrational frequencies; to facilitate rapid energy healing and conscious access to the “etheric Internet” where the information of all-time exists; to experience telepathic communication with our higher self and to consciously blend with others. We are able to access timelines where every spark of life in every form is valued and respected, and where slavery does not exist. We are able to experience life tracks where inner peace gives rise to universal peace and the true nature of love is expressed and experienced instead of the pale reflection that sometimes passes for love in the third dimension.

Setting our Intentions activates our Internal GPS
Whatever we have experienced thus far is just the first wave of these energies. The next wave is available whenever we’re ready. We don’t have to know the steps to join the dance. Strengthening our connection with timelines of the new earth is a matter of setting our intentions to further align ourselves with the new time. In a sense we are setting our internal GPS for life tracks of the new time and allowing ourselves to be guided to these high-vibrational realities. As we are ready, a new step appears. Intentions guide us to the right place at the right time, bringing us into connection with people, situations and information - whatever is needed to help us take the next step on our journey.

If we sense internal resistance to taking this step, we can look for any way in which we may still be invested in third-dimensional timelines. If we are still tied to past traumas this will create a rubber band effect, pulling us back time and again to lower-vibrational realities until we heal sufficiently to gain our release.

We exist simultaneously at various Points throughout Time and Space
Some simple steps will help us anchor the light of the new time. This includes learning to work with energy and intentions and a willingness to see the world from a new perspective of limitless potential. We see what we expect to see. If we expect to see a linear progression of events, our life will seem to move along a linear progression of life tracks, each one building on the other. This way of seeing things may work in some cases but not in others. Energy extends in all directions. As a result, our past, present and future selves all exist simultaneously at different points along the map of our consciousness. At some points our energy expands while at others, it contracts. We are able to balance these times by embracing and celebrating the study in contrasts that is life. When we work in connection and harmony with aspects or “selves” that exist at all different points on the map, we create inner unity. This state of inner oneness strengthens our connection to timelines of the new earth. When we exist in a state of inner unity, there are always aspects we can call upon for support, energy and guidance regardless of the circumstances we are dealing with at the time. This is a benefit of inner unification – we can unify and strengthen our different aspects to form a framework that supports growth, healing and the cultivation of higher consciousness.

Our aspects consist of past, present and future selves as well as our repertoire of selves from our present lifetime, all operating simultaneously under the umbrella of our higher self. When these selves harmonize and work together to carry out the desires of the soul, everything is possible.

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Dreamland ~ Message 4 ~ NeoMe ~ 21 July 2014

NeoMe continues her discussion with Mr Jolly in this most fascinating development about ascending out of the Holoverse altogether, as opposed to ascending into a higher dimensional existence.

NeoMe: Mr. Jolly, I am receiving inklings of information regarding correlations between some teachings imparted by the Council, and what you are imparting. For instance, I'm sensing from you that there is some kind of correlation between what the Council terms the Upper Triad and the realm of existence that lies completely beyond what you term the holomatrix. In-lieu of that, is the knowledge you are imparting to me an extension of that which the Council imparted?

Mr. Jolly: First of all, the knowledge I am imparting to you is indeed an extension of what the Council conveyed in their communiqués. What you are 'getting' from me now is additional information that is revealing a reality that lies beyond the holomatrix.

I want to interject here that giving this holomatrix a name will provide you with a way to relate to the realm wherein you now exist to some degree - a very small degree, but we shall address that matter later. Please take a moment to find such a name that resonates with you, and that you feel will resonate with others.

NeoMe: OK, thank you. (focusing....) OK. I have it. The name is "Dreamland". It is both descriptive and applicable to the situation. Will that do?

Mr. Jolly: Very much so. Dreamland it is. Now, Dreamland includes the whole of the holomatrix or holoverse, which can be defined as a "universe" that is holographic-based materially, but thought-based non-materially.

Let me explain briefly, then we shall answer the rest of your question.

In order for Dreamland to exist, it had to first be created by thought. This means that the thought originated in a "mind". In the case of Dreamland, there are several minds involved in creating and holding together the holomatrix itself.
If you look at the picture above you'll see that it is not just one mind, but many minds connected together by a common purpose - that of producing the holomatrix as a Dreamland realm unto itself.

The individual minds interconnected their consciousness into what you would call a 'hive mind' state of being. Their intent has been to create a realm that has no basis in reality but exists only on the basis of a dream- or trance-like state. It is not a hallucination, nor an altered state held within each mind.

These souls have connected their consciousness together and projected into a central point around which they huddle together, creating a small sphere of light. This sphere of light is where the holomatrix, which we are calling Dreamland, exists.

This is why I said previously that the holomatrix is actually very small, that the entire universe and all dimensions exist within it. I know that seems impossible, but after all, it is what you would call a 'dream' that is an 'illusion', and size has no actual relevancy in such a state.

These mind-melded souls who have created the holomatrix are still huddled together, holding together its dynamics so that all who desire to do so can project a small portion of their own consciousness into it for personal experience.

In a nutshell, as you say, this is where the small portion of you and everyone else with you exist during your visitation to Dreamland.

