29 June 2015

Cobra and Rob Potter Interview ~ 24 June 2015

**Update: Cobra has provided the YT link, as well as email for questions,
and the image above :)  Here for The Portal

The audio and transcript are both available, so please head over to Rob Potter's Promise Revealed to either listen or read. Surely not both?   :)

PS... I've just finished reading this, and my two dollars' worth (inflation) is that it's definitely one you may not want to miss :)

Alkesh and Maarten Horst Interview ~ 25 June 2015

Although familiarity with previous interviews and documentaries from Alkesh (Galactis) isn't really necessary, I would still recommend giving them some attention. I personally found them very beneficial, and they helped me to fill in some missing pieces of some puzzles I was trying to construct. You can find the materials at the Galactis website here, or if you need some idea of what the information entails, you can search on this blog, keyword "Alkesh" or "Galactis". It's good to remember that the information is Sirian-based.

Please head over to BBS Radio to listen to this latest interview with Maarten. The audio is about 53-minutes in length. The Youtube version will be posted soon, you can look out for it on Maarten's YT channel here.

A brief summary of some topics discussed follows:
  • Etheric Chronovisor ~ allows multidimensional access to situations, moments, facts, physical/etheric reality, identifies portals; 1000s of such chronovisors on Sirian Mothership Anais on the etheric plane
  • Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in Quantum Mechanics now being investigated, using the Chronovisor
  • Connection between the operator and Chronovisor is largely subtle and energetic (not physical), of emotive and mental nature, it's a complex operation; the device always shows the resonance of the operator
  • Same subject, when asked differently, can produce different answers from the Chronovisor; simple curiosity will not be successful, there will be no answer
  • Earth Human emotions are the most intense, polarised and wide-ranging among races, rarely encountered in others, due to extraordinary complexity of our DNA
  • Positive emotions are beneficial for our evolution, negative ones are deeply destructive at physical and subtle levels; elevated emotions harmonises entire Being and balances us psychically and mentally; our intentions must be beneficial
  • Montauk and Looking-Glass Projects (American) ~ technologies different although both involved time-travel; Russians have their own projects, including Nazi Bell
  • Interaction with Sacred Geometry is profound, manifesting on large and small scale; it's the basis of the Universe (it's been said that the Amplituhedron is the "building block" of Creation, see image below)
  • Golden Number/Phi (1.618.....) presents itself in Nature; Drunvalo's "Flower of Life" explains much of the Sacred Platonic Solids; also connected to Fibonacci Series
  • Mothership Anais also based on Sacred Geometry
  • Alkesh told that Internet connection with Mothership Anais will take place probably after Humanity's connection with Lenticular Spacecraft as higher vibrational frequencies will then enable us to comprehend Cosmic reality
  • ET races have different DNAs, characteristics, technologies, planes of existences, travel modes etc
  • Chronovisor not able to act on physical plane as it's in the etheric
  • Planes of Consciousness ~ Causal / Mental / Astral / Etheric / Physical; the rest exists in parallel with the Physical, but with different frequencies and sub-planes; our Multidimensional Selves exist in all these planes
  • Meditation and deep introspection will allow us to be conscious of our Causal Self
  • Etheric and Physical planes are quite close in terms of frequencies
  • The Event ~ "...we are on the verge of great transformation..." but there is no way of predicting when it will occur
  • Alkesh's wish for Humanity: Change perspective of seeing things, give up dogmatic and materialistic scientific vision, then capacity to love would grow considerably; our Cosmic family ready to help us, and have been helping us without majority of population knowing. True access to Cosmic civilisations requires better understanding of our nature, which means spiritual evolution.
Andy Gilmore/www.breedlondon.com

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 28 June - 6 September 2015

Yes, I typed that out correctly...Marlene Swetlishoff will be on leave until September. Get well and feel better soon, Marlene!

Source: Rainbow Scribe


June 28-September 6, 2015

Beloved Ones,

As life on the planet continues to evolve and expand, many are being called to align to their reason and purpose for this particular incarnation. It behooves each individual to seek within themselves for the answers; for the unfolding of this preordained service to the divine plan and to consciously and with intention, align themselves to it each day. When you do this, events begin to occur that seem to be divinely directed. There will be more information about this that will come to you through various means such as, bringing people into your awareness and sphere of influence who resonate with your soul’s purpose and those who can give the assistance that helps set you on your true path. There will be brought to your awareness information; in the form of books, websites and people which will activate your remembrance of the work you have come to do. You are now opening to your highest potential, one step at a time so that it does not overwhelm and overpower you. Your path must feel good to you.

There is a new dawn on the horizon, a time of fulfilling and positive experiences which help to cement alliances that will be beneficial to you in the future. When confronted with a situation that you have not foreseen that requires making a choice and decision that overwhelms you, do not rush into action but bide your time and wait for signs that will lead to the highest outcome. Take time out to relax, to play, to laugh and just be. When you do this, you are immensely renewed and equilibrium is restored. This leads to greater clarity in all the situations and events that you encounter and you will be more in touch with your core essence, and that which is right for you to do. Others around you have their own paths to follow and this is to be respected and honoured. It is true that All is One; however, each individual is a unique spark of the divine and has their own purpose. They must allow the divine to express and manifest through them in a way that is empowering and uplifting to them. In this way, all are being served.

