31 March 2015

Enlightenment...Oops... ~ Baloo

Source: Baloo Cartoons

Evolution Protocols ~ Baloo

Source: Baloo Cartoons

Beyond Healing With Judy Satori and Bob Charles ~ 18 March 2015 Show

This is a reminder for those who resonate with Judy Satori's activations and healing frequencies that she now has a weekly show with Bob Charles via the Pyramid One Network. I'm just going to highlight the show from 18 March 2015, which has an activation which I feel would have a tremendous benefit for those who are interested.

This same show also has an opening prayer which Judy calls "Prayer of Initiation" by Mother Mary, which healers and those who have spiritual practices may find beneficial.

Back to the activation ~ this is the first transmission from this show, and it comes in at around the 8:30 minute mark. The energy aligns and tweaks the Hara Line to facilitate all the energetic shifts we are going through. I truly appreciated it, thank you Judy and Bob!

You can find the link to the show here at Judy's site, or from Bob's Pyramid One Network.

Claim It! ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll

Image: Phidelity.com

**Text:  Create and visualize right now that your lives are clear, free, and peaceful, and that there are no worries and no problems. For those who have come here with a cellular disease in your bodies, visualize right now a time before it was present. Feel the peacefulness of that sensation as you sit before Spirit. We are telling you that as you visualize this and claim it as your own, you bring yourself closer to the very reality that you're creating in your mind—
such is the power of your interdimensional gifts. Kryon via Lee Carroll**

Very Important Update: The Presence of The Oneness ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 30 March 2015

Source: The World Of Truth

News from the inner realm:

Our universe Long time ago was Light , and at a certain point, the Dark started to exist,  and affected the Light ......From that time; the universe was undergo to the duality [Polarity ] of The Light & Dark ....

The Light played his role in preventing and counteracting the dark,, and many Races had gathered to do this mission, until the GFL was formed {The Galactic Federation of Light} 4.5 Million years ago.....and lately at the timing of earth since 2003; the Oneness Conscious began to spread in the universe & to affect all the sectors, and began to grow more and more, began to affect the Light & Dark and began to contribute to solving the main problem dramatically in this universe..

In 2010 earth Time,,,,,, The oneness conscious became an Oneness School, and began to coordinate the relations between the Light & Dark… One of this school’s  effects on the light is to contribute in creating something called Confederation at the higher levels of the Galactic Federation, , which was already exist in the Federation before that, but was related to the Light... and after The Oneness School ; this Confederation began to follow the Oneness Consciousness,   and this in turn has contributed to the compromises of the Leaders of the darkness to deal with the Confederation , where {The Dark}  had a great objection to the policy of the Light , and consider them their polarity and not the representatives of the Source.

That’s why since 2003 ; you started seeing  a big signs of major changes on the situation for the whole story, and a great achievements began to happen through the Light sectors…

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30 March 2015

Mysticism: Awakened Codes ~ Judith Kusel ~ 29 March 2015

Arthur C Clarke stated that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." My corollary to that is "Any sufficiently higher dimensional existence is indistinguishable from mysticism."

Judith Kusel describes this state of Mysticism as "the highest calling of the Illumined State" in this message, which makes the connection between Ancient Greece and the practice of Mysticism. She also refers to "Ancient Ones" who live underground ~ I'm assuming she means our Intraterrestrial Family in Inner/Hollow Earth.

Source: Judith Kusel

The higher paths of Mysticism have to do with the preparedness to delve ever deeper in the depths of Being – that state of Being which is the Unknown, the endless infinite realm of the Gods and Goddesses – the Mystery of Life and the Life Force itself.  It delves deep into the cosmic consciousness which is sublime and which is the creative force itself, yet is within all Beings and all that ever was created under the Central Cosmic Sun.

It is the highest calling of the Illumined State.  It takes total commitment and dedication to this path.  It is the highest path of supreme purity and it will demand that All.

According to the Oxford dictionary a Mystic is a person who devotes their time to profound thought in order to become closer to God and to reach truths beyond human understanding.  Its root is the Greek word “mustes – initiated person.”

Mysticism is then path of supreme Enlightenment and it is no accident that we inherited the Greek word for this, for in the Greeks always had a great respect for those who sought the ultimate state of Being.

In the last few years I have always been led back to Delphi in my own research as to trying to link the Cathars, my own findings, and the Goddess returning, with my own emerging greater picture of the true history of the planet and the Super-consciousness energy fields.

At one stage interesting personas started to emerge from the Pyrenees, far more ancient than that of the Cathars and understanding dawned that what they knew, or practiced was something was older and something steeped in the Ancient traditions of Mysticism itself.

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The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 29 March 2015

Kayaga Studio

This message looks deeper into the true meaning behind the symbolism of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, and despite its religious connotations, this message is for all on the spiritual path.

Source: Oneness Of All

Dear ones, Greetings to all in this season of Christian celebration. Know that the death and resurrection remembered at Easter were meant to provide profound spiritual teachings for all, Christian as well as non-Christian.
Spring is bringing with it new beginnings, even for those who may be trying very hard to avoid new beginnings. We speak now of those who believe that their learning curve is finished and that they are now entitled to sit back and enjoy "old age". Those in this category will be very surprised when change begins to disrupt this cherished illusion. Everyone must be prepared for change both within and without regardless of human age and its manifestations .
Refuse to blindly accept into consciousness the beliefs and fears about aging being incessantly thrown at you by corporations who stand to profit from your fears of age and deterioration. Individual human age matters not in the spiritual journey for in reality, everyone is as old as God.
We emphasize change simply to remind all now on earth to not get too comfortable in the illusion, for you all made the choice to be a part of this powerful time of change in order to spiritually evolve and then in turn, assist others.
An energy field filled with Light can lift those receptive and ready without words ever being spoken and often even without any conscious awareness. This is what happened in the story of the woman touching the hem of Jesus's robe and being healed. It was not the robe, it was the very illuminated energy field of Jesus. She was receptive and was thus lifted into his higher frequency consciousness where disease did not exist.
Many of you are beginning to experience others seeking you out--asking what you know, how you may feel about this or that, or what you believe--your advice. They do not know exactly what it is they seek, but they feel your Light. When this happens, remember always to keep yourselves in compassion and not sympathy, for in sympathy you align with the other's energy.