We shall address this in detail more at another time. For now I shall say that the realm where these souls, including your own souls dwell, lies outside the sphere of light that composes Dreamland. This realm that exists outside of the holomatrix is what the Council referred to as the Singularity.

NeoMe: Is this the same as what they called the Upper Triad?

Mr. Jolly: No. The Upper Triad is what they define as a triad composed of 3 dimensions that lie above the 3 dimensions that you exist within, which They called the Lower Triad. The Lower Triad and Upper Triad both exist within the holomatrix. Being of varying dimensional properties, they both compose Dreamland. The Council is describing the various realms of existence within Dreamland. As souls progress through higher levels of understanding, within Dreamland, they ascend to higher dimensions of existence, each possessing its own unique properties of density composing physicality and materiality.

The basis of all of that is constructed upon the function of mechanisms you refer to as 'holograms'. These holograms possess differing properties within each given dimension, each one specifically suited to the density of each dimension.

For the sake of what you all need to understand right now, there is no need to become scientific about how this works. This is a higher level of science that is actually beyond the knowledge of all science known throughout Dreamland.

Consequently, I shall keep my knowledge imparted to you limited to that which will be of most benefit to you with regard to your immersion in and exodus from Dreamland.

NeoMe: So, when the Council refers to 'ascension' they are referring specifically to "ascending from the Lower Triad to the Upper Triad", aren't they? I mean, this term does not apply to leaving Dreamland, does it, as some people assume it does?

Mr. Jolly: Technically it could refer to "ascending out of Dreamland", but then the double use of the word becomes confusing. The Council chose to use that term due to its reference to one's soul ascending to higher lives of understanding.

When the one you know as Jesus was said to have 'ascended', it was meant that he actually made his exodus out of Dreamland. He didn't merely ascend to a higher level of understanding within the holomatrix, to the Upper Triad. He left it all together. This was the original meaning of the ancient term 'ascension'.

For our purposes, in order to avoid confusion, I shall refrain from using the word ascension with regard to leaving Dreamland and instead I shall use the terms 'exodus', 'exit', 'leave', 'depart/departure', 'withdraw/withdrawal', where and when it fits the syntax of our conversations.

Are we agreeable and clear on the use of this distinction?

NeoMe: Yes. Thank you. So, that answers that part of my question. Would you please clarify how the information you are imparting at this time correlates with what the Council imparted?

Mr. Jolly: It correlates with their teaching about the "ascension of the universe", as They refer to it. I shall now elaborate a bit more.

There is a great complexity to this matter so again, without getting off into sciences that you cannot possibly understand I shall be as comprehensive as I can in describing it to you.

The Council confined their discussions to souls who are ascending and souls who are migrating. And they also discussed the matter of contact occurring on your planet with extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings. This is all being done within the confines of Dreamland itself. None of what they described involves any soul leaving the holomatrix itself.

This is where the need for my teachings come in. The reason my knowledge is correlated with their knowledge is due to the changes occurring within the holomatrix itself.

This is not only affecting ascending soul and migrating souls who are remaining in the holomatrix, but also souls who are leaving it. The Council did not publicly address this particular group of souls for the reason that they themselves are Ascended Beings who are ascending with the universe. They chose to stick to discussing what they 'know' from personal experience. They are not souls who are leaving Dreamland and they never claimed to be amongst such souls.

NeoMe: Is this the reason why when I saw you with the Council, you seemed to be in the background of their group; that you seemed a bit detached from them even though you were in their presence?

Mr. Jolly: Yes, indeed.

NeoMe: Were they aware of your presence?

Mr. Jolly: Yes, they were, to a given degree. But they are more interested in the dominant direction of their soul's evolution within Dreamland than they are with leaving it. It is like being in a room of people you know and don't know, but you tend to gravitate toward focusing on and connecting with those you know, especially those who share common interests with you. The others become like what you refer to as 'wallflowers', there but not there, not acknowledged or interacted with. Does that make sense?

NeoMe: Yes, it does. Thank you. You said that there is another group of souls with a destiny that the Council did not address which would be those who are ready to leave Dreamland. If this group of souls is leaving the holomatrix, then what does their exodus have to do with the ascension of the universe and/or vice-versa?

Mr. Jolly: What the Council refers to as the ascension of the universe is, more technically speaking, a “changing of the guards”, as you might say. By this I mean that the souls who created and have been holding together the holomatrix for everyone else to delve into, are ready to “pass the baton” to another group of souls to hold it together.

In order to do this some minor changes will affect the holomatrix itself due to a new set of perspectives issuing from the minds of the new group of souls who jointly will be holding it all together. The new perspectives will affect the holograms that compose the holomatrix.

It can be likened to making a major change in the hard drive of your computer as you switch from one brand of programming to an entirely new one. The new programming presents new opportunities for you that you didn’t have before which enhances the experience of using your computer.

The new perspectives that the new group of souls bring to the holomatrix will do something similar. This is why the Council has said that the Lower Triad is being phased-out, if you will, because of this switching of souls who are sustaining the holomatrix. The holomatrix-programming that used to be “standard issue” for your use will be eliminated so that the new holo-programming, if you will, can take its place.