You are now beginning to come into your personal power. You have done the majority of the work of clearing old thought patterns and ways of being that are not conducive to the path you have chosen and have let them go. Now you are like an empty vessel which the universe seeks to fill through opportunities and encounters that are more in alignment with your soul’s true calling. Like is beginning to attract like – those who are resonating at the same frequency and purpose. People will come into your life through chance encounter, through pre-destined agreements, through soul group activities. Your lives will take on the appearance of the miraculous at times, for when an individual is totally aligned with their divine essence and follows its directives, the appearance of the manifestation of their dreams and desires happens much more frequently in an ease and flow that feels natural and harmonious.

You have established a firm foundation and now there will be no one and no-thing that can sway you from your true purpose and this is as it should be. On the higher realms, the workings of divine will are in effect and each soul is apprised of their role in the outer manifestation of it. Do not doubt your part in it but rather, trust that all is as ordained and follow your inner guidance as to what to do. Let the divine’s will be done in and through you. Be aware of the fact that the divine will for your life throughout the ages was and is always, that you experience the bounty and beauty that is available in co-creatorship in all its activities. Take the gifts that are offered to you in full confidence that it is in your highest and best interest. Align your heart to the well of love and abundance of the universe and drink deeply of it.

Keep in mind that the deeper you ground your roots into the Earth, the higher you will go. Allow your gentle soul to expand into everything you have asked for. Be the incredible brilliant star within the heart of the Infinite One. Be the chalice of pure light overflowing with glory and grace. Drink in the nectar of joy flowing to you from your divine essence. The inner expansion of your divine essence within you will require physical action in the next steps of your blessed journey. Stay in tune with the perfection of all life. When you make the time for creative work, it is like making time for prayer, it is a unification activity which involves the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown. You are worthy of the time it takes to create whatever you feel called to create.

Until we meet again…
I AM Hilarion

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and all live website links are included.  

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

28 June 2015

And The Universe Said... ~ Maureen Moss ~ 25 June 2015

Source: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. And so it is that Mercury has passed the retrograde baton to Pluto until days before the final lunar eclipse on September 24, 2015, provoking within us further deep changes and challenges at a fundamental level. As a result of Pluto in retrograde we are given deeper initiations to propel us to the forefront of our lives and to remain undaunted in the temple of neutrality, the zero point and point of balance in the center of our hearts.

When it was written through me, “as we are given deeper initiations to propel us to the forefront of our lives and remain undaunted in the temple of neutrality in the center of our hearts,” I said out loud to the Universe, “do you realize how long we have been going through initiations and digging, even clawing our way to the center of our hearts?"

“Do you realize how many times we’ve been put on notice that during this time and through this period of deeper initiations, we will move forward with unbeknownst speed into a world of understanding and be presented with opportunities that will grant us sovereignty and freedom?”

“Do you realize how deeply we have submerged ourselves to uncover and release issues that aren’t even ours and issues that are, (or at least that’s what the mind would have us believing)?"

“With guidance from within, out and up, we’ve removed shields from our hearts within moments of having our hearts broken open, we’ve lost our minds and money more than a few times, misplaced our memories, and found our lives after many deaths on our way to the forefront.”

“On our way to the forefront, we’ve unhooked twisted ancestral lines and jumped timelines back and forth like tennis balls being lobbied by pros at Wimbledon. We’ve dodged M Class, X Class, and countless other classes of solar flares and narrowly escaped collapse during emotional flares as we treaded gingerly through retrogrades and planets squaring off with each other.”   

Please read on...

Time Out...

Thank you, dear Ellie...
**Text: We're on EARTH?... I told you to stop and ask for directions!!**

**Text: Looks like a weird day coming up**

Planetary Liberation Meditation

** Sticky for now **

Just hours away! Please lend your Light energies and intention, if you feel the inner guidance to partipate.

Please proceed to Prepare For Change for further details.

I'll add my usual suggestions below, for those who may find them beneficial:

Please join this meditation and add your beautiful Light to this global effort. I'm going to "encourage" you with the following suggestions, if you feel reluctant because of the time, or the guided steps that go with it. I hope I don't offend anyone or make a mess of anything, but I feel that it's better to join in some way rather than not at all.

  • Meditate at a time that suits you. If possible, do it as close as possible to this set time. Set and state the intention (you can do this silently or aloud) that you are adding your energies to the global group at the precise time they are doing this.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with the instructions for the meditation, then just meditate in your usual manner. As long as you do it and add in your energies.
  • Proclaim or declare your intention to magnify your effort. For example, you could say, "As a Divine and Sovereign Creator Being, I now intensify my meditation for the highest good." Or whatever it is you feel guided to do. (I actually said, "...by a thousand-fold...)

Pyramids of Light: The Light Pathway of Return ~ Archangel Michael via Ronna Star ~ July 2015

Ben Pruess
Source: Ronna Star

Beloved masters, we are constantly endeavoring to give you the most pertinent information to assist you to understand what is taking place, as well as a broad overview of what to expect, as well as methods, tools and exercises to assist you to move through the evolutionary process with the least amount of discomfort via the gift of grace (which is the refined energy of Karma). As always, however, we admonish you to accept only those concepts that resonate within your heart and Soul as your truth. You are to no longer follow anyone mindlessly, for you are to be the master of your own destiny, and as such, you must constantly exercise the gift of discernment.

