31 October 2014

The Etheric Chronovisor ~ Galactis Team ~ 28 October 2014

In the previous release from the Galactis Team, they chronicled the huge-scale attack upon Anais and the Sirians, and how they were able to repel the raiding Reptilians; this war resulted in some timeline manipulations as well as disastrous outcomes in the astral world (summary is posted here). In Alkesh's latest interview with Maarten Horst, he mentioned the chornovisor, which is the subject of this new production.

I would also like to mention that this documentary offers more details about the plight of MH 370, which the Galactis Team had covered in a previous article (you can find it on their site, or posted here). I have yet to finish viewing the entire video.

Here is the description for the video:
The film describes a Sirian hi-tech device, named the “Chronovisor”, through which information from the “universal memory” or Akasha can be accessed. The details offered are amazing; they include, among other things, the way in which the Sirian mother-ship moves through space and the concept of information and its storage by Sirians.

At the end of the film there are some predictions about the evolution of future events on a global scale as they were revealed by the Sirians.

Please watch this video here; it is about 100-minutes in length, subtitles available. It's good to bear in mind that this is from the Sirian perspective.

**Update ~ Just some quick notes:
  • Tensions to escacalate in coming months but global war will not occur
  • When the time-space vortex placed over our Planet by the Reptilians is dissolved, many people will come to know the truths; even then, each individual will need to choose the reality they wish to exist in
  • Romania may become the medium between West (Nato) and East (Brics)
  • Up until October, a "fog" would descend upon the Lightworkers, keeping activity to a minimum; it is a time of inner transformation
  • Reptilians placed in a time-loop after the recent battle to prevent them from further manipulating timelines
  • Sirians also "inserted" seeds in past that would allow for quantum jumps in awakening in near future
  • Period of respite from Sep-Oct where humans would have more time to consider their own awakening
  • Energy portals will be available for experiences of "mini-Event"; the exact timing of The Event is Divinely decide, no one knows when it will occur. Those who tap into these energies of "mini-Events" would be focal points of resonance for others, this in turn would increase the probability of The Event trigger
  • "Galactic" internet to become reality, with Galactis Team providing the channel to Anais and huge galactic data bank
  • Not even the Sirians able to predict events beyond Oct-Nov 2014 due to extraordinary complexities. However, Ascension timeline is already guaranteed, it just depends on us how fast we wish to go "according to the choices that we make"
Psst... I usually speed up long videos to reduce viewing time  :)

20+ Little Lonely Houses for the Solitary Soul ~ Bored Panda

I could do with a little getaway, unplugged, right now...!

Thanks to Deus Nexus where I first saw this.

Which one would you choose? Head here for the rest of the pictures (they have a Hobitt-house!).

From "Depth" to Life ~ Mona / Mahala Astrology ~ 28 October 2014

Source: Mahala Astrology

In these last few months,  many people have  really been feeling the “jolts” of change in their lives. I’m sure we all are to some degree feeling an upheaval of sorts as well. We recently had a blood red moon,  2 eclipses, and many solar flares of great magnitude to add to the pot. There’s no doubt about it…life just isn’t the same, nor will it ever be again.

Being a Vibrational Energy Healer/Reader my whole life, I would love to add a few tid bits of healthy advice for everyone to consider as these shifts are only increasing… especially up to the end of the year.

1.The changes we are experiencing are about lifting our recognition of our personal power. Both as individuals and as a collective whole, we are becoming new every day. Therefore, we must realize that by moving forward in life, this suggests we change our way of thinking in regards to how “things have always been.” Decisions we make may no longer feel like something we would have done even a year ago, and may be completely in a new phase of changing into the road less traveled. The best suggestion: go for it…. we really can no longer abide by something that our hearts do not feel.

2.As easily as illnesses come on, they can also leave. Energy is actually clearer and much more productive on our planet now. This is because we are being “downloaded” by many means of what the Universe is giving us and also has in store for us. It isn’t a good thing, or a bad thing. In higher consciousness, there’s no such thing. It’s what I call the “As Above, So Below” concept. It’s not that we can just “wish away” an illness, but we CAN wish away a thought. Those destructive thoughts can cause destructive action in the body. Also if you are working too hard, I am feeling strongly that we need to recognize the balance in resting as much as working.

Please continue reading here.

Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality ~ The Hathors via Tom Kenyon ~ 14 October 2014

Eye of the Storm ~ RedXen
I received a few emails alerting me to this message, which may appear to be most alarming and negative, but truly it's something that we've known for quite a while now. If we are to assume that a bifurcation of realities is to occur, then it boils down to a matter of choice. I look at it as a matter of raising our vibrational frequency.

Just the first few sentences of this message from The Hathors via Tom Kenyon is enough to convince you that it is well worth the time reading, and listening to the audio generously offered. I have already listened to it on repeat loop over the past 10 minutes, and it's really soothing. Those who are uber sensitive and have been feeling as if they have been on high alert for days on end would definitely appreciate the toning.

Source: Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Due to time-acceleration and cosmic forces far beyond your control you are in the midst of a crescendo of interlocking Chaotic Nodes.

In past messages we have referred to the interaction of chaotic events as a Chaotic Node, singular, but in this instance we are referring to a more complex phenomenon—what we are calling Chaotic Nodes, plural.

Depending upon your vibratory resonance you will be affected in unique ways by the escalation of chaotic events. Those of you sensitive to the ecosystem of this planet may be experiencing extreme duress as you witness the degradation of the ecosystem and the loss of many species of life.

