08 August 2014

Soul Contract Revocaton ~ A Re-Visit

I've covered this before, but I feel inspired to add a little bit more to the information as well as to remind those who have not yet revoked their Soul Contract, to do so, in whatever manner you deem suitable.

Cobra brought this up in his August round-up with Rob Potter (posted here). It prompted me to mention it again, and to encourage all to carry out your own Soul Contract Revocation. Although I feel that it's only necessary to proclaim it once, I don't think it does any harm to repeat if you feel guided to do so.

There are quite a few versions of contract revocations that I've come across; the one I like and resonate with the most is Mary-Jane's version, the link of which you can find on the right-sidebar, or just go here.

Then there are the ones by Andrew Bartzis, which you can find here. I have not used these myself, so I don't really know much about them.

Lisa Renee also has a contract revocation in print, which you can find here.

There must be many more that are freely available that I'm not aware of, just allow yourself to be led to one that you align with the most. Or create one of your own! The important thing is to just do it, break those darn contracts that we were forced/duped/coerced into "agreement".

Remember that we are the gods and goddesses we've always meant to be, before we had to fall so greatly into lower consciousness. The time has come for us to make that ascent upwards, and return to Who We Truly Are.

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