30 September 2015

Stereoscopes have Illumined the Fields of View ~ Gaia Portal ~ 30 September 2015

Source: Gaia Portal

Stereoscopes have illumined the Fields of View.
Partners of contrastings keep faith-centers.
Heaviness of the Land Lords passes inspection no more.
Harbingers of the Hue-Light come to the fore.
Celebrations are viewed in the distance.
“The distance” is here.

Choosing Love First..... ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 29 September 2015

Source: Galactic Historian

Most people are living on autopilot, just trying to get by and ‘survive’. Technological progress has provided many solutions but created even more problems.
People are glued to their smart phones, mostly communicating with others through texting and messaging.
Their attention span seems to be decreasing, almost like an unconscious counter-reaction to the information boom, distracted by all the technological over-stimulation.
Collectively, we seem to be at a breaking point.
These are challenging times, but every challenge and struggle provides an opportunity to help awaken us from the collective slumber.

The struggle and internal friction experienced when trying to fit into a society that has become normalized with pathological values has pushed some of us into questioning our world and our cult-ure.

Modern life desensitizes us and keeps us imprisoned in our heads.

Instead of drowning the little voice inside, engaging in avoidance strategies and jumping into the “consensus” rat race, we stop following the crowd and start seeking truth, trying to understand the world and ourselves in the process.

Oftentimes, this journey is met with ridicule, resistance and attacks from others, and so it can become a lonely path to trod. There are forces at work who do not wish for humanity to awaken due to their own scarcity-consciousness interests ; a spiritual war that is taking place both within and without ourselves.

Life is hard as it is in this day and age, especially for the ones who can see through the lies of official culture and the matrix we live in.

We need positive reinforcement from time to time, especially from within ourselves.
In the end, it’s about Love – and by “Love”, I am not referring to avoidance strategies or living in denial by forcing ourselves to be nice and positive all the time.

Please read on....

Grumpy Cat's Ascension....Not!

Oh my goddess, this one is wickedly funny!! Thank you to dear E for sending it

29 September 2015

September Monthly Update ~ Cobra with Rob Potter ~ 28 September 2015

Transcript is also available! More details at The Portal. 

I'll add some notes later, I haven't properly read the whole thing yet.

I'll be pulling out some points to note here as I listen / read. These will be skeletal so please do read or listen to the interview and not just my notes, for better understanding and completion :)

  • Rob offers some information about Kriya Yoga and how it can help to activate the pineal (I believe also meditation, sound/Solfeggio, and simple intention), references the Corey/Wilcock GaiamTV episode on the Pineal Gland
  • Presence of inner shadow (insufficient inner work) as well as external external non-physical influences can trigger people to attack another (referring to a blogger's attack on Cobra), "I would put it this way, people who would really be representing Agarthan network would never attack anybody else publicly" (and I so agree)
  • Main subterranean "factions" ~ Reptilian/Draco aligned, Atlantean/ancient civilisations and RM. Tens of millions of lives lost after Archon invasion in 1996, after which the Atlantean/Ancient faction cut off contact with surface for security reasons
  • Situation vastly improved in past 2 years, most of Reptilian presence removed apart from Chimera stronghold
  • Major development in Nov/Dec 2014 when RM established contact with Eastern Agarthan Network (EAN) and Blue Dragons; as a result, the "mixed elements" in EAN were exposed and cleared
  • Even before Atlantis fell, many went underground to escape the growing darkness in that civilisation
  • Many of these civilisations (including Telos) are now already operating from Universal Law, Galactic Codex with basis of unconditional Love, while maintaining their own identity
  • EAN, which is source of Blue Dragon spirituality, now connected with Eastern Alliance to assist in financial re-set
  • To re-iterate, RM originally from Planet X, but many from Agarthan networks joined in early 2000s and another wave recently in late 2014
  • Corey's SSP accounts describe the situation about 10 years ago, and matches info that he had about 15 years ago
  • Earlier version of RM managed to infiltrate SSP in 1976-1977
  • Our entire and overall situation extremely complex (tell us about it!) so no one has the complete picture
  • Again, only bases that are Chimera strongholds with bombs are uncleared
  • No bases on gaseous Jupiter because not solid, but bases on its Galilean moons and platforms and ships floating in atmosphere; there are plasma lifeforms on the Planet
  • Similarly, plasma lifeforms on Saturn, unfortunately also some Chimera strongholds with implant stations
  • Galactic Confederation has physical and non-physical presence in and around major bodies of Solar System
  • Syria ~ world leaders are aware of actual situation and this could easily be resolved if they want to; refugees status is mixed, some are genuine and some are not (as Cobra explained in a previous post), meditations help to ease the situation, Russia taking some steps
  • Financial reset will result in distributions of collateral funds to all, but nothing much will occur before The Event. Reset will occur at time of The Event itself
  • Educational programs will be rolled out at time of The Event and thereafter
  • Vast majority of entities removed from lower astral and etheric planes but on plasma plane still some work to do, progress being made daily
  • Much of weather phenomenon has to do with increased flux of Galactic Centre, we are being buffered by Galactic Confederation without which situation would be more drastic, after The Event things will improve because Collective Consciousness will rise and positively affect weather conditions, aided by Nature and Elementals
  • Planets do have energy fields that influence planetary situation, so planetary alignments can be used as tools to further the liberation process
  • Archons have 80% and not total control over incarnation cycle, otherwise escaping the Matrix and liberation would be impossible
  • Souls from higher realms (and incarnating here) would have some memory of their connection, while Souls who are still ascending in their consciousness (from matter) do not
  • "....not possible to resolve the primary (Cosmic) anomaly without direct experience because you cannot understand something you have not experienced" (if you wish to know more about Cosmic anomaly, you can follow Ibrahim Hassan's webinar)
  • "It is not the human race that has such importance. It is more of that this planet is more important as it is the last stronghold of the dark forces, and when this planet is liberated, the war is over" (may I also take this opportunity to say that this is essentially as much Mother Gaia's Ascension as ours, if not more so)
  • "Harvesting" used by some sources to mean Ascension, while Archons use it to mean stealing of Soul energy
  • "The rest of the universe lives in peace and harmony simply because beings in the universe are a reflection of the sea of universal love.  That connection was cut artificially with implants in this sector of the universe millions of years ago, and the last remnant of that factor is planet Earth and to a very small extent the universe"
  • Iran nuclear deal is just fear-mongering
  • Cobra doesn't anticipate anything major to happen on 28th September; he advises us to stay centred, he will update with more in October.