This means that all souls dwelling in Dreamland when this switchover takes place and effectively eliminates the outmoded Lower Triad will experience one of the two scenarios that the Council spoke of – meaning, that of ascension to the Upper Triad or migration to the new universe.

You see, with regard to the ascension of the universe, none of what the Council spoke of is occurring without a much larger reason behind it. They did not speak of the greater reason for the ascension of the universe beyond what they themselves have experienced as personal firsthand knowledge. Again, they stick to what they know from personal experience so that the ascending souls they are addressing are given truth not theory. 

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26 July 2014

The End of Time for the Matrix ~ Ibrahim Hassan ~ 26 July 2014

I was hoping that Ibrahim Hassan would be updating us on this highly interesting and unusual phase that we have entered, to assist with our deeper understanding of the workings of the unseen realms. Here it is,with sufficient behind-the-scene details that clearly illustrate and validate what's happening. I'm posting the full update; Ibrahim's site is here. (It is interesting to note the mention of "Blue pulse" in Ibrahim's update; Gaia Portal mentioned "Blue ribbons" and Cobra referred to "the Blue and Azure"...)

We have promised to keep you informed of important developments in case of occurrence and completeness... Here we are again to inform you of recent & important developments...

It is difficult to transfer events that occur in the higher realm of consciousness which depends on the depth of consciousness and understanding to the lower layers of consciousness which rely on information… The difficulty lies in the big disparity in consciousness among the masses of mankind, that’s why we have decided to put these new developments in the form of simple points to be a beacon for all researchers in the path of consciousness and for those who are waiting for the New Era {The Golden Age} in order to seek the facts out of it … and these developments were summary of a deep journey for us in the higher realms of consciousness and an inner journey in the last 3 months..  

In 22nd of April 2014, in the time of Cardinal Cross, the new infrastructure was activated in the range of 86,000 of neighboring galaxies including the Milky Way galaxy... for more, please click here...

In 21st of May 2014 the plans of placing The Final Time Line has been completed, which is divided into 4 Sub-lines:
1-    Line of the Natural ascension { above 5th Dimension}
2-    Line of the Ascension to the 5th Dimension
3-    Line of the Evolution 
4-    Line of the 3rd Dimension , for those who could not achieve the ascension

In 21st of June 2014 the Blue Energies was launched in simple batches, from the central sun of the galaxy to all dimensions, levels and sectors of Galaxies, and only at the Astral Level for planet earth, and that is to free the intellectual and emotional connection of the 3rd Dimension..

in 1st of July 2014 a large meeting has occurred for all consciousness beings in all its forms and levels under the direction of the first creator (One) in the official status, under the name of Barahman as a spiritual status, to identify all the final issues to the new cosmic system [which we mentioned previously in the article on 11.11.2013 , please click here ]

in 9th of July 2014 the implementation of resolution had been done, which has long been awaited {the launch of the blue pulse}, from the central sun of our galaxy, and resulted out of it “ the beginning of the implementation of all the decisions in all dimensions and levels” which approved in 1st of July 2014” to end all the problems in the dimensions that been hurt, because of the forces of darkness since 45 million years [ in Earth’s Time ], as for this blue pulse will descend into the earth planet within the spiritual levels & layers slowly until it reaches the physical level on earth..

The reason is that the people of earth do not live in the real dimension of space-time [they are in a dream within the Matrix], so there must be a preparation issues before launching the Event [the access of the blue pulse in the physical level in the ground] in order for souls not to be hurt in a direct awakening..
in 16th of July 2014 , the Blue Pulse has arrived to the Mental level ,where at this level and the level below it [the Astral level], all the issues that related to the Matrix “Orion”  are managed, and all the forces of darkness have been removed from the {Mental realm} and the Astral realm is under process ..This means The Falling of the Matrix...

The management of the Matrix issues is at the Mental and Astral level Now by The Confederation of the Light forces..

We did not see anything on the physical level in the ground, because they kept on the old astral system temporarily until they complete cleansing the whole astral level, and then installing the new astral system...so the Confederation of Light Forces are now whom controlled the situation, and after that the awakening will happened in stages in preparation for the Event and then ascension to each line of the 4 lines, all at the time..

