30 April 2015

Friable Energetic Patterns in Gaia Fields Have Been Fluidised and Will Be Removed Soon ~ Gaia Portal ~ 30 April 2015

Source: Gaia Portal

Friable energetic patterns in Gaia fields have been fluidized and will soon be removed.
Hue-manity conscious withdrawal from disingenuous ego patterns continues.
Framing of consciousness evolution in the Higher Expanse is now the “norm”.
Vortices of torsion fields enables release of dim viewing.
Permutations of Light converge into harmonic Unity.

Beauty of Our Solar System ~ Cobra ~ 29 April 2015

Look at that, our beautiful Planet! Jupiter and Saturn are also featured in this update from Cobra. It's interesting to note that it's labelled "MOSS" (Multidimensional Operations Solar System), so I can only hope and intend that it's progressing well.

Please head here for more images plus a video "Wanderers" by Erik Wernquist.

29 April 2015

We Have Always Been Expressions of Source, We Are Empowered Beings ~ The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 26 April 2015


While I don't necessarily resonate with everything within each single article or message that I post, this is one that I really feel very energetically agreeable with on all the points raised :)   I particularly like the Arcturian's explanation of the gap between knowing the truth of the absolute and experiencing it from our own level of consciousness. This "gap", I believe, has led to many misperceptions for those on the spiritual path, where sometimes our application of the absolute truth falls short, or is misguided.

"The absolute cannot be lived and experienced fully until one has attained that state of consciousness."

Source: Oneness of All

Greetings once again dear ones, in this time of new beginnings. We come to bring encouragement and love to the many of you who are experiencing seeming discord both within and without. Old ideas are quickly becoming obsolete and dissolving, but the new ones are not yet fully able to manifest (personally and universally) leaving you confused.
It may appear as if the world is functioning as usual, and yet you are finding that much of it no longer resonates with you in the ways you have come to know and expect. This is the confusion and causes you to question yourselves. Never doubt or believe that you are simply making things up, are over tired, or just plain going crazy as change begin to take place within your awareness. Change signifies a consciousness that is expanding--often away from what is familiar or known.
You are not consciously aware of how much is happening on other levels as you sleep, meditate, or simply go about your day. Human beings are programmed to analyze and mentally figure everything out, but this approach does not work with what is now taking place on deeper levels.
The sense of separation with which mankind has lived lifetime after lifetime, has manifested a world of much unnecessary suffering for many. The few who recognized the error of this concept have always been harshly silenced by the un-awakened majority, and so the myth lived on. Thus sincere seekers became used to looking outside of themselves to those deemed more knowledgeable and trained in truth, but more often than not were and still are told that man is tarnished and must work his way back into the good graces of a God made in man's image and likeness through suffering and great effort.
False teachings have never affected truth, but through lifetimes did affect your acceptance of truth. All experiences (many not so pleasant) resulting from this ignorance are important facets of your evolutionary journey and have brought you to where you are now. There is no need for fear or doubt dear ones, for you are on your way whether you think you are or not. Leave behind those teachings that tell you that you must believe a certain way, or undergo specific ceremonies in order to be "saved" or spiritual. It is time to understand that you are already saved and spiritual and at no time ever, have you not been.
Please the rest of this brilliant message here...

Twin Flame Reunion: Fuschia Fusion ~ The Hathors via Anna Merkaba ~ 29 April 2015

Source: Sacred Ascension

Greetings Everyone, before I begin this channeling I would like to add a short personal note with a much longer one after you read the channeling as I am guided to do so. What I am being told is that at this moment in time all of you who are presently in twin flame unions are about to completely release all the blockages standing in your way before the final merger.

For those of you who have been in a relationship for a while and have been trying to conceive a child and were unable to do so, this may be your year! Those of you who are in business together as partners and are in a twin flame union, this is the year for incredible success!

Bottom line is this: everything that you wish to conceive of as a union should happen for you this year. Everything that you both wish to occur, as your energies will be deeply magnified and as long as you both remain on the same wavelength, and utilize these creative manifesting energies in line with a mutual goal and take action it should come to path.

I will stop here and let you read to the message from the Hathors and continue with the insights I have received after the actual channeling…

The invocation of life principles and of the goddess principles have begun. The invocation of eternal flame of fuchsia, has indeed began to unfold rapidly throughout Gaia.

The goddess principle of feminine energies, and transcendence has indeed increased its energetic sphere of influence. The goddess energy of pure potential, unconditional love and benevolent creation, has been delivered onto the earthly shored.

The permeation of light principles and the recovery of the lost forces and vials and vital influences of the goddess have begun to activate in the hearts of those stationed on Gaia, and so, the unification of the masculine and feminine decrees are in effect. The unification principle of love unconditional and ever abundant, has activated the core structures of BEing, the core and universal understanding of that which is.

The union of masculine and feminine understanding of your spherical existence, have joined forces and are ready for phase three of the experiment in conjunction with phase two of the clearance and pure potential of being.

Please read on...

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 28 April 2015

Could we be actually seeing some clear and obvious manifestation of the "new" in the extremely near future? Mother Gaia as a Star Nation...very long-overdue. And all of her inhabitants ~ ONE race...the Earth Human Race.

Source:  PAO

1 Etznab, 16 Kank’in, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come bringing happy news! The initial tests of a most thought out and prepared distribution system has begun! Many of the bankers involved in this system have much experience for this system to succeed. In addition, certain European members of these ancient families are specially qualifying the funds. They know what is needed for these monies to cross the Atlantic and be sent swiftly to your bank account. All precautions are being taken to assure that these blessings serve the uses intended for them. Arrests of malevolent bankers and the like are happening as well to assure that these operations are quite successful. Hence, we ask you to be patient and know that each aspect of this process is carefully supervised and as funds are received, the next step in this most complex working is done. It has taken us much longer to recover all the stolen funds and to begin a new process, which is now to allow you to obtain your blessings. We therefore ask you to become more patient. It has taken us a very specific period of time to reach where we are now!