There are many devoted messengers who are now receiving different aspects of the new Divine Blueprint for the future of humanity.  They have dedicated their lives to bringing you the wisdom teachings for the present and future times of worldly expanded consciousness. They are striving to bring forth the greatest wisdom and most beneficial information possible, and in order to do so they must always strive for accuracy and impeccability. By their works, they will be known. They have diligently stayed the course, and many times, they have proven their dedication and commitment to their chosen mission—no amount of negativity can deter them or keep them from fulfilling their spiritual destiny.

You have separated your consciousness or fragmented yourself thousands upon thousands of times in order to experience the great diversity of Creation, and you have also reunited with many of the multiple facets of yourself more times than you could ever imagine.  Each time you did so, you added more complex information and unique experiences to your Memory Bank Seed Atoms. The farther you moved away from the perfection of the Supreme Creator, and the deeper you moved into multi-dimensionality, the denser and less perfect your creations became, for you had less pure Light substance to work with. Therefore, there is no blame and there should be no feelings of guilt and failure, for each lifetime was designed as a carefully planned learning experience. However, this round of Cosmic Creative Expansion is now coming to a close. It is now time for you to reclaim your Self-mastery and the ability to create things of beauty and harmony in accordance with the original, higher-level Divine Plan.

Please read on...

27 June 2015

We're On The Move ~ Kara Schallock ~ 23 June 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are in a place now in which we are moving rather quickly into a new space of being more New than old. more Soul-merged than ego-based. in Oneness more than dwelling in duality. On a personal note, since everything is a message, let me share with you just a few things that have occurred in the past 24 hours for me. A dead limb from my tree fell (yay!) and my bank destroyed my old bankcard because someone had purchased something I had not. This is a perfect example of an easy release of what no longer serves me (the dead tree branch) and a new level of Abundance (having to get a new bankcard). What is your life showing you?

This is not to say we’ve “arrived,” for there is still more to let go of, yet it is easier now than it has been. We are more focused on serving a purpose than merely living out our lives. Some have arrived, fully immersed in Soul, while others are still in the struggle. Some are straddling the old and New worlds. Wherever a person is is just where they are and there is no judgment in this. Clearly it is very easy to see where a person is in their consciousness through Intuition and the words they speak. I personally see this very clearly and honor each one for their chosen path and I also see where that path takes them and yet, it is not for me to correct or guide them, for that is insinuating my path onto theirs. Gone are the days of rescuing, healing and saving. These are ego-trips. to think we can save anyone is to say they can’t do it themselves.

Realize that Ascension is ongoing and infinite. While some use words like “mastery,” what is mastery? Is mastering something the end point? No, it is not and it is an illusion to think that mastery is the end of the trail. When one has mastered one level, there are more levels to “master.” While the Solstice brought forth a great leap into New Lives, it is not the end-point or culmination of anything. There is no end or beginning. life is a continuum going from old to New and beyond. Therefore, there is no “mastery.” We continue our upward spiral into being Divine and growing infinitely.
All we have is this Moment. All we need is to be aware in this Now.

Please read on...

26 June 2015

The Ruiner

I will keep this very brief, and say as little as possible.

I have been reading some of the writings on The Ruiner, and in some ways it reminds me of the Hidden Hand Dialogue. So for those who don't yet know about this blog, you can read the writer's posts here. For your inner guidance to decide if there is Truth in it, or not. I refrain from commenting further at this point in time.

Gaia Portal's "Helvetic" and "Fennelics"...

I've had some questions regarding Gaia Portal's recent update so here's a quick post, based on my opinion only :)

This is Gaia Portal's message, dated 23 June 2015:
Helvetic communications have completed…
…and open causeways for Illumination of all humanity.
Frescoes of Light appear in the unprepared and previously un-illumined.
Patterns of ancients reappear, as corporate patterns dissolve.
Fennelics have upgraded all Gaia Energetic Expansion Portals.

I know many of you said that "Helvetic" is a synonym for "Swiss", and thus are perplexed by the connection. However, if we look at the origin of this word, we'll get this, from Dictionary.com:

Word Origin and History for Helvetian
"Swiss," 1550s, from Helvetia terra, Medieval Latin name of Switzerland, from Latin Helvetius "pertaining to the Helvetii," a Celtic people of ancient Gallia Lugdunensis.
Using that context, then Gaia Portal's message makes better sense, because in the fourth line it says:
Patterns of ancients reappear, as corporate patterns dissolve.

As for "Fennelics"...well, this one required some degree of imagination...Again, using Dictionary.com, I traced the word "fennel" to its origin, which is "fecund", which implies production, or off-spring. So still using that imagination (!), perhaps "fennelics" implies "progenitors"?...

My opinion only, please remember :)  I could be wildly wrong!

24 June 2015

Culmination Point: Theoretical to Applied Mastery ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 22 June 2015

This is another brilliant update from Lauren...Remember that what we are going through is a Cosmic "first"...Planetary Ascension with her Humanity in tow, without physical death.

