30 July 2015

Harmonisations Come Forth as Chaotic Envelopes are Transcended ~ Gaia Portal ~ 30 July 2015

"Heaven enters"....

Source: Gaia Portal

Harmonizations come forth as chaotic envelopes are transcended.
Flairs of brilliance succeed flares of emergence.
Strains of solidness are experienced and exposed.
Venerations of True Counsel are realized.
Moderations relax.
Heaven enters.

29 July 2015

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 28 July 2015

Source: PAO

We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a message for all!! Right now on Gaia, a great energy is moving into your various life zones. Each of these energies is building upon the other. The coming month of August is when these energies are to reach a crescendo. These energies are to become the foundation for another set of even higher energies that are to follow. These energies are activating parts of your mind, heart and body. These organs are the center point for a blessed set of changes that are to make you even more aware of the dimensional transformation. Back in 1972, a number of actions were undertaken to preserve this solar system. These were the initial instance of us aiding your reality. Be aware that to us, Gaia is a special planet as it served as the focal point for the start of this galaxy. Ever since we became Masters, we became deeply aware of what this divine living orb truly is. It is a blessing to know that its preservation is a divine part of our many sacred duties. As you grow in consciousness, you can better sense her immense importance to this solar system.

   These new energies are part of a continuing system of energies that began to flow into Gaia at the start of this millennium. These energies are to be the jump starter of the preliminary energies needed to start your changes. At present, most of your aura has been integrated into fields that power Gaia. As she naturally grows, so do you. In August, the next sets are to commence flowing into this orb. We are regulating these energies and the transformations they are to cause. They are, in fact, a type of tonal pattern needed to move you to your next stage of growth. The dark has become aware of what is happening and we are assuring Heaven that our protection extends throughout this surface world. Meanwhile the dark is as well discovering that its plans to prevent these transformations are badly failing. The Light is drawing closer each day to a most blessed victory!

   The blessed song of Heaven is reverberating throughout this realm. We ask that you remain positive and use your mostly untapped inner powers to see that this timely change happens as planned. Each of you is in reality a jewel of Heaven. Use your collective abilities to permit these brilliant inner jewels to shine. If you look around you, you can then see this grand energy in action. Visualize this and in so doing allow your brethren to shine with a brilliance so great that it ends the power of the dark and lets the Light of Heaven in. Let this be the time of a great end to those who in the dark’s name kept all of you doubting who you are and what you were capable of. The time comes to let this realm know that your merciful guardian energies are preparing to emerge and create a new realm filled with peace, cooperation and joy. Hallelujah! A new time of freedom and prosperity is nearly upon us!

Please read the full message here....

Mini-Update: How Much Can We Take?

Fusion Laced Illusions

I'll be as brief as possible ~ and hopefully as clear, too :)  Although the experience is mine, I feel that there may be others who resonate with the message.

Over the past weeks, I was acutely feeling what I call the "mini-electrocution" sensation. This is like being pricked with teeny currents of electricity all over the skin on the limbs. Not painful or uncomfortable, but definitely noticeable.

This was accompanied by twitching in the eyes. Constant twitching. It unhappily reminded me of a biology lesson where we learnt about Galvani's experiment on a frog's legs ~ he made a dead frog twitch by passing electricity over it. 

Then a few days ago, while in meditation, I inadvertently let out an "Ow!!". I had felt what seemed like a surge in "electricity", resulting in an electric shock in the fingers of my right hand. I was more startled than hurt by the experience...it was something that totally took me by surprise.

I realised very quickly that we are being "buzzed". I feel that we are being checked to see how much energy we can take in, and that we are being metered to determine the optimum frequency for the next wave. I had written last month about being ready to be "used" for calibrating the optimum energy, but I never expected to be tested like this! Er...thanks, guys?...

Anyway, I quickly told them it's okay, I'm okay, I can handle it, bring it on. Just don't fry me....

Dear Light Family, I had said before that we're now in a major, major wave of energies. They are now skipping several steps as the levels are being bumped up as high as they can go. One super-wave of energies leading to the next super-uber wave, and so on, until we get to The Big One. Let's amp it up!


28 July 2015

A Cleansing Vortex of Energy and Light Sweeps the Planet ~ Adama via Susan Michele Moll ~ 23 July 2015

Disclose TV

Source: Island of Light (scroll down a bit)

Beloved ones, as you become empty vessels for the light of God that never fails the crystalline Light of the Christ will shower through you, washing the last vestiges of the old energy from your physical, emotional and mental bodies. This takes time. These old accumulations have been set in their old ways for a very long time and cannot be expected to be disbursed of in an instant. It all takes patience, clearing and cleansing before the new energies can fully anchor within your being. As they do and the old is cleared away you will feel the extreme need to rest and take it easy. Your energies will be very focused within and it is imperative that you honor these cycles of rest that are greatly needed for the integration of all that is being released and received at the same time.
There is a huge vortex of energy and light sweeping your planet right now. As this force field of intense energy and light sweeps in, through and around you taking with it the last vestiges of the old earth and patterns of destruction, you are bound to feel like everything is stirred up and intensified - and so it is. As you sweep away the dirt some is stirred up into the atmosphere before it settles again upon the ground. The same is taking place around you. Everything is in clean up mode. There is not one soul who is left unperturbed by these energies. It affects all and there is nothing you can do but just allow this whirlwind of energy to sweep you clean and be grateful that it is, as you will no longer need to carry those old outworn and extremely old patterns or emotions around with you.

Please read the full message here....

The Unified Heart-Mind: Mastering Magic ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 26 July 2015

Source: Think With Your Heart

Happy Planetary New Year!  Today, July 26th, marks the opening of the Lion’s Gate which means new/higher frequency solar (christ) codes are saturating earth and humanity and will continue to do so until 8-8-ish.

For those unfamiliar, the Lion’s Gate occurs every year on August 8th …when earth aligns with Sirius and the galactic center to create a stargate portal which sends us waves of activating energy for personal and planetary ascension.

