28 February 2015

Nava Lenticulara ~ The Lenticular Spacecraft ~ Galactis Team ~ 25 February 2015

**Update: Summary added at the end of this post**

As with all Galactis' videos, this new one promises to be visually stunning and very well-produced, with interesting behind-the-scenes information. There are English subtitles for those who need them (like me), as the narration is in Romanian. (And I was just lamenting my lack of linguistic skills yesterday...)

I will add a summary later as I have yet to watch the documentary in full.

You can view the video on their site, but if you need subtitles, please go over to their Youtube channel here.

Here are the descriptions in Romanian and English, taken from the Youtube channel:


Elementele prezentate in acest documentar sunt bulversante atat pentru gandirea oamenilor, cat si pentru cea a stiintei contemporane. Viata cosmica si tehnologiile foarte avansate sunt prezentate intr-o maniera care depaseste cu mult ideologia materialista limitata.

Constructia navei lenticulare, efort al catorva zeci de civilizatii extraterestre, este menita sa produca in anii ce urmeaza o transformare de proportii in mentalitatea si cunoasterea omenirii.

Filmul prezinta de asemenea unele aspecte despre viitorul tehnologic al societatii, care vor determina un salt major in experienta psiho-mentala a umanitatii.


The elements presented in this documentary are disturbing both for the minds of people and contemporary science. Cosmic life and very advanced technology are presented in a way that greatly surpasses the limited materialistic ideology.

The construction of the lenticular ship, the effort of dozens of extra-terrestrial civilisations, is meant to produce in the coming years a remarkable transformation in the mentality and knowledge of mankind.

The film also presents some aspects about the technological future of society, which will create a major leap in the psycho-mental experience of the human being.

**Update: Summary
  • Mothership Anais is about half Earth's diameter
  • Colossal structure being constructed at feverish pace onboard the Mothership ~ many Races involved
  • Sirians foresaw the Reptilian fleet's attack but allowed it to unfold so that they could turn it into an opportunity to collaborate with other Races to destroy the fleet and nullify the potential threat to the increased frequencies already implemented in the etheric field of Earth; this also enabled the Alliance to end all timeline manipulations by the Reptilians
  • (For more details about this attack which resulted in serious damage to Anais, please watch "Conflict In Space" which you can find on the Galactis channel, or you can read a short summary here)
  • (If you are asking at this point, "Why do the benevolent Beings need a special reason to form an alliance to work together?" which was what puzzled me when I heard/read it, the reason is that as free will and availability are major factors, it is not always possible to mobilise a huge alliance on demand)
  • Over 70 civilisations responded to repel the attack; plasma from the Sun was drawn to help restore the damage to Anais; Anais the Casaul Being was also contacted to provide new data for the repairs and reconstruction, atom by atom, in a highly precise and complex operation
  • At this same time, the Sirians and Arcturians devised a plan to aid our situation and transformation
  • This involves the construction of a huge special vessel (3500km x 1200km) that would be used to transmit energies that would facilitate contact between Humans and ETs (the psyche of the Human race at this stage is still not ready for widespread contact)
  • Physical contact "team" (about 100 million Beings) from the ET side will comprise representatives of the civilisations that formed the rescue Alliance; their "fingerprints" are encoded in the construction of this special vessel, shaped like a lenticular spherical concave lens
  • This ship will transmit "Emograms", a holographic representation of each ET volunteer, complete with emotional elements, for direct "contact" with specific Human counterparts, being able to adjust in accordance with each Human's particular energetic qualities
  • All Cosmic bodies (stars, planets, satellites, comets, etc) are Beings in their own right, and therefore have their own consciousness
  • Therefore, this special vessel that's being constructed onboard Anais, is her "cosmic child", in conjunction with her male counterpart, A-nais; this vessel will have its own "incarnated" casaul Being, who is highly advanced and able to take on this very complex nature of the vessel's requirements
  • This vessel will take up position between Earth and Moon, on the etheric plane
  • This operation would not have been possible without Ison's influence, which aligned magnetic forces of Earth with that of the Sun and Moon; this harmonisation also allows the energies from the Galactic Centre via the Sun to be stabilised and utilised beneficially by Humans
  • Some may be guided to wear silver to charge their energies and enhance the contact experience; some with more complex energetic make-up may take on platinum
  • The Moon has sped up its axial rotational rate, such that now more than half of Moon's surface is visible at certain times (the "dark side" is not really so; we just haven't seen it due to previous rotational synchronicity with Earth) thereby rendering visibility of the Moon's bases and structures, and eventually, mysterious flashes/glow
  • 10 years, computers and devices will have emotional component ~ bio-technology
  • Humans will be "segregated" according to their own choices ~ positive or negative ~ and their resulting and aligning experiences
  • This lenticular craft will also transmit the energies from the future, specifically those of The Event, so that Humans who are vibrationally ready for this state will experience it within (previously mentioned on Galactis' "The Etheric Chronovisor", you can read some highlights here)
  • Also serving as "prepatory process" to cushion the energies of The Event
  • We are also being energetically supported to elevate our own consciousness
  • Future devices to incorporate piezo-electric capabilities (orgone?); also allows Sirians to insert hidden/suppresed truths onto Internet system.


You Are The Universe ~ Eckhart Tolle (and a tribute...)

                       **Thank you for shining your bright Light, Leonard Nimoy**

27 February 2015

Contingency ~ Untwine ~ 25 February 2015

Art by Erial Ali
Source: Recreating Balance

The Source/Creator of this Universe is present throughout creation, it is the core aspect of all of us. We all are it. At the same time, it is beyond. It can not be found anywhere, in any time or space in any dimension. The time-space continuum is a creation of Source to explore and mirror itself. The Source is constantly working, improvising, to explore creation.

Creation is based on infinite quantum possibilities. Among these possibilities, we have what is called contingency. Contingency means randomness, it is the potential for things to happen randomly, unexpected, not by design. This means that certain turn of events are not fully the result of Source design, or of the creation of anybody. They simply are random. However they can be influenced and re-created if we use our free will, because free will is the ruling factor in quantum dynamics. This means that despite the fact that Source is perfect onto itself, it is not all powerful within the space-time continuum. But all of us, as fractal representations of Source within that construct, can manifest the will of Source within the construct.
Originally the whole universe lived in harmony, and nobody knew what intentional harm is, simply because it is not part of Source nature. Source can never mean harm, it is absolute pure Love and Harmony.

However, certain events were happening because of contingency and they were sometimes uncomfortable, for example a comet could randomly crash on a planet. Compared to present circumstances on this planet, this was still very easy to deal with and people were living in Paradise.