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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 29 March - 5 April 2014

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

The winds of change blow ever more frequently. All about you there are increasing signs of the renewal of your lands, your peoples and your souls. As each person aligns to their own divine essence and daily invokes its presence within them, there is an acceleration of changes that take place within their physical body. These changes occur in cycles and you will know when you are in a cycle of assimilation of the cosmic energies flowing in through your crown chakra, as this is the time of the taking in of new information and you are much energized, invigorated and uplifted. Then comes another cycle of the assimilation of these energies in which you, in your physical body, find the need to rest, to sleep, to nurture self and to contemplate and ground them into your physical body in order to anchor them upon and within the Earth. Gone are the days when this process occurred in terms of decades; now it takes place in a much accelerated pace. Such are the times in which you are living.

Rising before you is the evidence of all that was once held secret and which now can no longer be contained by those who strive to withhold. The dawn of the new day rises each morning both literally and figuratively. You who are well versed in your daily disciplines feel these from within. Your higher connection always steers you into the correct assumption of the doings of those upon your planet. You have been seeing the effects of changes that are being wrought by the gathering together of many people to endorse an intention to create a correction to movements that occur that would take you and your planet off course. We from higher perspective increasingly overlight your souls that you might be collectively inspired to avert that which is not for the highest good of your people and your planet. Those who have such intentions will not succeed in their endeavours to regain their control.

The world is changing because you are changing. As you continue your inner work by pondering on the more hidden aspects of yourselves that are coming into your awareness, you are serving the greater good of all, for as such work is done, it is your personal efforts which expand the consciousness potential for all others within your sphere of influence. Consciously or not, you are creating a world where truth, honesty and transparency are the norm and not the exception. This is a trying time for those who are in denial of the transformation that is occurring within the psyche of humanity for they do not see the writing on the wall. It behooves those such as you to hold all people in their diversity of opinion in the highest of light, kindness and compassion. The highest qualities of each soul are beginning to rise to the surface of their consciousness and you will see these blossoming with ever greater joy and recognition within your inner being.

As you each maintain and uphold your spiritual integrity and stay true to self, much will begin to fall into place in your personal lives. Those who can help you to achieve your part in the Divine Plan will come into your sphere of influence and it will be a time of quiet joy and inner knowing. Plans will be set and goals will be accomplished with a sense of confidence and ease. Events will transpire in a magical way to open up amazing possibilities and opportunities that you never even dreamed could happen. The sense of peace and harmony even now pervades your outer world and it is a time of the gathering of the tribes, so to speak. Soul connections between people take place in greater numbers in a rapid movement of convergence that will leave some of you speechless.
Be open to all potential, within self most of all. You it is who create the higher vision and you it is who will see it in fruition. All of heaven joyfully conspires to make it so! 
Until next week… 
I AM Hilarion

©2008-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included. 

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

Last Opportunities (Based on Teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Warmth of Sun's Rays ~ Broken Trinket
Source: Revolution By Light

In this Creation, we have endless opportunities to grow spiritually. If we don’t utilize an opportunity provided to us, there will be one more opportunity. There will be a million more opportunities. In God’s world there are endless opportunities. This is the Truth.

But currently, we are going through a period of transition from the Dark Age to the Light Age. This Transition Period is not endless. Therefore, the opportunities during this period also are not infinite.

The time has come to make use of these last opportunities … opportunities to choose Light. Light contains Love, Peace, Joy, goodness, honesty, sincerity and so on. Choosing Light implies choosing all this.

In addition to this, we have to also consciously ‘unchoose’ non-love, hatred, violence, dishonesty, etc. Unchoosing these is as important as choosing Light.

As I always say, choose from the core of your being; it is enough. But I know that it is not easy to make these choices. I have seen people struggling for years to choose Light. We really have to give up many things, beginning with the ego to be able to choose Light.

What we truly choose will be reflected in our thoughts, emotions and in our living.

Let us make use of these last opportunities and choose Light. And let us leave the rest to the Rishis (Light Masters) and God.

29 March 2015

Fine-Tuning Your Spiritual Awareness ~ Archangel Michael via Ronna Star ~ April 2015

Tree of Life ~ Richard Quinn

Ronna hasn't yet uploaded April's message onto her website, so I'll reproduce it in its entirety here. Her website is Ronna Star. The visualisation goes deep, and is just beautiful.

**Just a little note about this sentence in the message:
When you accomplish this, the blessings of our Father/Mother God
will surely be showered down upon you.

It may seem to imply that Divine Blessings are conditional. I believe that the essence of the meaning is more of how much we are willing to open up to receive the Divine energies, which are there for all who are willing and ready to accept.