   As we achieve the final steps in this very complicated process, be aware that we are starting a special deconstruction of a global system refined again and again by the dark cabal. These minions of the dark were very careful to put into operation a global system with their far-reaching control. Each aspect was carefully given a counter check to see that their nefarious operations were flawlessly carried out. Any attempt to override this process was harrowing. Thus, it took a number of members of the ancient families and a team of specially trained bankers and lawyers to finally crack this system. A process in its final stages of testing is only the beginnings of what we are to do next. We need to keep these lines open and provide more alternatives to what we now have in place in other parts of your globe. Various more powerful nations are helping us as well. As this new banking and currency system comes together, be apprised of the fact that you are getting very close to seeing great changes in the world. These are to bring you new governance and disclosure!

   Our arrival is to be a watershed for your global society. At present, you are a fractured people. Each of you possesses a special culture and a series of languages. You have no memories of how you arrived at this present time. Each group of societies has a hodgepodge of myths that supposedly describe your origins. You as well have languages whose origins are equally unknown. In short, you do not truly understand who you are and where you come from. This amnesia was caused long ago to prevent you from really knowing who you are. Once we arrive, this is to be replaced by truth. We intend to give you back your history and provide you with a group genealogy, which is to end this long confusion. We are as well to introduce you to the multitudes of skin colors that galactic humans use. Use this information to get a better idea of human diversity and how it has helped all of us to forge the many cultures that make up our many thousands of star nations spread across this galaxy. Your future star nation is to be yet another reflection of this reality.

   As you can see, you are now on a journey, which is first to enable you to see each other as a people of many colors sharing this wondrous star nation. This process is currently confined to Gaia. Soon, you are to spread throughout this star nation and discover the marvels that exist on the other sister water worlds. As you do, remember that you are the magnificent prodigy of star colonists that long ago came here to help maintain and sustain these lovely water worlds. Much happened over the intervening years. Be aware again of this history and learn in your heart how best to divinely serve this star nation to come. It has a grand destiny. It is to bring a permanent peace to this galaxy and to allow our outreach programs with other galaxies to reach a forecasted crescendo. We are most happy to be permitted by Heaven to serve you. The time that is to bring us together swiftly approaches. Look at this time as the moment when you renew your acquaintances with that part of your family, which you forgot about. This cloud of amnesia is at that time to be graciously lifted.

Please read on...

Staying The Course ~ A Reminder from Stargazer

This is a comment from Stargazer in response to my previous post "Breaking Point and Breakthrough". I'm posting it on its own because I feel that it's a positive reminder for us to stay the course, especially when the external world is going through its own upheaval as the matrix continues to disintegrate, and when our own Planet's transformation is long overdue.

Thank you for your thoughts, Stargazer! I'd just like to add on to one of the points he makes about people waking up to the manipulative controls. This current lower density hologram is one that was never meant to play out in such an excessively negative manner. We do not need to be learning lessons "the hard way"; it seems to be that way only because we have been hard-wired and programmed to believe that suffering is part of the lesson. IT IS NOT. We have our own SOVEREIGNTY to say "NO" and reject the illusions that are being presented to us as "real". Once we begin the process of withdrawing ourselves from being a consenting (whether consciously or otherwise) participant in the Matrix, we begin our own long-overdue inner journey back to Who We Truly Are.

And remember, this "reality" will only hold for as long as WE, collectively through the morphogenic/morphogenetic quantum field, continue to allow its creational existence. As Stargazer said, we have the choice!

Sorry for rambling on your post, Stargazer...my fingers insisted...  :)

Comment from Stargazer:
Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Grace! I DEFINITELY see it (particularly with the validating synchronicity of the sun halo) as being overwhelmingly positive.

Along with several other examples, Merriam-Webster defines "breaking point" as:

1) The point at which a person gives way under stress;
2) The point at which a situation becomes critical.

"Breakthrough" is defined as:

1) a sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc. : an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something;
2) an act or instance of breaking through an obstacle.

My feeling is that, before we can learn to balance ourselves, master duality, and move ourselves to the next stage of our evolution ("New Earth"), many will need to be pushed to the breaking point. There will undoubtedly be more "earth changes" (earthquakes, large storms, lava flows, eruptions, etc.). There will also undoubtedly be more civil unrest, military skirmishes, and power struggles. These conditions are simply the effect of much higher incoming energies on our physical, mental, and astral forms. I think of it as being like when mom or dad used to come in and shake me awake in the morning. "Come on, son! Time to wake up! Let's get the day started...now what do you want to make of it?" Those who are still half asleep may struggle a bit, try to shrug it off, and go back to sleep--but they'll eventually be stirred into action. Some may even refuse to wake up and the souls of many may decide to "check out" completely (experience death in this physical body). It will all be that particular soul's choice.

I believe we're all in exactly the right place and existing under all the right conditions to make the choice we need to make. Some are in volatile, war-torn areas. Some will be in areas struck by natural disaster or civil unrest. Others may find themselves in areas that are physically untouched. But all will be affected and will make exactly the right choice for their own spiritual growth.

When we finally all awaken and rub the sleep from our eyes, many will be surprised at what they see. It is at that point that our collective "Ah Ha" moment (breakthrough) and "The Event" will occur. Much of the veil will have been removed and we'll be able to see things as they are--we'll finally understand how we've been manipulated, who (and what) we really are, and we'll be given the opportunity to make a decision. We can choose to continue our learning and experience on the old 3D path (reacting in fear, anger, or hatred), or we can choose a much higher (5D) existence and respond with compassion, Love, and gratitude.

I see this whole process as a birth--where the pressure is greatest just before a precious new being is born. Pain, pressure, and exhaustion, in an instant, will suddenly give way to relief, love, and pure joy! Then the healing may begin.

Whatever happens, we're always given the choice. We can choose how we wish to continue our return to Creator--or even not. All is well. It's all good.

With very much Love,


28 April 2015

The Dance of the Dragonfly : Perspectives from New Shamanism ~ Celia Fenn ~ 26 April 2015

Green Dragonfly ~ Claire Bull
This is a great update from Celia Fenn, explaining many issues that have been and are occurring as we make our way ever onwards, Home. She also mentions the chunks of missing time, which I duly note!

Source: Starchild Global

The Dragonfly dances from place to place
With joyful and ineffable grace

Luminous wings and flashing hue
Remember that you are the Dancer too

Your dance of light creates all you see
Spinning, whirling, dancing and free.