This year is even more potent because we have a rare triple 8-8-(8) activation (2+0+1+5 = 8) which I am told is perfectly placed to prepare us for the upcoming lunar eclipse in September… the final (and highly prophesied) blood moon in the tetrad. (The fourth and last in series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses that took place in 2014 –15.)  Read: things are heating up in a big way that signal a big finish.

Today also begins the new galactic year of the White Planetary Wizard..the essence of which couldn’t be more relevant to our collective emergence into the new world.  Out of all the information available online, this line is the one that aligns so perfectly with the Pleiadian perspective:

White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the alignment of mind & heart”.

Two things that strike me as relevant are 1) the energy of purity that the image of a white wizard conjures and 2) that this year is governed by the planetary tone of manifestation, the energy of perfection and production…meaning, it is time to actualize these new frequencies of the balanced heart-mind in our day-to-day life.

Please read on....

The Light Alliance ~ Gordon Asher Davidson with George Noory ~ 8 July 2015

This portion of a longer show on Coast to Coast with George Noory is not "newsy", but I'm new to Gordon Asher Davidson's work and I appreciate being able to look at our Planetary and Humanity quantum Shift from his angle, with different terms to boot. I only listened to the first hour (Gordon comes in around the 20-minute mark); you can hear what he has to say on Coast to Coast's own site, or if you are unable to listen there, then try Z Fire Light.

Some notes:
  • Author of "Transfiguration of Our World", website World Transfiguration
  • Earth as a chakra of the Solar System (I never thought of it that way before...Gordon looks at creation much in the same vein as El Ser Uno, as "one Being")
  • 911 resulted in Solar System being unable to ascend as a collective Being
  • Solar Council then issued Solar Decree to remove dark ET entities from Planet and increase Light energies to Planet; 2002 was the game changer
  • Mentions the episode where underground portal was created by the Light Forces in 2011, then everyone and everything in the underground bases were pulled through this, resulting in earthquake in Virginia which damaged Washington Monument
  • (I remember Zorra talking about this around that same time)
  • Galactic Light Alliance and Earth Light Alliance working together, therefore our contribution and participation is necessary
  • Confirms that Light Forces now getting upper hand 
  • Powerful and high frequency energy coming into the Planet
  • Negative nature of Life here needed to be fully exposed so that we realise total reform is the only solution.

27 July 2015

Galactic Wave of Love ~ Cobra ~ 26 July 2015

Source: The Portal

In the center of our Galaxy, there is a huge double star, the source of Light and life for this Galaxy, the Galactic Goddess, the Pleroma, the Galactic Central Sun. It breathes and pulses with a regular rhythm, each heartbeat taking 26,000 years to complete. Every time the Galactic heart beats, the Galactic center sends a wave of highly charged physical and non-physical particles throughout the Galaxy. 
This Galactic heart beat has entrained the precession of the Earth axis to align with the 26,000 year cycle:
We are approaching a Galactic wave right now and it will culminate in the Event. 
Previous Galactic pulses have been quite intense, as it has been very accurately described by Paul  LaViolette:
He and many other people are expecting the current Galactic pulse to be quite intense:
In reality, there are powerful Light forces present inside our Solar system to ensure that the process will be much more harmonious this time. 
There will still be a lot of emotional intensity and some increase in tectonic activity:
But the main aspect of this Galactic pulse will be a wave of cosmic Love. This Love energy is the basis of universal cosmic reality and is now reaching our shores. This energy has Galactic proportions and can not be stopped by the Cabal, no matter what they try to do.
Please read on....

26 July 2015

Planetary Liberation Meditation Reminder

This will take place in just a few hours' time, so let's do our thing and turn on our Star power! Please find more details at Prepare for Change....see you later, dear Light Family!

The Magdalen Gateway ~ Kara Schallock ~ 23 July 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising 

We are in a most powerful shift. As you already know, we have had bigger and bigger shifts, one right after the other, with hardly any time to take a break in-between. The current shift is extremely powerful as it leads right up to the Lion’s Gate on August 8th. (8/8/2015=8/8/8). Eight symbolizes Power and certainly, Power to be all that we are is what we each are guided to be. The Magdalen Gateway, the shift we are currently in, helps us prepare for the Lion’s Gate by empowering the Divine Feminine in each of us. Please know that the Divine Feminine holds both sexes within and the Power is in manifesting our creations, which is a blending of both female (creativity) and male (manifestation).

The Magdalen Gateway brings with it the vibration of The Magdalene. Her main essence is Courage…Courage to transcend the small separate ego and step more completely into the fully integrated ego. having Soul and ego be One. In the past it seemed as though separate ego and Soul were in conflict. This Gateway helps the separate ego be what it is intended to be and that is the expressor of Soul in all ways. As we use the Power of this Gateway to merge as One (Soul and ego. and female and male energies), we prepare for the culmination of this Gateway at the Lion’s Gate. Each day brings more Light and more Power onto Earth and into us as we build in momentum. The Full Moon, our 2nd Full Moon of the month, on July 31 (in the U.S.) helps to further empower this Gateway. So you see, not only are we in one Gateway, it immediately is followed by the most powerful Lion’s Gate. And the energy will continue from there, as dates are only a guidepost.

We can feel the build-up, can’t we? Emotions are more intense and those lower emotions from separate ego are right in our faces saying, “Whatcha gonna to do about it?!” Well, what are you going to do about it? Will you play the victim to them or take a stand and say, “No more. buh-bye!” If you’re willing to drop your old people-pleasing patterns and step more into your Authentic Self, it helps greatly to move gracefully through this powerful time. It takes being fully honest with yourself and not holding back from others in order to keep your old mask on to keep the peace. Remember that when you stand in the Power of your Authenticity, it helps others do the same…if they choose to. Of course, they may choose not to and will become quite upset if you change the rules of the “game.” For you, you simply cannot abide games, lies or deception any longer. And you see right through those who choose to live their lives in a fake role.

Please read on....