            Beloved masters, let us pause for a moment before we begin our discourse. Close your eyes and allow the sense of time and space to fall away.  Envision streams of Love/Light radiating from within the wellspring of your heart center, and see them flowing forth to encompass everyone and everything on the Earth. Via your inner vision, watch as billions of various size streams of Light radiate back to you from every sentient Being on Earth. Let go of your fear, judgment, and your different beliefs as you connect with the Core Essence of your brothers and sisters around the world. 
            Every person on Earth is unique, and yet, deep within your Heart Core, you are all the same. Every Sentient Being is composed of the same substance as that of our Father/Mother God: the pure Divine Essence of the Supreme Creator. You, as a manifested physical Spark of Light, are encoded with a Divine Blueprint, which consists of specific vibrational patterns and enough Divine Light Substance to fulfill your current earthly destiny.  
            Allow your consciousness to be lifted to a rarified place where you are a soaring, radiant Being of Light, connecting to every other Being of Light within this solar system. There is no separation. There can be no separation, no matter how far you journey forth from the Heart Center of the Creator. It does not matter what assignment you have accepted down through the ages, or the appearance of the cloaks of flesh you have assumed; it does not matter how many times you have divided your Soul Ray into smaller and smaller fragments, you have always been connected to your God-Seed Atom, your Divine I AM Presence, and ultimately, to the Creator. There is also a minuscule Stream of Creator Light which connects you, one with anotherTHE CONNECTION HAS NEVER BEEN BROKEN, AND IT NEVER WILL BE.             
           Breathe deeply and slowly, as you sense multicolored, luminescent waves of Light, filled with the Love/Light and the virtues of our Father/Mother God, surrounding you. Within these rarified streams of Light are all the energy and components you will ever need to build your field of dreams; to establish your personal foundation for the New Age to reclaim your Mastery of Self.  Know that the barriers between us no longer exist, even though we were never truly parted. Because of the pre-ordained evolutionary process now in progress, for many years now, we have been strengthening our connection with each of you, moment by moment, day by day. 
            No longer are you children stumbling through the dark on a path to nowhere.  You are awakening, and you are remembering that your many past worldly experiences have all been a part of a grand experiment. You are aware that the era of the past several thousands of years is swiftly coming to a close.  No longer do you feel as if you are pawns of fate.  As you fully claim your God-given rights as a cocreator, no longer will you create that which brings pain and suffering. Why would you when just as easily you may create joy, peace and abundance? All you have to do is give us permission to become an integral part of your life. Will you open your heart and your mind to the possibility that we are real and  that we are ready and willing to guide, direct, inspire and protect you to the limit of Universal Law?
            Make it your goal to move into the magical realm of harmlessness, whereby you no longer feed the negative-energy, Astral Plane force field of the Third and Fourth Dimensions. Instead, add your vibrant, loving energy to the auric field of Love/Light that surrounds the Earth‒the Iridescent, Crystal Grid of Illumination.
Your old world and limited reality are swiftly slipping away. The negative thought forms of the mass consciousness belief structure that were captured within the lower Astral (emotional) Planes are swiftly being dissolved. The broad-spectrum game of duality / polarity is gradually losing its hold on you as you slowly return to balance and harmony, thereby loosening the grip of your shadow-self, which allows you to project more and more Light into the darkness. The rules of the game also change as you move up the Path toward en-Lighten-ment. It is often called the narrow Path, and this is true. Each of you is held accountable (not judged), according to your level of awareness. Your Guardian Angels and Higher Self constantly present you with opportunities or challenges to assist you in your awakening process. As you become the observer and begin to operate within the Universal Laws of Creation and the rules of cause and effect, you begin to see the wisdom and justice in all that occurs within your life.
            If you are to become the master of yourself and of your world, you must begin to fine-tune your spiritual awareness.  Constantly, you will be presented with many levels of choice. Know that no choice is wrong, unless it harms you or others. You will find that there are good choices, better choices, and the highest / best choices. Your choice spectrum will change as you move up the spiral of higher awareness.
          Allow us to give you several examples. We will designate the range of choices (or choice spectrum) as one percent to one hundred percent. Becoming a master of your destiny means your choices will become more subtle, and not so easily defined. Therefore, you must sharpen your discernment and objectivity, and please take into consideration that you may have to rise above a situation in order to get a greater overview and clearer picture. Compassionate detachment is also required. 
          Our first example will be a person who has chosen an existence of deprivation, who is functioning mostly within the frequencies of the instinctual nature / sub-conscious mind as he strives to learn the lessons of the Third and lower Fourth Dimensions, and as he struggles to survive. His negative choices would have a vibratory rate of up to 50%, and his positive choices would be in the range of 51% to 70%.
            Our next example is a person who has chosen a lifetime in which there is an opportunity to experience the riches of the Earth Plane, and she is ready to begin the process of spiritual awakening. She has stepped onto the Path of higher awareness, and as we explained some time ago in a message called The Golden Promise, she has drawn forth a greater amount of the Essence of Self, which her God Self / I AM Presence will hold in reserve until she is ready to begin integrating the multiple Facets of her Higher Self. Because of this, gradually over time, her choice spectrum increases in refinement and vibration to, let us say, 70% to 85%.
            Greater awareness begets greater opportunities, but also requires more responsibility. The spiraling journey homeward can be a gradual climb or a swift one: however, it entails making the right choices within your current level of enlightenment, as you strive to enhance your abilities to the highest obtainable potential.
            Our last example will include most of you who resonate to our messages. This group includes those of you now firmly on the Path‒those of you who have experienced many trials, tests and battles with the ego-desire body in order that your personality could become honed and disciplined, and once more, become a servant of the Soul. You have sought, tested, rejected and refined what you now accept to be your truths, thereby creating your new reality along the way.  Through trial and error, you are learning to become proficient in the use of the Universal Laws of Manifestation. The results of your choices are quickly being brought into your awareness so that you will know that the laws of cause and effect are immutable, and that you really are the creator of your reality, and the world around you. As you become a Master of Self and your world, your choice spectrum changes so that the frequency range of choice is of the highest order: from 85% to 100%. When you accomplish this, the blessings of our Father/Mother God will surely be showered down upon you. 