The Latest Developments that Lead to The Event ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Flare ~ 28 September 2015

What timing! I had just referenced this in my post last night, and now here's the recording. Fabulous! I will need to go through it again and definitely will add notes for reference purposes, so I'll be back later.

2:40 hours of update and guidance. I've attended many webinars throughout the years, and this is easily one of the best yet! If you like seeing the bigger picture and understanding our situation from the Cosmic perspective, then you would certainly enjoy this webinar.

As I mentioned in the previous post, this webinar contains information about healing of the Cosmic Anomaly (I'm still elated about this, after hearing it for more than a week!), as well as confirmation from EM that Lucifer is now working for the Light, and Satan is no longer in the picture. Lots of development in the unseen realms that directly impact this physical one. More notes to follow.

Please head over to The World of Truth for the video.

Here are the points covered, as provided:
• Our inner journey & Healing the anomaly
• The reconnection between the Source (One) & the quarantine region..!
• The current situation of the veil...
• Implants & Chimera Group
• The Event…
• The Power of the Metaphysic on the Physic in evoking the Event !!
• At this stage , what we should do ?

Some notes:
  • Inner Journey of increasing consciousness, awareness, vibrations, connection with Source
  • Private inner journey ~ connecting with Heart Chakra and Essence, other dimensions and Higher Councils
  • We all originate from Inner Realm
  • Healing the Cosmic Anomaly over period of 3 months, intensively (June, July, August) ~ anomaly charges and supports Plasma Plane, Chimera and implant stations
  • This anomaly was a mystery (unknown); it was formed when script of Tree of life for region went awry and got corrupted during the First Creation (similar to what the El Ser Uno books reveal; also interesting to note that in Silmarillion by Tolkien, the "anomaly" was created when one of the creators sang disharmoniously when creating, thereby corrupting his creation; the anomaly also called "virus" by other sources )
  • Millions of years ago, group of Light Beings including Arch Angels explored the region in attempt to heal it while it was still in dormant state, this resulted in fluctuations that corrupted their Spirit and Essence (and presumably region was activated); Primer became disconnected from region when it became active
  • One of them used technology to build up the region, this is the Plasma Plane
  • Anomaly is like death door or "recycling" centre, where it will absorb Light Beings who venture near it, even Beings from 12D
  • Stumbling block of anomaly is that healing could only be carried out by pure consciousness; previous attempts failed when Light Beings were absorbed and became corrupted themselves
  • Healing eventually successfully carried out by Avatara and Dark Blue Merkaba, who are descended from the Divine Oneness/Primer
  • Anomaly returned to dormant state in July, read for seeds of new life
  • Pure consciousness cells were planted in anomaly, to contain corrupted script of creation; these cells are from beyond this Universe, from before its creation even
  • Blue Pulse was passed through anomaly successfully as a test 
  • Last stage of healing (Level 4)) will take place at time of The Event