Please continue reading here.

For the Transiting Pluto Opposition Natal Uranus Folks ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 26 February 2015

The astrology that Denise Le Fay details in her recent message is interesting read, although I don't quite understand much of it. I'm just not an astrology-type of person :)  However, Denise makes the connection between Pluto and Uranus in opposition to each other (or something!) and how their influences affect the three specific generations of Forerunners.

The following paragraph is reproduced from Denise's site (and I hope she doesn't mind); it encapsulates very well the general intention of the message:

The energies of this SEVENTH and last Uranus/Pluto Cardinal square will be felt constantly throughout 2015 and 2016. After all kids young and old alike, this is the end times of the end times :wink: and I feel in my Forerunner Boomer Capricornian bones that with the start of this seventh and last Uranus/Pluto square in March 2015, life and reality as we’ve all known it will be permanently changed and faster than it was ever able to before. Actually I feel this happening already in February 2015. We’ve reached the completion phase of Galactic Alignment and the Ascension Process transformational push energies this year, and in our own unique ways we’ll all feel this fact this year and next.

Please read the complete message here.

El Ser Uno Books III - VI (The One Being)

Most unfortunately for me, I don't understand Spanish. That means I won't be able to read Books III - VI of the El Ser Uno (The One Being) series. I had previously featured El Ser Uno in 2013 (Books I and II were available in English then); I've been waiting for the English version of the successive books ever since.

So, for all Spanish speaking readers who are interested in reading further, please proceed to the El Ser Uno website to download the rest. 

For the rest of us deprived ones, if you are interested, you can read the short description of the later books in English (Google Translate, so do expect some peculiarities).

Q&A With Cobra ~ Rob Potter ~ 16 February 2015

Just a few points to highlight, quite a bit of what's covered in this interview has been mentioned before previously, either in other interviews or Cobra's own updates. Still, it's quite a good read throughout. Sometimes, I do see the relevance of some things being repeated because we need reminding. More importantly, especially during this current period, we need to realise that things are indeed progressing at a rather expeditious rate, actually. After all, that's 26,000 years (way more, if you take into consideration timeline manipulations) of negativity to overhaul in just a very short period of time, relatively speaking.
  • Purification of Solar System progressing well, only the plasma planes left now and clearing is in good progress; this includes the Chimera stronghold
  • This Solar System is the last to be cleared, ditto this Planet
  • Cabal stragglers still in contact with this remnant group 
  • Many things unfolding behind the scenes that even the alternative media doesn't know about
  • Inserting implants at birth has been "standard procedure" over past 25,000 years
  • Mantis Race now working with the Light (Simon Parkes was mentioned; his information is quite compelling ~ his graphic images certainly speak volumes! ~ I haven't posted any of his videos but if you are interested just search for them)
  • Many races wanted to intervene and assist, but the degree of severity frightened them off 
  • Technologies will be given freely when the time comes **I WANT MY REPLICATOR!!
  • "After The Event, things will be happening quite fast
  • The Cabal testing limits of Light forces eg. Syrian situation and explosion mentioned by Veterans Today
  • AirAsia 8501 plane was hijacked
  • "There are many, I would say, partial victories, I would say, taking place throughout the globe, but the final breakthrough will happen at the event. This is a global situation, not localized."

Please read the complete transcript at The Promise Revealed.

26 February 2015

The Sirius Transmission and the Multi-Dimensional Light Body Upgrade : Star Seed Transmissions 2015 ~ Celia Fenn ~ 23 February 2015


For me, this message from Celia Fenn is very reassuring and beneficial. It always helps when I come across information that allays my concerns about what I'm going through ~ at least I know I'm still on track :)  2015 has been such a huge paradox...only two months into the year and I feel as if I've been through three years of energy "stuff", yet at the same time seems as though it's only been a week since the new year unfolded.

Anyway, if you've read Judy Satori's "Sunshine Before the Dawn", you will see the common thread of Sirius' involvement in "revamping" the human template and the significant role of the pineal gland, running through Celia's message. Judy has informed us previously that transmissions from Sirius would be part of the complex web of efforts to help us with our Ascension.

I'm posting this excellent article in full here, but please do go over to Celia's site to read it because she has some gorgeous images accompanying it; I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of them are meant to activate something...

Source: Starchild Global  

February has been a most intense month in terms of Energy shifts and transformations.  This seems to be a new pattern, as February 2014 was also intense and powerful.  The year the energy has intensified through this month, culminating on the 22nd of February 2015.  This has not been a Solar phenomenon alone. although the Sun has been in the process of activating a new Light Body structure as well, but the primary source of these transmissions is the Star system of Sirius

Sirius has been a part of the creation and evolution of Earth for many star cycles.  There is a "partnership" between the Sirian Council of Light and The Earth Councils that has been renewed to allow the Sirian Masters and Teachers to continue to provide their expertise and guidance on matters of Light Body evolution and design.  The Sirian Master Teachers, acting through the Atlantean and Egyptian Sacred Schools, imparted to Earth an understanding of the nature of the creation techniques used by the Elohim and and the Archangels, as well as the design and function of the Human Angelic Light Body and its relationship to Time and Space within different Dimensional Frameworks.

In this most recent partnership, the Sirian Masters have assisted in transmitting into the New Earth Diamond Grids the Light Codes for the first Major upgrade of the Diamond Light Body.  This upgrade is intended to fine tune the Light Body for its new function as a Multi-Dimensional Vehicle of Light.  Intense waves of Light are being transmitted from Sirius that carry the wave patterns and frequencies of the new Light Body calibrations.

This has been one of the reasons why there has been so much snow in the northern hemisphere.  The Light Codes are being held and transmitted in the crystalline shapes of the snow crystals.  This vibration and pattern is then transmitted into the Earth where it becomes part of the Earth's Memory Bank that is held in the Crystalline Diamond "Data Bank" at the center of the Planet.

The information is being transmitted and received primarily through the Polar Star Gates at the Arctic and Antarctic.  This means primary transmissions are being received by Lapland and Northern Russia, as well as Canada, and by the Southern countries of New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and South Africa.  Powerful waves of incoming Light Codes are being grounded by Light Warriors and Light Workers in these places, as well as by others in strategic Sacred Sites and Cities on the Earth.

Feeling the Effects

Everyone will feel the effects of this incoming transmission to some extent, especially if they are also sensitive to Solar radiation.  But the effects of the Sirian wave will be felt only in so far as the Pineal Gland is active and working to receive the transmission.  A person whose Pineal gland is inactive will feel the waves as instability and anger and collective "irritation".  If the Pineal Gland is engaged and working to transmit the energies, then the symptoms will be different.