Source: Think With Your Heart

Since the beginning of 2012, when the ensoulment process began in earnest, those at the helm of human and planetary ascension have been tirelessly working toward the embodiment of divinity. During this deeply challenging window of time the Pleiadians have opened us up to so much new information regarding our transition into 5th dimensional, new human prototypes…and yet, until now, it has been a mostly cognitive experience.

2015 on the other hand, brought us to a whole new higher/deeper level of embodiment never before felt/experienced…catalyzed by the March equinox-blood moon-eclipse passage during Passover/Easter season…and now our transfiguration is fully underway, as a present-moment, in-the-flesh experience.
The difference in our experience of this process pre & post 2015 is profound…and from what I am hearing, the second half of this year is going to make that profundity obvious to even the most unaware.

Now we find ourselves freshly on the other side of the solstice, what I am hearing called a major culmination point, and the galactics tell me this was a grand finale of sorts…that we are releasing ourselves from our old, linear-based life template and fear-based patterns, that which will make our 5D lightbody template finally become a felt experience.

It’s become pretty clear that ascension/descension is no longer a process of predicting what’s to come, but a process of what IS occurring in our present moment…as we experience it.  In some ways embodying has proven way more challenging than I personally anticipated, but in other ways it is perfectly as challenging as it needs to be for us to move into such groundbreaking territory….and for something so far-reaching, miraculous even, to be accepted (by the mind) as a tangible reality.

Please read on...

Singularity of Action ~ The Hathors via Anna Merkaba ~ 23 June 2015

I like to call it "going home to Who We Truly Are".

Source: Sacred Ascension

Greetings everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note.
I know that I have not been in touch with you for what seems like eons to me. And many of you have been wondering where I disappeared to. The reason that I vanished so suddenly is due to a family emergency that has arrived at my shores without any warning. A close family member has had a stroke and everything changed in a split of a second for the entire family. The last three weeks I have spent day and night in intensive care unit at a hospital assisting him in fighting through the density surrounding him, helping him find a link to himself, grab on to that link and pull himself out of the karmic wheel of life. What an experience it was and still is, an experience of the most incredible growth of consciousness yet!

Whilst it was the family emergency that has rapidly brought me to NY on moment’s notice, as I was spending every waking and not waking hour at the hospital I realized that I was called there to assist many. I found myself working on many souls who were in the hospital at the time, seeing every single intricate occurrence that went on in every room of the hospital simultaneously! I saw new souls entering this planet and those who have finished their journey here on earth departing. I saw angels and various guides working around the clock to assist all who are interconnected in this amazing web of life. Each second of every day was filled with tremendous energy flow which kept me awake for days. Surging energies pulsating through my body dispersing this life force not only throughout the hospital but many miles into the city.

Please read on...

Ancient Timelines

This is a decription of a vision I had yesterday.

The past 24 hours have been truly challenging for me. With strong geomagnetic storms raging, it was as if I had my own geomagnetic storm going within me at the same time. It was really not fun at all.

Anyway, thankfully the Solar activity has abated a bit, and I can function again...sort of  :)

Amist all that "challenges" where I had periods of minimum mobility in between periods of nil mobility, I saw with crystal clear clarity a brief scene that I was obviously meant to decipher without any doubt.

There was a "line" being "patched" as the line moved along. At the end of the line, a new "patch" was retrieved from somewhere, and added to the end of the line, thus extending it. Then another patch, and another, and another.... Then I saw the scene of the Moving Staircase (image above) in Harry Potter's Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone in USA) ~ it was meant to give me a better understanding of what I had seen about the "patching" of the line.

I also knew that it referenced something ancient. And what I understand from this vision is this:

The ancient timelines are being healed or re-constructed. As we know, these timelines were "damaged" from numerous timeline wars and manipulation. These broken timelines have affected our current timeline(s).

In the present timeline(s), each time we reach a time-marker or some major milestone, some part of the ancient timeline is healed. At this point, from what I understand, the ancient timelines are able to undergo a massive reconstruction ~ this will greatly impact our current Ascension timeline in a very positive way. The past few days have been very tense and critical, but this timeline is being successfully healed.

I do not have any information if there are more timelines to heal, but what I do know for sure is that what happens in the current Now is crucial in further healing the ancient timeline, which at the same time, affects this current timeline.

Towards the end of the day, I saw Gaia Portal's new update...
Patterns of ancients reappear, as corporate patterns dissolve.

Perfect! I had the validation I needed! Then this morning, I saw a couple of emails that talked about timelines...and yes, that's when I decided I needed to write about it :)

The situation, I feel, is still very critical. Our work must continue because what each one of us does truly matters. Someone said to me that she doesn't know how to "work her magic" as I suggested previously. I told her to fake it until she remembers :)  This is what we came here to do, and do we must.


23 June 2015

Helvetic Communications Have Completed ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 June 2015

I can only guess that this has something to do with re-connecting to our ancient origins...

Source: Gaia Portal

 Helvetic communications have completed…
…and open causeways for Illumination of all humanity.
Frescoes of Light appear in the unprepared and previously un-illumined.
Patterns of ancients reappear, as corporate patterns dissolve.
Fennelics have upgraded all Gaia Energetic Expansion Portals.

