23 December 2014

The Spaceman, His Spaceship, and The Baby


Didn't I just take down my Christmas tree and all its trimmings a couple of months ago? :/  I know I'm not the only one asking..."What happened to 2014?"  Come to think of it, I also asked "What happened to 2013?" the year before as well! Imagine how much higher the vibrational frequencies on Earth must have grown, post-2012!

I still remember with crystal clarity the thoughts I had while keeping my Christmas tree stuff (almost a year ago). I had plenty, but the gist is this:

I can't imagine going through another Christmas in an Old World "reality".


Anyway, back to Now. Over the past two years, I've posted two different versions of "A Spaceman Came Travelling", written by Chris de Burgh. One was the original, performed by Chris de Burgh himself, and the other one was a live performance by Celtic Woman. This year, I'm pointing you to both these posts, you can choose which one you wish to view, or view both :)

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