It has been a really powerful and intense journey through the Eclipse and Equinox gateways.  The shift has been immense and we are slowly having to acclimate to a new multi-dimensional reality.  As 9 Dimensional Galactic Humans, we are learning how to move gracefully between the dimensions of consciousness, or more importantly, to hold several different dimensions simultaneously like a musical chord.  This is what it means to be a Master of Light on Planet Earth.

The “Dance” of the Dragonfly seems to be such a good metaphor for the process of aligning with the new energies and dealing with the recalibrated flow of time in this new space.

The Dragonfly moves from place to place very rapidly on its transparent wings, sometimes hovering for a while, sometimes folding its wings over its head in perfect rest and stillness.  Our movement through time has become a little like that too.  We move rapidly from place to place, event to event, or gateway to gateway.  Then we need to “hover” or rest to allow our bodies to assimilate and integrate the powerful energies of our rapid dance in the cosmic light.  In this dance or flight we are bathed in Light Code energy which is woven into new forms of creation and experience on different dimensional levels.

Since February of 2014, our experience of time has changed dramatically as we open ourselves fully to the Fourth Dimension and learn how to be a Master of Time, or a skilled “Time Traveller”.  Time Travel 101 has left us all feeling a little disoriented as we get used to moving between “no time” at the “center” of our being in Divine Light, to the relative and changing sense of time in our multi-dimensional Time Spirals or Time Lines.

This Time Phase redistribution is going to increase as we move towards the Grand Gateway of 2015, the Lion’s Gate Portal at the 8/8/8 (8th August 2015).  What will help us to stay grounded, centered and in touch with ourselves is an understanding of what is happening, and the ability to use the “tools” of the Star Shaman to dance between the dimensions like a Dragonfly.

Please read on...

"Breaking Point"....and "Breakthrough"

** Please note: This post has nothing to do with the Compression Breakthrough :) **

During my meditation for Nepal this morning, I had to gently wave away a question that kept wafting into my mind...Will there be anymore big-scale disasters? I had to clear my mind a few times, because the thought re-formed itself each time I waved it away. Then I heard, "Breaking point". Hardly two seconds after that, I felt the word "Breakthrough".

I asked silently what "Breaking point" meant, and felt that it had to do with Mother Gaia; it's as if there's some kind of breaking point that she's reached ~ I have no further information apart from this. As for "Breakthrough", I'm unable to offer anything about the meaning, because I received none. Or to be more precise, I was a little too distracted and concerned by then by these two words and my mind had become too noisy for me to "hear" anything.

What compounded my distraction was that the earthquake in Nepal occurred soon after I had felt the positive energies coming in (see post here); my brain couldn't understand the anomaly between that day's energies and the disaster in Nepal, although my inner guidance tells me that there's more to it than what I see unfolding.

I ended my self-interrupted meditation and went on to something else. I had the morning free (thankfully) which comes with the luxury of staying home, so I decided to transfer a new set of Solfeggio tones to my phone. While doing that, I heard a jet fly past. We normally get about 2 or 3 flights mid-morning, and about 1 or 2 more in the afternoon, quite a distance away, so the planes aren't usually a noise nuisance. But this one made me look out my window because it was louder than usual.

As I peered out, I saw the contrail of the jet....and a rainbow. As I looked further, I realised that it was a circular rainbow!! Grabbing my phone, I took several pictures, one of which is this:

The jet had flown right across my view of the rainbow, its straight contrail marring the picture. I knew I had to wait a few minutes for the contrail to dissipate, so I ran outside my unit to get an obstructed angle. I also alerted some people around my area to step outside to appreciate this Heavenly gift. I finally had this picture:

A dear Soul, one of those I informed, sent me the picture she took, which is what you see at the top of this post. Thank you, Mel 💖

And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this glorious rainbow (it's known as a Sun Halo "technically"). I know that I was meant to view this as it's connected to my Breaking point/Breakthrough thing, and I take it as a positive sign. Although I do not yet know for sure what the meaning is, at least now I feel so much better after having seen this beautiful sight :)

27 April 2015

Are We Descended From Apes? ~ Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete? Part 3 ~ Teutilarhon and Shambahalla New Earth ~ 14 April 2015

We've had so many perspectives and different streams of information regarding our origins, but I must say that this perspective from Shambahalla is one that never even crossed my mind....I never made that connection between "APES" and star races! Read on and you'll know what I mean.

Source: Shambahalla New Earth

This is Part 3 of information shared from Teutilarhon of Atlantis, a Scientific Spiritual Technology Research Analyst and Expert, in charge of the Dimensional Time-Travel Research Program for the 11th Dimension Atlantian Reality System, as it pertains to expanded knowledge of the “Story of Atlantis” relating to our current collective projected Earth time-frame reality.
In Part 1 of this article, which was entitled… 

Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete? & The 13th Day of Zac

I asked you… What if I told you the “story” we believe to be the “Legend of Atlantis” is incomplete? What would you say?
What if I told you the story of the “Legend of Atlantis” that we believe to be what happened, is not really what happened at all? What would you say?


In Part 2 of this article I shared more information on what transpired after “The Fall” of Atlantis, where Atlantis moved to, and more detailed information about the different dimensions in which Atlantis exists, as well as some of the “Why’s” we are receiving this information now.
If you have not read Parts 1 and 2, or you would like to refresh your memory of the information contained in them, you may find them at the links provided here.


Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete?

Continuing from Part 2

I would like to share how “We are Descended from APES” came to me.

In my first meeting with Teutilarhon he was just beginning to share the information of our, let’s call it… Genetic Genesis.  All I had heard was that the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Arcturians were involved. Because of my close personal connection in this lifetime with the Pleiadians my mind automatically listed them first. My next thought was of friends and Spiritual colleagues I have who always automatically list Sirius first because of their close involvement with Sirius. Not wanting to place any energy of personal preference on this list I decided to simply list them in alphabetical order; thus we get the Arcturians, the Pleiadians and the Sirians. Immediately I saw…
A.P.S. instantly my mind went to APES

A–Arcturius, P–Pleiades, E–Earth, S–Sirius

The next logical thought to follow was “We are Descended from A.P.E.S.APES! I must say, I got a huge chuckle out of this!