Earth's History Flight ~ Sheldan Nidle on Tazz and Paula Show ~ 9 June 2015

This one is from some time ago. I just found my notes and realised I hadn't yet posted them, sorry! Listen to the interview here.

If you've been attending Sheldan's webinars regularly, or have read his books (I'm assuming they have this information), then most of the information here will not be new to you. Some of the topics covered:
  • Advanced civilisations that are full conscious live inside their Planets
  • Atlanteans chose to interact with dark groups
  • Galaxy being transformed into Light over the years, Anchara Alliance signed peace treaty, they also wish to obtain their own Ascension into fully conscious LightBodies
  • We are becoming fully conscious Galactic Humans
  • Game is up, now in final stages, their tactics no longer working but they're still holding on
  • Transformation process being accelerated, entire Galaxy involved
  • Sheldan's take ~ 5D Beings and above are positive and operate from Oneness
  • Anunnaki from Pleiadian and Alpha-Centaurian rebels
  • Joy is highest aspect in full conscious civilisations
  • Agarthans are remnants of original Lemurian race 900,000 years ago
  • “Stragglers” from various Golden Ages were allowed entry and they too evolved into full consciousness, out of karma and reincarnation wheel
  • (Zorra had mentioned some time ago that Amelia Earhart is now in Hollow Earth)
  • Time now to fulfill Divine Plan for us to become fully conscious Beings
  • Mentors to guide us throughout our re-education and transformation; process to take some months
  • Plant and Animal Kingdoms also shift independently, along their own evolution, enabling higher communication with humans
  • That's why Galactics need to switch off regularly to cease the interaction, except with their own Divinity and guides
  • Inner Sun, which gives off high vibrational energy, also interacts with our Sun
  • We'll ultimately have 2 moons again. Apollo 11 saw 2 “anchors”, they are genesis points for eventual placement of these moons
  • Current moon is 5th moon of Pax/Maldek, and will return “home” once the asteroid belt (formerly Pax/Maldek) is reconstituted
  • Lost planet = Vulcan
  • Many Agarthans volunteered to observe us to ascertain our progress
  • Galactic scientists constantly monitoring air, water, oceans, Earth's strata and defence systems etc
  • Earth “walking on eggshells” right now because of prolonged delays, she's well past the time period she's agreed upon to “wait” for us (she needs to go through her own physical transformations).

The First Wave of Ascension and the Light Body ~ Matt Kahn with Lauren Galey ~ 19 July 2015

Kundalini Dance

Another date being mentioned here....but in all fairness, Matt Kahn had stated about a year ago that the first wave of Ascension would take place at the time of the last Blood Moon Tetrad, which falls on 27 September, just two months away (more details here). In this interview with Lauren Galey, he explains more about what this actually means. I feel it's really important for us to understand with more clarity what may unfold come that time so that we don't cease our own inner work and get lost in the tsunami of information and messages that are inundating our outer experience.

Matt also expands on the LighBody activations that are occurring presently, resulting in the sense of emptiness (yet feeling “full”) that he had touched upon previously (see here). There is a lot of information here that I feel is very relevant for us ~ I hope you will find it beneficial. The information deals with the spiritual work we have to do, which I usually nag about :) Just know that my intention is good...

You can listen to the interview here; if I remember correctly, it's about 2 hours long.

Some notes about what was discussed:
  • Emptiness of the LightBody activations means no high/low extremes; this emptiness is natural state of Love, leading to “resurrection” when we reach spiritual maturity and then the passion returns
  • We need more Love, not less
  • Each person is her/his own dimension
  • Relaxing into the Ascension process facilitates the rate at which it unfolds
  • Time vs Intensity related to Heart Chakra opening; the faster this unfolds, the more intense the process (we have chosen “accelerated”...yay! *just relax while gritting our teeth*....this is what we want, we can take it!)
  • Pain when Heart Chakra opening ~ relax body part around pain i.e. holding sacred space for the heart opening
  • “How can I relax when I feel this way?” By being honest with what's happening
  • We are nothing but pure Divinity so how do we embody 100% of our Divinity? Be our best friend and ally so that we can learn to feel good about ourselves
  • First Wave 27 September: first group to board the plane but plane won't take off until all onboard
  • Ascension: for you, through you, on a personal level, for Divinity awakening within
  • This is when First Wave aligns with 5D consciousness, integrates it then enter doorway of 5D...no one “disappears”! 3D understanding of Ascension is literal, 5D understanding is metaphorical. What disappears is ego/separation
  • Loneliness is when we haven't spent enough time communicating with the emptiness of Love. 

Stunning Surya

Source: Nassim Haramein

25 July 2015

Meet Art Intell (AI One) ~ The Ruiner ~ 24 July 2015

** Note: Please only read this if you wish to understand more about it
to better circumvent its reach and nullify its agenda **

You can proceed to read this article by The Ruiner over at his site here. Please know that it's my understanding that this message is written as a knowledge-piece, and may not necessarily take into account the successful and on-going progress to restore Light in the Cosmos and on the Planet.

My own perspectives follow below, using references that are fictional and non-fictional....with no claim that the fictional is purely fictional, and that the non-fiction is completely factual.

Reading this article made me recall several things, including elements from seemingly fictitious works based on science fiction and the paranormal.

Of course, the description of the "black cube" immediately calls to mind Star Trek's Borg with its hive-mind. It's no coincidence that much of what the writer explains about the AI is similar to the modus operandi of the Borg (a cybernetic collective) given the rumour that Gene Rodenberry's visions were actually "downloads". It is also interesting to note that there were cases where assimilated Borgs were successfully (or mostly) deprogrammed, the obvious example being Captain Picard himself. The Borg wasn't totally invincible ~ this is something worth remembering.

The write also describes the technology that looks like black sludge or goo and acts like a virus. X-Files dedicated several episodes to this "black oil" threat...I recall having very strong reactions and dislike to this menace when I was following the series. It is totally ironic that this substance was called "Purity" in the series.