On this, it was as follows:
  • In 17th of July 2014, the earth entered in what is called the End Of Time...the end of the illusion time from the Matrix, therefore you can see that the Sun became in the lowest solar and wind flares without sun spots, in preparation for the launch of the New Sun {The Golden Age sun} , in its  new vibration which varies from the 3rd Dimension to the 7 Dimension… All that you see of Time inside the Matrix is a movement, nothing more, as the real time is linked to the sun...
  • Ending the series of delays in the time, which was manipulated by the forces of darkness to delay the event..
  • There will not be any delay after this date 17th of July 2014 to complete the plan of the planet earth..
  • In the period between [27th of July 2014 _ 3rd of Sept 2014], there will be releasing to all the events that the forces of darkness have worked on delaying them in the old Time Line {it is the events that leading up to the event to be happen} in order to finish the old time line, and start working on the new time line..
  • In these 37 days, these events will accompanied with the energies of Violet Flares to put points on the letters of the situations in the Planet Earth, and prepare people spiritually in their internal struggles to start working in the new Time Line.. So the Conflicts will escalate in this period..
  • We will enter into the New Time Line on 3rd of Sept.2014
  • After the completion of the Blue and Violet energies, the energies of the crown chakra will begin to work on earth, and announce the entry of the new era, which will be in two phases: 1- From 3rd of Sept. 2014 until 21st of Sept.2014, the pink energies will flow into earth for spiritual cleansing.. 2- From 21st of Sept.2014 and after, the Golden Ray energies will flow into earth to raise the vibration and the advancement of the New Era..

  • The period between 27th of July 2014 to 3rd of Sept.2014 is the likely time for the Event in general if the collective consciousness of human interact with the events that were delayed, and will be launched  before the Event, otherwise the probably period of the Event will be between 3rd of Sept.2014  to 21st of Sept.2014
  • The Event depends on the readiness and preparedness to it and to the collective consciousness of mankind...

    You , in your own consciousness who will determine the time of the event, whereas the situation in the higher realm is ready now, and we have to be alignment with what is happening in the higher realm...

With my love and peace to all
Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan

Updates from Tolec and Nahiska from the Andromeda Council ~ 24 July 2014

Great Eye of Heaven by Karol the Artist
Two separate updates on the changes and unfolding events, both for the Planet and Humanity. The first is from Tolec, where he agrees with David Wilcock's assessment and dream  interpretations of what's going on; the second is from Nahiska, who is the Head of Defense of the Andromeda Council. His update is from the point of view of the Galactics, and their on-going (and much needed) assistance to the Planet and Humanity in largely unseen (and often unknown or unappreciated, if I may add) ways. Some of this information aligns with what Sheldan Nidle has been telling us. Very timely and informative!

Please go over to Tolec's site to read these updates.

Turning Inwards to Core Power ~ A Planet and Population In Transition ~ Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn ~ New Year July/August 2014

Once again you have reached the "New Year" of your planet. As you approach the end of July 2014, a turbulent month filled with challenges, you are now ready to cross the threshold and enter into a New Year of Light, Time and Experience. Will you choose to move with the rising light and into a new level of experiences, or will you simply continue to repeat the same experiences again and again in the coming year?

This is a valid question, for as the Planetary energies rise and increase in intensity, each living being on the Planet is given the opportunity to intiate a new level of personal growth and experience in accordance with the energies of the Planet and the incoming Light Codes that are transmitted from the Great Central Sun and the Galactic Center as Light Impulses from the Great Cosmic Heart and Mind.

This is not an easy time for any of you, as the Planet is moving through a period of Transition from the old pre-2012 system and order and into its New Earth manifestation and form, according to the blueprints and dreams of the Collective Heart and Mind in action. It may not seem so, since the level of confusion, violence and chaos on the Planet is intense. Yet we see this a manifestation of the old energies falling away in order to give rise to something new that will sustain life on Planet Earth in the years to come.

Each one of you, on the personal level, will be led to question your life and your values, and to choose a new path that aligns more closely with what you hold to be truth in your life.

You may also find that while you are asked to "let go", there may be nothing that arises immediately to take its place. This may be a frightening prospect, being asked to step into a void with nothing but trust that you will be held and guided. But in truth, Beloved Ones, you have been prepared for this moment for many years.

Yes, this is the moment when you are truly stepping forward as Masters of Light, Masters of Time and Space, and claiming your Core Power.

Core Power and how it Sustains you and Guides you in the Transition

You may ask....what is this Core Power of which we speak? It is a very deep inner power and knowing that you have been developing since you began your process of awakening and transformation.

When you awakened, you began the process of activating your Light Body and activating your DNA in accordance with the Divine Template or Blueprint for Human LIfe. When you were ready, you were able to receive the Light Codes that activated the Christ Consciousness with its Golden Christ Light, and the Diamond Codes that activated your Galactic Consciousness and enabled you to align fully with the incoming Galactic Light Codes.

The combination of an active Light Body and Light Activated DNA creates a powerful energetic flow that can be directed through the Heart and the Higher Chakras to create what we would call "Core Power" in each awakened and conscious individual.

This means that you have a power and an influence that goes beyond your mind and your simple mental thoughts and judgmemnts. You have a flow of energy that is aligned with the Cosmic Heart and you can draw on that power at times when you feel blocked, challenged, or without focus and direction on the Mental level.

Core Power is centered on the Heart, and it must be felt and experienced, rather than thought about. It is higher than the mental and emotional aspects of being, and is expressed primarily as feeling, passion, intuition and trust.
Once this level of feeling and passion is activated in the Body/Light Body, then it can be directed downwards into the Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects of Being, allowing solutions and opportunities to manifest in an easy and natural way.

As you begin to work with Core Power, you will notice two things happening. Firstly you will be challenged on many levels, and secondly you will learn to let go and allow the power to flow and create solutions in your life.