Solar Activity Alert to the Sensitives....


When I said previously that we were in for a very, very major cycle, I had no idea then that extreme Solar activity would announce its arrival. The combination of the Solstice, high Solar activity and the commencement of a major energy cycle... *gulp*....translates into extreme discomfort...

So for those who are sensitive to all these energies, please take extra care of yourselves. Do what works for you to stay fairly comfortable (Himalayan salts, flower essences, herbal remedies, lie down, zone out...etc). Please also know that when a sunspot flares up on the surface of the Sun, we can feel it immediately, whether Earth-facing or not. Forget all those calculations about how long it takes to reach Earth's proximity....we get the effects instantly!

I've just listened to Suspicious 0bservers' latest news, and it looks like we still have more in the next day or so, please stay well.

Some years ago, I made a commitment to my Divinity that I would take on "as much as I'm able" in the sense of energy-work. Feeling how I'm feeling today, I may consider a re-negotiation....  :)

Now for some cocoa, and then zzzzz.....


PS...I've just realised how ironical it is that I have this image as part of my signature...

22 June 2015

A *Possible* Message From The Sphere Being Alliance ~ Denice via American Kabuki ~ 19 June 2015

 American Kabuki
I received an email from a dear reader with some information that piqued my interest. Denice had sent American Kabuki a message that she received from a Being that identified with a part of the Sphere (Being) Alliance that was "not yet revealed". The reason she contacted me was that my recent update had validated her communication with the Being. She was shown a white feather which looked like the image I had on my post.

Please proceed to American Kabuki to read the message. Like AK, I will caution against specific dates...I've come across too many dates that became out-dated :)  And again like AK, I'm posting this information so that we know what's happening when the lights appear. We need to get ready and be good to go, remember?  :)

Source: American Kabuki

This came from a woman in the USA who for the last year has remarkably accurate dreams about of some of the work we were doing, as well as events occurring around the world.  And for that reason I post this...

The first part is her dream, followed up by, for lack of a better word... a confirmation channeling... purportedly from the Sphere Alliance... something she's never sent me before.  

I don't usually publish predictions with dates, heard too many of them in my Christian youth.  Time is a bit of an illusion and things tend to progress as they should in a sequence of events, which often depend on other events, and not always predictable in terms of what we think of as time or schedules. 

I have no idea if this is actually going to happen.  I just put it out there for the record, if these unusual lights begin to manifest on the planet, you will have some idea of what is happening and what comes next... Use your higher discernment as always...  -AK

On Jun 20, 2015, at 4:57 PM, Denise wrote:

Last night was filled with restless sleep.  I was working on my I-Tech, and saw flashes of very real, colorful images.  One was a man with long thick hair like Hagrid from Harry Potter, but it was lighter grey and he had the largest blue eyes I have ever seen and a very warm smile.  The eyes looked right into my soul.  It was the most colorful, real image to date and I felt like I could almost reach out and touch him.

Later, I felt that someone was present and wanted contact.  I made some declarations based on information I have read from Sophia Love.  Only Absolute Truth allowed.  No lies.  No manipulation.

The being was a soul group from another dimension.  Sounded very stilted and robotic. I asked if it was Artificial Intelligence.  It stated no.  I again made the declarations of only the Absolute Truth is welcomed.

Please read on...

Remembering Who We Truly Are ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 21 June 2015

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Aloha LOVE,
Ascension is the purification of our entire BEing here. All of our aspects merging as one, in the physical dimension. This is an entire "life" process, where what would have been an "after-life" merges in this one here. It's where we bring all of our existences together, no more separation, no more individual selves, no more other times.  No more "other moment" outside of this one right here. All timelines collapse, all separation unifies as you do, back into (the) Light.
Prophecies now a physical reality, yet how they affect us is totally different when transformed into Light. The old fear-based belief systems now free us, for Ascension is the Light Version of all of those old perceptions, visions and truths.
Each physical dimension will experience a completely different reality. Each just a consciousness that connects to a gridwork "out there" (collective), yet that which holds it in place is inside each's own physical body and energy field.
There is a physical reality for each gridwork of consciousness/dimension. If you desire a different physical reality, you must expand your consciousness beyond the current limiting one to one with less/no limits imposed.
Ascension is a journey of waking up (Awakening) and coming into Consciousness by become conscious again. Again, because we are returning to who we truly are, our core existence as love, as light, as masters, as multi-dimensional beings, embodied in physical form. 
Becoming a Multi-Dimensional Master again, means consciously choosing the dimension you COME FROM, in every moment.  As you continue to do this, all moments become one. No more separation, all merges into this one right here. One continuous moment that just flows into the next. 

Please read on...