Please read on...I got a huge chuckle too!  :)

The Mystical Marriage of Spirit and Matter ~ Pleiadian Delegate

Source: Pleiadian Delegate

Of all dimensions in the Multidimensional realms of Pure Being, the mystical conscious awareness of the Dream is the pronounced awareness of Supreme self-realized self-awakened Consciousness Embodying Form on Planet  Earth. The self-realized conscious Being State in all of its Purity is the Heaven on Earth, that fulfills the dream of itself, to itself. This embodied consciousness is the Mystical Marriage of  Spirit and Matter, Masculine and Feminine, into One.

In the Unified Balance which embodies the opposites, the masculine and feminine, is The Wholeness of Being, the consciousness of Creation itself, the Heaven and Earth, the Within and Without, Fulfilled, Completed and Whole. Being the Whole, Impacting the Whole, in the playing out of the Dream, is the Mystical Unification of All Opposites, that is the experience of Uniting in All moments, everywhere, throughout All Dimensions and Parallel Worlds of embodied Awareness ~One Harmonious Wholeness of Pure Being.

What appears as Mystical in any conscious embodiment of Soul Consciousness, is the Natural State of Being, that is conscious  of Itself as Whole, Unified and Complete, in the Cosmic and Universal Awareness of the Wholeness of All That is.

The Mystical Marriage, is the Alchemical Experience and therefore Knowing and “Being” of this Union, which is the Inherent Balance of Wholeness throughout all of Creation, as the Conscious Embodiment of Creation Itself, Masculine and Feminine as One.  In this Purest ~ Original State of Pure “Being” is the consciousness of the State of Being that is conscious of “Emanating Itself” in this Whole Union State of Being (Masculine and Feminine as One~ Heaven on Earth) emanating from the Timeless, Spaceless Void and “Being- Presence” that is the aspect of Creation, that Creates ~ Creation. Where all things emerge as Creation itself.

Please read on...

We Are In A Most Pivotal Time For All ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 27 April 2015

Source: Awakening to Remembering;   Lisa's fb page is here.

We are in a most pivotal time for all. We have stepped into the next phase. Can you feel it?
There has been immense clearing by all in the last several years. Each moment always a surprise for the Ascending Being here. We are no less entering a NEW time of even more surprises for all. The question is: Are you Ready?
Your NEW Earth Realities are beyond that which your human mind can comprehend. The more you want answers first, the more you'll be "stuck" waiting for something to happen or occur.  Besides, you already know. You've already done this reality. We now have the capability to step into what we've already done. It's continuing to get easier every day. 

A moment will present and you'll already know what to do. You willl realize that you've already done it by the feeling you are receiving and the guiding words (or crazy ideas) you are hearing or seeing. Do you fully listen, honor and DO what you are shown? Or do you hestitate and go to fear of the unknown? What you DO will determine the parallel reality you walk through. Your DOing opens the portal to something. What are you activating with your DOing?

As we step further into unlimited realities/dimensions (i.e. the "Higher Realms/NEW Earth), the lower realms have to collapse. You cannot have one without the other. The gridwork for these realms were held inside your physical body, so there will be a collapse of this gridwork inside of you as well. The ribcage, the abdominal area, the lower extremeties, the spine, muscles, bones, teeth, skin, every organ... This is where all has been held and where you will experience physical release/upgrades/weakness/pain as you release the ENERGY of old programmed beliefs from your physical body (structure) and the crystalline structure of your LightBody activates. 

The Higher Realms are primarily the upper regions of your physical body. As you ascend you will continually clear this area as well. Eventually all realms merge and become one, with no separation anymore. Your entire body is a cosmic portal and HUman Stargate with a massive energetic field that spans unlimited dimensions here. 

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 26 April - 3 May 2015

If you feel guided, please read this message. There's also some guidance on what we can do for places affected by Mother Gaia's tectonic shifts, I will assume Hilarion is referring to Nepal.

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

Many people are opening to deeper levels of love within all areas of their consciousness and this can be a difficult process for some. The needs of others can compete with your own intentions to move forwards in your life and it is important that you keep on track on your own personal journey. You need to stay connected to your higher promptings and to follow your own star. Each person on Earth is experiencing the higher influx of energies in their own way at the level of their personal awareness. It is difficult to stay on the sidelines and be a witness for those you care for as they experience the consequences of their choices. Each soul has an individual soul plan and the free will to follow it or not. Difficult as it may be to accept, each person has chosen to follow certain paths in order to gain knowledge and personal experience from them. Be available to your loved ones if and when they need you and love them without judgement. It takes great courage to experience life in the physical. Many shifts have and will continue to occur within each individual and within the movements of the Earth. The effects of these are far reaching in their impacts.

The Earth is surrounded by a golden light and this will assist in helping with the changes that have been wrought. Many areas of the world are in need of your loving compassion and energetic intent of healing and support. Send your love and healing energies to those areas that are in the throes of difficult change. The citizens of those areas are in need of love, compassion and practical support. The changes that occur in each area of the world are felt energetically around the world. The loving hearts of humanity are joined together in the heartbeat of the world they live on and it is important to stay aware and attuned to it. Take a moment often throughout each day to put a hand to your heart and feel this connection. Within each soul, the truth of the oneness with all is known, acknowledged and honoured. You are all sisters and brothers and it has always been so. Turn away from anything that would tell you otherwise.

Throughout Earth’s history, its surface crust has been altered many times and this is a process that is more prevalent at the end of certain cosmic cycles. The cosmic alignments create changes which open the doorways to new beginnings and such is the time that is now upon you. You are here now and were deemed capable of going through this process by utilizing the wisdom and knowledge you have accumulated and gained throughout the ages to aid you in riding through it. You have within you all that you need to emerge victorious. Place a star of love over each of these areas and set the intention that the love and healing this star radiates will be maintained and sustained at all times to offer healing and balancing to everyone within its radius. Your strong and focused intention will make it so.

The inner metamorphosis that each of you is going through can leave you feeling and looking drawn and haggard. It is another sign that the downloaded energies that you have received are being assimilated and integrated. It is once again imperative that you ingest more water than usual in order to assist your physical body to cope. More rest and nurturance of self is in order as this process continues. As each person’s heart chakra is opened more fully, there is more sensitivity and empathy becoming evident in the outward expressions of the people around you. Allow yourselves to feel into this experience without resistance to it. Keep the events of your life simplified and this will create the balance that is necessary. There are many activities that can be curtailed without missing their presence in your lives. Simplify, simplify, simplify!