Another Chaotic Node, in addition to the Chaotic Node of your ecosystem, is the stress of interpersonal communications. This is a very complex situation, and it is partly due to the shifts in magnetic fields upon your planet, making short-term memory and cognitive sequencing difficult during energetic shifts—and these energetic shifts are accelerating. Irrational behavior, desperation and feelings of utter hopelessness are on the rise. As the deterioration of both the ecosystem and interpersonal communications increase we anticipate even more cultural and social instability.

There is a growing sense among many that something is terribly wrong, and along with this is the feeling that there is no solution. In this instance we agree with something Albert Einstein once said, which is that the solution to a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem. 

From our perspective, the escalation of Chaotic Nodes is creating tidal waves of intense chaotic energies that many of you are finding difficult to contend with. Furthermore, your automatic reflexive ways of dealing with change are increasingly ineffective.

There is a fork in the road, so to speak, that you have entered both individually and collectively. One path from this fork will lead you into a type of madness and an inability to function in practical ways. For those who take this fork, escapism will be on the rise. Self-destruction both individually and collectively will also increase in this period.

Many of you who have an opportunity to transition out of third-dimensional reality into other dimensions will take it.

Without mincing words, to use one of your phrases, we would say you are entering one of the more difficult passages of planetary transformation.

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29 October 2014

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal ~ David Wilcock ~ 27 October 2014

I believe this latest discourse by David Wilcock is creating huge cyber-ripples across the global network. I've only managed to read a small section so far so I don't exactly know what the entire contents are about, but from the little that I've read, it would seem that David is sending out the message that we've reached the corner and are beginning to negotiate the turn. I remember watching some re-runs of Gilligan's Island...I had no clue whatsoever that it represented a Cabal message to Humanity! But then, I was still very young then....

Source: Divine Cosmos

After a much-needed ten-week sabbatical, here we are -- with a message of hope, positivity and a future far greater than our wildest expectations.

In spite of the headlines we are now seeing, is it possible that we are witnessing the fulfillment of a vast, cosmic plan -- with a remarkably positive outcome?

Hollywood movies are exposing the Cabal like never before -- suggesting a highly positive change is coming. Strap in and prepare for takeoff!

[PLEASE NOTE: You can post excerpts on your site providing you give a workable link. Please do not "mirror" the entire piece.

Sidebar "pullquotes" will continue to be added until Monday night, so the first 24 hours will involve slight edits to improve the overall look -- but that's all.]

[UPDATE, MONDAY AFTERNOON: New photographic evidence and links of classic reincarnation cases in Part Three.]

[UPDATE, MONDAY, 10:40 PM PST: Article is now page-locked and complete, as-is.]

[Click here to go directly to information about David's all-day event this Saturday, November 1st, in Sedona.]

There can be no doubt that life on earth is getting more and more wild and unpredictable all the time.
That's a polite way of saying it.
More bluntly, it seems like everything and everyone is going nuts!

Is this it? Is the sky falling? Are we all going to die? Should we be falling on our knees and crying for our mothers?

Is some nasty ebola virus going to rudely eat our flesh before the worms get their chance in another fifty or hundred years?

Guess what? You are about to read a message of hope -- not of fear and doom.
If you want "fear porn," you came to the wrong place.
There's plenty of it out there if that's what you're looking for.
Just read the headlines -- or watch cable news!
They will certainly thank you for it. They need the money!

Please continue reading here. This link contains the whole 3-part update.

Feeling The Love: Accelerated Timeline Shift ~ Sandra Walter ~ 28 October 2014

So much positive news in this update from Sandra Walter; and yes...our beautiful Sun and the solar flares are mentioned. It's like our Sun powered up, with the aid of the Cosmos (by that I include our Cosmic family), and delivered its payload very successfully. Sandra has mentioned another cycle...just days ahead ~ 4-11 November. Breathe...

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloveds,
The shift to an accelerated Ascension timeline has occurred. Deep gratitude to all who participated during the Gateway Trigger last week; our work on behalf of the highest interests of all concerned has lifted us to a more expansive, accelerated Ascension timeline. The levels of love, Christed light, and Fifth dimensional consciousness are quite profound.
I AM sure that most of you noticed the turning point – the timeline jump – during the X-flare of the 24th. It was sudden, strong, and palpable as the tube torus alignment between timelines occurred. Add it to the many magical moments of this journey as the unexplainable becomes commonplace; my Higher Levels said Step outside, open up to the SUN, and anchor this. A few minutes later, an X-flare that felt like pure Source consciousness. The following day, another nudge to step outside and

Witness the completion: A giant rainbow appeared over Shasta as the Trigger passage anchored our intent. Success!

Sandra Walter rainbow over Shasta
A Huge Rainbow over Shasta as the Gateway Trigger completed (Shasta is behind the clouds.) Feel it!

There are many things along this journey that I cannot examine too closely. One of them is receiving these gateway windows when certain events will occur. At the beginning of the month, we received dates for a cosmic trigger that was supposed to influence a planetary timeline. Magically, the biggest sunspot in 20 years began to appear over the limb of the SUN. If evidence is still needed by anyone that our Divine Teams are indeed on a Galactic level, let this serve as a smidgen of proof that we and our Higher Teams are indeed UNIFIED.