Energy Update June 2015 ~ Matt Kahn

Source: True Divine Nature

Whether you were bamboozled by the Mercury in retrograde that we just successfully completed, or made it through virtually unaffected, the past few weeks have brought forth a rather interesting array of energies. As these energies came into Earth's atmosphere, they assisted in loosening the cellular structure of the old paradigm that is being purged out of the human energy field. You can think of the past few weeks as a "cosmic shakedown," where anything lingering from the old paradigm was loosened out of its fixed cellular position, so it may be released to create space for the immerging 5D light body. While you will still appear physical in form, the immerging 5D light body shifts the orientation of your experience into a much calmer, vast, synchronistic, and intuitively-aligned perspective. In simple terms, as the 5D light body awakens, you transition from being a person attempting to hold light within your field, or in search of oneness with the light, to being the light within the body that experiences each thought, feeling, interaction, outcome, and encounter as I AM.

As the loosened cellular imprinting of the old paradigm is released out of your field by the Universe, the activation of your 5D light body unfolds. Since you have spent more time in a dense physical form than aware of the subtle higher vibrational 5th dimensional energies, it is common for you at this time, to be more aware of the old imprints dissolving than of the 5D light body that is emerging. One common symptom of the dissolving old paradigm cellular structure is joint pain. Whether you feel inflamed, less flexible than usual, or even unjustifiably sore, it is more than likely that you are becoming aware of the unraveling of the old, as the new comes forward. This can also include lightning bolts of energy coursing throughout your body, or abrupt electrical shocks felt within your field.

Please read on...

Tools For Healing the Anomaly ~ Untwine ~ 19 June 2015

Danny Ebru

I love Untwine's suggestions, and also the F and C notes he provided in the accompanying audios. I'm sure we all have our own versions of commands that we issue on a daily basis to clear whatever needs to be cleared and anchor in Divine Light, but if you don't already have one, you will appreciate Untwine's declarations.

If it's of any help, I use the following phrase:

"....in all ways, shapes and forms, across all timelines, realms and existences, now and forever.
With Love and Gratitude. And So It Is."

Source: Recreating Balance

Through our etheric and plasma implants we are regularly bombarded with primary anomaly.
This anomaly is born out of an accident linked to quantum potentials of randomness, which is absence of design and decisions by the Source.
Source has been progressively re-integrating all anomaly into harmony by use of Divine Will. We all are the Source creator, it is the purest aspect within everything. It is not something somewhere in the sky who's gonna come down one day and decide to change things. All living beings are it, and therefore we have to make the decisions.
Decision power is one of the main key to heal anomaly, by reconnecting with the Source design and the fact that we are it.


Meditation Update

Mount Kinabalu Sunrise ~ Escape Artistes
This is my personal update for the Solstice Liberation Meditation...just my own observations.

A storm of Solar activity heralded the Solstice, with the promise of more to come. I will admit that it is only my unwavering faith that minimises my concern over spontaneous combustion :)

With such intense Solar activity accompanying the Solstice, I should have expected a less-than-"normal" (although nothing is "normal" these days...) meditation. But then again, perhaps it wouldn't have mattered one iota what I expect anyway, because it was a very unusual meditation. I've been contemplating on it for some hours now, and here are my observations.

Shortly after starting, I zoned out. The next thing I know, 20 minutes had passed, but it felt to me like hours! I kept getting the feeling that so much happened. It was as if we had participated in something major on the astral realms ~ something rather challenging. Whatever it was, I felt that it was like cutting a path through something dense. I also felt that there was a "gate" (and although I wanted to use other words, there is an insistence on the word "gate")...guarding/opening/closing it, I cannot remember the exact purpose. Whatever the entire process was, I'm generally positive about the outcome, although I feel like I've run a half-marathon after the meditation.

I was going to mention something on the meditation reminder post, but decided against it because it didn't feel right at that time. I'll mention it now....There have been three "CHxxx" situations "detected" as per Cobra's recent coded messages (no prizes for guessing what the CH stands for...), but no notice of any clearing yet, at the time of writing. I feel that it's another extremely critical and sensitive stage, so I won't say anymore about it except that I hope we get to have some encouraging news soon.

Meanwhile, we will continue to shine our Light in the most dazzling way we can, and be the highest expression of our True Self every moment of every day! Namaste...

PS. I've actually ran/walked a half-marathon before :)

Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 21 June 2015

Rainbow Mandala ~ Dune Keltz
Please note that the link points to the newest message. If you are reading this at a later time and a newer message has replaced this one, please look for it in the Archives.

Source: Oneness Of All

Dear ones we are well aware of the disappointment many of you feel as to how slowly the new earth seems to be emerging.  This is because you are viewing the process with specific expectations of how things "should" be according to whatever concepts you may be holding.   There is no fault in this,  as it simply reflects how you have learned to live life in third dimensional energy. 

You expect evolutionary changes to manifest in certain familiar ways, but remember, the human consciousness is limited to what is already known.  Be open to what is as of yet unknown, for change is, and will manifest in unexpected ways.  Know that powerful new energies are silently pouring in and available to all,  but will not always manifest in the ways you expect. Much of what you perceive as chaos, is actually the  cleansing and clearing of old energy.

It is very important to take time to rest during the day for the process of integrating these powerful  new energies often leaves an individual feeling exhausted.   Even with busy work/family schedules it is important to include  small breaks  which can be as simple as  shutting a bathroom door and resting for a few minutes in the realization of "I AM".   If possible, a short nap works best.

The integration process does not happen overnight, but is exactly that,  a process.  Be patient dear ones, and let go of the temptation to believe  you are doing nothing simply because  you and the world are not as you had anticipated--yet.