The Pineal gland will receive the powerful Light Codes and then transmit them into the Light Body and the DNA structures of the physical body.  Because the "voltage"of the Light Codes is so high, there may be side effects such as dizziness, nausea, insomnia,muscle spasms, anxiety and bad dreams.  These will be temporary symptoms as the Body and Light Body adjust to the new frequencies that are enabling Multi-Dimensional consciousness as a "real" experience.

This is an image of the Sirian "Eye of Horus" symbol (see Celia's site) that was taught to initiates in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools by the Sirian Masters.  The image shows how the Pineal Gland in the Human Brain was the primary location for Creation and Manifestation, which was the meaning and purpose of the "Eye of Horus" symbol.

So, when the Eye of Horus or Pineal Gland is powerfully activated by Light transmissions from the Star system of Sirius, it means that a powerful energy of Creation and manifestation is under way.  The Earth Councils are receiving New Templates for Higher Forms of LIfe and Consciousness on Earth.

So, you will understand that the more powerfully you are feeling the effects, the more you are a part of this wave of New Earth Reality creation.  Those who are not receiving the transmissions will continue with their lives in the Reality framework that they know, until they are ready to graduate to the Multi-Dimensional framework that is being implemented right now.

There are many Guardians and Spirit Helpers busy right now, the primary one being the Archangels and the Dolphin/Cetacean Angels.

The Dolphin Angels are Beings of Light that come from the Andromeda Galaxy via Sirius to work with the Earth.  They carry the Golden Light Frequency of the Christ Consciousness, as well as the Diamond Light Frequency that is needed for Multi-Dimensional travel.  They are Guardians and Masters of the Time Loops and Time Spirals that are the basis for a Mastery of Time Travel and Creation in the HIgher Frequencies.  Their Loving energy is assisting Humanity to begin the Mastery of Time Travel and Higher consciousness.

The New Light Body and the Time/Space Recalibration

The New Light Body upgrade creates a Multi-Dimensional Geometric vehicle of Gold and Diamond Light.  This vehicle is composed of "Grid" levels and "Flow" levels that allow the Being to shift between the different dimensions of Light and Consciousness, while still staying grounded and centered in the Heart/Earth Star/Earth Heart Connection that is vital for life in the New Reality.
The "Grid" levels are geometric structures that create the Templates for a specific dimension, and the Light Body allows the person to connect into that dimensions if the grids are in place.

The "Flow" dimensions are constituted of pure energy that flows between the grids and can be experienced as movement and emotion/feelings.

These two aspects of the Light Body work together to create the Multi-Dimensional Vehicle.  This vehicle is centered on the Heart, and it is from here that all Conscious Creation originates as the center of Balance.  When you are in that Heart Center, then you are in the Space of No Time and No Space, the Divine Consciousness of Love and Compassion.  When you begin a Creation you begin to work with Time and Space, depending on the level you have chosen and the creation that you wish to bring forth.

As you become accustomed to this "recalibration" you will release the old 3D notion of time as a linear flow from past to present to future, and you will begin to see that Time is a Spiral or circular energy that can move in any direction at any moment depending on individual and collective choice.

This image gives the clearest expression to the idea of Time and Space Flow in a Multi-Dimensional context.  Past and Future are always in Flux, and you can at any moment be moving towards either the "past" or the "future", or both simultaneously.

You can exist in many realties and timelines simultaneously, and the choices that you make will affect your essence and being in all of them.  The choice you make define your Reality in the Now Moment....the Fulcrum of all Time and Space.

As you work with these new upgrades and you begin to embody the new Light Body, you will open to the realization and perception of the Multiplicity of experience and being.  Some of you will become fully conscious Time Travelers and you will begin to move between parallel lifetimes in a conscious way.  You will begin to understand how the future shapes the past from the present, and you will become empowered to participate in this ongoing creation of Light and Love. You will embrace all that you are and the "Magic" of your Being on all levels of creation and light.

Meditation and Activation to Embody the New Light Body Upgrades from Sirius

As you embody this new light from Sirius, the Sirian Masters inform us that it is very important to do deep breathing as you focus the energies.  The Heart Center is under pressure to integrate the full power of the Light Codes, so breathing into the lungs helps to expand and balance this area of the Body and Light Body.

Find a quiet place to sit.  It is better to sit for this meditation than to lie down, as the powerful energies need to flow down your spine and into the Earth.

Focus into your Heart center and begin with deep breathing.......breathing in and out and allowing your breathing to slow down until your body is quite relaxed.  Open your personal channel into the Earth through your Base Chakra and down into the Earth Star Chakra and into the Heart of the Earth.

Breathe in harmony with the pulsations of the Heart of the Earth Mother as she aligns with the Cosmic Heart.

Bring that Energy back to your Heart and breathe deeply.  Now, open the channel upwards through the Crown Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra and up to the Cosmic Hear, breathing in harmony with the Divine Heart.  Bring your focus back to your Heart.  Now you are aligned and grounded. You can now call in the Sirian Masters, the Dolphin Angels, the Archangel and the Elohim, if you so wish, to work with you, or any Star Masters that you wish to assist you at this time.

Open your Pineal Gland to receive the Light Code transmissions from Sirius.  As the Light floods the Pineal Gland and moves through the body, keep breathing deeply and grounding the energy through your body and into the Earth.

Just simply keep breathing and grounding, until your body feels balanced and calm.  You may need to continue doing this throughout the day until the Light Codes are integrated.

Also, you may need to rest, sleep and enjoy quiet time alone.  Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
Bathe or shower frequently.  You may enjoy a bath in Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals.

Good crystals to work with are Diamond and Herkimer Diamonds, Clear Quartz, Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli, Azeztulite, Golden Tourmaline and Black Tourmaline and Obsidian. Or whatever crystal companions call to you at this time.

From Starchildglobal.com

Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System Radio Show- TONIGHT! ~ David Wilcock ~ 25 February 2015

Okay, I don't think I'll be listening in to this anytime soon. However, apart from announcing this radio show, David Wilcock also has further information that I thought needed special mention, simply because it corroborates what other sources, notably Cobra, has revealed in his past updates. I always feel it's a good sign when information from different sources start to align with and echo each other instead of creating confusion with contradictions.  

You can proceed to read his information here.

I would like to note a couple of points, just to underscore the message that things are indeed unfolding and that we are heading in the right direction:
  • Space battles coming to tipping point, in favour of Light...this is inevitable
  • Lockdown placed around Planet; the Dark are not allowed to escape
  • Snowden's data will soon be available for all on the Internet; this includes details about the Secret Space Program.