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Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 28 October 2014

Source: PAO

1 Cib, 14 Tzec, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to you feeling joyous! Events continue to move forward. The time comes to bring forth announcements accompanied by the beginnings of a global prosperity. Several nations dedicated to bringing you a new financial system are ready to make a series of vital announcements that are to change forever how your realm uses its many currencies. In addition, a number of up-to-now secret gold and silver depositories are ready to put your global economy back to a worldwide precious metal standard. These events are to cause a temporary deflation once the new currieries are in place. Global fair trade can begin in earnest. These changes are to set the way for new governance. The corrupt and one-sided policies of government are to cease as the globe returns to a general standard of cooperation and world peace. It is time to alter how your world is run and prepare each of you to become participants in how government operates. This is just the first step to your many new responsibilities.

   The world, which is now envisioned by Heaven, is to become fully participatory. You are to be educated by your Ascended Masters and by the temporary leaders of your national and local governments in a number of new realities. Further, the law is to switch to common law and to a faithful following in the intent and wordings of your constitution. This process is to be both fruitful and confusing to many. This new epoch is to culminate in our arrival and your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. The present is therefore a critical time in this process. The globe is changing from a place run ruthlessly by a series of dark masters to one where you can freely and responsibly express yourselves. This new realm is one in which you need to better understand what is to be expected of you. Hence, it is necessary that a period of weeks and months be employed to assist you in this grand transfer of power from the dark to the Light and each one of you.

   You are to be readied to become mature, able Beings of Light, who gladly accept all that is expected of you. This process, as we have stated, requires you to take on a great deal of new knowledge and learn how best to use it to carry out the marvel of your life contract. You are to be provided with the counseling you need to carry this out successfully. The universe is about success, joy and an honoring of who you are. Each success leads to another. You are to build up a quiet confidence and to understand how this process operates. These energies drive our numerous galactic societies. The degree of mutual love and respect constantly grows. We know how each individual works to provide for the greater One. This grand sacred collective encompasses all humans and all Beings of Light. Out of it comes a divine service, which aids the Divine in unfolding the divine plan for physicality. We are deeply dedicated to this, and come to return you to your true and natural state.

   This shift in your consciousness is just the start. Your present state of limited consciousness dropped your body and mind frequencies to an extremely low level. Heaven has been gradually raising this over the last four decades. Yet you are still far below the minimums required. This is why you need to use a Crystal Light Chamber to regain full consciousness. Full consciousness makes you knowledgeable about Spirit and the infinite realms of Heaven. During your three days in this living marvel, you are to discover your origins and become privy to your previous life contacts. You are also to learn about your Soul family and why you initially migrated to this solar system. You are here as a special collective, to look after Gaia and her many sister worlds. Once this solar system is restored, you are to learn about the amazing diversity of life that exists not only on this world, but also on the other water worlds in this Solar System. Much lies ahead for you to learn and master!


Storage Locations of Hidden Energetic Pulses Become Known to All Attuned to Higher Self - Gaia Portal - 28 October 2014

Source : Gaia Portal

Storage locations of hidden energetic pulses become known to all attuned to 
Higher Self.

Fraternal/Maternal entities become connected to Gaia inner network as Pleiadean Guides begin to repopulate prior home areas.

Multiple entities remain to anchor the Gaia Nova energetic grids which have been forming and now congealing.

Relativistic physics is attained from all levels of Beingness, including the so-
named “hu-man” lower energy realms.

Flashes of insight continue to impel all Gaia inhabitants during these next weeks.

Primary Inner players now take their hands in preparation for Higher End game out-playings.

28 October 2014

Why This Solar Activity Is So Important! ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 27 October 2014

If you are reeling (and sometimes crawling) from all that sacred, loving, potent and urgent energies via the many (I stopped counting...) X-class Solar flares, here's yet another reminder that this is all for our own good...sigh. I couldn't fall asleep for hours last night, and just found out today that it was around the time we had the latest X-flare. And the less potent but still powerful (and numerous) M-class flares? Who notices them when we have to contend with the "X" ones, right? Breathe....

And as Denise LeFay pointed out so wisely recently, it doesn't mean we don't feel it is the flare is not facing Earth! We feel it no matter where on the Sun the flare erupts...in real-time too, not the "scientifically calculated" distance of light speed or whatever. Instantly, wherever.

One more thing before I get to Aluna's cheerleading (which we need as much as possible!). Just a few days ago, a dear Soul told me that he received information that this recent batch of Sun-zaps would open us up to ancient wisdom and teachings. Which is what Aluna says...wow! Thanks, Andrew

Source: Aluna Joy fb

We are almost out of this solar flare gauntlet as the rotation of the sun will take the offending, but still growing, AR2192 sun spot with it. The good news is that the energy will be a bit gentler on your nervous systems, and your computers will be safer pretty darn soon! I can hear you sigh in relief from here.

BUT . . . even though soon we will not be able to see solar spot AR2192 (with solar shades), it doesn't mean that we won't FEEL what the sun emits while this massive sun spot is on the flip side of the sun. We are connected to EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING is connected to us. This solar flare crow bar will continue to pry open our mysteries and wisdom that are deep inside of us, and on Earth! Ancient solar cultures for eons (Mayan - Incan - Egyptian - Druid - Essene, etc...) have understood the spiritual and alchemical importance of the SUN!

Hidden Ancient Mystery Schools around the Earth will be emitting new frequencies like the ones in the Palenque, Mexico, Egypt and more. Palenque is the head of an enlightened dove grid and acts as a healing balm to the soul, activates the divine creative mother, time travel, and dimensional travel. Egypt, its Great Pyramid, the Sphinx's Hall of Records and Egypt's connection to the holy land mystery schools are unparalleled in alchemical stature. We hope this solar flare storm will pry open and release their most hidden mysteries. Are you ready to receive them?