  • Anomaly contained billions of years of negativity, since time of First Creation
  • Preparation for this recent plan of healing took 100,000s years
  • Level 4: region of this anomaly will be point of reset for entire Milky Way
  • Plasma Plane and Chimera Group need to be removed and Inner Realm portals opened before this happens
  • Reason why the Avatara, assisted by many Light Beings and its Dark Blue Merkaba, able to successfully and finally heal anomaly is because the Avatara originated from beyond this Universe and therefore has experiences beyond those here, and now is the embodiment of consciousness of Lord Brahma (Creator of Universe) and Para Brahma (Supreme Brahma) from Central Sun, under patronage of the Oneness (please see EM's posts here and here for more clarity and info)
  • Cosmic Anomaly situated in Nebadon; it is "dead", devoid of Spirit (that's where we are, Nebadon, dark anti-matter Universe; On = Light Universe, non-physical)
  • Originally, healing was planned to pause when anomaly reached dormant state, but healing continued beyond this stage successfully ~ this enabled seeds of Life to be planted in heart anomaly, and Source could connect with it for the first time since Creation on 31 August
  • Also for the first time, a Soul is being "birthed" in this region, like a new moon
  • Source knew everything about this anomaly prior to this connection, but had no "power" over it, until now (THIS IS HUGE!!) Now able to edit/correct the script (!!!!)
  • Also for individuals, able to connect with Source through Heart Chakra!
34-minute mark
  • Next 4 stages: 1.Removal of dark entities  2.Removal of veil tech  3.Disclosure  4.Event....   We are now between stage 2 & 3
  • With Source reconnecting back to anomaly, processes now accelerated, the dark now in fear of Source's influence
  • Veil cannot be removed 100% before The Event, Humanity would be at risk; Disclosure must occur first
  • 37 - 61% removal at second stage, we have reached 58%, allowing for much intel to surface
  • How does Source's connection to region affect Chimera and implant stations? Prior to this, they had threatened to harm Humanity if Light Forces tried to get info from Source; however, no Plasma Plane very weak (since no longer charged by anomaly), and Light Forces now have intel they need, not much of dark's tech functioning
  • Not possible for bombs to be deactivated or implant stations or other tech to be removed just like that because doing so will impact Humanity, which at present is still at a lower vibration and therefore would be chaotic for Souls to handle
  • We are supposed to ease into The Event smoothly, and therefore chaos should be avoided
  • Currently 24% Souls awakened
  • Now everything will accelerate ~ including for Earth, Terra, Gaia, Sophia
  • ALL levels of consciousness are involved in The Event ~ Star races, Council, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Dark Beings, Planets, Politicians, Military, other dimensions etc. so this is an extremely complex situation.....Also Humanity still not ready. So that's why The Event cannot happen now
  • Many humans still support this domination and control system, so even if all negative beings are removed, this process will not be supported by these humans, thereby adversely impacting The Event
  • We also need to start freeing ourselves from all the control systems; to free our minds from 3D programming and mind-control
  • Therefore, our awakening as a Human Race is a deciding factor also
 47-minute mark

  • Timeframe for The Event ~ planned to occur 2012-2017; every day is dynamic so every day affects the timing; but remember that things have accelerated
  • By 2024, plan is to have everything Post-Event completed ~ total cleansing, awakening, financial, technology etc
  • Situation now very critical, reaching the final stage

  •  We need to balance between Electric/Magnetic, Feminine/Masculine; need to increase our belief in The Event to increase magnetic (magnetic = emotions, electric = thoughts) instead of focusing on physical or just waiting; increased belief accelerates the manifestation, not concentrating on the physical
  • Need to connect with higher states of being to increase vibrations, need to connect with Higher Self
  • Waiting for Event to occur means waiting for "approval", meaning waiting for something external to give us a better life without us doing anything about it first. So, step into the Sovereignty of your own Free Will and become the co-Creator of your reality
  • We come from the very Essence of Creator, we have rich "spiritual accounts" that we can tap into, instead of operating from a lower reality and accessing only a fraction of what we actually have
  • (That is, what we want from The Event, we already "have" (abundance, higher capabilities etc. and we just need to connect to our higher "thinking" to catalyse the trigger of The Event. Said differently, all physical manifestations are created first in the non-physical realms before "descending" into the physical, so strengthening our believe in The Event and even visualising that we "are" already what we "want", as Cobra has suggested, would make a huge difference....and I hope I'm helping instead of hindering understanding!)
  • Present physical state = electric and masculine, disconnects us from Higher Self and higher dimensions
  • Magnetic descends to Feminine Divine descends to Woman descends to Female; Masculine descends to Man descends to Male; we are therefore at the lowest level i.e. Female/Male i.e. 2-strand DNA
  • We need to reach stage of Oneness ~ Feminine and Masculine merging and in balance ~ then we end the Hologram and manifest miracles
1:02-hour mark
  • Archons big intelligent plan to enslave Humanity ~ disconnect us from Feminine and Magnetic, install practices to worship them, create quarantine etc
  • So.....we need our own big intelligent plan to free ourselves!
  • EM beseeches us to empower ourselves, don't just wait! Analogy of our "Throne" ~ if we sit in our own throne (i.e. own our Sovereignty) then Archons cannot sit in it! Archons work very very hard to control us, Light Beings work very very hard to resolve this situation, but we ourselves need to do our part
  • Archons know Laws of Karma, Laws of Universe, and how to corrupt us because they worked hard to know them
  • As long as we make the effort to help ourselves, no matter how small the gesture, we will make a huge difference
Interval at 1:06 hour 