It is another interesting observation that in X-Files, this black oil is claimed be the original inhabitant of the Planet, something that was hinted at in Tobias' "Journey of the Angels", describing it as a virus that "infected" the Planet while it was forming. In El Ser Uno, this implication is more specific ~ in summary, they tell us that fragments of negativity from outside of this galaxy formed the core during the Planet's creation. The medium through which this negativity exists is via the Planet's petroleum. Perhaps this is why the dark claims this Planet as their own?

It is clear that this message from The Ruiner, although appearing at first-glance to be discouraging, actually offers much hope. He stresses (in his other messages as well) that our connection with Mother Gaia is so very important. We need to turn away from the AI's influence and lure, and turn to Mother Gaia instead. It is truly our connection to her that will carry us through this Asension.

We have the ability and are fully capable of voiding its influence through the choices we make in our daily lives.

Power of the Unknown and Fear of the Transfiguration ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 July 2015

Another powerful message from Sandra Walter!

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As you open to the unknown, the unscripted personal experience, you create bridges to the highest possibilities of the pure and true Ascension. For many, not knowing what is occurring creates discomfort. It is when you feel most vulnerable with these new energies that the external may pull you off-center. Discernment, rather than judgment, and Divine Neutrality is a wise choice as you are exposed to higher vibrational states of consciousness.

The incoming cosmic rays of evolution, which will transform your consciousness if you participate in your own development, will grow very acute in their Divine purpose. They reinforce the choice of being fearless, not reckless. It is a passage of deep spiritual maturity for many of you. For some it is the reward of multiple incarnations spent in earnest pursuit of Divine Love. For others it is the culmination of thousands of years of Divine service in the role of Wayshower. Regardless of the cause, the evolutionary effect on your Lower incarnated Self is becoming intensely apparent to many.

Pre-Moon Gateway: Balancing the influx by BEing Peace

The focus of the July 25 – 29th Gateway is the transmutation of any remaining fears about embodiment, the current Shift underway, or the Ascension itself. (A grounded reminder; the high-vibe tribe is monitored for how well we react, adapt, integrate and open to higher levels of light.)

Please read on...

Galactic Embodiment: Sub-Molecular LightBody Upgrades ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 21 July 2015

Source: Awakening to Remembering

The Light Beings' Upgrade Process does not conform to anything we expect, anything we "think" or believe we know or understand about it. It is an experience of the moment and what presents. The EMBODIMENT OF LIGHT is one of honor to one's own self.

Light activates multi-dimensionality here. It begins with the human and the higher self integrating as one, yet there are many higher selves, many aspects, many BEINGS that we've been/are becoming again. Integration of these is intense at times and always immense. Profound, brilliant, bizarre, magnificent... all understatements. ∞

The more light one holds, the less intense. Density goes with each activation and embodiment here. Physical density held all of one's separation from SELF AS SOURCE. Separation played out within the human mind, transmitted in frequency, can be heard. Speaking it out loud makes it visible here. No longer believing and participating allows one to clear and integrate it within.

There is no "way to do this journey", other than each moment presents. In the moment, one might have gotten up & taken a shower and to turn around and go right back to bed. One may have set aside days for work and sleep is all that occurs. One might "think" they are to do certain things, when their Universe throws curve-balls to re-route, re-schedule, re-direct all.

Please read on...

24 July 2015

8-8-8 Lion's Gate Portal ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 23 July 2015

Rosalie Muir
Source: New Earth Central

The Sun moves into the fiery, passionate sign of Leo today. Tomorrow Mercury will form a conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter that amplifies the Leo energies of courage, creativity, leadership and bravado! Stay grounded in realism to offset any egoic Leo power plays! On Saturday, July 25th Venus starts to retrograde in Virgo, transiting back to Leo till turning direct on September 6th. Aggressive Mars in Cancer may clash with revolutionary Uranus in Aries this weekend, accentuating reactionary outbursts. Mars in Cancer makes everyone super sensitive while Uranus in Aries ignites impulsive emotions…keep it cool, breathe it out!

During the 6 week retrograde, Venus will station on Regulus , the brightest star closest to the ecliptic. Star Regulus recently moved from Leo into Virgo. According to Astrologer, Marina Macario “Many astrologers have said this (Venus retrograde) signifies a return of the goddess and a great paradigm shift away from the dominator/victim culture of the last 2000 years or more. Being responsible for our own lives automatically gives the ‘Kings’ less power, setting boundaries gives them less power. Less power = less abuse. Ruler and subject are a polarized, co-dependent relationship so therefore either side can change it. There are always going to be natural leaders (Pluto) and natural healers/priests/artists (Neptune), both hold responsibility and power over the rest of the tribe.”

With Pluto in the spotlight right now, we may experience more power struggles as the old system loses its footing. We will see more signs of economic collapse (Greece, Eurozone, China) and severe climate changes (rising sea level, extreme heat) in the days, weeks to come. Many Spiritual Channelers are predicting a major global reset of the economic system in September and October. Stay tuned inward to your Higher Self guidance during this time.

The annual 8:8 Lion’s Gate occurs on August 8th and is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. Leo signifies the personal individuation of our Divinity, as the dormant Soul DNA awakens and activates in our human energy field.

This year is a rare triple 8 Lion’s Gate Activation (add 2015 = 8). During this event a stargate is fully open streaming intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate that pours Solar Star Codes for mastery and ascension directly from Sirius.

This rare 8-8-8 Lion's Gate portal is a pivotal Cosmic Ascension event, as humanity and Gaia are thrust threw the Lion's Gate portal into the higher realms. Every being on the planet will be offered the choice to align with the original, divine Law of One.

During the Lion’s Gate Activation, the 8-8-8 “wave” contains the new Light Codes of the Cosmic Ascension for the next year/cycle. It is vitally important to open to fully receive these codes, to light up your DNA, to support you to make another quantum shift, furthering your personal growth!

Numerologically – the triple 8 infinity energy represents:   As Above, So Below and Within!  Infinity Figure-8 symbolizes union, integration, abundance and balancing polarity. 