Please continue reading here.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 26 October - 2 Novermber 2014

Source: The Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

Lightworkers around the world are holding and anchoring the Light like never before! Each person is endeavoring to nurture themselves each day by doing kindnesses unto themselves, little rewards that make them feel acknowledged and seen. You are all learning that self love is a necessity in order to move forward on your spiritual path. Love of self is a vital component in one’s overall spiritual development and it keeps a person in balance and in harmony, both within themselves and in the world around them. As the distractions of the outer world continue to bombard the senses, this practice keeps one steady and grounded. Never forget how wonderful you are and that you are deserving of all the good in the world.

Most of you have been receiving more downloads from the cosmos and this will require the usual integration and assimilation. There is more focus now on moving forward by contemplating that which brings you joy and that which brings out your passion. Much of this has been contemplated upon for many months and now it shall become much easier to implement. Through your alchemical work you have been learning how to wield your power in loving and constructive ways and this will only improve in the days ahead. You will feel a renewed sense of peace, joy, and creativity and for the wonders of life here on Earth. You will be putting your skills, wisdom and knowledge to good use in ways that expand the possibilities in your lives.

You have all been letting go of past regrets, sorrows and patterns which are no longer useful on your spiritual journey. Some of these have been deeply ingrained in your subconscious and these new energy downloads are allowing the final release, bringing a sense of renewal and of new beginnings. Life is always changing and unfolding in alignment with the higher will of your soul. Everything that you experience is designed to help you expand your awareness in order that you can embrace greater levels of love and wisdom. Every experience you have had, has lead you to become the wise, loving and compassionate person that you are in this moment of now. It was and is all good, for it is
now the time for positive transformation and for profound changes to occur.

You all have the ability to materialize your dreams, both for your personal world and for the greater world around you. You are asked to believe in yourselves, to have confidence and not let anything stand in your way. See every experience as a learning experience and that each one adds to your mastery of self. There are exciting new pathways opening for you and it is your time now to shine. This requires an open heart so that you will see the unlimited potential that resides within you. All that you would love to create, manifest and achieve is now within the realm of possibility; all that is required is to remain true to yourself and trust that your ideas and inspirations are divinely guided.

You have the ability to mentally and emotionally rise above all that you encounter in life. From a spiritual perspective, there are no mistakes in life. By accepting all of who you are, exactly as you are, you will see your life magically and wonderfully transform in divine synchronicity and order. 

The strength and commitment you have shown for so long will serve you well. Continue to listen to the guidance which comes from your own soul. By focusing on your goals with determination, skill and steadfastness, you will reach them. You are truly becoming the clearest and brightest light that you can be. Appreciate all that you have already manifested into your life. You are on the right track, and all will work out well.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, no fees are charged for reading it and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and both websites are included.  

Thank you for including the above website links when posting this 

27 October 2014

Healing With Balance ~ Untwine ~ 15 October 2014

If you've ever despaired over the opposing views of Lightworkers regarding the way changes can take place in the Ascension process, then this short but so wise message by Untwine would allay your feelings. When I read it, I was gobsmacked by the simplicity of Untwine's explanation and depth of clarity. My "A-ha" moment was so loud that I'm sure the people around me heard it (I was in a public place waiting for my daughter).

Let me provide a brief synopsis.

Some LWs strongly feel that they can go through this transition without any external assistance (thankfully, we are still being continuously assisted by the Cosmos in spite of how they think). Some others believe in being "saved", without necessarily doing their own inner work. Untwine connects these two extremes to an imbalance in the masculine/feminine energies.

I realise that there are many who already know the reasons for this, but I never looked at it from the perspective of an imbalance in energies. Now I know :)

Here for Untwine's enlightened observation.

Root Races ~ Lisa Renee

I just came across this article by Lisa Renee as I was searching for a suitable diagram for my previous post. If you've read Noel Huntley's "Fall of Man", then this would be a sort of summary for Noel's information, which describes the seeding of the Root Races (and the seemingly ubiquitous and never-ending wars) where we go through our incarnation cycles as a root race to "collect" specific strands of DNA.

The image below is the article's accompanying graph, which is a wonderful pictorial account of the descent of Gaia (and Humanity) throughout the dimensional realms. If you wish to read more details of this, then you can search for more information from  Crystalai/Krystalai who wrote quite a bit about this.

Please read this article at the Energetic Synthesis site.