          As you become attuned to the higher frequencies of Light, you will become accustomed to the flow of Sacred Fire Breath, which has been called the River of Life/Love/Light.  There is a hidden, powerful, radiant current of knowledge encoded within this Living River of Life.  It is a code of creative genius; however, you must tap into the wisdom of the Sacred Mind and your Soul Self in order to access this inborn power.
          We also wish to remind you that your hands are one of the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands.  They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel.  That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts. In the future, you have the potential of redeveloping the memory cells within your fingertips so that you may access conscious and subconscious information through touch. 
          A good exercise would be to hold a crystal which you have Self-programmed as a generator healing crystal in one of your hands as you focus on activating the healing abilities within the palms of your hands. Via the Infinity Breath exercise, concentrate on sending/feeling the Adamantine Particles of Light within your palms. Your palms may become very warm or begin to tingle.  It may take a while for you to feel the sensations; however, you will gradually gain the ability to send healing Creator Light to localized parts of your own body. Future healing will include en-Lighten-ed, dynamic healers with the ability to send almost laser-like healing beams of Divine Light to their patients. Reiki and other energy modalities are based on this ancient, esoteric knowledge.
          You, the StarSeed, are awakening to the awareness of your Celestial Heritage, which has been encoded within Atom Seed Crystals and stored within your Sacred Mind.  Also, be aware that there is a magnificent history of bravery and excellence woven into the violent and often tedious journey of human evolution. You are experiencing a resurrection of extra-sensory abilities and higher consciousness abilities, which have been dormant for many ages. However, it takes dedication and effort to open the sealed door to your inner wisdom, the Sacred Mind. It is vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner guidance once more. A loving and grateful heart purifies the consciousness, and creates tranquility and peace of mind. It develops into a constant State of Being and not just an occasional practice.
          It is apparent in every facet of earthly existence that humanity is awakening from the illusional dream of past ages as the refreshing Light of God-consciousness permeates all Creation.  You are laying the foundation for the coming decades of change.  As we observe, we can see the energies which form your probable futures, and how they change through the use of your free will. That is why no one, and we repeat no one, can predict the future with certainty, for the use of free will is always the determining factor. We fervently ask you: “Are you willing to take full advantage of your God-given gift of free will? Are you willing to endeavor to make the highest choices available to you?”  In doing so, you will add your energy to the highest potential future for all humanity. You are much more powerful than you realize. As you join together in prayer for the greatest good, you have the potential capabilities to divert wars, stop the devastating destruction of the Earth, and assist in creating peace and abundance for all. 
          Each and every one of you is responsible for the energy you draw forth from the Cosmic Bank of Divine Life Substance, the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. How are you spending your spiritual inheritance?  As we embark on this important phase of evolution together, please take time to define your commitment to yourselves, and to your spiritual family. 
When you allow the shackles of time / space, and the density of the lower Dimensions to fall away, your visions become sharp and clear, and you will place no expectations or restrictions on how or when they will manifest. Your resolve will gain strength, and you will confidently move forward with ease and grace, for your constant mantra is: “I ask for the greatest good for all.” 
          Join us, beloveds, in manifesting the highest choices within the Creator’s Divine Plan for the coming Age. We began this journey together in great joy and expectation, and when we come together again in our victory celebration, we will add:  Well done, brave warriors of Light, well done!  I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.
Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net

28 March 2015

The Ascension Process and the Entry Into 4th and 5th Dimension ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 27 March 2015

Ibrahim Hassan provides more details regarding the Ascension process and what it involves, The Event, what 4D and 5D means, and the different "streams" of Ascension. You can proceed directly to the two videos here (total about 20 minutes).

Some highlights:
  • Implants in energetic fields meant to stop Ascension process by preventing us from raising our vibrations, connecting with our Higher Self and with the higher realms
  • Many efforts by Light to save this Planet which is the last one being "occupied"
  • When The Event (The Pulse) occurs, these implants/chips will be switched off
  • 2 ways to neutralise implants: Using technology (with Resistance Movement, Agarthan Network and White Brotherhood), and via our own inner journey to reconnect with our Divinity (in this way, our vibratons then become too high for the implants to function)
  • The Event: when Earth enters 4D, 3D is "closed", then we commence next steps to 5D physically (Earth in 6D-7D energeticlly)
  • When in 4D, ALL humans (with exception of small % who will be sent to holographic 3D for "rehad") will have activated 4 strands of DNA (out of 12 strands), then go through another transition to ascend to 5D/5 strands (Light Body) over period of 10 years, depending on their progress
  • However, Starseeds/Volunteers/Indigos/Crystals etc will then proceed directly to 5D and beyond after 4D since they are already from higher realms, i.e. they return to their original state prior to this incarnation; this will take 6-12 months max, natural ascension therefore not requiring Light Chambers (in Inner Earth)
  • This is first batch of Ascension, numbering about 50 million
  • Emotional, psychological and mental healing required after The Event
  • In 4D we have completely healthy bodies and youthful appearance, memories restored, telephathic, contact with higher realms, in Oneness; this is NORMAL state
  • Many technologies will be used to support this transition, including energies from The Event and Light Chambers
  • In 5D we have complete crystalline Light Body stage, additional capabilities such as teleportation, bilocation, telekinesis.
**Earth was known as Gaia in her 7D existence, then Terra in 5D and finally Earth in 3D.

Gaia Energetics Continue to “Shake Off” Intransigent Shadow Points ~ Gaia Portal ~ 27 March 2015

I'd like to know to what "Grand Breakthrough" refers...good to know that "Stellars" are now online fully :)

Source: Gaia Portal

Gaia Energetics continue to “shake off” intransigent shadow points.
Leverage has been placed upon Light-resistance beings.
Breakthroughs occur at all levels in the moment.
Grand Breakthrough will follow.
All those exposed to current incoming Cosmics experience “waking” proddings.
Stellars are now in full-assist mode.