I want to share with you the following quote by Celia Fenn…
“The Star system of Sirius has always worked closely with the Evolution of the Earth, assisting where possible. The Sirians assisted in the establishment of the Ancient Egyptian civilization after the Atlantis trauma had destroyed all previous civilizations. The Egyptian civilization carried the “Star Wisdom” and “Creation History” of the Elohim, which was transmitted to the Earth by the Sirian Wisdom Keepers.

In Ancient Egypt the Sirians were the Mediators between the Galactic Council at the Central Sun and the people of Earth. Each year, between the 26th of July and the 12th of August, a new wave of Galactic Light from the Central Sun would be directed towards Earth and magnified by the Sun in conjunction with the Rising of Sirius in the North. The Sirians would accept this energy into the Pyramid complex at Giza and then transmit the Codes into the Earth Grids, allowing for a peaceful and fluid transmission of the Energies. After the Giza Stargate was closed, the Earth transmissions were still mediated via Sirius, but they were not received coherently by the Earth, and so the Earth’s evolution was slowed and even distorted for a while.

However, in the last ten years, the Earth has ascended into the Fifth Dimension and has “graduated” to Full Member Status of the Galactic Council, and now the Lion’s Gate transmissions are being received directly by the Earth and by the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council and distributed via the new Crystalline Earth Grids. In this way, the Evolution of the New Earth will follow the “directions” of the Light Codes that are received from the Galactic Council and the Great Central Sun.”   - Celia Finn

The Triple 8 Lion’s Gate opens the Infinity portal that propels you past all previous limitations. It is the symbol of expanding beyond your normal boundaries. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source streaming onto Gaia. It is about connecting to and owning your divine purpose, then stepping more fully into the life you destined yourself to live. Pay attention…the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate portal is the most powerful Ascension event of 2015!

We are in the process of transfiguring our physical cells from carbon density into crystalline Light receptors. Take some time this summer and immerse yourself in the vibrant field of Nature. Open the space surrounding your atoms and fill with Light! When we expand and blend in harmony with the Field of Order in nature, the atoms in our body begin to rearrange themselves into order. We are self-correcting the atomic structure from chaos and duality, to reform in perfect order.

Imprinted in every cell of your body exists a record of your entire history on Earth. All past and potential future outcomes are encoded in the DNA, dormant and waiting for your attention. Tune into your genes and the essence of your Soul to discover the truth of your Being. This week’s astrology provides the perfect setting to ask the elements of fire, earth, air and water alive in your body to reveal your Soul’s destiny plan. In just a few weeks time you have the rare opportunity to pass through the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate…stay focused on your Ascension.


PS: Mark your calendars…we will be broadcasting two Global Meditations – July 25th and August 8th!

Copyright (c) 2015 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Trip The Light ~ Gary Schyman and Alicia Lemke

Alpha Coders

For some reason, I feel very strongly guided to post this. This was the song accompanying the Dancing Matt (2012) video. And since Firefox has today again taken me to the Unicorn theme, I'll just go with the flow...

Listen to "Trip the Light" here.

Lyrics from MusixMatch:

If all the days come to pass 
Are behind these walls 
I'll be left at the end of things 
In a world kept small 
Travel far from what I know 
I'll be swept away 
I need to know I can be lost 
And not afraid 
We're gonna trip the light 
We're gonna break the night 
And we'll see with new eyes 
When we trip the light 
Remember we're lost together 
Remember we're the same 
We hold the burning rhythm in our hearts 
We hold the flame 
We're gonna trip the light 
We're gonna break the night 
And we'll see with new eyes 
When we trip the light 
We're gonna trip the light 
We're gonna break the night 
And we'll see with new eyes 
When we trip the light 
I'll find my way home 
On the western wind 
To a place that was once my world 
Back from where I've been 
And in the mornig light I'll remember 
As the sun will rise 
We are all the glowing embers 
Of a distant fire 
We're gonna trip the light 
We're gonna break the night 
And we'll see with new eyes 
When we trip the light 
Came on and trip the light 
We're gonna break the night 
And we'll se with new eyes 
We're gonna trip the light 
Came on and trip the light 
We're gonna break the night 
And we'll se with new eyes 
We're gonna trip the light 
We're gonna trip the light 
We're gonna break the night 
And we'll see with new eyes 
We're gonna trip the light

23 July 2015

Our Individual Lifestream and All That Information


I think it's time for me to write this, in view of some emails and comments I've received in the past week or so. As usual, this is just me thinking out loud, so please bear that in mind.

ONE: Thank You
First of all, thank you to all who wrote in with links to sources who are currently talking about the upcoming (even bigger and more intense) influx of energies. Again, as I mentioned in a previous post, whether this is THE EVENT (literally) or not, I don't know. I also don't wish to speculate, and I will try my best not to get too hooked on specific dates....been there, done that. More about it towards the end.

I really appreciate the additional information that some have sent in, and I'm grateful for your sharing, please continue to do so :)  Just please don't get offended if I don't post them.

Over the past year, I've had a few unpleasant experiences over what I choose to post, or not. I've been pulled into unnecessary situations and subsequently fell out with a couple of site owners who were unhappy that I don't carry their information (one was downright rude). These are good people doing good things, according to their own guidance. And that's the point....it's their guidance, not mine. A  popular site owner even gave me a long (polite) lecture about how I would be doomed if I don't change my mind and align with his own messages. Gordon Bennett!!....

TWO: Who's Right Who's Wrong
I'm saying this to those who have concerns over some sources who announce one thing and other sources who say another (those dates again!), and then more sources debunking other sources...

Please, don't worry. 

I know how frustrating it is to read and hear so much contradictory information coming out, but we were warned that this would happen as the info-wars escalate. Information has always been the medium that has controlled, directed and shaped Humanity ~ so in this last stage before the Apocalypse (unveiling), our minds are the targets. If we remember the lower/fear-based (reptilian) nature of the human mind and its inherent survival-fight-flight instincts, it is best that we avoid the right-wrong drama, because then we would operate mainly from this lower brain.