Global Ascension Reboot March 20th ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 25 February 2015

Every mini-shift and cycle we go through brings us closer and closer...

Source: New Earth Central

The global preparation plan is now in place and opening the gates to heaven so all souls that were trapped in the karmic reincarnation cycling can return home to Source Creator. We are being given a chance to decide if we want to stay to seed, plant and grow our New Earth civilization or return home to our soul group. Many souls are still on the fence right now and need to decide which direction they are pointing.

I’ve decided I want to experience the Merkaba Light Body in its full crystallization before I return home. I need to see that all the hard work of the past 20-40 years is in place and working. In 2012 I moved to Mount Shasta, the root chakra on the crystal 5D grid, to join other grid workers to anchor and ignite our New Earth template. All the pieces are in place…all the Starseed Souls are anchoring Divine Light to the new grid and many Souls are contemplating how they would like the New Earth paradigm to materialize.

We will witness the advancement of the New Earth starting this year as the final Uranus-Pluto square nudges humanity into a higher dimensional experience – that of the 4th dimensional Heart Center. When the heart is open there is a chance of loving compassion to enter all that we do. Humanity has the opportunity now to shift from a warring, divisive world into a new paradigm of caring connection.

Please continue reading here.

Arcs of Connection Are Finished - Gaia Portal - 25 February 2015

Source: Gaia Portal

Long-term constabularies have taken form in Gaia Energetic grid.

“Force” fields of Peace are strengthening concomitantly.

Fendings of Higher Aligned Spirit workers is ended.

Placements of planetary flight paths nears completion.

Arcs of Connection are finished.

25 February 2015

The Event: A Compilation of What's Been Said

In the past weeks, I've had some discussions with fellow Light Servers (I really like this term, thank you Sandra Walter!) about The Event ~ what, when, how, why and where ~ all this was explored. We were all non-experts in this field, and all I could do was to reference what I've read/heard about it. Also called The Pulse, Blue Pulse...I believe they all refer to the same occurrence.

I've decided to pull together all the references that I'm aware of into this one post. These are links to information that I've posted from various sources. If you know of others that I've not included here, it doesn't mean that I don't agree with their information....just that I don't know of their existence!  :)

So what does The Event mean to me? Well, I believe that it's a Divinely orchestrated massive burst of Light that alters our consciousness fields, forever. This will elevate our vibrational frequencies and "turn on our switches", so to speak. No, not Ascension, but an concerted cranking up of our awareness and spiritual connection to Source. I look at The Event as a quantum accelerator of Consciousness, and I've also written something about it here.

So, if you've not yet read these, here are the links to what some sources have said about The Event.

Veritas Galactic Sweden / Therese Zumi Sumner
This lady is incredible; she's like the human library of All-Things-Cobra! It was Cobra's site that I first heard this Divine phenomenon being named The Event. Prior to that, I only knew somewhat vaguely about some Divine "flash" that would bring about enormous transformations of consciousness.

Ascension Blue Chronicles ~ Mission Ignition

A Moment of Enlightenment ~ Ibrahim Hassan (Part 5)

Cometa Ison. Evenimentul. Adevarul despre ele. (Comet Ison. The Event. The Truth About It.) Galactis Team

In-Depth Interview with Alkesh About Comet Ison ~ Maarten Horst 4 February 2014

When Will Comet Ison Approach Earth? When Will The Event Take Place? ~ Galactis Team

Information Regarding The Current Situation and What Will Follow for Humanity in the Next Months from the Extraterrestrial Perspective ~ Galactis Team

What Exactly Is The Event? A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin

Your Mission Now: Activate the Powerful Pillar of Golden Light ~ Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel ~ 23 February 2015

This is from Shanta Gabriel's newsletter, and I couldn't locate the same message anywhere on her site, so I'll post the whole thing here.

Her sites are: Shanta Gabriel and The Gabriel Messages.

Activate the Pillar of Golden Light

You are being gifted waves of Divine Illumination within Golden Light. Your job is to direct these frequencies and empower your life in its flow!

Dear Ones,

The Archangels are here to initiate the power of awakening energy upon the Earth as the Golden Light flows throughout the world now. This Light of pure divinity contains all the elements of consciousness that are so desired by those living on the Earth such as Peace, Love, Joy, Creativity, Freedom and Abundance.

In harmony with the Solar Ray of Gold, there is a presence you can invoke as the illumination of celestial forces integrating with human. It is a beautiful Pillar of Golden Light carrying the Christed presence so you can fill your inner being with the golden essence of Divine Love.

The mighty Pillar of Golden Light contains all these qualities of divinity that each person needs to live as a blended being, bringing your most Divine Self into your physical body. As you live in this light, you are activating these qualities into the fabric of your physical body and elevating your consciousness, thus becoming a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

As you invite the Golden Pillar of Light frequencies to flood your being, you are activating the presence of Divine Love into every cell. These filaments of Divine Light are changing your DNA by building a body with new crystalline structures that resonates at the higher vibrations. These qualities are living frequencies of energy that can be used to activate those energies within your body. As you purposely bring the Golden Light into your being, it activates the cellular structures as it transforms your DNA.

You are literally changing into one who can activate these very frequencies into a world of chaos and confusion and hold the frequencies of Light in your energy field. You stepped foot on the planet as an Emissary of Peace, here to anchor the frequencies of Peace onto an Earth that has forgotten. It is for this purpose that many of you incarnated in this round of many lifetimes so you could be a Keeper of the Light as you bring your gifts into the world. When you radiate Divine Light through you into the world, it creates a beacon effect. As you hold these golden frequencies within you, it anchors light on the planet and brings forth a new energy of Peace and Love to a world aching to behold this power.

The Chalice Within You

When you invoke the Pillar of Golden Light, you become one who receives these golden frequencies into the empty chalice of your heart space, inviting the Christed Light into your being and anchoring pure Love within you into the Earth. As you allow Golden Light to activate within your body, your nervous system begins to resonate at a higher frequency and you can hold more and more light in your physical being.

The sensitivity level in your feeling nature becomes your intuitive awareness heightened to receive the gifts your soul remembers. Living in this light allows you to create the frequencies in your life that brings your gifts forward so you can use them to fulfill your soul destiny in this lifetime in total Joy of Being. As a spiritual practice, using the Pillar of Golden Light will attract to you that which you intend to receive. The radiance of a person who has brought Divine Light and Love through every cell of their body, repeatedly, is both transformational and magnetic.