27 March 2015

Sheldan Nidle Interview with Alexandra Meadors ~ 24 March 2015


This is a two-hour session; I've been listening to it in parts and I've only covered half so far. Here are some highlights (I'll continue adding as I listen to the rest) but you can proceed straightaway to listen to the audio here. Some of the information that Sheldan brought through was definitely news to me, like the (thankfully) failed attempts to prevent the destruction of Atlantis. I also didn't know that it was a fixed point in our timeline, like a marker, and therefore could not be erased or changed.

**Update 29 March 2015 ~ highlights done! Also I wanted to just point out that this is an outstanding session with lots of information from Sheldan, as always.
  • Confirms that our Planet is the only one that is still in control of dark, and that the Earth minions refused to return to Light after the Anchara Alliance, whereby they took over when their leaders left
  • Quarantine imposed by Light (although I understand from other sources that both implemented their own quarantines ~ Light to prevent the spread of dark, and dark to prevent the Light forces from coming in)
  • “Information” about cloning of leaders at present largely untrue
  • Cabal are “very, very afraid” for the first time but they are not giving up, however positive forces are slowly taking over
  • Black magic being practised, they are grand masters in it, taught from young; this is also being nullified
  • Chemtrails also being neutralised; all these steps are being taken gradually because of the balance of Light/dark that still has to be considered to prevent chaotic upsets
  • Fall of Atlantis was a fixed point in time; that's why previous psychic attempts to “save” the civilisation (which would have made it possible for far worse darkness to fester) wasn't successful, it was an essential event that had to happen
  • Humanity has been brainwashed to reject ET presence therefore essential for Contact to unfold in progressive steps
  • December 2012 was supposed to see change of regime but when that didn't happen, plans had to be rolled back
  • More lightship (mostly scoutships) activity during the daytime now because Light forces want us to notice them, raising awareness of their existence
  • Almost every animal group on Earth has a sentient origin in the Cosmos
  • Marconi's group settled in Inner Earth; Admiral Byrd's account covered up
  • Tesla is prime example of how they have suppressed our potential and advancement, and in primitive mode
  • Psychic control has been lessened and increasingly so, but still needs to be done in balance way
  • Flat Earth theory is "utter idiocy" and "bizarre" (*and I will try not to add anything else to this); 1:03-hour mark
  • Space photos from Nasa admitted to be composites because otherwise we would see the huge number of ships (Nasa also "erases" images of ships)
  • Antarctica ~ "forbidden" because of openings (entrances?) and remnants of Nazi weaponry still there, also lots of Argathan ships present; strong magnetic field as well as the polar holes/entrances into Hollow Earth
  • Also Aurora Borealis created by interaction of Inner Sun and these magnetic fields (as Zorra from Hollow Earth Network had said before)
  • Most higher-dimensional Beings live inside planets, and not on the surface (again, what I learnt from Zorra)
  • Whales and Dolphins, being conscious Beings, are record-keepers and energy-movers; Cetacean energy basically sustaining Life energies
  • 6-8 m years ago were 3 groups of advanced races: Dinosaurian, Reptilian, Mammals (Cetaceans) who were told to be guardians of this Planet, but the first two conspired with an Orion group to destroy the Cetaceans. To protect themselves, the Cetaceans decided to blow up their energy system and leave behind their civilisation in the Caucasus. In recent times, a body of land cetacean with crown on head was discovered in one of the pyramids there (I think Sheldan means this); this is remnant of the Cetacean civilisation
  • The Cetaceans then went into the oceans to escape the radiation
  • We are not from "here", we are not primates from Earth (we have ET origins)
  • Oil produced in great amounts daily by Planet for her own lubrication; also gold meant for Planet's own need, representing the highest energy of Life
  • Tectonic plates will expand and Planet will get bigger eventually (Sheldan has said that the 3 great continents of Lemuria, Atlantis and Great Sri Lanka will resurface)
  • Advanced knowledge usually sequestered and immersed in "specialisations" so that we don't benefit from it
  • Sheldan's attempts to merge quantum physics with spiritual science at college set him up to learn more about the world
  • His experiences with Nasa employees assisted in his incorporation of Science into his work
  • Synesthesia will increase when we become more conscious
  • Divine Plan ~ we have reached a point now where financial and governance can be directly affected by positive groups
  • Sheldan's plan is to help people build networks and communities via his PAO
  • Earth is a special Planet; she was a Wanderer "captured" by Sun (when she came too close to it) to accomplish a specific goal, to be the Star Nation to help others become fully conscious, and that darkness is not the way to evolve
  • Time is not a measurement, it's an energy; Time Lords/Elohim use this energy to create Planets, time is an aspect of energy or feeling that represents that point of the year
  • We need to be in alignment with Cosmic aspects and planetary cycles
  • Time to put Spirit back into Science
  • Our present Moon was 5th moon of Maldek
  • We have been limited in our consciousness, we are supposed to be Human Angels. Time now to return to full consciousness
  • Sheldan's website: PAO

Time For Another Soul Poll


There comes a point when things have to change. A vibration signal was sent out. Where the signal was coming from—whether it was coming from our genetic coding, whether it was coming from the Earth, whether it was coming from outer space, or whether it was coming from all of those—this signal went out and people responded to a signal. It is very much like when a species gets a signal to change the direction of its migration pattern. The signal was, “go back to the Earth …
if you want peace on this planet, go back to the Earth.
José Arguelles on the Harmonic Convergence

The Harmonic Convergence took place in August 1987. At that time, I wasn't consciously aware of it, although I had already started living a double life of struggling to function in the corporate world as a new executive and awakening to my spiritual path as an eternal Soul. Much later on, I understood this event to be a sort of "Soul Poll", where the Souls of Humanity as a Collective Consciousness voted for its future course ~ to continue with the status quo and into self-destruction, or to course-correct and steer ourselves into Enlightenment.