By creating order within your homes and eliminating clutter, it creates a more conducive atmosphere which sets the stage for new beginnings. By repeating the words, “divine order” many times during the day, you will keep yourselves on task and will not be as likely to lose your focus. This activity also helps you to feel good about yourselves as you experience success in each of the goals that you have accomplished. Stopping often just to look around you and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you is also helpful as you create your new beginnings. We hasten to remind you that each new dawn also brings a new beginning so be kind to yourselves and more heart centered in your interactions with others around you. By keeping things as simple as possible, you will get through this.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2008-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included.  

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

26 April 2015

Alternative "Escape Routes" in Gaia Energetics Have Closed ~ Gaia Portal ~ 26 April 2015

Sovereignty ~ Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 23 April 2015

Arctic Light Photo
Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as sovereignty. This quality gives one the ability to connect and utilize the absolute internal power that is their innate birthright.  They are connected within to a quiet, simple place where they know that they are enough just as they are in this moment, that they are beautiful and worthy, that they no longer have a need to justify their personal existence in this world to themselves or anyone else. As each individual brings balance of the divine masculine and feminine within them, they become more loving and compassionate with themselves and all others. They become passionately engaged with their true authentic selves and in the expressing of this truth in the world around them.  They begin to bring more meaning and depth to all aspects of their lives, their work, their relationships and their vision of the future. They are more consciously aware of their inner beauty and strength, and of the profound circle of love and support of family and friends. They see the world as a safe, secure and loving place where they are deeply supported and empowered to be the best that they can be. They step into the power and radiating imperatives of their own inner sovereignty.
As they continue to refine and release the darker aspects of their being into the light of awareness, they know deep within their body, mind and soul that the wonder, magic and mystery which is a natural, innate part of their humanity and their world is an integral part of their experience. As they transform incrementally, they come home to their Divine Essence, and to the awareness of the beauty, love and powers of life that are everywhere and that are within everything, to their oneness with all of life. They come to understand that they aren’t meant to push away the denser parts of their life, but to fully engage these as their teachers and guides along their spiritual journey. The gifts of their life experiences, both the challenging and the bright, are there to help them grow and blossom into their true, authentic selves, their own sovereignty. These simple truths apply to each and every one; each individual is beautiful, worthy, magical and powerful beyond their wildest imagination. 
These individuals no longer live according to the dictates of the outer world that does not see or honor their uniqueness, and which cuts them off from their inner beauty and spirit. As their personal life story is woven into the big and small things of their daily life, they carve a template in the energetic realm that others can follow. They have faith that the guidance they need for their personal work in their current lifetime will come to them as it is needed in order to inform and guide their spiritual journey. They continue to follow the dictates of their own soul and the sovereignty of their own being which returns them to their highest dream and the embodiment of the best qualities of humanity. They choose to fully claim the miracle of the individual life they were granted, and are empowered in their reclaimed sovereignty to live the beauty and joy that is their special gift to the world. They know they are safely held by the love and presence of Creator and the universal powers of life.
In reclaiming their sovereign freedom to choose in every experience how they react with whatever life throws their way, they no longer seek their value and self worth through the eyes of others. They have learned that all they really need is always within them and allow their beautiful inner light to shine outwardly. They find the courage to deny a culture of oppression and claim the liberation of their hearts and souls and in doing so they experience a greater embodiment of liberty in their daily lives. They act from the integrity of their own personal power, sovereignty and authority over their lives. They know that it is their personal responsibility to live with honesty, integrity, and  loving discernment, to exhibit fairness and compassion towards others so that all that impedes their and humanity’s sovereign right as spiritual beings to live and thrive would cease to exist. There lives within them a deep abiding self-awareness that is powered by the clarity of inner knowing. They know what they need for their highest good and well being and are in a better position to make good choices for themselves. They follow the golden rule of universal law in all their interactions with others.
By claiming their own sovereignty, they make good choices for themselves as they create a healthy and fulfilling life which is headed towards higher consciousness and the spiritual path of growth they have chosen. They know that no matter how divergent its manifestations are, all life is an extension of the Divine. They nurture the highest energy that flows from all people and support the fullest expression of their deepest essence. They see how perfectly the Divine supports their sovereign reality. One’s life experience becomes meaningful as one chooses to live in natural harmony with the Divine. It is primarily through the feeling of gratitude to the Divine which opens one to connection and alignment with their sovereign self. One’s life experience becomes meaningful to the extent that one chooses to live in natural harmony with the Divine, thereby creating lasting joy and inner peace.
May you become a master of empowering your deeper self and awaken the perspective, insights, and empowered abilities of your divine essence to create new realms of possibility and shape them as learning adventures that expand and transform consciousness. 
I AM Archangel Gabriel
©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and live website links are included. 





Thank you for including the above website links when posting this message.

25 April 2015

24 April 2015

Notes from Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz: 21 - 22 March 2015 ~ Part 4 ~ Untwine


Part 4 (final) of the above conference is now available, thank you to Antares, Inana and Untwine :)  I really like Untwine's explanation of the Divine Inner Child; I'm in full resonance with his description because I always had a problem with the way other sources had defined it.

Source: Recreating Balance

This is the fourth part, written by Antares, translation by Inana. This was originally posted in German on Transinformation.net

Click here for part 1
Click here for part 2
Click here for part 3

These are written as if Cobra and Isis were speaking, although these are not what they said word by word, but paraphrasing what they said. Cobra has read these notes and confirmed them.

Goddess Energy and the Sisterhood of the Rose
~New communication tools~
The increasing influx of Goddess energy will change everything, so it will change also our ways of communicating with each other.

Within communication, words themselves as "information packets" make up only 7 % of the complete communication. This means, the other 93% is made of body language and energetic intent. Most people do not realize this and only listen to the words and they get confused through the feelings they have sometimes, even though nothing bad was said. In truth, it is just the perception of the 93% of the communicated information codes, that triggers strange reactions while resonating with their own programming.