Through all that you do there is a level of Grace that can be invited to work within you. The Pillar of Golden Light could even be the Fountain of Youth, totally free for everyone that fills the inner cup with the Golden Light of Love. These qualities are living frequencies of energy that can be used to activate those energies within your being.

Safety and Wellbeing

In your ever-expanding reality you are scrambling to find a sense of safety and wellbeing. These attributes are available in abundance when you can trust that your life is being guided by a powerful force of Love — always providing, always expanding and ready to give you what you need.

Belief in that which you cannot see immediately is a key that opens many doors. The most empowering belief is remembering how precious you are and how much you are loved. You are being uplifted and guided through the fire of this time by a Love that never ends.

When you can allow this truth to permeate the lower chakras and anchor guidance within your being, the Pillar of Golden Light is activated. This will gift you with the ability to expand and enfold the higher frequencies while directing them into your world to attract the qualities of consciousness you are asking to receive in your life.

It is these lower centers that are working to sustain the higher frequencies and ground the expansive energy. You are then able to receive more Light in your body without feeling that your nervous system is so over-stimulated that you have a sense of being electrocuted. It is just an intensity of energy and not a place for fear.

These waves of Golden Light are so strong that they are producing feelings that are unfamiliar. Neutrality within your emotional state will help you sort out your feelings. When you have a quieter presence within your heart, you gain the ability to maintain balance in the midst of intensity. Your breath is invaluable. Stopping to allow yourself to breathe very deeply illuminates the heart structures you have built that keep you whole and feeling safe.

Embrace the flow of Light by claiming it into your High Heart until you feel expanded — filled with the Christed Light, filled with Divine love, filled with healing power. Gaining Light within you leads to greater strength and courage. The massiveness of this Golden Light is asking you to bring forth the forces of grounding to keep your body calm in the midst of intensity. The grounding forces help you to feel more nourished and sustained by the forces of Divine Light. There is a deeper connection with levels of vitality that will enrich you and give you a sense of structure and balance.

It is an extraordinary time when you are being gifted waves of Divine Illumination in Golden Light. It is your job to direct the frequencies and empower your life in its flow. You are each opening to a new sense of Home. There is a craving that is newly activated and many believe they have to leave their bodies to experience it. This is not the case. Home is the growing, expanding sense of self, the fullness of your heart’s gifts coming forward to open into more love, joy and celebration.

An invocation of Light

I invoke the presence of the Pillar of Golden Light. As I open my receiving channels, I am inviting my Higher Self to bring forth the most empowered Light for me to ground on the planet so I may be a bridge from Heaven to Earth. I ask that this Light anchor onto the Earth more Love, Joy, Freedom, and Wellbeing and bring this energy into every area of my life. As I bask in the Golden Light I can feel the wings of Angels enfolding me in safety and protection, guiding me in new ways that allow me to fulfill my soul’s destiny on Earth in this lifetime. For these and all my blessings I say thank you, God, and so it is.

Archangel Gabriel
through Shanta Gabriel
February 23, 2015

Being Authentically You ~ Kara Schallock ~ 24 February 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

While it may seem as though nothing is occurring, so much really is! We are integrating a lot and more and more folks are awakening and wondering, “What is going on? Everything is falling apart!” Well yes, everything must fall apart in order to build anew. We can’t just build a new structure on top of a garbage heap. We must let go of the garbage and begin to build who we are becoming. Here is an exercise for you, if you choose to take the time to do it:

Write a story of who you were; then write a story of who you are; and finally, write a story of who you intend to be (what kind of life you intend; who you are as a person, etc.) burn the first story and as you read the second story, notice how different you are from the first story. And then see how the third story is so much like who you are already.

This exercise will show you just how much life has shifted for you and what you are moving towards. Remember, this is a journey; not a goal that we put a timeline to. Several people have written and asked, “When will this end?” They claimed they could not take one more step, and actually a few blamed me and what I share for their despair.

Yes, it has been difficult to say the least, yet there is a sense of profound Joy beneath any perceived despair. Take a breath and see it all as a journey, for Ascension is infinite. You reach one plateau and another is there for you. This is the New. In the old, there were goals and a place “to get to.” No more; life continues to unfold infinitely. As a person’s consciousness grows, so does their Awareness and so does life. Through new Awareness, we make certain choices and every choice creates a particular thread of life. So you see, life doesn’t simply happen randomly; it is created by you; every single aspect of it. Do you like what you see? Then continue to make choices based on your Joy. Do you not like what you see? Then make a change. It is all about Joy. Follow your Bliss and you will live a Bliss-full life. And it is all within, for extraneous circumstances don’t bring you misery or happiness; these are perceptions based on having one’s focus on the outside of themselves. Joy is within. It doesn’t matter what is going on “out there.” No-one or nothing can take your Joy from you. Happiness or sadness, on the other hand, is dependent on outer circumstances. Every event is a learning gift and always points the way…to more Joy.

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Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 24 February 2015

Somehow, I really "get" the first paragraphs of each section, which I'll copy below, highlights are my own. The contents of these two paragraphs help me to understand a lot of what I've been feeling in the past 2 weeks, a sort of standstill, yet with momentum building up. Unseen esoteric and deeply spiritual things being prepared, waiting for the right Divine Timing to unfold. For me, that's another layer of understanding to my "Ready To Go" posts :)

Source: PAO

3 Men, 13 Zac, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come carrying good news! The process of unwinding the gross influence of the dark continues. The Light through proper prayer and divine actions is very close to unwrapping the final obstacle put forth by the Anunnaki many millennia ago. This set of divine actions is to free the numerous funds and permit them to be graciously delivered. The Agarthans have in their possession keys to special chants and decrees made for this exact purpose. These acts can only be performed when the right divine time is before us. This special moment is now. Hence, Heaven instructs when and how to execute these final hymns. Gaia reaches the point in her travels when such hermetic devices can be successfully applied. Our liaisons are thus working with those of the Light who were selected long ago to perform this most sacred task. This time is indeed special and all the required chants are being executed. Heaven’s chosen emissaries are providing these divine wordings. Their actions are to reset this reality’s matrices and to permit the many events needed to turn this reality toward manifesting the start of your freedoms and grand prosperity.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Many wonderful events are preparing to manifest! Our associates are most happy about the events that are finally ready to happen. The dark has long prided itself on its ability to keep our various deliveries under wrap. This is really the last thing their loyal minions can continue to do. This set of delays is to end as the Light has obtained the necessary documents to conclude this dilemma. Hence, various projects long missing the required funds can soon begin a proper start-up. This is as well the case with the prosperity funds. A series of preliminary deliveries were completed. However, it was incumbent on our helpers to stop and shortly this complicated process can start again. The completion of this process is designed to replace the current governance and permit you to put an end to a long history of worldwide debt slavery. This process is not only to bring you prosperity, but as well to end discriminatory and unfair taxation.