And so Humanity as a whole chose to re-align its direction. The foundation was laid for a massive course-correction which led to a spiritual evolution of the mass awakening of individual Souls. It set into motion the countless synchronicities that paved the path towards the eventual and successful heave out of a time-loop during the December Solstice in 2012.

So here we are, deep in the process of aligning with our ascension process and transitioning into a higher consciousness Being ~ Beings of Light, Homo Luminous, Lumen Beings, Divine Humans.

I've been feeling that it's time for another Soul Poll, but this time, done on the conscious level and made known to all individuals who care to know. Something on a more far-reaching scale, in a more obvious manner. Something that speaks to the those who are largely unaware of the actual controlled situation of our existence as well as to those who are awakened.

The question this time would be:

Do you choose total and complete liberation from control, with immediate effect?

In other words, the end of the reign of the "ruling party", period. 

The commencement of healing, of total and complete liberation into full consciousness. The return to Light and the natural state of Divine Creation. Now.

I choose to return to a state of Divine connectedness with Source. As a sovereign being, I will vote with a resounding YES.

Namaste to all :)

Matsuri ~ Kitaro featuring ViVa Girls

Feeling like you need some drumming healing, balanced harmoniously with soothing strings, heart-warming woodwinds and percussions? Then put aside 9 minutes to view this live performance of Kitaro's New Age classic, Matsuri, featuring ViVa Girls. If you love the original, you may also enjoy this version, which lends it a new "flavour".

Here for the video.

The Phoenix Rising: Equinox and Eclipses March/April 2015 ~ Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn

Look at that image which Celia chose for this update! Even if it's not authentic, it's still brilliantly done :)  Just an aside ~ it's not my intention to be petty, but Celia is from South Africa and therefore for her, the recent Equinox is not Spring, but the Fall Equinox. It would be nice if WayShower sources start to remember that not everyone experiences the same season that they are in, and become inclusive in their future information. (And I'm living near the Equator, so I don't even have "seasons"!) Sorry, had to say this because it really jarred on me sometimes!  So thank you, Celia, for being inclusive :)

Back to this powerful, moving and beautiful message...

Source: Starchild Global

Beloved Family of Light, this is a most powerful and awe-inspiring time in your Planetary Evolution!

You have begun a period of intense change and dimensional shift that is changing the nature of your Planet profoundly. At this Equinox moment of Spring for the North and Fall for the South, the energy of Renewal and Regeneration is being powerfully activated in the manifestation of the New Reality and the New Earth.

The Phoenix is the symbol for this powerful energy of Fire that is rising on the Earth and doing its work of Transmutation and Transformation. From the Ashes of the Old, the New is seeded and is arising!

The Phoenix Energy is particularly strong at the March Equinox, together with the Solar Eclipse and New Moon. The New Solar Light Codes are being installed, and a New Beginning awaits the Planet.
This will be followed on the 4th April with a Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, where the Water Element will be the dominant transformational element. The Lunar Codes will be imprinted on the Cosmic Waters and the Waters of Earth to bring forth a "New Creation" and a "New Heaven and a New Earth".

At the same time, there is a grand opening on the Galactic Levels, and Earth is not only anchoring in the 6th and 7th Dimensions of Higher Consciousness, but also reconnecting directly with the Galactic Teachers and Masters from Sirius and Orion, who stand ready to once again share the wisdom of Ascension and Higher Consciousness with those who are open to receive these teachings and wisdom.

Solar Shift: The New Solar Codes and Rebirthing the Phoenix on the Equinox/New Moon in Pisces

The Equinox, New Moon and Solar Eclipse align on the 20th March, which is also the beginning of the Fire Sign of Aries which begins the Zodiacal year. The Fire energy of Aries energizes the Phoenix energy, as it springs forth in an act of Regeneration and Recreation for the Earth.

At the moment of the Equinox, when the seasons change and when the day and the night are of equal length, it is as though the Earth takes a deep breath, or a pause, on its journey around the Sun. At the same time, all living beings readjust their inner time keeping mechanisms, to allow themselves to connect with the deep changes in seasonal and elemental energy that is taking place. This is even more powerful when there is a New Moon which is also a Fire Moon (Phoenix), and when that Fire Moon is also in Eclipse, allowing New Planetary Solar Codes to be integrated into the Cycles of Solar Light in the Solar/Solaris system.

As citizens of the Earth, you will feel these powerful shifts in your own physical body, in your society and in your environment.

Please continue reading here.

What Is Ascension? ~ Sandra Walter

"Ascension is not about leaving the planet, getting rescued by off-world brethren or flying up into heaven. It is not about watching the Shift unfold online, or waiting for the external world to provide evidence of inner change. Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in evolution."  Sandra Walter

Text: Creative Evolution      Image: Fractal Angel

**Note: I just received a notification about Sandra Walter's new site, so I took a look and found this very nice definition there. I'm aware that many prominent Light Servers/Guides have intentionally shunned the term "Ascension" due to religious connotations or perhaps misinterpretations. As you may know, the main purpose of my blog is to assist in the Ascension process by sharing whatever information I believe is beneficial to others, so for me, "Ascension" is a word I use very freely. I totally agree with Sandra's definition!

26 March 2015

The Next Level, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Carol Ann Ciocco ~ 25 March 2015

Lots of information in Carol Ann Ciocco's latest newsletter to prepare us for what's up next...the 3rd Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse. Yep...more shifts...our evolution is getting really serious and very accelerated!