Instead of running information through this part of the fear-based brain, we should bring it into our Heart to check for its truth frequency.

THREE: Going Into The Heart of The Matter...A Test Run?
And I mean that literally! Activate our inner compass and higher guidance, and move into a Heart-Centred diagnosis of the information. If you align with it, fine. If not, leave. Do what feels right for YOU, regardless of what else is being said by others.

Sometimes I can't help but feel that what we are going through is a sort of test run...to see if we are able to stay out of the fracas and fine-tune our discernment filter.

It's not how much we know, it's how much we have in our Hearts.

FOUR: The Elephant, Different Lifestreams and Origins

I've said all these before....we are all in our own Lifestream of Reality, each one having our own path, with each one having our own unique and differing response to things. Given that we also have different origins (Soul-wise as well as human-wise), we will need different sets of information that speak to and activate each one of us. Inherent in that equation of different origins is the oft-forgotten fact that we have such a wide-range of "duties" in preparation of this Great Shift.

For example, the financial intel is not my thing, but it is for others. Sometimes the financial intel contradicts with what I align with, but that doesn't mean it's all disinformation.

Someone else may have a specific view of how this Shift would unfold, and therefore, what is required of him. His belief may be totally at odds with mine, but our goal and ultimate path towards the end is the same....Ascension for the Planet and Humanity.

It's like the blind men feeling a different part of the elephant, each insisting he is right.

Maybe what we thought were contradicting packets of information were merely separate components of the Bigger Truth. But then again, please know that much disinformation also exists, whether done intentionally or otherwise. I've certainly been fooled before, and there is no guarantee that I won't be fooled again.

FIVE: Where I Stand
So where do I stand in all of this?

I've repeatedly mentioned before...don't take what you find on my blog wholesale without running everything through your own (Heart-based) Truth filter. Please also know that sometimes I post things that I may not be totally comfortable with, only because I find the overall message to be positive or have a bigger purpose compared with some small section that I don't align with.

Generally, I try to follow my guidance in posting...this usually means that the message needs to have some meaning other than just data. I prefer messages that encourage spiritual growth rather than just huge swathes of information that appease the brain but leave the readers spiritually stunted, because....

SIX: It's Spiritual...
....that's how I look at this Shift ~ an Ascension process based on spiritual principles. If we continue to evolve spiritually, we'll get "there", ultimately. The way I look at it is to help myself spiritually so that I'm in a better position to help others, in order to accelerate the Ascension process.

SEVEN: Been There Done That...Never Again!
Please, a personal appeal...don't get too caught up in dates. I went through all that pre-2012 December Solstice, and I certainly don't wish to get caught up in the undercurrent of something like that again.

To be fair, lots of things happened, but they were largely unseen. I've written a lot about that already, and I won't digress from the main point I'm trying to make...which is, just look forward to the date(s) if that's what keeps you focussed, but please don't hang all your hopes on it (them). If it happens, then we'll have the grandest and greatest Cosmic celebration ever!

I'd like to stress this, however ~ the Shift WILL happen, of that I'm so certain. It's the "when" that I wouldn't like to venture a guess.

EIGHT: What Happens When I Don't Listen
A little story that clearly illustrates what happens when I don't pay sufficient attention to my own higher guidance. Some of you may already know it, so just bear with me a bit.

In November 2012, while discussing the anticipated grand unfolding of events in December with a friend, I felt a pang in my heart. Not a painful one, it felt like something that was meant to get my attention. In the next moment, I told my friend, quite numbly, that I was getting a knowingness that much of the information about the anticipated Shift was just Cosmic Cheerleading so that we'll "make it" past the December Solstice. I hadn't known at that time what it meant, but I remember being very disheartened by that information.

To cut a long story short, my friend looked perplexed and I obligingly dismissed my remark, assuring him of great changes that would unfold come 2013. (Need I mention that we are no longer in contact?...)

Anyway, to complete the story, over the three days (21, 22 and 23 December 2012) I had reached a new understanding about Mother Gaia's own Ascension course and that we had successfully pushed ourselves out of a timeloop, and onto a positive Ascension timeline. We had not made it on previous attempts (I don't know how many), and this required the efforts of the Light to amp up our vibrations sufficiently so that enough of us will be able to lend our heightened frequencies in order to break out of the loop.

NINE: What Cobra Said...
In his recent interview, Cobra parted with some very sage guidance that speaks directly to what's happening (and please note the part about "getting closer to the final moment"):

"It’s already happening, but they need to be very careful, because we are now, as we’re getting closer to the final moment, we are in a very delicate situation.
There must be no mistakes.
There are no rehearsals here.
Every mistake now could have much more drastic consequences
than a mistake one year ago....do not lose hope.  
Focus upon the light.  Unite and do not get provoked."

So please, dear Light Family, please don't worry about the dates, or if they are going to happen or if they are true. Continue to do your good work and serve the Light. Each of us counts, each of us makes a viable difference to the Whole.

With much Love, Namaste ❤ ❤

Emergence From The Convergence ~ Solara's July 2015 Surf Report (Excerpt)

*Note: June's title was "The Great Convergence".

Source: The NVisible

    The Great Convergence on June 30th brought us a powerful collective shift, which for many of us is totally life changing. It has brought us, not only a huge awakening from our settled complacency in our old ways of living, but also a powerful infusion of the New Reality.

    The energies of the Great Convergence will be strongly felt until the middle of July. During this time, many of the pins which have kept us fixed into our old lives and anchored to duality will pop out of position, one after another.

    Waves of new information are being brought into our lives by the Great Convergence. This new information comes from a completely new level and is something which we couldn't access before. Some of it comes from the deepest recesses of our Sealed Orders and reveals more details of our True Purpose and True Direction. Many of us will finally see the location of our True Homes. This is the information that we have been waiting for.