  • Financial almost 90% completed, Disclosure files ready to launch but need to remove Veil, plasma plane and dark entities first; Mass awakening of Humanity is still major factor 
  • Plasma plane is essence of corruption, they themselves don't know how to remove it; it needs to be re-scripted, which is occurring
  • Situation is in our hands
  • This reset will affect EVERYTHING, going back to the creation of this Universe
  • Connecting with our Higher Self is key to operating from higher perspective
  • Act, not re-act; experience everything as if it's the first time guided by Higher Self (higher perspective), not based on what external forces (society, religion...all mind-controls) dictate
  • Goals and purpose related to mind, forces us to look at long-term (where our energy will leak to) and therefore robs us of "Now" moment so we don't get to utilise all the creation energies that's available for us at the present time
  • Meaning related to Heart; live Life in a way that's meaningful
  • Meditation is not technique, it is presence and meaning, connection with our Higher Self; also doesn't depend on how long 
  • We need to "activate what we know in physical reality" i.e. Master within and Master without (I think, "walk our talk")
  • Disconnecting from belief systems of Matrix will help us to recover our memories and strengthen connection to higher realms
  • Law of Karma (created by Archons) is NOT Law of Universe; disconnecting from Karma and reconnecting with Law of Universe will remove us from Karma
Q&A at 1:29 hour mark
  • When we become fully conscious Beings after Ascension and LightBody process, we will be able to access our full capabilities
  • 40% of Beings incarnated here on Earth come from the multi-dimensional realms
  • Difference between Karma and Law of Cause & Effect ~ Karma based on punishment/reward, it's a "trick" to control us; Law of Cause & Effect is based on consequences, results and experiences
  • Cosmic anomaly located in the Orion system of Nebadon (our anti-matter dark Universe) 
  • No specific event or mass ascension in September, but there will be a lot of accelerated development, this may lead to The Event shortly
  • The 28 September Blood Moon "meme" is based on old timeline, we are now on the new timeline
  • How to be free of mind-control system? Accessing our subconscious and asking if our beliefs come from the system, or is it truly our own? We cannot be influenced by Archon deception if we have our own belief system; each time we raise our vibrations, we re-examine and re-edit our beliefs to align with our new consciousness levels, eg. beliefs when we are in 5D will go through re-editing when we go to 8D etc
  • "We need the Master to be in the dark areas in order to enlighten it" ~ analogy: we don't need to switch on light when it's daytime and bright, but when it gets dark then we need the light. Masters of old used to retire to solitary places to raise their vibrations without being impacted by humans around them, but this time, we have to do it while in the midst of Humanity so that we can assist in spreading the Light; this will contribute towards Collective Consciousness
  • Question about finance (at 1:49 hour mark, better that you listen to EM directly if you wish to fully understand what he's saying) ~ he has lost interest in working and living on borrowed money. Answer: learning to deal with financial system without falling into domination system traps and controls. We need to insert ourselves into situation(to resolve our problems) and then refuse/delete all traps of domination system while we are dealing with the system when creating a resolution. Analogy ~ if we don't wish to fall into dark ocean, we need to swim. This requires higher consciousness thinking. Unfortunately, we are not in "heaven" yet, so at this current interim period, we still need to deal with the darkness but to be careful, community support from fellow LWs important (my opinion, we cannot say we don't want to go into the dark ocean.....yet...), so we need to deal with domination system, not be under it
  • In order to help others around us health-wise and psychologically, we need to purify our inner bodies and not be emotional, having gained emotional wisdom from our experiences; therefore, using Heart-centred intelligence, acting not re-acting and mentally removed from domination system; sometimes just our presence and wisdom is needed, but be cautious of people who seek to corrupt in the guise of requiring "assistance"
  • M Keshe's prediction of major earthquake on west coast of USA, based on old timeline; many channelers and others still not connected to new timeline, which began in May; no major disasters, however we are now in midst of MPR (magnetic pole reversal) that would result in much less disastrous Earth changes, about 13% globally over few years (now currently at 9.7%); some predictions are actually from tapping into Atlantean memories (subconscious memory)
2:03-hour mark
  • Lucifer now aligned with Light in 2012, returned to Arch Angel status after his "cleansing" from 2010; Satan taken back to Central Sun as he had gone beyond his "mission" and had turned black and his Essences had to be re-set
  • Almost all Archons also sent to Central Sun, only one left
  • How to use manifestation law to manifest money? Look at money as frequency (energy), then create from Heart Chakra, say "I have...." i/o "I don't have...." while strengthening belief. Fear energy around money will create lack. Example ~ if you have $1000 and you give away $100, your message to the Universe is that you "have" and therefore you will "have". Believe that you have....believe in "I have"
  • Doing things with meaning and from the Heart, in the Now moment, will increase your vibrations; look beyond just the physical. See all as alive, energy....this raises vibrations and will precipitate our unplugging from the Matrix. Also change things around, don't get into habit/rut
  • Don't judge things as good/bad, everything is relative and perspective
  • We eventually return to Oneness state, not dark not light
  • Creation is infinite, there are levels of creations within levels of creations within more levels of creations etc. The First Primer creates other Primers that create other Primers etc. 
  • (Webinar attendee Kinnar ably and aptly responded to the mind-blowing concept and magnitude of the above information by wiping his forehead, that's how I felt too!)
  • The word "Surrender" isn't in Archon's vocabulary ~ they had proposed to allow Humanity to reach 5D with 200-year lifespan, with objective of preventing us from reaching co-creatorship level of full consciousness
  • We need to exit the Matrix, end their game and be the co-creators of our own fully conscious world
  • 4D = 4-strand DNA, 5D = 12-strand DNA, 8D / beginning of Higher Self = 15,000-strand DNA,  Ascended Master = 21,000-strand DNA, 13D "merged" Spirit = 77,000-strand DNA....(now I'm wiping my forehead....phew!!)
  • "...and they wanted to give you 12!" (referring to 5D offered by Archon)
  • Our spiritual growth has been stunted for 54 million years, we are still children spiritually, and it's time for us to grow up. We have been giving away much of our "spiritual account" (Light wisdom codes) to the dark as well as higher beings, now we have to claim full ownership of our spiritual account and become fully conscious co-creator Beings
  • Dark has been usurping our spiritual accounts, and without access to the codes, we have no recall of our memories (or abilities)
  • Blue Pulse/Beam/The Event will trigger our reactivation of DNA and memory recall, however this is just the first stage. Our Heart-centred inner journey must continue onwards, it doesn't end with The Event
  • EM explains as an example ~ during the presentation (before Q&A), he had to use his mind to go through the details and think about the language (English) and therefore his vibrations were impacted, but during the Q&A he's able to connect with the participants and operate from the Heart and therefore his vibrations increase, and what he says flows more freely (I personally think that for someone where English is the 2nd language, he's doing just fine!)....so we must learn to operate from our Heart centre (called Heart-mind by some)
  • Is Cabal aware that they no longer have the support of the Archons anymore, since the latter are no longer here (only one left on Earth)? Cabal has actually been mainly disconnected from them since a year ago, and they are trying to re-establish connection through this last Archon
  • We are all undergoing the Ascension process now, from 3D to 5D (still physical) ~ this is the global plan
  • If we want to go beyond this or accelerate the process, we need to do our inner work, increase our vibrations, activate our DNA and build our LightBody, and reach the stage of Ascension where we can choose non-physical (beyond 5D) or physical (with higher frequency, 5D) state. We need to build our Merkaba (Divine LightBody). We don't have to wait for The Event, we can work on our Merkaba now. It may be difficult to do this before The Event, but it's not impossible. Think like a Master...."I CAN"
  • Is The Event a possibility this year? All elements to trigger The Event almost complete; the intention is to have a smooth and not harsh entry into this process, so there needs to be a certain level of awakening to be reached before this can occur. If Humanity is not sufficiently ready, the consequences post-Event can negatively impact Humanity
  • We don't have to wait, we can "create" our own The Event by being the microcosm of it ~by resetting our own finances, being the channel for Disclosure and suppressed truths (origins etc), govern ourselves, balance our Feminine/Masculine, build our Merkabah and say "bye" to Light Forces.
End of webinar.