Please read the complete update here.

24 February 2015

"Pops" of Enlightenment Envelop All Gaia Inhabitants in Short Order as Consciousness Barriers Erode ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 February 2015

Well, at least this one is easier to decipher :)  Provided we get it right, that is!

Source: Gaia Portal

“Pops” of Enlightenment envelope all Gaia inhabitants in short order as consciousness barriers erode.
Multiple engagements are handled with ease as Higher awareness returns.

Threads of separation resolve to a Common.

Enterprises of Nova Gaia assemble.

23 February 2015

Cobra on Prepare For Change Radio Show ~ 22 February 2015

I hope I'm getting this right, because I'm doing it in quite a hurry. This is the transcript from Cobra's interview with the Prepare For Change team, and many many thanks to all involved for coming out with the transcript so quickly :)  I haven't had time to read yet, and I may add highlights later, depending on the topics discussed. But here it is for you to read first :)

Please head over to Prepare For Change.

How to Open Your Third Eye ~ Infinite Waters Ralph Smart ~ 22 May 2014

I've posted this before (see here) with a collection of other videos, so I've decided to feature it on its own because of its importance, and also because I recently watched it again, re-appreciating the information. Here is a summary of Ralph Smart diving deeeeeeep into the Third Eye/Pineal Gland, based on ancient activation practices.
  • Yoga ~ integration of body/mind/Soul
  • Mindful meditation ~ tuning in to the power of Now
  • 7-Hermetic principles
  • Diet ~ vegetarian, we are what we eat
  • Star-gazing ~ shows us the world beyond
  • Crystals ~ lapis lazuli in Ancient Egypt helps with connecting to the Planet
  • When 3rd Eye opened we are in alignment with Higher purpose
  • Sleeping in the dark ~ melatonin produced, linked to pineal activation
  • "When we are  not afraid to sleep, we are more awake"
  • Ayahuasca, lotus ~ "dissolves" world around us
  • Once we know Who We Truly Are, our Third Eye activates!
  • Divine Union via tantra = Oneness
  • Beeswax candles aid in activation
  • Krishna played flute called bansuri, it has 22 semitones and was in alignment with planetary frequencies (432 Hz vs 440 Hz)
  • "We are the Ancients...theWitches and Wizards are back!"
Watch the 16+minute video here.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 22 February - 1 March 2015

This is great pep-talk from Hilarion, courtesy of Marlene Swetlishoff. Marlene has included some links about morphogenetic fields by Rupert Sheldrake at the end of this channeling; I would also recommend that you watch Nassim Haramein's talks about morphgenetic fields if you need more details.

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

As you sit at the crossroads wondering which way humanity will choose to go, know that you are not helpless ones - you have ability to effect changes to the morphogenetic fields (fields which influence the pattern or form of things) that surround all situations. These are fields of habitual patterns that link all people, fields which influence and are influenced by, the habits of all people, whether of knowledge, perception or behaviour. It is a field that exists where each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and one which also contributes to the collective memory which affects other members of the species in the future. (See links below.) This is why we tell you that you are more powerful than you know and why mindfulness in your thoughts, words and deeds is so very important. It is through your focused intention, your love, your intuitive clarity and your light that changes to the current patterns in these fields take place. You are the ones that affect them!

It is all a matter of perspective as you work through these fields. Making an assessment of each situation encountered and learning everything about it that you can, looking at all the advantages and disadvantages to decide which road to take that is offered to you, you then choose the best option for you. Trust yourself, make that decision and believe that you are choosing the best option at the current point in time. Perhaps the passage of time will show you that it was not the best way to go, if that is the case, be prepared to face the consequences and make adjustments as necessary and learn from the experience. Life is all about living it instead of remaining a bystander or a passive observer to your own life. Too many people have been conditioned to wait for another person to do what needs to be done. This conditioning must now be changed. It requires your determination and awareness for this to occur. You can do it.

As the energies upon the planet increase, there is more fluidity in all things and so your ability to affect the morphogenetic field is greatly amplified. Caution is required in your daily thoughts and activities. Begin your day by aligning with your divine essence and stay true to this alignment through all activities throughout your day. Repeat powerful affirmations that reinforce your highest vision and highest outcome, not only for yourselves and those you love but for everyone upon your planet. See yourselves as the powerful and wise beings that you truly are and step into those shoes! Become those powerful beings who wield their power for good to manifest into their world. You have come this far because of your strong will and determination to be here during these times and it is not the time to allow all that hard work and effort to fall by the wayside.

Continue in your efforts and in your allowance to release and clear the energies that are still coming to the surface and remember that they are not always because of anything that you have personally endured and experienced and are personally responsible for. Many times, it is a clearing that is occurring for the entire collective morphogenetic field that greatly influences and affects all life. You are playing a part that was agreed to be played before your current incarnation. It is a time of major release for everyone and everything that has previously been conditioned and affected by the old paradigm systems and as you do this work, keep yourselves as energetically clear as possible. You are one of many major lightworkers for your planet and everything you are currently experiencing is for the greater good of all, even though it may not feel like it in the moment.

You have great ability to transmute the denser energies that are keeping humanity from greater awareness of the true nature of their lives upon this planet. Allow your light to shine like a blazing sun and radiate this light from your heart chakra to everyone and everything that surrounds you. As ambassadors of light and love for the Creator, your actual presence does and will continue to make a difference. You are assisting in bringing ancient knowledge and wisdom into the modern world in a way that is appropriate for the current civilization to absorb and ponder upon and learn from, linking the past with the future. You are the anchors and the conduits, the beautiful rainbow bridges of love and full spectrum light, that diamond light, truly making its presence felt upon your planet.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious - Part I -Society, Spirit & Ritual: http://www.sheldrake.org/files/pdfs/papers/morphic1_paper.pdf

Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious - Part II -Extended Mind, Power, & Prayer: http://www.sheldrake.org/files/pdfs/papers/morphic2_paper.pdf

Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious - Part III http://www.sheldrake.org/files/pdfs/papers/morphic3_paper.pdf

©2008-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way, no fees are charged to read it, and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included.



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22 February 2015

2015: The Time for Miracles and Magic Has Arrived ~ Almine ~ 21 February 2015

In this very short (4:44 minutes...and look at that numerology!) video, Almine reports that "The Earth is ready" (!!!); it's time once again for pristine, incorruptible High Magic to come upon the Earth. Although short in length, I find it difficult to summarise further without actually typing out a full transcript due to the nature of the information, so it's best that you head straight to the video and listen :)

Very good news indeed!