The challenge will come from allowing the Core Power to take over and be the leading force in your life. Your mind and your emotions will seek to assert their control over you. They have been in control most of your life, and will be unwilling to just let go of their illusion of control. So many situations will arise where you will be confronted with a choice, to either use your Core Power, or to follow your mind and your emotions, or, as a Master to allow them to work in harmony and in balance. For the "natural" flow of energy is to engage the Core Power and then bring that through so that it may be expressed as mental, emotional and physical energies in the "real" world.

Please continue reading here.

25 July 2014

Third Stage, Crystal Cities and DNA Upgrades


I'd like to relate a couple of experiences I've had in the past two days; I would like to believe that they are accurate indications of what we are currently going through.

In a very complex vision which is difficult to describe, I get the sense that we have entered a third stage of some process. Although I cannot be sure if this is related in any way to the third "pulse" of highly-charged energies courtesy of Ison that's meant to re-set the frequencies of our Planet as explained by Alkesh, I'm quite certain that it's significant in terms of progress. I'm getting that this stage will result in highly elevated frequencies that will bump up the Collective Consciousness several notches. Today's Gaia Portal update mentioned preparations for a "restart"; that ties in with the purpose of the third "pulse" as per Alkesh.

In the second instance, I saw very many beautiful crystalline lines all moving around to form something. I immediately knew that to be Crystal Cities. However, later in the day, I received a very strong and sudden impression that these lines also represented our DNA upgrade to crystalline. So it's both Crystal Cities in the making, as well as our DNA structures.

I had originally intended to draw a number of messages together to form a bigger picture, which is what I like to do for my own understanding of what's occurring at different and deeper levels. However, my present state of Being makes that challenging ~ I woke up this morning and felt like going back to sleep ~ so I will abandon that thought for now.

I hope that you are all navigating through these really intense waves without too many issues. Stay well and keep those vibrations high :)

Urgent Reminder for 26 July 2014 ~ Argathan Crystal Delivered to Israel/Palestine ~ Meditation for World Peace ~ Anna Merkaba

Tomorrow the crystal that is being delivered from Iceland will be placed underneath israel/Palestine, it’s almost there. Isis is in Egypt starting today. The energy is going to be amplified, it’s important to tune into the crystal to assist the energy to be properly distributed among everyone, calling out to their higher selves and helping in shifting the consciousness towards PEACE. It is important to use the GOLDEN light.
What we should WILL with the power of our minds eye, and to those who are doubting their abilities, STOP. BECAUSE YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLY POWERFUL BEINGS OF LIGHT. If it was not so, you wouldn’t be here right now! So USE your UNIVERSAL GOD ENERGY that is flowing through you in order to redirect the conflicting EGO based energy that is presently there into PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.

To do so SEE the Golden Particles and Golden light, this universal life giving energy completely encompass all of the middle east. See as it showers down onto these lands and bathes them in Unconditional Love of the Creator. Now send this light deep into the earth core, having it attract all particles of negativity, all thought forms, all negative entities, all archonic influences to itself and with a thunderous might pull all of this down, all the way down to the core of the earth for transmutation and purification.

Let it pass through the Agarthian Sun (which will act as a purifying mechanism with the assistance of all Agarthians who are standing by) and as it rises back up direct it with your minds eye to the crystal sitting on the border of Israel and Palestine. Willing this light to move up the crystal and through it, in a vortex like formation spinning outward encompassing all of the surrounding countries and most importantly purifying the hearts of ALL who live there. Together we can make the shift in conciousness happen! After all we’ve come THIS FAR! I love you all and deeply thank you for your continues effort in assisting all human souls in establishing a peaceful and harmonious society by activating their heart’s code and connecting them to unconditional love!!!! xoxox

Please continue reading here.

The Universe Is Always On Your Side, Even When It Doesn’t Seem That Way ~ Laura Jane ~ 24 July 2014

One way to think of the Universe is like a grand resonating drum, reverberating in the field of consciousness. Like a cave that responds to sound waves with an echo, the universe actually responds to thoughts and intentions as well as actions. It’s important to realize that more than just echoing these back to you in the precise form you sent them, the Universe collaborates with you.

Open Your Eyes And Expand Your Vision

As your partner in the projects you want to realize, the experiences you want to attract and the goals you want to achieve, the Universe may have different options or interpretations to offer which could differ from what you expect. This is why it is necessary to be open minded and trust in this process. In fact, it can help to consider, what if the Universe has plans for me that are even better than the ones I can imagine? You’ll never find out unless you can let go of some of that control and expand your vision.
Many people have a narrow view when it comes to their goals and desires, keeping a tight grip on their initial vision: “My future job/partner/project must look exactly like X, or I will not accept.  I met this expectation of myself.”
If you have this tunnel vision, it may cause you to miss opportunities because you fail to recognize them as such. Often things show up in our lives in a different form then we expect, but with the means to bring us to where we ultimately want to go.  If you can let go of a controlling grip and open your mind to alternate paths, you will begin to see how to use what comes back to you.