Love and Gratitude to EM and BF for this much-appreciated webinar. Much wisdom to contemplate upon and apply in our daily moments so that we can intensify our inner work and contribute towards the acceleration of The Event as well as our own Ascension.

Timelines, "When" and ALL THAT HEALING!

Happy Soul Vibes
This is supposed to be the continuation of my previous personal post. I had intended to write earlier, but obviously I didn't get around to it until now.

And "now" being a very magical time indeed! I'm aware that there's a huge belief that the much-anticipated "Wave" was supposed to peak yesterday, but I feel that it was only the beginning of the biggest wave to hit us... yet. While I don't know when it would peak, I'm leaning towards what Cobra said about October-December being the timeframe for this peak. If it was supposed to have peaked yesterday, I didn't feel anything significant apart from a painful and pressurised headache that thankfully wasn't a migraine (and that was quickly healed with my healing mat, Himalayan salt drink followed by a grounding meal), more pronounced mini-electric-prickling on the skin, especially in the fingers, and extreme sleepiness. I even slept through my alarm for yesterday's meditation...yikes! It's never happened before!!

The main aim of this post is threefold:
  • Assurance that we're definitely on track for the Great Shift (just a matter of "when")
  • A lot of the "when" depends on us
  • Putting things into perspective and therefore some "encouragement" for those who keep asking "when".
On to timelines. For this, I would need to point you to an earlier post about Timelines, and how I saw them being healed ("Ancient Timelines"), because the information there is related to this post. Also, familiarity with EM Ibrahim Hassan's information (and Cobra's) may be helpful, although not a pre-requisite.

I would also need to mention that I was a bit hesitant to write this because I need to touch a little bit on EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Flare's webinar last Tuesday, which will be uploaded to their site when it's ready, and at the time of writing, it's still not there. So I hope they don't mind, I'll just refer to it minimally. By the way, if you are interested in the Bigger Picture, I recommend watching the recording if you had missed the webinar.

So....timelines. EM Ibrahim confirmed that we are already on a new timeline, and that it's the positive one leading to Ascension (yayand double yay !). However, he didn't see end-September as the time when the transition would occur, more about that later. He did think that it's possible for that to occur sometime in the remaining months of 2015.

The biggest news (to me, at least!) that he announced was that the Cosmic Anomaly had finally been healed, after millions of years of trying. Prime Creator successfully re-connected to this region on 31 August, and things are set to rapidly accelerate forwards.

I have featured other sources on this blog who have said the same thing, that this Anomaly is as old as the creation of this area itself. And now, to know that it's finally healed, well.....that, to me, is indescribably and incredibly fantastic!!

Now, think about that for a moment.....MILLIONS OF YEARS of trying to heal this anomaly. Here on Planet Earth, hundreds of THOUSANDS of years of control and manipulation to undo. All involving untold numbers of Beings over eons of time....

************* Pause for effect *************

With this perspective in mind, it would be helpful that we exercise plenty of patience if we don't wake up tomorrow to a world hugely transformed. In relative terms, it can be said that our collective level of consciousness is rising at a record rate. In just three years, post-2012, so much positive development has occurred, if we just give ourselves a chance to look. People are becoming more aware in droves, and pertinent information is pouring out through so many avenues.