Energy Matrix
Universal Mind Matrix
Density Five! HU 5 Founder Dimension 3 Rays
15 Universal Founder Ray 3 Collective Body. No Time (Father Arc) Pale Magenta Cetaceaanhale Aquaferion Genetic Basis (deep space Chakra) 14 Universal Founder Ray 2 Collective Body, No Time (Rishic Sun) Pale Gold Avian Seraphim Genetic basis (Chakra 3 ft above head)
13 Universal to Founder Ray 1 Collective Body, No Time (Mother Arc)
CRADLE OF LYRA Original Seadmg ol Human's and Pianelafy Explosnon
Conscious ness
Density Four! HU 4 12th Dimensional Blueprint 12 Earth Chakra Avatar Mind (Platinum Liquid Light Blueprint. White 144 Harmonics, 12 Base Frequency, Christos Avatar Body, Run 12D Hubs to Ascend. Chakra 6” below feet, connects to Shield 12“ below feet)
11 Galactic Chakra Silver Black
Buddhic Mlnd (DNA reversal begin. Anti Light Conflict, Reptilian HeadquarterlStonehenge, Moon Lineages, Chakra 18” above head)
10 Solar Star Chakra Christ Mind (Solar Mind/Logosl Frequency Net Dark Blue Run Reversed 100, Chakra 6" above Crown, Hljack HSP/Communication Left Ear to block Chrlstos)
Anti-Particle to Panlcle Merge
Monad Matrix
Density Three! HU 3 7th Dimensional Earth 9 Thalamus Chakra Causal (Kenatnc) Mlncl (Universal Kundallnll Silver Core Star Hara complex, Medulla Chakra. Higher Brain Function, Andromeda
8 Thymus Chakra Monadic Mind (Galactic Core, 81h Portal. Gold Permanent Seed »Momv Crystal Heartv ET. Lives. Orion War/Implants, Metabolic Function)
7 Crown Chakra Ketheric Mind (Planetary Mind/Logos. Violet Cmciflxioanlneal Implant, Partlal Ascension, leeraled from SD, Melalronlc, Arcturus)
Soul Matrix
Density Two! HU 2 5th Dimensional Earth
6 3rd Eye Chakra Celestial Mind Matrix ( Indigo Family, lndlgo Perfect Idea, Inner Vislon. Clarity, Sirian)
5 Throat Chakra Archetypal Mind (Etheric Template body.) Blue Obsolete Ascension Tlmeline, Speak Soul Plan. Pleadlan)
4 Heart Chakra Astral Mind (Collectlve Race Mlnd. Intumcm` Green Nadial Complex, Heart/Lung Complex, Reptilien Invasion, Egypt-Sphinx)
Personality Matrix
Density Onef HU 1 3rd Dimensional Earth
3 Solar Plexus Conscious Mind Matrix Yellow (Personality, Linear. Reasoning, Ego)
2 Sacral Chakra Orange
lnstinctual Mino (Lower Emotional body) (Desires. CreativeISexual. Addiction)
‘l Root Chakra subconscious Mind (autonomic process)
Red (Physical body intelligence, Harddn've cellular memories)
ener; ellcsynthemieom

Homo Spiritus : The New Humans ~ Indigo Jack ~ 10 October 2014

Homo Spiritus, Homo Luminous (Dr Alberto Villoldo), Lumen Beings (Shunyamurti), Trivian Race (Richard Rudd), Muvarian (Noel Huntley)...the new Human race is being called many different names. We are evolving into Divine Humans, somewhat inelegantly at times, if I may say so :)

In this 10-minute video, Indigo Jack reminds us that we are transforming our carbon-12 base body into the lighter and luminous carbon-7 multi-dimensional Self through the assimilation of more photonic light that's flooding in from beyond the Sun.

Please watch the video here.

There's also an interview with Michelle Walling that you can listen to here for more details about this transition.

25 October 2014

Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter ~ 20 October 2014

The audio and the transcript for this interview are available on Rob's site:

Notes to follow later :)

**Update: 27 October 2014

Okay...I've read through the transcript, and even went to the audio to listen in for a bit. Let's just say that I didn't quite "get" what went on. I had the impression that something major and serious was going on, and I felt that Cobra had a degree of concern, almost like being on high alert. Or it could just be me :)

Anyway, I'll just do a very short summary because I'm feeling very distracted by it. (Reminder: it could just be my own "thing" and nothing to do with the interview.)

  • Progress on many fronts continues, although it is not yet at the point where we can set off the fireworks
  • The Ebola scare will not achieve their intended goal and we should not fall into that fear propaganda
  • Solar flares deliver activation energies
  • Powerful Goddess vortex in vicinity of Israel which they want to control
  • RM considered triggering The Event in 2012/2013 even without the complete clearing of the Chimera group but were guided not to proceed as the risk was too high
  • All transformative changes of the Shift to be completed by 2025.

Gaia Connections Now Require All To Access Inner Depths of BEing ~ Gaia Portal ~ 24 October 2014

Source: Gaia Portal

Sweeps of Light engage all surface dwellers.
Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing.

Surface activities decrease as all awaken to the Higher Inner as Gaia collective awakens to the Higher collective Inner.

Transformatives engage hu-manity with full magnitude of awakening Light.

Brilliance embraced.

This time moment is marked.

Solara's October 2014 Surf Report

I know it's almost the end of October (and yet another year gone, in two blinks of the eye...) but this was just made available. Paid subscribers would get the full version much earlier, I assume :)

Source: The NVisible



Although all of us carry a deep yearning to live in our True Home, some people have questioned if they really have a physical True Home? Is the True Home merely an inner state of consciousness and not a physical place?

My feeling is that during these final days of duality, it's essential that as many of us as possible live in our True Homes. The greatly enhanced energy of a True Home is where we can fully inhabit the New Landscape. This is extremely important at this time because True Homes are anchoring points for the New Paradigm. Our True Homes are the first places where the New World is born.

Many people are facing huge decisions this month and feeling quite confused. They are searching for answers, trying to make life changing decisions, yet not listening to their own Heart's Knowingness, even though this is where the clarity and answers they seek will be found.

Will we stay in our old lives and continue to pretend that we are in "normal" times? Will we move to a slightly new position that has visible safety nets and doesn't take us out of our comfort zones? Or will we finally make the leap into our True Position and True Home with everything we've got?

It's important to remember that the greatest success comes from following our Wildest Dreams and moving into our True Position. If we try to do things out of fear, insecurity or perceived obligations to what others expect from us, it will be a rocky road.