Teleportations of Enhanced Advisory Functions Continues to Engage Alternative Pathways ~ Gaia Portal ~ 21 February 2015

Source: Gaia Portal

Teleportations of enhanced advisory functions continues to engage alternative pathways.
Fabrications of alternative pathways by shadow representatives has concluded.

Partitioning of Elementals proceeds prior to final unification.

Ferrites of essential energetics come to surface.

Precipitation of time squelches proceeds anew.

21 February 2015

The Depth of the Equinox Pull Into Light ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 February 2015

This update from Sandra Walter is quite long but it's so pertinent to what we are going through now. I found myself nodding repeatedly as I was reading it; the part about the train-dreams surprised me though...I used to have those dreams but never knew what they meant, now I do :)  And no, I'm not a Gate-Keeper.

Sandra tells us that "stronger waves are expected again February 22-25". Seriously though, at this point in time, I simply don't care anymore. Every day feels like some wave!! They seem to be never-ending, and have been increasing in intensity. I sometimes feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust in flames. Like the phoenix...?  :D  :D  And oh.... I learnt a new term... "Lightserver"... PERFECT!!!

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Many of you are experiencing the dramatic shift in the energies since last week. We officially entered the pull of the Equinox wave, and it brings us into a heightened state of the multidimensional merge. You may have noticed the merge has gone far beyond Higher Self and Lower Self, and involves many levels and dimensional expressions of You, Your Divine Team and Higher dimensional consciousness. Stronger waves are expected again February 22 -25.

The Equinox Eclipse Passage
It is a powerful phase, and somewhat mysterious as we cut paths through the unknown. Gatekeepers have been busy and I AM deeply moved by how this is unfolding. It is brilliant to witness the unique expressions of the return of the Christ which are lighting up through the HUman heart grid. We are going to break apart many belief systems, religious patterns, and repetitive activities - even within the awakened collective - with this next phase.

As the great cosmic trigger presents a Solar eclipse/Equinox on March 20 (Eclipse peak at 2:45am PT, Equinox at 3:45pm PT), and the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4 (Full Moon/Eclipse peak at 5:06amPT, also the day before Easter), all of our attention shifts to merging with higher levels of consciousness. Cosmic factors, including strong waves of photonic plasma, are currently sending many initiates into higher experiences of the merge. Gatekeepers who are energetically connected to the gates are experiencing profound fusion with these energies. You may feel like a shell rolling in and out on the shoreline waves as the Gates adjust and breathe with this new light.

What is happening in the NOW?

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Frequency Light Upgrades with Ascension ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 7 January 2015

This may not be freshly pressed so you may have already seen it. After reading it, I feel better already! I'm posting this in full.

Source: Awakening to Remembering

For all of those experiencing the FLU.... (F)requency (L)ight (U)pgrades
There is no sick. There are Ascension/Light Upgrades

Sick is a human word. We clear density. Each huge light blast will cause the physical body to go through an upgrade and it must clear anything held within (anger, betrayal, shame, guilt, fear....) Old emotions/thoughts are ENERGY and this energy must "bind" to something physical to "carry" these old programs out of the body. (Mucous).

For every human ailment, there is a higher realm truth that has nothing to do with what one "believes" it is... All is energy, all is discordant frequency needing to be TUNED. The physical body must completely reverse all systems in order to clear out all old programming and "start up again". (Thyroid, lymphatic, adrenals, more...)

Replace your words and you will change how you perceive it, how you "treat" it (suppress or assist it in coming up/clearing) and how your body reacts to it. Allows it to leave or holds on....
Epidemic = Everyone being blasted with photonic light

Continual episodes = Lots of clearing and IT'S LEAVING...

Skin outbreaks/itching: Crystals/Star Particles under the skin. These get very intense/strange from "time to time". Can go on for years, depending on how long one holds themself to a certain frequency, holds on to old programming. It will move out quickly and get lesser and lesser along the way. You are becoming the sun. Yes, things do get weird....

Remember, it's not "back again", it's leaving again. You assist it when you remember this.
The physical body repairs itself when you S-L-E-E-P. You integrate your own light when you sleep. You birth new realities when you sleep. Veils are removed, when you sleep. You wake up as you sleep. S-L-E-E-P... until you've slept enough and your higher self will tell you when this is.

In the moments you can't sleep, get creative and DO that thing that assists your journey. Wake up groggy? Stay groggy. You are anchoring the LUCID DREAM to walk in in the physical. Fuzzy headed, good. Not supposed to be able to focus. Blurry eyes? Perfect, your eyes are upgrading to be able to see your new reality vibrationally.

Headaches/migraines = Pineal Gland activating, new vision, veil removal....

Get your body pH'd. Drink pH water. The crystals cause your body to go acidic and you need this to assist with these activations.

There is soooo very much more. This is just a tiny bit of what is going on with so many.

You are transforming from Carbon Based to Crystalline. You don't become the SUN, a walking Crystal Transmitter, without some really bizarre and uncomfortable things as you come online/get into alignment as SOURCE ENERGY here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown, Solar Crystalline NEW EARTH BEing ☼ www.AwakeningToRemembering.com

Countdown to (Cosmic) Global Reset ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 18 February 2015

Image Source
No, this does not refer to the financial reset; it's about the upcoming Cosmic Reset that Meg Benedicte says will herald major transitions for Humanity. I'm new to her information and am therefore unfamiliar with what she has said before this. This particular message was interesting, so I thought I'd post it here; thanks to the PAO newsletter where I first saw it :)

Source: New Earth Central

You may have noticed the planetary energy easing up a bit, as we honor the 2nd Aquarian New Moon in a row Wednesday, February 18th at 6:47 pm EST. The Sun and Moon hover in the last degree of Aquarius just before transiting into Pisces. This New Moon is sitting on the collective threshold point, providing the opportunity to make significant changes in our personal lives and in the planetary consciousness. The Chinese New Year heralds the year of the Wood Sheep on Thursday, February 19th – a time that will enhance our right-brain intuitive skills.