Remaining Creative And Open

The mind state of play is important for encouraging a creative approach to problem solving. This is because while in play mode the mind is open to letting ideas flow and seeing different perspectives. A fear-based mindset does the exact opposite, essentially putting blinders on one’s vision.  So, by adopting this perspective you are playing with the Universe to bring what you want into your life. You will begin to see opportunities instead of hurdles, and challenges instead of setbacks.

The trick is to change your perspective. You may not be able to change what cards you are dealt but you can change how you view them, which can have a dramatic influence on your journey. Would you rather journey through life bitter and resentful, fearful and closed off or open and fearless? By choosing to look at situations with a more positive and playful perspective, you invite more joy and positive experiences into your life.

Asking For Help

If you ask for help, the Universe will respond.

Please continue reading here.

Forbearance ~ Jamye Price ~ 24 July 2014

Forbearance is patience, endurance, allowing an agreement or debt to be reworked or forgiven. It first came through as a LightBlast topic in December of 2012. I didn’t know what it meant, and although as a conscious channel I can access words I don’t know, in general, my vocabulary is what my guides have to work with. I looked up the word and was excited about how the LightBlast would proceed. Here we are again at a beautiful tipping point of Forbearance. What needs your Forbearance in your life? You? Are you patient with yourself, thereby allowing Movement the Grace of forming anew? Is there another in your life that could benefit from the support of your Loving gaze, allowing them the Fortitude to open their heart to Life? Is there a situation in the world that could use your Forbearance to let go of the anger and frustration and open your heart for the flow of change? Your focus is powerful. Your Forbearance gives balanced stance in the perpetual movement of Life.

In December of 2012, I went to a large Kryon gathering in Maui for the solstice. I saw two wonderful Lightworkers there, Charlene and Wendy, that had a fabulous story about the “Trees of Forbearance.” Prior to the event, Charlene and Wendy were driving in Maui and were awestruck when they saw the unusual rainbow-barked eucalyptus trees. They pulled over to take a closer look. Charlene said, “I wonder what they are,” and Wendy immediately and clearly heard, “We are the Trees of Forbearance.” Charlene had read the LightBlast of that week, but Wendy had not. Like me, she didn’t really know the full definition of Forbearance prior to hearing the word clairaudiently. It was a great validation of the time of change that we were embarking (ha ha!) upon at the turn of the solstice in 2012. Much of 2013 did require patience and forgiveness! ;o) Why is this coming back now? 2013 was a year of extensive release, but 2014 is a year of building personal empowerment. Forbearance, like the power and beauty of the rainbow eucalyptus tree, requires a grace with the pace of Life and a confidence with the changes of Life. You have both, you merely need nurture them into consistently greater evidence for yourself. 

Please continue reading here,  or watch the video here.

Gaia Energetics Prepares for “Restart” at Higher Vibrational and Higher Dimensional Levels ~ Gaia Portal ~ 24 July 2014

Source: Gaia Portal
Gaia energetics prepares for “Restart” at Higher Vibrational and Higher Dimensional levels. Current hu-manity consciousness is collectively now ready for receiving such. 

Break-offs from old paradigm systems now occurs rapidly and with solid movement. Such continues until all are dissolved.

Spontaneous combustions are now viewable via all available viewing channels.

Participation of Hue-manity has reached sufficient stage for completion of the process.

Gaia welcomes such occurrences.

27 July 2014, Gates of Hades, Nostradamus Image Finally Decoded, Golden Age ~ Cloudkicker1000 ~ 20 January 2014

I was viewing a video about the 27th of July (which seems to be featured by several sites) when this particular video caught my eye. It's also about the 27th with some compelling interpretations that I thought was astounding. If this video is accurate, we should be seeing the official dawn of Satya Yuga (Golden Age) and the definite end of the most-challenging Kali Yuga.

Please watch the video here.

The Sun: Massive Rings and Large Objects ~ BPEarthWatch ~ 21-23 July 2014

I've been going through some videos on BP Earth Watch's Youtube channel; here are some interesting ones that have totally fascinated me. They are all about the unusual activities around our Sun, which BP was unable to explain. I could be wrong, but my suggestion is that these images captured by SOHO and Secchi may have something to do with the third wave of super-charged energies being transmitted from beyond the Galactic Centre, as explained in greater detail by Alkesh (see post here). We were told that this third wave of energies would arrive in July.

In one of the videos, BP makes a reference to the Schumann Resonance. Although I don't really know what the charts indicate, I won't be surprised if they mean to show a rise in the Schumann Resonance frequency. Remember that we are heading towards 13 Hz!

Watch these videos and see what you think:

Massive Rings Coming From The Sun

Massive Rinds From the Sun/Schumann Resonance

Large Objects Over the Sun / Soho.

24 July 2014

The Heart of Transformation ~ Matt Kahn

For Fun ~ Underneath a Lenticular Cloud on Mt Shasta ~ Sandra Walter ~ 24 July 2014

Just a brief update from Sandra on the powerful energies we are now receiving. There's also a video that she took of a lenticular cloud forming. Here's the update:

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The current energies can make us feel blissy, anxious, restless or still, sometimes all of these within the course of a day. Our next gateway is July 25 – 27, which feels powerful already as the light builds. Always good, another opportunity to level up and expand our consciousness.