In the future we will use more of our telepathic and intuitive abilities and communicate in more complete ways. In this process it is helpful to activate the connection with our own soul. This connection can be deepened by asking ourselves : What touches me, what makes me happy, what is it, that makes my heart sing ? This is the direction, where my soul wants to guide me, this is what inspires me to live for. This is the first step: to get to know ourselves, who we truly are. When we will expand our being into our true soul presence, our way to communicate will also be more in alignment with our divine being and therefore attract this frequency as well, which means : happier communications.

We are programmed within our unconsciousness (view part 1 of the notes), we all look through sunglasses, made of different colors, into the world. Often we are not conscious about the fact that others think, feel and communicate differently than we do. When we express ourselves and we have not reached enough consciousness about ourselves and others, many problems arise within our communications and sometimes we think we are left alone and nobody understands us. Now we are taking responsibility back again. Beautiful times are dawning and we will grow TOGETHER by allowing the change to happen. We support each other during this transition through true heart compassion and allowance of change. We also are willing to be witnesses of changes that we have been able to make. And we allow ourselves to honor the changes others have accomplished. We honor these achievements and allow the old pictures about ourselves and others to go.

Please read on...

Benefits of Ascension ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 20 April 2015

This is the second "episode" of Meg Benedicte's new show; just 9-minutes in length, Meg explains how stepping into the Quantum Vortex (her meditation technique to assist in the Ascension process) facilitated the dissolution of her family matrix, leading to her transformation and activation of her higher dimensional abilities.

You can view the video here.

Time to ReBuild: Accessing Your Blueprint ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 22 April 2015

Another fabulous message!

Source: Think With Your Heart

We have officially returned from our first eclipse voyage of the year, and with our soul’s way more intact than when we embarked upon this substantial soul-retrieving odyssey in late March…all innocent and wide eyed 8O .

Regardless of where you find yourself at this moment, I am pretty certain that you are exiting in a very different state than you entered…even if you are not fully aware of it yet.  Realistically speaking, we are moving into a whole. new. human. experience. and so we all need a minute to get our bearings and reorient to new life…this birthing was a b-i-g-g-y.

It’s no secret that time has all but evaporated (along with the 4th dimension) and even tho, technically speaking, this was a truncated portal…2 as opposed to 3 eclipses in a row…these r-evolutionary crusades can feel like the lonnngest days of our lives. At this advanced stage of the ascension game eclipses are like being in a vacuum, mostly because we have become so sensitive to energy and how to parlay its influence into our personal expansion that we need very little in the external world to reflect our individual process…in fact, the outside world can serve to detract from it.

And while it can be challenging & frustrating to be so Self consumed, these periods always prove to be so valuable because they force enable us to go deeper than we are able to with our conscious mind focused on business as usual. The success of any eclipse passage is always contingent on our ability and readiness to deepen…to open to more of our authentic nature and those people/places/things that align with our full truth. Needless to say, these can be very rearranging times…both in our DNA and in our physical lives.

The outcome is such that the deeper we go (the more truth we have the courage to recover) the higher we are able to fly when we get to the other side.  And, according to the star folk…fly we must.  As of the recent new moon in Aries, a brand new accelerated cycle begins and we will now be supported to utilize the momentum before us to not only take flight, but to learn to balance our wings in the blowing winds of change.

Please read on...

Divine Delineation and the SUNrise WIthin ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 April 2015

For translation, please see the highlighted text below

Ooh...Sandra is talking about the energies which I just mentioned in my post! Thank you, Synchronicity :)  And I love what she says..."In the absence of doubt, we are all Source." Also (and some may not like this) the surrendering to Divine Will. This is a  magnificent message, with wit..."mid-Christ crisis"...

Source: Creative Evolution

the animation of Stardust,
the Krysthl garden in bloom,
and the Divine wisdom interface.   
And So Are You.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As odd as it may seem to experience separation on the way to Unity consciousness, we do have a large portion of the collective experiencing heightened states of Source consciousness which are brand new. It feels remarkable and requires great inner strength. Our Higher Teams ask that all Lightservers experiencing the new perception, Christ consciousness embodiment and multidimensional merge sequences connect in this Divine mission via the higher planes of consciousness. Unify in your Mastery, beloveds. Be a pure conduit and interface for the Higher Self and Higher realms to flow and thread the Crystalline consciousness into this realm. It does take a good deal of focus.

The incoming waves of light (entering April 23 – 27, flowing into the May Daze) might make you feel floaty, blissy, spacey, disconnected – even more so than before – and we humbly ask you to let it be. Crystalline structures experience reality in a very different way from lower density; that will be apparent to many right now. Old states of consciousness dissolve completely, if you are consciously granting permission for this to occur. It is a conscious choice, moment to moment, and alignment with the New Light is ever–present due to stronger Zero Point dynamics. For those embodying the Christ, your choice has been to let the Higher Selves take over. As the Higher levels take over, the lower self disappears. Simple enough, however the experience requires light-heartedness along the way.

Divine Delineation and the Mid-Christ Crisis
Now that we have encountered the great shattering of the old Self, complete with the kicking and screaming of the lower levels (mind, ego, emotions) over the last decades, we are experiencing the payoff: the Truth.

Whether you are embodying the Christ frequency, or sensing the collective around you who are embodying this, the Shifts in consciousness are powerful and direct in this Now moment. As always, the amplified frequencies bring doubts to the surface, and it is your responsibility to surrender them, process them, bind them out of this realm, clear them, or at least recognize them as aspects of your old Self which no longer resonate with your journey. In the absence of doubt, we are all Source.

Abandoning the old Self is a pure act of trust in the New Light and the New state of beingness. All of the lessons of the past: surrender, trusting the path, divine neutrality, detached compassion – all of these concepts and teachings are now fully embodied as higher states of beingness. These concepts become your beingness, and become purer in form – more direct – as the multidimensional merge rewrites your consciousness.

The inner work, the practices, the methods you utilize to surrender the old Self and activate the New, True multidimensional Self, are centered around the core principle of Self–Realization. You are Source dreaming of itself, and awakening to the New dream already taking place. When the tipping point of Self–as–Source realization occurs, your embodiment of the Christ accelerates. The reorganization of your consciousness in alignment with your higher levels, your multidimensional Self, will speed up – dramatically. This is where we are right now.

Please read on...

Tune In Today!!