Some of us are changing our residence in October and a few of us are even moving into our True Homes. What does it feel like to live in your True Home? First of all, there's a strong sense of comfort and familiarity. The sense of returning home to a deeper, vaster part of our True Self. And of being truly at home on this planet in ways we never imagined possible. There's the feeling of totally clicking into position in our RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

There's an old Inka expression, "The Flowering of my Tears". What this means is that our Years of Tears have watered the earth for so long. We have cried and cried throughout the ages for both the beautiful and the ugly, the sacred and the profane. We have let go of so much, and finally, at this moment, the most sacred and beautiful flowers can bloom from our tears. The Flowering of our Tears represents a time of fulfillment which follows a long period of difficulty. These are not just normal, earthly flowers. They are sacred flowers which can only grow after we have passed through a prolonged time of struggle and transformation into a time of rebirthing into a New, True Life. They are the precious flowers of our most inner core essence which will produce sacred seeds that will grow a New World. And this is exactly what it feels like. My Years of Tears, my entire journey on this planet for innumerable lifetimes, is now being transformed into the most exquisite flowers.

According to the Andean tradition we are in the time of Pachakuti which symbolizes a great cosmic transformation when the world as we know it flips over into something totally new. It's also known as the Time of Returning to Ourselves -- our true, authentic selves. It's the beginning of a new era in the fabric of time.

This is exactly what happens when we finally move to our True Home. It triggers a massive RESET of our entire beings, of everything we have ever known. This doesn't happen all at once; it's a gradual process, just like when we move in, everything isn't in perfect order. We're HERE, but we're not FULLY HERE. We're not "somewhere else"; we're not living in our past or our old lives, but we haven't fully caught up to where we are. We haven't yet fully expanded or aligned ourselves with our True Position.


October is a super intense, but totally exciting, month full of action and grounding in which things come together in unexpected ways, bringing both completion and new opportunities. We are riding a super strong, no frills, wave of DO WHAT'S NEEDED WHEN IT IS NEEDED and we don't have the option of doing anything else. There are also many varied levels of energies and events all simultaneously clamoring for our attention. During this month, we are given a strong taste of the intense, and super varied energies we will experience in 2015.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete OCTOBER 2014 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

All material copyrighted 1989 -2014 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.

24 October 2014

Update on Unification of Light and Recalibration Symbol ~ Jose Sanchez ~ 20 October 2014

Much information in this guidance from Jose Sanchez; I'm just posting the first bit, so please do read the rest.

Source: Absolute Radiance

 My Dear Family of Light,

It is through the absolute love in my heart that I greet you and bring you this new update. May the love of life and the new change embrace you at your deepest core and may you see yourself as the Divine Self.

October has been and keeps on being an incredible month. A month of manifesting our holy divine essence. Much is and keeps on taking place in the inner realms. My own experience of this month has been an amazing one, and I have been extremely busy in the inner realms as well as in my day to day life.

On the 16th I had a very interesting dream. My dream started by seeing myself in a house I was familiar with but did not recognize. For some reason there was a tv, the ones with a wooden frame. I tried to turn it off and electrical sparks started flying because my energy was affecting it. Next I walked away and into an under ground NASA base, as I walked through the corridors there was a young man running around, screaming to the top of his lungs “ We have an ET, we have an ET.” I then saw myself in the main control room and noticed there was a sort of space cabin. Suddenly on the speakers it was announce the boy had infiltrated NASA and what he was saying was a hoax. Next I went outside and was walking towards an older man when behind me noticed the Sun was deeming as the solar eclipse had begun. The Sun practically disappeared and to the right Jupiter or Mercury kept fluctuating in and out of the picture, then it disappeared and Saturn appeared. The planets were so close and big that I could see Saturn’s ring. Then in front of Saturn and closer to me the full bright moon appeared.

Reason why I mentioned the dream is that on the 16th there was a huge shift and a thinning of the veil which allows for a greater connection to greater source of light. The 22nd being another day of turn over in energy, and the 23rd acting as a marker of the new phase of light unification activations. The 24th and the 25th will be powerful days as the beginning of the newer codes that will allow the New Human template to be integrated and manifested by a larger group of humans as a natural process. For others it will be a day of activations and initiations given through group healing. Also for many of you who are ready to transcend limited consciousness much will be revealed in subtle ways and then in much more substantial forms.

Please continue reading here.

October 2014 Eclipse and Solar Transmissions ~ Denise LeFay ~ 23 October 2014


I feel that this message from Denise is of beneficial value to those who are directly influenced by the Solar activities. As someone who sometimes think that there's an invisible transmission cord that ties me to the Sun, I definitely appreciate Denise sharing this information. I had to laugh when I read the part where she heads to Spaceweather.com to check the Solar data; I head to Tesis when I feel "off"!

And I do apologise for the many solar-themed posts in the past few days...

Denise also lists and explains some (never-ending) symptoms ~ here for the update.

I Got To See It ~ Mike @No More Sleeping ~ 23 October 2014


Mike describes his conscious dream of being on New Earth...the picture that he verbally paints is absolutely stunning ~ somehow I thought of the Hobbits' Shire when I read his description!

Mike also felt the pull of Home, what I would like to think of as our "homing signal" to make sure we don't forget, to keep the connection alive and to prevent us from getting totally lost:

"It’s the “pull” of the higher dimensions. Where we came from wants us to go back. Like a magnet. 

The higher dimensional universe tugs at us. It reaches down to us and pulls on us.

It tries to drag us back. And it’s not trying to drag us back because we’re “out of place” or “in the wrong area.” It tries to drag us back because it misses us. It truly misses our presence. The entire universe loves each one of us and wants us to go “home” and is saddened because we’re gone."