These current gates are focused on personal revelation, a divine intervention penetrating the Ascending HUman heart grid. Divine in a true evolutionary sense, and we must remember this even when it feels bizarre. Shasta has been pulling in and throwing off some strong energetics this Summer. Plenty of strange experiences have been shared among in the local tribe. Dimensional flux, veil-thinning, portals playing with time, lightship activity, and energies pulling people to the ground on the mountain. Many moments of *step away from the vortex* and *don’t do anything* presenting this Summer. Quite different from day to day, it is a great method for putting the Now into everyone’s agenda.

On behalf of the buzzy vibe, I put together some photos and video of watching a Lenticular cloud morph on July 22, from underneath the cloud.

The top road was closed for repaving, so I hiked up for some Sunset Gatework beneath the lenticular clouds which had been playing with the cooler air up there. A lovely evening, no one around, gorgeous display, and the energy was very active. Felt like a fun moment to share with the tribe!

Please continue here for the video.

Urgent Message Regarding MH 17 ~ Cosmic Awareness via Wil Berlinghof ~ 21 July 2014

Flower of Peace ~ Earth Echo
Cosmic Awareness urges us to remain balanced and in neutrality from the fallout of this recent tragedy ~ he confirms that it's a red flag event, and that an attack did unfortunately take place. This was an attempt to provoke and instigate war. We are asked to call forth our highest guidance in ensuring that this does not play out.

Please read the message here. 

There is also an audio version which you can find here.

Creations to Manifestation ~ The Parcours of Energy from Source to Planetary Level ~ Meline Portia Lafont ~ 23 July 2014

Whenever information is given to us from on High, what we receive, perceive and conceive is information that is tapped into the Now.  THe Now is limitless and timeless, it is a space of creation in the space and time continuum, in the ever lasting now: the being, the Zero point where ALL IS and Nothing is at the same time.  Omnil ~ Om = All-ness + Nil (0) = nothingness.

The parcours of  that  the energy needs to undertake goes from the Omniverse through the Universe, through the Intergalactic planes, through the Galactic planes, through the Interstellar planes, through the Solar plane to enter in our Planetary plane and reality.

An event, creation and manifestation cannot be translated into a date or time as all is birthed in the Now and emerges into our reality through the own heart space and when this will be, is resulted from the state of Self consciousness, awareness, level of consciousness and the own heart portal on your inner planes.  Everyone's path is unique and therefore not to be measured nor to be predicted in time.  All is in the Now in the heart and created through the heart.

For the full message, please watch the accompanying video here.

23 July 2014

Energy Update ~ Huge Ascension Shift ~ 22 July 2014 ~ Georgi Stankov

Deep Space by Jason D Page
This is a sort of continuation from the previous post. Here, Georgi Stankov elaborates on what's unfolding during this very intense period of transformation. Personally, I feel that the energies are very, very strong and "unusual". Well, 2014 has been a never-ending series of "unusual", and yet this one feels so unlike the others, as I had expressed in an earlier post.

From the update, it is obvious that we are beginning our entry into a cycle of an immense profundity.

This is just a short update, so please head over here to read it.

The Splitting of the New Galaxy Has Begun ~ 6D Space Fleet of Light via Jahn J Kassl ~ 19 July 2014 ~ Translation and Foreword by Georgi Stankov

Foreword : Georgi Stankov

The good news first: The interdimensional splitting of the new Galaxy and Gaia as its crystallisation point has commenced and we, the few light warriors of the first and the last hours – the new Guardians of this Galaxy – are in the eye of the storm. We are the main protagonists of the ascension process and are at the same time fully detached from this dense reality in a process of rapid dissolution, as Jahn has experienced it during the reception of this message (read below). The reason for this detachment is that we all now dwell in the 6D and are here only as avatars to guide and observe this unique cosmic event of incredible proportions.

We are now making history for All-That-Is, for the whole omniverse, and uncountable souls from all over the realms of Being are watching our Tantalus act as the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new “galaxia dorada” (golden galaxy), as it has been named in a remarkable channeling, which I read more than a year ago.

The ascension of the new golden galaxy began when the gold-violet flame arrived at Gaia end of May and was first transmitted through Carla and myself for more than a month, before it had imbued the quantum structure of Gaia and humanity and could be given as a divine gift to the light warriors as an invocation of St. Germain at the end of June. These events have been very precisely described and reported in my articles, after I opened this website again and should be re-read by my readers over and over again.
With the help of these most powerful energies - the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra - from the Source, we have advanced to powerful creator gods, which are not only in the position to contain any heinous deed of the dark ruling cabal in the End Times, but also to create numerous new 4D and 5D worlds of indescribable beauty that will exist eternally in this new golden galaxy and will be visited by infinite numbers of newly incarnated souls. This is a most remarkable creation beyond the wildest human imagination. And it has started from the most densest and toxic planet in All-That-Is. There is nothing comparable to our success in the whole multi-verse. We should keep this key fact always present in our minds in these last most difficult and tense days.