Some, when feeling the need for a nap in the middle of the day,  resist, believing that it indicates  laziness or a physical backward step because it is something you have never before needed to do.  It is important not to resist, for the integration process requires a great deal of  energy, leaving less for the active lifestyle you may of become accustomed to. The person who insists on continuing old habits of going, going, going, in spite of a need for more rest, will soon find himself very depleted of energy

Taking time to stop and rest is not a doing nothing as it may appear, but is an action  integral to the releasing/integrating  process.  You have been programmed to believe that busy-ness equals productive and successful living.  Both school and parents taught you that time spent doing nothing was idleness, a bad thing, but as with so many other beliefs this is simply a concept handed down from generation to generation.  
Please read on...

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 21 - 28 June 2015

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

Each of you is coming closer to a stronger connection with your divine essence and this will help you feel more stable than has been evident in the past several months. This process is opening new doors of perception which will help you to move forward once again. There is ever the ebb and flow in the energetic waves that move through your personal and planetary cycles. As you become aware of these and how they affect you, you align with their influences and act accordingly. As you do this, life becomes more harmonious and pleasant. The people around you are more responsive to you and show you their appreciation and love. When you are in tune with your personal energy cycles, life becomes an ever expanding adventure of new experience. This new state of being requires its recipient to be willing to go beyond their established comfort zones and take the steps necessary into new directions.

It takes courage and bravery to move past one’s former patterns of limitation and to begin taking action to forge a new path as one leaves behind all that one experienced in their lives, to make a start in the new beginning that beckons them forward.  Allow the self doubt and indecision to dissipate as to the right path you must follow; it will unfold in its own divine timing. It is difficult, we know, to focus on just one thing, as your senses are assailed by creative thoughts and ideas. Spend time in the outdoors, sitting quietly and experiencing the sights and sounds that array your senses. This helps to ground your energies and keep you aligned to your divine essence. The next step will be made clear to you through this activity of keeping things simple. Know that there are many loving, supportive, and nurturing energy beings constantly surrounding you. All is in the process of the unfolding story of your personal and collective lives.

We find that many of you are now experiencing the return of the energetic flow through your human operating system. For many of you, this was a missing ingredient that felt like a disconnection from source energy. This process was necessary in order to give you the time needed to absorb, assimilate and integrate the new downloads of information and activations that are being sent on waves of love. This process is ongoing, sometimes it comes as great energy flow and at other times, as a time of rest. Life is a continuous cycle with valleys and peaks and there is always motion, even when you don’t feel it. Follow the signs your physical body gives you, for these are important to listen to for your continued health and well being on all levels of interplay.

You are going through a rebirth and your body, mind and spirit are being brought into alignment and connection so that you can manifest a greater reality than you have previously known. You are in a process of regeneration and transformation that offers you an opportunity to express yourselves in new ways. Seize these moments as they manifest in your lives for they bring to the surface new treasures from your soul. It is always up to you to choose how you grow, move forward and expand in your conscious awareness and evolvement; there is no one else who can do it for you. When you commit to taking a new direction, what you need to manifest it will be drawn to you.

Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with creation and expect the unexpected - for your life can take a new turn miraculously. In your new beginning, you are reaching a new level of understanding which is helping you to reach new dimensions within. By following your inner wisdom and listening to your inner guidance, you will achieve success in all of your endeavours. All that is required is your active involvement and that is the key that unlocks your great potential.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and all live website links are included.


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21 June 2015

Planetary Liberation Meditation and Cern Ceremony For Light

Elspeth McLean
Time once again to do our bit and take part in the meditation :)  Being the Solstice as well, I believe our efforts will be greatly intensified. I'll keep this one short...please go here for more details:
At the same time, Untwine is performing his gridwork for Cern on the 21st of June as well. He has invited participation from anyone who is guided to join. Here is his message:
 The gridwork project I mentioned in the previous interview is on-going. We will be present physically near the Cern on the 21st of june to do a ceremony for the Light. You are all invited to send violet flame to that location on that day, throughout the day, as many times as you like.
Those who would like to participate physically can email me at untwine1@yahoo.com. 
Participation is free of charge.

Untwine's message appears here:

Let's get to work, dear Light Family! 

20 June 2015

Personal Sharing


This is a personal sharing for whoever feels is of benefit, relating to the current energetic "snapshot" as I see it, and tomorrow's Solstice window.

I'll be stating the obvious when I say that these energies are stirring up everyone and everything. Our input into this Shift is getting more and more important, and I'm sharing my experiences to stress that every effort we make is crucial to the Whole.

Energy Download and Feathers
As always, when I get that "lie-down-NOW" sensation, I try to do just that, because I know that if I don't lie down soon, I'll keel over backwards in a short matter of time (and thankfully it's always happened when I was at home). So that's what happened yesterday. Within a minute of lying down and closing my eyes, I "saw" wave after wave of energetic downloads. I've never before experienced energy downloads in successive waves before, they are usually just one "transmission". I really felt the urgency of the "procedure". I was present but not present, it was like lucid dreaming, except that it wasn't.