Yes, of course if we compare the current situation with one that is free from domination and control, we still have quite a long way to go (but not necessarily taking a long time). However, remember that this "history" goes back innumerable lifetimes ago.... and in just this one lifetime, so much has been accomplished. Putting things into perspective would greatly improve our understanding of the situation.

So now we come to the "when". Just as Cobra and some others have repeatedly told us, Ibrahim reminded us that what we do has a direct impact on the "when". Standing and operating from our sovereignty as a creator being, doing what we can to contribute positively to the process, continuing with our inner work (perhaps participating in the weekly meditation?)....In other words, doing whatever it takes, doing our part, doing what works.

The way I see it, this is not the time for blame, revenge or getting even. Not the time to operate from their mindset. Not the time to drop to their level. The situation can

If we want the "when" to be "asap" then we need to prepare the stage ourselves and get it ready so that the Greatest Cosmic Event can finally begin. This we most certainly can do, not just for ourselves as individuals, but also as indirect contribution to the Collective Consciousness. The "goal" is within our grasp, it's not something that's impossible to achieve. It's up to us, the Human Race of Earth, to play our part ~ no matter how big or small the gesture, no matter how profound or ordinary the contribution, no matter how major or minor the effect ~ and create a positive impact on this Ascension timeline.

We, as conscious creator Beings, wield great influence on the timeline. We can make our choices count.


27 September 2015

Meditations Coming Up: Europe and Planetary Liberation

Expectations - The Council via Ron Head - 23 September 2015

Many thanks to Hiraa for mentioning this post :)

Source: Oracles and Healers

My apologies for not being able to clear up the problems with this morning’s post. Here is another copy.

The Council
We wish to discuss today the expectation of, and the reality of, this expected ‘portal’ of ascension that many of you are placing your hopes upon. We think it is a topic that should be understood now so that you do not continue to set yourselves up for such disappointments as you seem to repeatedly do.

In the latter part of your year of 2012, you did this same sort of thing. You built up your expectations and emotional investment to a point that would have been very hard to satisfy, even were most of them to be fulfilled.

Now, it is a good thing to be excited by possibilities. Your emotion is indeed a driving force that cannot be overestimated. It is a high vibration to be in. But placing it on things that are little more than wishful thinking, based upon things that are not in alignment with universal law, will always lead to your disappointment and a sudden lowering of your vibration. Do you see? That which thrives on your low vibrational states could hardly wish for more.

Please read on....

26 September 2015

IBOC Section 2 Communique 1 ~ An T'Na via Gesanna ~ 16 September 2015

Gesanna is back with the start of a new set of communiques. I find this new message well-worth contemplating. Personally, as I've mentioned before several times, connecting with my Divinity and endeavouring to operate from Divine Will are my guiding principles ~ I've found that these factors greatly help me walk my path.

This came out some days ago but I wasn't aware of it until I felt the need to visit her site this morning.

Source: Contact2Ascension

Understanding the Difference Between Positive and positive/negative

Gesanna: I have been receiving notices from you that you have a message or messages to impart. Please begin when you're ready. Who is presenting this information at this time?

It is I, An T'na, bringing you information from all members of the Intergalactic Board of Council. This is what we wish you to know at this time.

(The Council through An T'na:...)

Greetings to each of you from all of us. We extend a warm welcome back to the next edition of our Communiques.

We are advancing you into an expanded understanding of the information we previously presented to you. And we are endeavoring to do so through a progressive and rapid succession of our Communiqués, and perhaps some additional Messages from the Ascended Being referred to as Mr. Ja'li.

The reason for doing this as 'rapidly' as our orcale can manage it is due to the significant time constraints upon some of the developing events on your planet.

It is essential that this information reach all those who are ready to ascend for this is knowledge that you must embrace and engage in order to ascend.

What we presented to you previously was designed to help you "Clear The Way There", as the subtitle of our initial Contact To Ascension series states.

The information presented to you now will consist of Volume 2 of our book and Section 2 of our website. The new title and subtitle of this new Volume and Section shall be, "Awakened To Reality: Your Path of Return to True Self - embracing and engaging it for your return Home".

Mr. Ja'li presented to you an introduction to what follows in these Communiqués and Messages herein.

We will expand upon this information and add much new material not previously imparted.

Please read on....

Final Blood Moon: Anchoring Unity Creation ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 24 September 2015

I was writing a bit about creation yesterday, and saw this in my Inbox today. I love it when synchronicity strikes!

Source: Think With Your Heart

Happy belated equinox dear people of HEART!

We may have merely survived another season of ascension, but the one that follows promises to be unlike ANY other…in the history of everness.

When I sat down to transcribe this report, the first words that entered my mind were: “The new world consciousness begins now.”  

If you are not feeling the truth of that already, you will soon enuf. We all have our own perfect, unique, divine timing…one that dovetails into the perfection of our lives, relationships and personal creations. Aka, ALL is well.

If you’re reading this than you already know that September is and has been a HUGE, supercharged month of majorly shifting tides.  For some, a life-changing ‘event is on the horizon’, for others a deeper call to full truth, but for ALL…whether conscious or not…a turning point is definitely on tap.