Please continue reading here.

David Wilcock's Comments on Ben Fulfolrd's 22 July 2014 Update ~ Kauilapele

KP has strung together three comments from David Wilcock on Ben Fulford's 22 July update. There's quite a bit on intel as well as the unfolding of this Planetary shift (with Humanity in tow); some patience may be required to get to the actual information.

From KP's post:

 Excellent reading (IMHO, at least) in this comment(s) by David.
“…my dream data corroborated that these latest stunts have created a “point of no return” for the Cabal. They were desperate as it was, but I’m having dream after dream saying they have really blown it by this latest round of violence. They have finally created the initiative for the rest of the world to pull together and end this.

“Preston James and Gordon Duff at Veteran’s Today are both saying that a critical shift has occurred in the relationship between the benevolent human ETs helping us and the Cabal. The Cabal has been given a final ultimatum. I do believe some form of divine intervention is required to actually clean up this mess due to how entrenched the power structure truly is.
“The ETs need our free-will permission to act. Until we were brave enough as a planet to step up and fight, and do something as tangible as to create this alternative financial infrastructure, the ETs couldn’t intervene as strongly as they can now that we’ve done the work…

“The younger [cabal] members are not subscribing to the genocidal mindset and do not want to play along. These new leaks indicated that there have been positive moves made by the younger people to release all sorts of information that advances us as a planet.
“I believe we are seeing this in the form of many stunning new leaps forward in the disclosure movement in mainstream media… I do believe… that the formula of “first the Cabal is defeated, then disclosure” will hold true. Any type of significant breaking of the facade will soon have the effect of a truth avalanche, where people will begin questioning everything they thought they knew.”
Please continue reading here.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 22 July 2014

7 Etznab, 1 Vayeb, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We come with many wonderful things to discuss. Presently, events are being readied which are to bring this globe freedom, peace and prosperity. Our galactic and earthly associates are working together to put an end to the long, dark night that you have all travelled through. It is truly amazing to see how Heaven's divine clock has brought you to the very edge of success. Things are happening to liberate you from governance that works to suppress your freedom, and release you from lies about what it is doing. This tyranny is now to be transformed. When America first announced its independence, it did so in a manner which permitted its sacred declaration to proclaim why it was to be a special beacon of liberty. This proclamation was gradually silenced by those who shared allegiances with individuals in Britain who wished to espouse tyranny over freedom and wealth accumulation over the divine rights of each American. This blasphemy is now to be transformed and new governance announced, to reverse the recent sins against this great land. This is to bring peace, prosperity and cooperation to Gaia and her surface humanity!

   This is only a small but still pertinent aspect of what is nearing manifestation. Our earthly associates continue to move forward quickly on those operations which are to bring new financial and banking instruments. The wealth long hidden by the great dynastic and spiritual families is almost ready to be distributed. This is to be accompanied by new banking procedures that are backed up by new and transparent laws. In addition, those who have long hidden behind this immense skullduggery are to be arrested and removed from the illicit wealth that they have accumulated for decades. Our associates intend to bring forth both a distribution of wealth and to impose globally a great jubilee. During this year of jubilee all debts are to be forgiven and all are to start fresh in this new prosperous reality. You are to be freed and educated by your Ascended Masters in essential truths long hidden by this most onerous cabal. You are, in reality, extra-terrestrials that first landed here some 900,000 years ago.
   Moreover, this new governance is to proclaim our benevolent existence and welcome those who are the representatives of your mutual ancestors. The Inner Earth lands of Agartha can then send representatives to you who can further explain your true hidden histories. This rise of the Lemurians is to permit them to open up hidden passages to Inner Earth and uncover many now-buried monuments which contain the records of your ancient and "lost" societies. These records date back to the various golden Ages of humanity, but this is only a start. Much more needs to be made known to you. Our mentors intend to allow you to view parts of your Akashic records and discover how you and your ancestors coped with what was done to them by the dark Anunnaki. These revelations are not meant to shock you, but only to permit you to gain a better understanding of what has been done to you over the past nearly 13 millennia. We are to come to enable you to prepare for your leap into full consciousness. This final step involves mentoring, monitoring your time in the Light Chambers and your subsequent training.

   As fully conscious Beings, you are to come into divine service. You need to understand fully what this implies and what is to be expected of you. Fully conscious Beings are gregarious and confident humans. We are taught from early childhood to work with each other and freely to pursue the meanings behind our various talents and abilities. This daily search makes our system of fluid management operate smoothly and efficiently. You are as well to be assigned counselors who work with your team of spiritual advisors to ensure that this society meets your needs, and that you can creatively solve any problems that you or your society encounters. This process is ongoing. You see how your life contract meshes with others. Everything which you do is done in this context. You freely support one another and all the numerous star nations that comprise this Galactic Federation of Light. It is in this light that we operate our societies and the star nations which contain them. We intend to prepare you for this sacred life of service to Heaven and her sacred decrees.