I don't know how long this transmission lasted. However, towards the end, I saw, unmistakenly and without any doubt, an outline of a feather. No, not blue (!)....it was just an outline, but agaist a multi-coloured background. Very beautiful, very colourful in a non-garish way. The feather outline looked like this:


After I saw the feather, I promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, about 30 minutes had lapsed.

Earlier in the day, before this download, I went to my store cupboard to get something. A feather wafted gently down as I opened the door ~ it was a feather from my daughter's craft box. And no, again, it wasn't blue, as you can see from the picture...

I didn't know if the two incidents were related, or if the first one influenced the other. I just thought that it was interesting, given all the heightened awareness about the Blue Avians.

Anway, I feel that the energy transmission is part of what I mentioned before, about helping to calibrate the frequency for the next major wave so that the optimum "bandwidth" can be delivered. If you feel the inner guidance to just lie down and receive, please honour it and do so. Never underestimate the individual's role, no matter how small it may seem.

Distractions...then Synchronicity
Then today, I woke up to a morning full of distractions. After a while, I recognised the pattern...little things that get in the way of me moving along with my own plans. I notice that this sometimes happens to me just before something major, like with the "Free the Colonies" meditation. Thankfully, instead of allowing myself to drown in the series of distractions, I remembered to issue a "Get out of me and my space, now and forever" command, repeatedly. Of course, I prefixed that with "By the power of god that I am", thanks to Judy Satori's guidance. Things settled down considerably after that.

When I later got into my car to run some errands, I started the engine and glanced at the clock. It showed 12:12, with two 3s and three 8s on the odometer. After I got to my destination and parked, I looked at my clock again, and it showed 12:44. Numerical synchronicity is important to me, because it shows me that I'm on the right track. After this second time-synchronicity, I felt assured that my feather incidents were not merely me making things up :)

Let's get ready in our own way for this next big cycle. As I've said before, we prepare for it in our own way, there is no "one way" for all. Each of us needs to prepare in the way our True Self is aligned with. For me, I work best with energies, and that's how I best understand many things. Do what feels the most aligned for you.

I will also repeat that the time for us to create Spiritual Magic is well and truly here. Even a determined intention coming from the Heart-space is Spiritual Magic at work. Never under-estimate the power of your own creator abilities!


Implants ~ Cobra ~ 19 June 2015

I love the text on this image, which is incidental to Cobra's update.

Text: You are part of the Divine Plan to create Ascension for Planet Earth

Source: The Portal

If anybody is still asking why the Event hasn't happened yet, here is the answer again:

Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact.
Parts of the plasma accretion vortex structure were recently detected by the mainstream science:

The activity of this plasma accretion vortex gets magnified every month around the time of the full moon, when Earth-Moon plasma doorway opens:

When the Earth.Moon plasma a doorway is open, both the presence of Light and clearing of darkness get magnified.

Plasma implants were first put into surface humanity population 26,000 years ago. Each time just before an individual was incarnated, he was re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population was kept in amnesia for the whole 26,000 year cycle.

The implants were maintained by implant stations below the surface of the planet and throughout the Solar System, and kept replenished with fresh anomalous plasma from interplanetary and interstellar space.

An implant is a plasma black hole with an approximate diameter similar to the diameter of an electron (10-17 meters). It is rotating in a strong magnetic field which produces an antigravitational effect on the plasma.

Please read on...

19 June 2015

Movements of Celestials Among Gaia Inhabitants Reach Into Depths of All ~ Gaia Portal ~ 19 June 2015

Source: Gaia Portal

Movements of Celestials among Gaia inhabitants reaches into depths of all.
Resonance factors increase, to amplify effects of Higher Dimensional incomings.

Storms of Light impress, on both outer and inner visibilities.

Fortunes of Delights are inwardly realized, and accepted.

Solstice Focus: Crystalline Consciousness ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 June 2015

Here's Sandra Walter with excellent guidance and update on how we can play our role for this week's Solstice. When I last planted some crystals in four different (and public!) places, I was also greeted with an almost immediate change in the skyscape....no cloud-ships, but lots of Sylphs formed!

Just a reminder about the Blood Moon Tetrad ~ we've had three already, with the final one coming up on 28 September (see image below).

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our Solstice Gateway is a crystalline focus, and it is recommended to use every facet to amplify and accelerate our crystalline consciousness. Even if you are not experiencing the remarkable transformation of consciousness at this time – the embodiment phases discussed in the latest series – the focus is on Unity of Mission and Service.

Divine Delineation is not dualistic separation, it is there to teach the Light Tribe the ability to support everyone at every level and phase of their Ascension process. We do this by supporting the embodiment of the Christ and crystalline consciousness in every willing HUman stepping into this state of beingness. The return of the Christed presence is a game-changer; let us unify in its pure intention of peace and Divine Love.

During Gatework last evening on Shasta (see the above before and during pics – taken within minutes of each other – Aho!), the request for a crystalline focus presented again. So I AM guided to remind everyone to get crystals in the ground, or on the ground during the Gateway if you cannot part with them, to receive the maximum amount of these incoming waves of light acceleration. We have a brilliant three months (!) now to assist the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gate in September. Our interaction with these incoming energies will assist everything upon this planet.

Please read on...

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