Certainly there is a wholelotta colorful hype about what this upcoming final blood moon heralds for humanity, but just like when 2012 came and went, these events are never what we conjure up in our heads.

That is definitely not to say that amazing, unspeakable gifts of goodness won’t befall us…in fact, this is already happening for some…it’s just that these waves of energy don’t affect everyone in the same way, at the same time.

In the world of causality, the interpretations are spanning the gamut in the usual, polarizing ways…from the common “mass rapture” talk at one end, to the always popular doom & gloom theories at the other.

This is pretty typical aggrandizement for duality, where the separated mind tends to gravitate toward extremes…but we know better.  We know that in unity, the truth is always somewhere in the middle and solely contingent on Self…on how much LOVE we can hold in our HEARTs and how much light we can carry in our cells.

We know that in 5D, that is the only gauge we ever have for how we experience anything.

Please read on.....

25 September 2015

Time, Timing and "D" Waves

Roll With It ~ Johanna Wright

Please note that this personal post has nothing to do with The Event/Galactic Wave (okay, maybe just a teensy bit) ~ it's just my thinking-out-loud sharing which I do now and then, depending on how much I'm "nudged". Written in first-person, my opinions only :)

Time / No-Time
Time. Or is it No-Time? Time and time again (pun unintended) I learn that Time is an illusion, in the sense that it's "elastic", malleable. That it's a corridor that I go through. That it's a frequency. I still don't understand its constructs and workings, and I probably will never fully comprehend the higher dimensional mechanics of Time in the current state of existence I'm in. Complete understanding probably requires a "higher mind", so for now my comprehension is limited to experiences only.

And oh-my-goddess, have the experiences been really unusual. Well, even more unusual than usual. Time is getting "blurred", with the days all running into each other. Periods where I lose time, and others where time seems to stand still. I'm usually very good with remembering my schedules, but lately I have trouble remembering which day it is. "Time" just seems to be so different. Sometimes it feels like I'm being taken out of Time, and the demarcation or delineation between the days, hours, minutes, seconds....they all seem to merge into one. Times like this (again, pun unintended) I experience the past/present/future as being just one point. These moments don't last long at all, but while they do, it can get quite disorientating.

Much Energy Expended for Physical Existence
One "side-effect" of this blurring or merging of Time is my realisation that it takes a lot of energy and effort to maintain this physical existence. When I get disoriented with the merging or blurring of Time, I had to physically muster lots of energy, with quite a bit of effort, to "return". This to me means that as a Collective Consciousness, we must be expending huge amounts of our energy to maintain our reality. All that effort and energy, every second of every individual's time....focused either consciously or sub-consciously, creating, maintaining and sustaining this physical existence. This must be yet another cause of energy depletion in people, and the reason why Humanity is so heavily programmed to "invest" intensively in upholding this paradigm.

Imagine....what would happen if enough of us remove our focus on this reality, either through meditation or visualisation, or even physically removing our "support" by exiting the Matrix? The fabric of this reality would begin to weaken and disintegrate, and if enough of us do this regularly, it would continue to de-construct.

In that moment, I felt a quick flash of deeper understanding of creation and how our focus and energy affects what we create. They were no longer mere words or "-isms" ~ I actually experienced the energy of creation.

However, I would have to add, for the sake of clarity, that to simply ignore or deny the existence of that which is to be un-created simply does not work. There is a protocol which mandates that the construct to be un-created needs to be acknowledged and sufficiently understood before it can be successfully de-constructed. But that is another whole topic altogether, which necessitates further contemplation, and I'm digressing :)

The Week That Was
The unfolding of this week was very much welcomed by me. I was very uneasy for much for the week before last. This feeling was all the more very pronounced because I had been feeling very "light" earlier on. I got the message "The war is intensifying" quite a few times; the refugee situation in Europe obviously was a reason, but I know that it meant more than that. It was like some "zones" had escalated to critical or peak levels. Thankfully, the pressure eased considerably since the start of this week.

Being Monitored
For a couple of weeks now, I've been getting the sense that I'm being "monitored". And not just me ~ I feel that we're being watched or closely studied. I don't have more details except that I know it's not malevolent. It's like our thinking, attitudes, actions and reactions are being keenly monitored. To see how ready or prepared we are? Perhaps. Which brings me to the next point....

Distractions and Drama
Currently, I see numerous waves of distraction and drama hitting quite hard. There were several instances where I've found myself having to act quickly to stem the tide of drama when I'm interacting with others, or to quell the swell of distractions that are around me. It doesn't matter in what form they present themselves, distractions and drama are rampant at the moment. I believe it's not a good idea to get too distracted from our path right now, because each moment presents us with the grand opportunity to move ever closer towards birthing our New Reality. I'm quite adamant that we can't really afford to get off-course at this point in time, not when we are so close, and certainly not when there's very little room for "mistakes" that may result in setbacks.

Data, Data Everywhere
A LOT of sources have been coming out with a tidal wave of information pertaining to the end-September scenario. This ranges from outright dematerialisation of the physical body to ascend, vibrating at a higher frequency and still in the physical, to nothing happening at all.

Then there's the timing for the Great Shift ~ when will it happen? And is it instantaneous?  Some say a couple of years, some say over two generations....! It sure sure feels very much like the week before 21 December 2012! Since I made the mistake of investing heavily in a particular outcome that time, I'm riding this period out much better. I'm holding the intention for, and working towards the highest outcome possible, but I won't be holding my breath.