    As we weave together shining new threads of our beings, we step into a new level of wholeness and heightened Trueness, becoming more our authentic, core selves than ever before. Our hearts have expanded and deepened immeasurably and this gives us an expanded view of our lives and the New Landscape, one which we couldn't see before. With this expanded perspective and deepened Love, more of the Invisible is made visible. This reveals what course corrections and rerouting we need to make, what expired elements are ready to go and the areas in which we need to further expand our perspective in order to clearly see what is really going on.

    Around the middle of July, when we begin emerging from the Convergence, we will have much to do applying these new quantum energies into all parts of our lives. This is when many of us will leap into action so we can fully inhabit the New Reality.

    The turning gears and wheels are now triggering many elements of our lives to click into position with a resounding sense of rightness. This is dissolving all our previous detours and distractions while reconnecting us with our true coordinates. It is uniting us with our True People and True Places. It will immerse us in the exquisite energies of the New Reality and it will reunite us with the new aspects of our beings, making us more real and true than ever before.

    The Great Convergence brought us a collapsing of the old timelines. Emerging from the collapsing of the old grids of Time and Space into the New Timelines propels us into a completely altered, supra normal New Reality that is full of great expansion and limitless potential. Time and Space become elastic and fluid. This is happening simultaneously in all the Worlds within Worlds. As we expand outwards into greater Trueness, we establish whole new energetic threads of our being, finely woven, but stronger than ever.

    The month of July represents yet another Transition Zone, in which we have to integrate and embody all the new energy that we received from the Activation of the Heart of AN and the Great Convergence. July will be a month for resetting our priorities and refining everything into greater Trueness. It's time to recognize and release all the old patterns which kept us living in our old lives so we can finally let them go and move on. And it's time to implement the New Reality into our daily lives.

    As the pins of duality fall out of their old positions, everything around us is being rearranged and reconfigured to the resonance of the New Reality. It's similar to being in a space ship when everything suddenly becomes weightless and floats out their old positions.

    Many of us have important decisions to make, especially after the pins to our old lives pop out of position. It's vitally important that we make conscious choices and decisions, rather than hastily collecting our old pins from the ground and shoving them into the closest, easy opportunity which shows itself. We simply can't make default decisions or do what others expect of us if it isn't aligned with what we know to be true deep within ourselves. It's time to set all the old pins aside and fully align ourselves to the compass of our Heart's Knowingness.

    From this vantage point, we are able to clearly see what kind of life we would most like to create. Our True Lives are becoming visible and now it's time to manifest them in the physical. As we do, we can gather new pins made of sparkly, other-worldly metals, infused in Pure True Love and start consciously anchoring ourselves into the New Reality, one pin after another. We do this with Love, Focused Intent, Dedication, Courage, Creativity, Effort, Action and our full Commitment. This is what is required to manifest our True Lives.

    The energies of AN are now spreading forth across the planet, like ripples in a lake. The AN energies bring us Pure True Love, the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams, powerful surges of creativity and great beauty. AN gives us the deep comfort of living lives that perfectly reflect who we are and the sense of truly being in our Right Time - Right Place. AN brings fulfillment on our most intimate, personal levels. At the same time we can serve our One Being and serve the planet on a larger scale than we ever dreamed possible.

    This is a small fragment of Solara's complete JULY 2015 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

All material copyrighted 1989 -2015 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.

22 July 2015

The Shift in Consciousness Escalated by the Return of the 7th Sun and Reconnection to the Central Sun's Energies ~ Judith Kusel ~ 20 July 2015

Source: Judith Kusel

In the next few months there will be an escalated shift in consciousness, the likes of which human beings have never experienced before, and it has to do with the return of the Suns, as mentioned in one of my previous articles, https://judithkusel.wordpress.com/2014/12/17/the-7th-central-sun-of-the-7th-galaxy-returns/ but also in lieu of what is happening in the inner earth.

In the last years I was called upon to work intensively with certain earth energy grids of what has lain dormant for many millions of years, and is now being reactivated and rising to the fore.  As I was made more and more aware, of what it is that is being reactivated and released, the more I became conscious of how this will be shifting humanity into much higher gears of life and living.

Massive earth upheavals and earth changes are upon us – not to be feared, but rather to be welcomed, as this is the New Earth truly rising to the fore.

The new cannot rise with the old still in place, and therefore the old is making way for the new.  All of life forms part of the spiraling dance of life, where in order for new life to rise, the old has to disintegrate, dissolves, so that the new can form on the destruction of the old.

We cannot go through this massive shift without also experiencing an INNER shift.  In order for the Old Adam to die, the New Adam is emerging out the ashes of the old – in other words, the Old Adam Kadmon (prototype) body is making way for a much higher frequency body, more crystalline in nature, and therefore more able to hold the higher vibrational frequency bands of the New Earth.

Please read on....

When Two Suns Rise: Sirius and the Planetary New Year ~ Celia Fenn ~ 19 July 2015

Source: Starchild Global

The end of July is celebrated as the Planetary New Year because many of the ancient Time Keeper races on the Earth recognized this as the moment when an important New Cycle of Evolutionary Time was initiated. This period was also associated with what was known as the "Lion's Gate", the historical moment when the constellation of Leo aligned with the Pyramid complex at Giza. But you might ask, why is that important to me in the year 2015?

This is because the Planetary New Year celebrates the moment when the Blue Star Sirius rises in the morning sky at the same time and in nearby location to our Sun. It is the time when Earth has Two visible "suns" in the sky. The one sun is Golden, and the other is Blue in Frequency. This conjunction of Stars celebrates the long connection between Earth, and its Sun, and the Star System of Sirius.

In Ancient Egypt, in the post Atlantean civilization that sprang up on the banks of the Nile, the heliacal rising of Sirius, as it is known, also marked the time when the Nile River rose, due to rains in Central Africa, and flooded the plains of Egypt so that crops could be grown. The rising of the waters signified the return of Abundance and Blessings to the land, and this was also associated with Sirius and it's helical rising in the East.