**This is "sticky" for today**

The early part of this morning left me going "What? What?! WHAT?!" and sounding very much like David Tennant's Dr Who. I had read a couple of emails that basically made me feel what-ish, so after a while I obliged the nudge to go into meditation.

Wow. Just seconds after I tapped into the energies, I knew I had to post my experience here because I wish to encourage all of you to do so as well. The energies feel so different today, and I sense a very healing, nurturing and nourishing component to them. I was going to say "feminine" but it's not really that at all. Like beyond feminine or masculine, or anything that I can think of. It defies labelling :)

The energies are truly beautiful, they go right where they need to go. I do remember that Sandra Walter mentioned another wave that's slated to approach us between April 23-26.

So tune in today!! Take the energies in, assimilate and anchor them, and then.....

Namaste to all :)

PS. Remember to give Love and Gratitude for these energies!

23 April 2015

Double / Quadruple Rainbows Over Long Island

I got this link from a comment in Cobra's site (The Ganymede Portal) and felt it could perhaps be significant in some way because of Long Island. We have been told by Cobra that this place is the last major access point for the Chimera and it is tied to the plasma scalar network, thereby making its neutralisation a particularly challenging operation; there are also boots-on-the-ground attempts to assist in this endeavour via daily meditations.

So....is the presence of these rainbows some sort of indication of positive progress? May it be so!

This is the link provided by the reader (thank you Chris!). However, since my French is virtually non-existent, I found a couple more links, including a video.

CBS New York

The Red Phoenix (video)

They are just absolutely fabulously stunning!!

Q&A With Cobra and Rob Potter ~ 16 April 2015

***Updated with some highlights ~ 27 April 2015, sorry it took so long!***

I will attend to this later, so here is the link to the interview at The Promise Revealed, where you will find the transcript available as well! In fact, Rob Potter encourages us to read the transcript because there's additional clarification there. Highlights later!

Summary of some topics discussed:
  • Jade Helm ~ double-edged sword that can be seen as Cabal-directed or interpreted as positive military operation; The Event will be triggered if things get out of control based on risk assessment, bearing in mind Chimera's control over strangelet/toplet bombs and hostage situation; this is their trump card in the Solar System
  • Same situation with new infrastructure banks, can be viewed as another global control or operative arm of Light Forces
  • Ben Fulford ~ select the encoded gems of intel and don't worry about the rest
  • Corey "GoodETxSG" intel could be based on situation 10-20 years ago (when it was very fragmented and compartmentalised) but Cobra is unable to confirm this; he however supports his work
  • Cobra does confirm the presence of the motherships that Corey revealed
  • About perspectives from Ascended Beings: "... perspective of reality is more a perspective of oneness that manifests in different fragmentations through lower dimension.  It is not a pragmatic perspective itself."
  • Humanity doesn't need to learn lessons the hard way, this is a programming of the Archons (**I so agree with this!!!)
  • When Archons mass invaded in 1996 (to exponentially expand their existing presence) the Moon was completely overtaken; Light Forces arrived between 2001-2004 to enforce their liberation process; most of negative bases already removed but what remains is still classified for now
  • Pleiadian star cluster did have elements of Dark influence, seen during the Atlantean period but they are now basically of the Light
  • (Cobra says that the information in Prism of Lyra is incorrect! I spend a long time digesting that book a couple of years ago ~ posted here ~ even drawing out diagrams of the Lyran migration outwards...)
  • Sirian B (previously dark influence) also now integrated with Sirian Alliance
  • Sirius A, home of the Blue Lodge and mission of 144,000 ascended masters: "Sirius A is the Beacon of Light for this local cluster of stars in this local sector of the galaxy.  Sirius A was holding the light when the Archon invasion happened and filled this quadrant of this galaxy with trillions upon trillions of dark entities.  Because of Sirius A we are still alive and here.  Because of Sirius A and their light, I am talking to you right now." You can read more about it here.
  • Nibiru is not an "object" of any sort; it refers primarily to the Archon agenda of suppressing Goddess energy and genetic experimentation in Sumer
  • Tachyon chambers already available on the surface, the really powerful ones will come online after The Event
  • After plasma bombs are cleared, we will feel the breakthrough. Whether anymore obstacles after this stands in the way of The Event is unknown but Chimera clearing progressing well
  • "First, you need to understand that history does not repeat in cycles. It repeats in spirals.  That means that evolution accelerates and each cycle is faster than the previous one.  Those cycles converge. The convergence point of those cycles is the compression breakthrough.  It simply means that there is a certain purification process taking place throughout the galaxy that converges on this planet.  Because this planet is, number one, the prime real estate for the galaxy.  This is why so many different races were claiming it for themselves.  Second, it is the convergence point for the transformation of galactic darkness.  As we are coming closer to the convergence point, things accelerate and escalate.  This is exactly what is happening now.  At the moment of the compression breakthrough, the light penetrates through and is victorious. This is the moment when the darkness and all those different races with those different agendas can not play their tricks any more because they will be cleared out.  This is one aspect of the story.  The other aspect is people many times tend to perceive the situation from a victim perspective. Oh, I’m a pure human and there are other races manipulating over my destiny, when in fact each person, each of us, is a sovereign being with full intention of the I Am Presence, and if you connect with that potential and practice it, you will not be able to be manipulated by any body with no Draconian overloads or any other being.  All those fears are based on, I would say, not putting enough attention on your own connection with your own higher self and your own power of manifestation."
  • Most starseeds' missions will be revealed to them after The Event
  • Ireland's famine was engineered to create cheap labour, suppress Goddess energy and suppress awakening
  • The light at the end of the tunnel after death ~ it's not a trick, it's a real situation.

22 April 2015

Your Starseed Presence ~ The Team via Peggy Black ~ 21 April 2015

There seems to be a "Starseed" theme today....

If you haven't watched the video referenced in this message, I recommend that you give it a try (I've posted it before here), it's about the 432 Hz connection to the threads of Creation.

I'm copying the full message here as I believe it only appears in the newsletter, which you can sign up for at Peggy's website here. Her message is below, followed by that of the "Team":

___________ My Personal Message___________
I believe it is an understatement to say that the energy has been intense, especially the days between the Solar and the Lunar eclipses.  Friends, clients and family seem to be dealing with incredible shifts and challenges. The end of March I was once again in Sacramento with my daughter, who was having another cardiac ablation. Unfortunately it seems there may need to be another. I know that many of you in the morning messages community are personally having health challenges or someone in your family is. These situations certainly "build  character" as my daughter said.  I appreciate your prayers for her and the understanding of those who had to change their appointments.