Please go hear to read the full depiction of the paradise we lost and are now working to regain.You will feel the tug to go Home, too :)  Apologies to Mike if the image I used is nothing like his dream :)

Incredible Explosion on Mars ~ BPEarthWatch ~ 19 October 2014

It's taken me a while to get to posting this, and you'd probably seen it by now but anyway, here it is :)  This, to me, isn't "comet" behaviour...I've been too pre-occupied and zoned-out (aren't we all, being zapped from all fronts by these sacred and divine energies) to dig deeper into this, but I have a really strong feeling that this is like Comet-Ship Ison...assisting Mars in some way as our entire Solar System is being prepared for the Great Shift.

Please watch this astounding footage here.

Cosmic-Human Hybrids : Becoming Gods ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 22 October 2014


This update is one that we can certainly relate to. Lauren describes the humbling process we've gone through over the course of our compressed and accelerated Ascension boot-camp, and how it has prepared us to face the final stretch of this long and protracted trek of returning to our creator gods and goddesses state, which is the original Divine Blueprint. As we experience this phase, being aware of and becoming an observer to your own Life is key.

This is the free excerpt but it nevertheless contains some valuable guidance for all; you can always purchase the full version at Lauren's site. Please read her latest here.

23 October 2014

The Solar Eclipse ~ Owning Your Experience and Keeping It Simple


2014 has been a year of high strangeness. We've had 10 months of getting used to it, but the thing is this ~ each time we settle in to a decent level of "okay-ness" with the high strangeness, it raises the bar and becomes high-er strangeness. And as if you needed reminding....the duration between these elevations of strangeness is getting shorter and shorter and shorter....until we get to the stage where every Now-moment is high strangeness to the n-th degree. Except that by then, we are supposed to be our fully conscious creator Beings, returned to our original Divine Blueprint, where the highest strangeness is the norm.

Okay, that was a demonstration of high strangeness-in-action; I did not intend to write that first paragraph (notice the title has nothing to do with it!), but there you go ;)

So, this solar eclipse that's just hours away...phew. What with all those solar flares bursting out of our beautiful Sun and this eclipse bookend (with the recent lunar eclipse), is it any wonder we are being fried in blissful activations? If I had ears like a beagle, they would be sticking upright now. I know many of us are really feeling it physically, literally being on fire.

Anyway, the purpose of this short post is as what the title says ~ be guided by your own Divinity to do what you feel you should do over this next day or two. I'm feeling that it's going to be a very personal experience for each one of us, and that we need to keep things as simple as possible. There's also plenty of external guidance from many sources, but I've been feeling the gentle nudge to keep a distance and experience this period in my own way.

Let's shine our own Light in our own way! Happy Sun-Bathing, everyone :)

Dr Masaru Emoto and Dolores Cannon ~ Ohmni Mystica ~ 19 October 2014

If you felt that the unexpected passing of both Dr Emoto and Dolores Cannon within a day of each other meant more than just the end of their physical lifetimes, or if you have felt energetically entwined to these two Souls in some way, or even if you have wondered about the timing of their passing (between the two powerful eclipses), then this message will no doubt be very welcome.

Heartfelt gratitude to Stargazer for pointing me to Ohmni Mystica :) 💖

Source: Ohmni Mystica

I am guided to share insight that I received regarding the news of the physical death of two well-known, respected and revered Spiritual Pioneers of our time.. within a day of each other, in the middle of a huge eclipse portal in a time of such immense Spiritual transformation.
This is a profoundly symbolic message for us as a collective consciousness in the midst of Ascension to a New Dimension of Conscious awareness..

When Souls pass over, their energy is released into the collective consciousness.. When those that pass over are well-known by many there is an opening in the collective consciousness.  
The energetic effects of Eclipses portend a powerful initiation of change..

Please continue reading here.

22 October 2014

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 21 October 2014

Source: PAO

7 Muluc, 7 Tzec, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come with very good news! The legal aspects of our Earth allies’ programs to defeat the dark cabal are gaining successful inroads. Both the common law courts and the statute courts agree that the present de facto US government is deeply in debt and cannot proclaim a bankruptcy to save its remaining assets. Instead, the US “corporation” and its prime ally, the Federal Reserve Bank, need to deny any assets to their largest creditors and go into a special receivership. This action is shortly to put an end to both entities, which have long masqueraded as legitimate federal institutions. The end to this set of shenanigans is finally to allow our allies to take over the general control of both institutions. As a result of these developments, we expect a number of prosperity programs to fund, and the RV and global currency reset to occur. At the right time, NESARA can be declared, along with a total moratorium on government in the US. We have agreed with our allies as to who is to lead the interim US government and the policies they need to enforce.

   It is essential to all concerned that the various travesties, which now engulf Africa, be brought to a safe conclusion. It is equally necessary that those in charge of these calamities be arrested. Once these scalawags are properly isolated, then a new political and economic system can be successfully executed. We have had long talks with our various allies on not only the problems happening in Africa, but also those occurring throughout the newly developing nations. The humanitarian projects are designed to alleviate the present difficulties and allow the best-qualified leaders to pursue projects that can begin to solve and creatively permit success in all fields. Water, sanitation, employment issues, and a whole host of interrelated problems, need to be alleviated. Technologies exist to aid these nations in building a complex and modern infrastructure. Prosperity is more than money. Rather, it represents the ability to finish what colonialism barely began.