Source: Three Moon Ocean (excerpt)

It seems that a major Shift has happened. It seems that the Crown Chakra emphasis that I saw in the dates of March 16-20 came to fruition. The Portal we are in right now has a Spiritual agenda, and with the first two peaks (March 16 and March 20) it was beautifully expressed as such. As the days unfold now, the changes will be made real. All things shake down from the realm of Spirit, and the mundane details of this Shift will shake out and manifest over time. "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you."
Many Lightworkers and Spiritually-immersed people all over the Planet had tuned into the potentials of this 2-month period, or received information about it. Each person translated it through their own lens. For instance, I started the 'Prepare The Way' program back in January because I was using my particular lens - astrological info and astronomical events - and saw an amazing opportunity. Others channeled information from many other sources, beyond. The key is, for the first two peaks of the portal (the third peak occurs April 4, see below) WE raised our consciousness, met the energies and received them with Love. Doreen Virtue (Angel Intuitive and Teacher) wrote:
"There has been a positive energy shift. Friday (March 20, 2015) saw millions of people praying. Prayers, ceremonies, and positive intentions coincided with the triple phenomenon of the solar eclipse, super new moon, and equinox, and has created a new level of awareness and understanding. Blocks were blasted open. Now it's time for reassignments for us all, and promotions to a higher purpose. We are guided to rest, take naps, and take it easy. During sleep, rest, prayer, and meditation is where you receive the new information about the higher path that your life is taking. You can expect increasing sensitivity to harsh energy, which might mean that career and relationship changes will come about sooner than expected. Life is gaining a whole new meaning. Hearts and minds are opening to compassion and gentleness. And you play an important role in this positive direction. Let's focus upon the positive." - Doreen Virtue

We Lightworkers received 'upgrades' to our Spiritual Light Quotient which will then change our paths, imbuing our life-purpose with even higher and more Love-saturated levels of service. But more importantly...

I feel that this time is a BIG step up the ladder for mass consciousness. We're on a particular ascendant ladder already, and have been for a long time (probably since the 1960s). It seems this crazy amazing Portal is a leap over many steps if we channel it that way.

Remember: this Shift means whatever it means to YOU. It's up to YOU what you want to do with it, or whether you want to see it positively or negatively. Whatever spin you want to put on it will manifest for you. I say let's use it positively. Let's use it as a catapult to levels where our global problems can be more easily solved: I.e. "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - (Albert Einstein) 

This is the true gift of raising our Light Quotient - we can then have greater hope to solve our long-entrenched problems because we are coming from a higher level of consciousness. We then have a better chance to come together and find ways to change the things that hold us (Humanity) back, in fear and suffering, and keep us imprisoned in duality and separation.
In other words, I feel strongly that solutions to Humanity's problems may have actually come through in the wide-open state that was created on March 19-21, 2015 (I.e. the Equinox causing magnetic shields to collapse and the Total Solar Eclipse within that window, as well as the Polar Dawn... Click here for my newsletter detailing these concepts: http://bitly.com/1F5UIJz)

Please read the complete update here.

Blood Moon ~ Freedom Portal ~ Urgent Message to Ground Crew ~ The Galactics via Anna Merkaba ~ 26 March 2015

I find that the message from Anna herself is beneficial. I believe that what she's describing is something many are going through, which Anna herself has stated. In the past weeks, I find that I'm regularly "invited" to be drawn into other people's drama..."No Thank You" have been three very useful words that I'm saying energetically these days. There are also other things covered so just go with your inner guidance.

Source: Sacred Ascension

Greetings everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. As many of you already know and have felt we have just experienced an opening of phenomenal portal of light, a portal of stabilization and a portal of progress and intuitive understanding of being. This portal was but one door into the new world which we are all walking towards. As many of you know another magnificent portal is about to open for all of us, this portal is going to take place on April 4th – The Blood Moon portal.

Before I talk about that though I would like to point out to all of you that the next few days leading up to this blood moon will see you incredibly conflicted. All of your old memories and RE-Actions are going to come back, you will feel as if all the work that you have done on yourself is slipping way from you and you are right back to square one. 

However, that is absolutely NOT what is happening. Simply the last ounces of “dirty water” are being squeezed right out of you. Brought up for you to deal with finally, and use all that you have learnt up to this point to SHIFT your focus onto the POSITIVE. I know this as I have been experiencing all of this first hand. All of us are going to and already are going through this, no matter your level of enlightenment, the only way around it, is to remain stable and at peace with everything that is happening.  It will be very easy for you to get tangled up in the old drama, but at the same time you will find yourselves looking at everything from the distance with a new perspective in mind, armed with various tools to get you through. As the drama unfolds all around you, you will observe it from the still point of none-resistance. You will simply see the old you emerge and the new you balance everything out. You will do a little dance with your very own self, refusing to re-en-act everything that should stay in the past. You will make it through I know so, because you have been prepared very well for this week and the weeks to come. 

Please continue reading here.

March Monthly Update, Another Interview and the Breakthrough Conference Report ~ Cobra ~ 25 March 2015

Some links for the two recent interviews and a very encouraging status update.

Source: The Portal

You might want to listen to the March monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter or read the transcript there: http://thepromiserevealed.com/2015-march-16-q-a-with-cobra-rob-potter/

Or listen to the Youtube version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzUTR8xkWvg

You can send your questions to rob@thepromiserevealed.com and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

You can also read another excellent interview:

Or watch it on Youtube:

With the completion of the last Uranus-Pluto square the last Window of Opportunity has been closed. This simply means that all our portal activations have stabilized the etheric Light grid around the planet to the point that the Archons and the Chimera can never completely retake it again. We are now deep into the Breakthrough phase, energy steadily accumulating for the final Breakthrough which will culminate into the Event.

Please continue reading here.

25 March 2015

The Dweller of Unal: Emerald Tablet V ~ Thoth

Temples of Atlantis ~ Pinterest

This is my own attempt (and therefore my own perspective or comprehension) to corroborate/cross-reference "The Dweller of Unal" from the Emerald Tablets (Part V) by Thoth with recent findings or information, which stem from authentic, honest, courageous and dedicated researchers as well as channeled messages or downloads of other nature. I may not always be able to provide references because I may no longer recall the sources.