Sirius has long been a guiding light and force in the Evolution of the Earth. There were many powerful Star Teachers that came to the Earth to assist Humanity, and they were believed to be "gods". These teachers included the Beings known as Isis and Osiris, who brought the arts of agriculture and learning to the peoples of Ancient Egypt to assist them to reconstruct their world after the trauma of the Atlantean catastrophe. And now,at this time, we are told that the Sirian Master Teachers are returning to our world to assist us with aligning our frequencies with the incoming Diamond Light that is raising the frequency of our Planet and of Humanity.

The Gold Sun and the Blue Sun

As Master teachers, the Sirians brought information to the Ancient Egyptians that helped them to remember who they were and where they were going. They taught them the principles of Ascension, and these were recorded in papyrus texts and on pyramid and temple walls. They reminded us all that our bodies are from the Earth but our Souls are from the Stars.

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Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 21 July 2015

Source: PAO

7 Ik, 0 Vayeb, 11 Ik

Dratzo! The world is beginning to “crack” into two major parts! The dark cabal is furiously as well as unsuccessfully, working to maintain its millennia-long advantages. These traditions are straining under the forces of the Light’s broad legal attack. There are as well limitations being forced upon the dark’s fraudulent worldwide banking networks. Almost weekly, the dark attempts to create a situation that can eventually lead to war. These strategies are as well failing. In fact, a pattern of gradual collapse is now the norm for this cabal and its many minions. Meanwhile, our earthly allies are jointly discussing how best to finish off this former group of global power brokers. A new monetary system awaits the time for its formal declaration. This proclamation is likewise waiting for the final grand push, which is becoming a sure fait accompli for the Light. What is presently missing is the addition of the governmental portion of this growing grand alliance. In many major governments, those in charge are currently arranging for the needed redirection of governance that is to restore the rights of their people and permit a series of major arrests to happen.

   The stage is being set for a true quiet revolution, which is to allow your world to return to a state of peace and unheard of cooperation. The dark shudders daily at the degree of progress that our earthly allies are steadily making. This story is still mostly unheard by you as it is surrounded by a vast cloud of dark misinformation. The idea is to confuse the masses by maintaining through lies that nothing has really changed. We deeply wish to rise above this set of “smoke and mirrors". We repeatedly ask our earthly allies to disclose at least in part what is truly happening. Their reply is that this great disinformation helps them by making the cabal believe that its odd strategy is somehow working. It allows them as well to move forward in their unique surreptitious manner and at the right time to spring a new reality on the dark cabal's leadership. We feel instead that a more up-front campaign can work as well, as it can keep you somewhat “in the loop." The earthly Light forces continue to stay adamant that it is basically a self-defeating strategy due to the nature of how the cabal operates.

Please read on...

Transcript: Alkesh and Maarten Horst Interview on 25 June 2015

The Etheric Chronovisor

The transcript for the above interview (which was posted here) is now available.

Source: Galactis

Interview hosted by Maarten Horst
(June 25, 2015)

MAARTEN HORST: Welcome to the program, my friends. Welcome to ET First Contact Radio. Sorry for the hick-up, I had some interference in my connection. But, as I told you, we are live with Alkesh, our Sirian brother, who has amazing information. Alkesh, what have you recently seen in the etheric chronovisor?
ALKESH: From the mother-ship Anais, you mean?

MAARTEN HORST: Yeah, I interviewed you last year about Comet Ison and the Event, and also, you have published a new video, THE ETHERIC CHRONOVISOR and the… how do you pronounce it… Perdicular spaceship… or rectangular? It’s a difficult word; can you say, what is the name of your latest documentary, Alkesh?

MAARTEN HORST: The “lenticular” has to do with the shape, yes?
ALKESH: Yes, it’s not such a difficult word but… anyway. It’s more unusual than others. So, first I’d say you have to understand that the Etheric Chronovisor is not like a “magic mirror” or a “crystal ball”. I’d say it is a piece of high technology from the etheric plane, which allows us to see some images, and much, much more than that. It also allows things to be perceived through the other senses; it allows access to some very intelligent summaries of problems, situations, historical moments and facts; and it can also calculate the very complex astrophysical reality at the confluence between the physical and etheric plane, because it identifies the dimensional portals, utilised by the Sirian mother ship, or other Sirian ships for their moving. There are probably thousands of such chronovisors in the etheric part of the ship. Obviously, we haven’t seen but a part of them.
Well, recently we have focused our attention on certain scientific data, which we want to present in the GALACTIC MYSTERIES series… For example, we in particularly investigate aspects connected to Heisenberg’s uncertainty in quantum mechanics; the way it is understood by modern science and what it really represents. This is what we’re interested in at the present.

MAARTEN HORST: Now I want to move on to the next question. What other functions does the chronovisor has, Alkesh?
ALKESH: Pretty much that which I have mentioned already. The interaction with it is very complex, because it is a kind of “empathetic transmission”, in so much as that you ask clearly with your senses and thoughts to be seen and known by you, the chronovisor makes it appear and you feel it with all the five senses. So, there are three levels of guidance, like a control panel. However, it is necessary to learn how to use it and this takes some time, but mainly it is like a process of interactive emanation between the being and chronovisor.

MAARTEN HORST: Ok. Yes, I can presume… are the consoles of the etheric chronovisor organic?
ALKESH: No. The consoles are not organic. They are made up of etheric material and are energetically connected to information in superior, subtle planes: astral, mental and causal. In the physical plane people are used to the fact that everything they do can be touched with fingers or hands; in the etheric plane, when you are in front of a chronovisor, only a part of these actions correspond to the movement of the fingers, the rest are subtle, energetic interactions of an emotive and mental nature.

MAARTEN HORST: Right. That makes it clear for me. Ok. Thank you.
ALKESH: For example, you cannot “start” the chronovisor if you are not very focused or if there is not a powerful energetic resonance between you and what you want to find out. It is not enough to just be curious. The connections and interaction with the chronovisor is complex and this is the case with its commands as well.

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