Whenever there is the start of a ‘new beginning’ it brings with it the conclusion of out-dated conditions. We have arrived at that point in human history! Today’s New Moon in the final seconds of Aquarius signifies both an ending and initiation into a new paradigm. The upcoming four weeks spent in Pisces will offer preparation time for the cosmic global reset occurring in mid-March.
Appearing before us in the coming weeks is an extraordinary event of massive proportions in the Cosmic Ascension Plan. Not only will humanity migrate into 4th dimensional Earth, but those Souls visiting from other star systems will begin the accelerated transformation from carbon-density into crystallized Light Bodies. The First Wave Starseeds are currently shifting from their human family matrix and activating their Soul family pillar/portal/Merkaba as their energetic sovereign domain while living on Earth.

Launching this cosmic blueprint into the Earth plane is a Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th, the day of the Vernal Equinox. Just as today’s New Moon occurs in the final seconds of a sign, the March 20th Solar Eclipse occurs in the very last moments of Pisces just hours before the Equinox at zero degrees Aries. What a power-packed week…a Total Solar Eclipse combined with the Equinox threshold breakthrough following the final Uranus-Pluto Square on March 16th/17th! Our consciousness is being prepared for the big changes coming.

Please continue reading here.

The Red and the Blue ~ Cobra ~ 20 February 2015

Source: The Portal

We have entered a new cycle, the Chinese year of the sheep. This is the time when victory is achieved by gentleness and not by brutal force.
Being in the new cycle, it is time now to release some intel about the Red and the Blue.
The Blue Dragons originate from secret Taoist groups connected with the Agartha network. Together with secret Pythagorean Order they have ignited the spark of Renaissance in Italy:
It may be interesting to note that Leonardo da Vinci was merely copying old Chinese texts for his famous »inventions«.
Nothing more can be said about the Blue, except that some of them are guardians of the portals. 
The Red Dragons originate from the military forces of the Ming dynasty. 
The Archons wanted to destroy the power of the Ming. Their first strike was to overthrow the Ming by Archon-controlled Manchu tribes that invaded from the north, took over Beijing and started the Qing dynasty:
Then Qing emperor Kangxi invited Jesuits to China:
The Red Dragons were working secretly in the Qing imperial court and in the military forces against Manchu and Jesuit invaders:
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20 February 2015

Reminder for Weekly Liberation Meditation

"Ascended" ~ The Portal

** This will be "sticky" until after the meditation date **

It feels as if things are getting pretty serious at the moment. Please, this is not meant in any way to alarm anyone, I'm just sharing what I feel :)  And some of you may have read my earlier "Ready to Go" posts, so this is just an on-going writing-out-my-thoughts/feelings sort of post.

As mentioned previously, I don't know anything else apart from this sense that we are in a "sensitive" and critical phase. And if I were pressed to elaborate further, I would venture that this "type" of feeling is something I don't remember sensing before. However, I do note that just the day after my Ready to Go Part 2 post, Cobra posted alerts that seem to suggest that "something serious" is happening (see here and here).

Somehow, it seems to me that the upcoming Sunday Weekly Liberation meditation is going to be of paramount significance. So my Light Family, please do join in if you feel guided to do so. I'm going to stick my neck out and say this, and this is my opinion only (always remember that!) but I feel that if the time is not favourable, then meditate at the time that best suits your circumstance. Just intend that your meditation energies be added to the actual time stipulated. After all, time is non-linear, yes? The important thing is to not let the time factor put you off. And here comes the broken record/CD/USB drive...each Soul matters, and every iota of Light energy counts.

Here's the link again for details:

Weekly Liberation Meditation Update

See you there!


Maha Shivaratri ~ Revolution By Light ~ 18 February 2015

Source: Revolution By Light

(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Yesterday was the Sacred day of Maha Shivaratri. At midnight, the Great Rishis (Light Masters) travelled to the Divine Plane of Lord Shiva and brought a part of Him with them to our earth. So, Lord Shiva has literally come down to earth.
Lord Shiva is generally known as the Destroyer, because His energies are required for the destructive processes of the Cosmos. But the energies of Creation and Sustenance are also in Him.
Today morning before Sunrise, Lord Shiva entered every house as a ray of Light. His Divine Energies will be available on this earth as Light for ten days.

The Rishis apprise Lord Shiva of the Spiritual condition of this earth and its people. Based on this, Lord Shiva may give instructions to the Rishis, who are the administrators of this earth.
On the first day of Shivaratri, there is a custom of staying awake through the night. This practice is called ‘Jagarana’ in Sanskrit, which literally means, not sleeping. Just staying awake on one night does not help us spiritually in any way.

‘Jagarana’ is not about sleep deprivation. It is to be understood as Being Aware or Awakening. It is being aware of the Presence of Lord Shiva on earth.

During the ten days of Lord Shiva’s stay on earth, we can absorb more of His energies by meditating and channelling Light more, and also by trying to be aware of His energies and His Presence throughout the day.

May the Lord’s Divine energies destroy all the negativity and ignorance in us and help us awaken.

The Mass Movement of Energies and Mass Awakening Awareness of Man ~ Judith Kusel ~ 19 February 2015

Source: Judith Kusel

Movement, mass movement of energies are now pouring onto the earth and from the inside of the earth those pyramids and those energy centers are now starting to reactivate which have lain dormant for billions of years, as the greatest epoch of change ever experienced by mankind now rises to the fore.

This year will be a Rubicon year for many, for it is bringing together those forces, those souls, those combined pooling of soul resources on a global scale.

We have to understand just how important this is: – for the first time since Atlantis, we are standing on the threshold of immense earth changes, and changes in human awareness and the way they live their lives.

We have to understand that what has been closed down for so long is not being reawakened.  It never left the planet, but rather, as mankind deliberately wanted to destroy itself (Atlantis and what went before); these mass energy centers and energies were shut down, as the veils of amnesia were put down, in order that mankind learnt the lesson of power.

The Energy of Power is NEUTRAL – it is what one projects onto that power and the way one uses power, that ultimate can build up or destroy.

I have been working intensely with earth energies and energy fields and what is now awakening in the last few years.  I have been shown what is coming for mankind and how this all fits together.  Indeed that is what my soul has come in to do.  More than this I will not say, for the time is not right for me to do so.

At the moment mankind’s understanding and that of science is still too primitive to truly understand that which was put into place billions of years ago on the planet, in the form of energies and energy fields, that it will have to come as a total paradigm shift in their whole thinking and believing, before they will start to grasp what this all about.

These mass energies now being released are like a Tsunami, earth quakes, cosmic fire – the whole works will hit us at once, and shake the foundations to the very core…. indeed, most those foundations will start crumbling and all that has been built upon it that has been false, will disintegrate.

It means that certain souls have been closely working together, monitoring the situation, and have returned since the last World War, to bring about this massive change and to help humanity to bridge this immense epoch – the like of which has never before been experienced by mankind.

Please continue reading here.