This "chapter" deals with the Fall of Atlantis and the subsequent unfolding of events. You can find links to access all 15 Tablets from my previous post, or here for just the 5th Tablet. The Emerald text is highlighted in bold.

King of the nations, master of wisdom,
Keeper of the way,
dwelt in his TEMPLE,
LIGHT of the Earth in Atlantis' day.

This is the description of the Cosmic Being who created Atlantis with the power of his mind. Known as Master Horlet (see below), he dwelled in his Temple on an Atlantean island called Unal. It has been said that this Being is Sananda.

Know ye, O man, that HORLET the Master,
was never one with the children of men.

Non-corporeal Beings such as Horlet were called Children of Light, whereas humans on Earth were known as Children of Men. Horlet was Thoth's teacher of ancient wisdom in the latter's quest for true freedom in Light, which is covered in quite great detail in the Emerald Tablets.

Out of the ETHER called HE its substance,
moulded and formed by the power of YTOLAN
into the forms HE built with His mind.

Mile upon mile it covered the island,
space upon space it grew in its might.

Black, yet not black, but dark like the space-time,
deep in its heart the ESSENCE of LIGHT.

Swiftly the TEMPLE grew into being,
moulded and shaped by the WORD of the DWELLER,
called from the formless into a form.

Builded HE then, within it, great chambers,
filled them with forms called forth from the ETHER,
filled them with wisdom called forth by His mind.

"Ytolan" as described by Almine in "Secrets of the Hidden Realms", is a sacred device that aids manifestation of thought (or word). From the description in the Emerald text, we are given the impression that Atlantis was built in a very short period of time. The same has been said about the Pyramids in Giza, where the creation was first in thought-form, and then made manifest in a very short duration of time.

Fell from the Light into the darkness,
some who had risen to heights among men.

Proud they became because of their knowledge,
proud were they of their place among men.
Deep delved they into the forbidden,
opened the gateway that led to below.

Describes Man's descent into darkness, the Fall of Man. I don't really know what it was specifically that was "forbidden", but it's definitely something that Man wasn't spiritually ready for, because Thoth continues by saying,
He who descends below must have balance,
else he is bound by lack of our Light.

But then again, I'm having a very faint memory as I read again the "descends below" part. I vaguely recall that the by-then unbalanced Atlanteans wanted to use the power of the Great Crystal(s) for negative purposes. The abuse of this enormous power would have utterly destroyed our Earth, which was, and will be, never allowed, as further told by Thoth (the "HE" meaning Horlet),
Saw HE the Atlanteans, by their magic,
opening the gateway that would
bring to Earth a great woe.

Fast fled His soul then, back to His body.
Up HE arose from His AGWANTI.
Called HE the Three mighty messengers.
Gave the commands that shattered the world.
Deep 'neath Earth's crust to the HALLS of AMENTI,
swiftly descended the DWELLER.
Called HE then on the powers the Seven Lords wielded;
changed the Earth's balance.

Down sank Atlantis beneath the dark waves.
Shattered the gateway that had been opened;
shattered the doorway that led down below.
All of the islands were shattered except UNAL,
and part of the island of the sons of the DWELLER.

The Dweller (Horlet) could have been "asleep" in stasis in his Agwanti, which is a special chamber for rest, as provided by this definition here. I note that the definition specifically states that this term (in a language of Phillipines, which has Lemurian energies) is used for Elohim Beings.

It is said that The Lords of Amenti are "asleep" in a sort of stasis state in the Halls of Amenti, awaiting the time when Earth and her surface inhabitants transition into fifth dimension, so it's very likely that The Dweller was also in this same state.

We see from the Emerald text that The Dweller commanded the Seven Lords to change the Earth's balance (axis?) to create the Great Flood which sank Atlantis, except Unal, where the Great Temple stood, and another island. This was done to prevent the destruction of the Planet.

Then The Dweller issued forth this command to Thoth,
Take thou, O THOTH, all of your wisdom.
Take all your records, Take all your magic.
Go thou forth as a teacher of men.
Go thou forth reserving the records
until in time LIGHT grows among men.

Gather thou now the sons of Atlantis.
Take them and flee to the people of the rock caves.
Fly to the land of the Children of KHEM."

Then gathered I the sons of Atlantis.
Into the spaceship I brought all my records,
brought the records of sunken Atlantis.

Thoth fled to Khem (Egypt) where he commenced his teachings, and brought that civilisation to its zenith. He was also the creator of the Pyramids.

Deep 'neath the rocks,
I buried my spaceship,
waiting the time when man might be free.

Over the spaceship,
erected a marker in the form
of a lion yet like unto man.
There 'neath the image rests yet my spaceship,
forth to be brought when need shall arise.

That Thoth's spaceship is under the "marker" is a topic that has over the past years been discussed and hotly debated by many sources. I do believe that it's there, waiting for the right time to surface, "...when need shall arise". 

The Sphinx was built during the Age of Leo (around the time of Fall of Atlantis?), and some researchers suggest that that was the reason for the lion body. It has been said that the head was originally that of a lion. It has also been highlighted that the ratio of the body to the Sphinx head is disproportionate, and that the head had been re-carved into the current form. This latter point is reinforced by the fact that the head bears less weather markings than the body; as the body was submerged and the head was exposed prior to excavations, the head should have deteriorated more. Since the reverse is true, the conclusion is that the head has been re-carved.

Know ye, O man, that far in the future,
invaders shall come from out of the deep.
Then awake, ye who have wisdom.
Bring forth my ship and conquer with ease.
Deep 'neath the image lies my secret.
Search and find in the pyramid I built.

Perhaps now is the time for the ship to surface...