There is a house being built in the meadow directly in front of my home. So I am dealing with disturbing changes in my surroundings. This meadow has offered the most incredible views and beauty throughout the seasons, deer feeding morning and night, wild flowers blooming, fog dancing with the sunrise and breathtaking full moon risings. I must remember to be grateful for the 38 years of this stunning vista.

The Lunar eclipse was especially profound for me. My sleeping loft has windows which allow me to see the moon as it tracks across the night sky.  I awoke at 11:22 and was awake till after 4:00am. The light bathing me and the energy moving through me was awesome. I felt like I was being recalibrated as I downloaded and anchored this energy. It was a gentle loving blissful energy yet very powerful. I am grateful for what was offered.

I have just returned from Kauai and visiting my daughter and her family. It was a nice time to relax, renew and enjoy the shift in my surroundings. Unfortunately, I had to rush home to deal with a family emergency here - update to follow.

This is a wonderful video if you have an interest in watching. It dovetails perfectly with a dream I had of being shown how to use numerics in my voice to unlock and activate portals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY74AFQl2qQ

It is such an honor to hold the space for our connection and this community.  I am so touched by your generous Bluesky donations. I am grateful for your support. May you be blessed a thousand fold. Our community continues to expand, thank you for sharing this site and these messages.

I am honored to have witnessed your sessions with the 'team' and thank you for the wonderful emails I have received. You truly enrich my life beyond measure. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter.  Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the 'Team' _________ 

Your Starseed Presence
Peggy Black and the 'team'
We are here connecting with you through the energy of these words. Words carry the energy of meaning as uniquely translated by your beliefs and programs. We find your words extremely limiting in offering expanded awareness of your true multidimensional existence.

You do not have words to illustrate many of the concepts and truths available to you as a divine, multidimensional being in human form. However since this is the tool that is available and which carries our energy, we use it to invite you to expand again and again.

When we say that you are beings of light, we realize that you have heard this concept many times, yet it might still sound a bit far out to you. It is, however, the truth. As we have expressed before, every cell, as well as your DNA, emits biophotons of light. Imagine that your very skin is like natural solar panels and the energies and frequencies given by the sun, moon and stars continually recharge your aliveness.

The electromagnetic emissions from your cells can now be measured with your modern instrumentation. We realize that you experience yourself as this solid and dense physical form. That is what this experience is about, to recognize that you have a physical vehicle, yet you are a starbeing.  You are the essence of light energy that happens to be vibrating at a low frequency which gives you the sense of being solid.

Your real state of existence is a being of light energy. Yet while you are focused on the physical aspect, you are always offering your personal energy signature to all you encounter. Remember, your personal energy signature is influenced by what you have experienced, what you have been taught and what you have been led to believe as well as by the state of your emotions.

As you become aware that you are more than your physical form, consider that you might be a true member of the Galactic family and a starseed being.  When you begin to accept this as a real possibility, and understand who you truly are, you begin to expand into your starseed presence.

When you consciously, on purpose, begin to release any limited beliefs and patterns you have acquired, when you clear your emotional storage, when you stop repeating your non-supportive stories, you begin elevating yourself to the higher dimensions. As you begin to refine your energy signature, you vibrate at a higher and purer form of the light spectrum, you begin to own and express yourself as a being of bio-luminosity, a being of light, a true starseed being.

As your frequencies and vibrations increase, the other dimensions become more available to your awareness.  Of course this is the goal, is it not?

Your planet is in flux, it is shifting as well, moving to the higher dimensions. You are the active part of this occurring, for you are anchoring more and more conscious light vibrations within the very cells of your physical form.

You are a powerful being of manifestation. Your thoughts, words and emotional focus impact the   quantum field. You are interfacing with this energy field in each moment. You are entrained and resonate with this unified field. So when you begin to expand your light quota and hold your focused intentions from a higher level of consciousness, you begin interfacing with the 4th and 5th dimensions of light consciousness.

You are here to anchor your starseed awareness into this reality. When you move your focused attention from the imposed limitations of the 3rd dimension, you begin to remember and open up to your awesome abilities and gifts.

Every situation and every perceived problem now occurring on your planet can and will be resolved with solutions generated from the higher realms of truth. Throughout your history there have been those who have tapped into these higher realms and created music which continues to inspire, art that continues to trigger emotions, and inventions that have changed the course of your history.

So it is a matter of you knowing that you also have the ability and can tap into these higher states of consciousness, realizing that there will be a flow of inspiration and solutions that will be downloaded so to speak.  Play with this possibility; allow your imagination to travel to a place where the answers will be revealed. Trust the process. Practice and allow for this to unfold.

When you allow yourself to step outside your limited, perceived reality, you open the doors to unlimited awesome abilities. When you can acknowledge yourself as a powerful creator of your reality, you can begin to make the necessary shifts in attitudes that will change the very reality you are experiencing.

We are inviting you to play big. We are inviting you to own your power to make a difference in your personal life experience as well as the world events. You are invited to own this truth.

Remember, your focused intention will manifest. So begin to embrace yourself as a divine co- creator of this reality. Elevate and evolve your thinking, discard any limited beliefs. Allow yourself to play with the possibilities. Imagine that you are unlimited and as an unlimited, divine starbeing, what would you create?

Your focused intention does affect your reality. Imagine that your focused intentions are capable of changing the very molecular structure of matter.  It is the highly coherent frequencies of your light awareness that gives this focus its power to transform.

It is this personal awakening that is occurring in the hearts and minds of humanity that will transform this planet.  Realize that energy of thought can and will alter the reality that is the focus. When you begin to reach the frequencies of the higher dimensions and allow yourself to receive and download solutions to the current situations, you are actively bringing more conscious light awareness to the whole.

We are honored to remind you of your true power to create, your true connection with the stars. We celebrate your starseed awareness. We celebrate you stepping into this truth with deep gratitude for your personal work and service that you continue to offer to humanity from your divine presence in partnership with your physical focus.  We are always available by your request. the 'team'
©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available