   Your global societies need to be restructured. Each nation requires enough infrastructure for its population to enjoy a sustainable existence. Not only is humanity suffering, the flora and fauna of Gaia is quickly collapsing and its diversity failing. This cannot be tolerated. Long ago, we went beyond this and saw how vital it is to construct environments that encourage both diversity and the sustenance to continue on effortlessly. Your task is to be a solar system’s guardians. We live as unobtrusively as possible in a sustainable and technological utopia. Here, we monitor and assist the ecology to remain viable and sustainable. We perform spiritual ceremony and rituals, make the necessary alterations and ensure that no species perishes. We consult with the elementals assigned to each species. We are dedicated to see our home worlds remain lush, beautiful and sustainable for all Beings involved in every eco-system, which a home world provides.

   Our mission here is thus divided into three parts; the first is nearly complete.
Please continue reading here.

21 October 2014

The Ongoing Shift : Navigating Our Way Through the Removal of Team Dark's Old Negative Distortions ~ Denise LeFay ~ 20 October 2014

"We are simultaneously both the Demolition Crew of the old AND the living embodiment and physical anchor-point Crew for the NEW within the NEW. If you can comprehend that extreme Duality—old/NEW, coming in/going out, dying/birthing etc.—while living, working, existing and functioning well beyond Duality within Unity or HighHeart Consciousness of the fifth dimension and beyond, then you’ll more easily and accurately understand what all it is that you and the other Forerunners have actually been doing, especially in 2014."

Denise shares more of the insight that she's garnered over the past weeks, and how it relates to the nitty-gritty Ascension work that Forerunners are going through ~ dealing with the clearing out of the Old while simultaneously bringing in the New.

This is quite a long update, which includes some expansion of the "Dark Mother" principle that Lisa Renee had discussed in her own recent message.


Divine Guidance Oracle Cards ~ Cheryl Lee Harnish


While posting Hilarion's latest message, the left-bar of Marlene Swetlishoff's site caught my eye. Specifically, a menu bar that said "Consult the Cards" jumped out at me, so I obliged and clicked on it. I paused to gather myself together and get into my "zone" before I selected a card. I felt a strong wave of Love washing over me, and realised that I would be picking a card not just for me, but for all of us, in general. So here's the message for us all, with thanks and gratitude:

Source: Rainbow Scribe ~ Consult the Cards

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 19-26 October 2014

This feels like Divine Medical Dispensation for us, in preparation for the upcoming Solar Eclipse which we've been told is the other "half" of the recent Lunar Eclipse, the pair of which makes up a very potent and powerful phase.

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

We call upon all lightworkers in the world to hold the vision high of the new Earth made manifest. We ask that you discipline yourselves to not be distracted or sidetracked from your purpose by the created illusions that beset the world during these times. You all have ability to discern what is real and true and to create what you desire to experience and this is where your attention should be focused. Peace is a reality if you can bring this into your own experience. From this, it flows outward into the world around you and has an exponential effect on everyone and everything. The new epoch is being created by your adherence to the highest ideals that you can envision and hold as your focus. The key here is to identify with your divine origins on a daily basis and act as the daughter/son of the Divine.

One does not have to be a magician, one has only to believe in their own goodness and integrity and uphold it. Leave others to choose their own way. It is by personal example that the wayshowers inspire and uplift their brethren. It becomes necessary to uphold the higher virtues and qualities of conduct now. Others around you will see, sense or feel these emanate from within you, they then have the human templates and examples of the divine human that they can become inspired by and emulate in their own lives. It is time to let your light shine, to let your goodness and purity of heart shine, to let your deep love of the Creator shine. Decree daily the light that you are and do not falter in this practice. It is necessary to add this field of protection around you as a shield or sphere of light.

Spend as much time as you can on activities of light in the form of mantras, prayers, invocations and decrees in order to constantly increase and maintain your higher vibration. Spend time in nature to connect and ground yourselves into the Earth and let the cosmic energy flow through you in balance and harmony. Keep the activities of your life as simple and uncomplicated as possible for this helps you to remember your reason for being here on Earth during these times. Daily communion with the Divine is essential. By this we mean that time spent in solitude and silence is very important to help with the integration of the higher energies and downloads that are now occurring. Do everything that you know that helps keep you in equilibrium and stability, so that you do not lose your way.

Focus on creating the feeling and state of joy, for this state is a higher vibration that one can easily create by focused intention. There are many experiences that each of you had in the past that can be tapped into in order to bring this state to you in your moment of now. Make a list each morning of all that you are grateful for and again before your bedtime. Do this daily, as this practice brings more than you can conceive to you. If you are experiencing challenges and difficulties, you must train yourselves to retain these practices of giving gratitude until they become second nature to you. As energy alchemists, you turn all that comes into your experience into a higher and lighter energy. You already do this each day and it only needs your conscious awareness of it in order to give it more power.

Again we remind you of the need for adequate hydration by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. The increased energy downloads may make you feel tired and depressed. You can assist your endocrine system with supplements such as the herb Maca, which is a natural way to regulate and support endocrine health, for it regulates metabolism, energy levels, and helps the glands to produce the vital hormones that create a sense of health and well-being. Eliminating processed foods and replacing with raw and unprocessed foods as much as possible can help, as well as learning relaxation and deep breathing techniques. Exercise for at least half an hour each day, even if you must break that time up into 10 minutes, three times per day. Moving your body parts are essential to keep the energy downloads moving through you. One hour of sleep before midnight is equal to two hours of sleep after midnight and your adrenal glands are rejuvenated by this practice. These are some of the ways to give practical assistance to your physical body during these times.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
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