At the same time, there's a flood of data coming out that helps the Disclosure process. Again, differing versions with vast contradictions sometimes.

I find that I just need to read, listen or watch whatever comes my way without becoming too obsessed, or allowing myself to get too distracted, or get caught up in some unnecessary drama. By the way, just for the record, I did get very involved in a stream of information from one source some months ago, got caught up in the drama, and had to walk away. It didn't end well.

This is the last "D" Wave :)  Dreams, for me, have become very "ordinary" while at the same time my waking moments have become more dream-like. Can be very disconcerting sometimes. It's my belief that during dream-time now, I'm tapping into the cleansing and clearing of the Collective Consciousness. Seemingly mundane and ordinary characters (most of whom I know) with correspondingly normal "plots" which are based on problem-solving or resolution of some sort.

I initially planned to include one more sub-topic here, to do with timelines. However, since this is already so long, I'll do that in a post of its own.

Stay on course, dear Light Family! Ride the waves and be unwavering in our purpose to help birth the New!

Milky Way’s Black Hole Shows Signs of Increased Chatter ~ NASA ~ 23 September 2015

"Scientific" acknowledgement of the G2/Sagittarius A connection and the exponential increase in energy flares being emitted, from one burst every ten days (*edited) to one DAILY, currently.

Source: NASA

Three orbiting X-ray space telescopes have detected an increased rate of X-ray flares from the usually quiet giant black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy after new long-term monitoring. Scientists are trying to learn whether this is normal behavior that was unnoticed due to limited monitoring, or these flares are triggered by the recent close passage of a mysterious, dusty object.

By combining information from long monitoring campaigns by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton, with observations by the Swift satellite, astronomers were able to carefully trace the activity of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole over the last 15 years. The supermassive black hole, a.k.a. Sagittarius A*, weighs in at slightly more than 4 million times the mass of the Sun. X-rays are produced by hot gas flowing toward the black hole.

The new study reveals that Sagittarius A* (Sgr A* for short) has been producing one bright X-ray flare about every ten days. However, within the past year, there has been a ten-fold increase in the rate of bright flares from Sgr A*, at about one every day. This increase happened soon after the close approach to Sgr A* by a mysterious object called G2.

Please read on.....

Huge Light Upgrades and Their Effects on the Physical ~ Energy Update from Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 24 September 2015

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

Okay loves, IT has begun...

Whatever you identify with for this period, we've entered into HUGE LIGHT UPGRADES that are bombarding the physical body, so that all can physically be moved into higher frequency bandwidths (the Higher Realms, more expanded dimensions, alternate Universes, wherever you are for you).

These crystalline blasts are to target anything old, anything of a lower vibration. These are purification frequencies huge.

Whole body detox, cleansing and working through every organ, every muscle. I personally have not experienced anything this strong all at once for years. Tells me to get ready and just to go get in my vortex in my bed and go as intense as I can handle for faster integration and embodiment here.

I had pretty much cleared my calendar for the week. Everytime I feel to do this, it's important.

Where one is out and busy, walking around, in the physical dimension that is "lower", it's not as noticeable. In our own VORTEX/LIGHT SHIP space it's much more amplified, as we are in all dimensions at one time here. I like it amplified, full blown and fast....

Please read on....

24 September 2015

Source: Gaia Portal

“Hostilities” have ceased.
Openings for Higher Galactics are cleared.
Effective “landings” now approved.
Sentience is recognized for “observations”.
Hominids and Galactics, in Unison, uplift humanity.
Stars of Silence flash.

23 September 2015

Meditation For Europe Report ~ Cobra ~ 22 September 2015

The Europe meditation worked! Cobra is now requesting that we do it daily, at the same time, until the situation eases sufficiently, with the aid of the above image of a Halafian pottery. The details are in Cobra's update. I found myself calling upon Dou Mu on an impulse when I was doing the meditation, so I'll likely continue to do that plus use the image.

Please also note that Cobra does not expect anything overly dramatic to occur on the 28th "meme".

PS. I forgot to mention one important thing. In the months leading up to December 2012, Cobra was one of the lone voices who didn't think that mass Ascension would occur (although it was an important energetic marker that resulted in an energetic shift).

PS.PS.  I just saw this comment on The Portal, and I think it more than adequately elaborated (and Cobra himself agrees!) what Cobra meant about not expecting anything major:
From New Age Biscuit 
"There are a ton of memes that "Something Significant" will happen on 9/28/2015...Cobra has been saying for a while that nothing too big is scheduled to happen in September.

My educated guess is the European Refugee situation is the only material risk (per the RM's Complexity Wave Analysis model) to be a catalyst for a series of catastrophically bad events...which is why the call for a mass meditation was put out late on Friday.

In short, the table is being set nicely for the EVENT to happen in a optimally peaceful manner relatively soon and no disruptions necessitating an early trigger are desirable in order to minimize emotional and physical duress when it happens.

We all want it to happen ASAP, but given enormous proportion of unawake people on the Earth's surface...it may be in our collective interest to wait a bit.

To that extent, if you REALLY want to speed things up...join PFC and join/creates SOTR or Event Support groups. We will be having a flurry of activity and announcements regarding instructions coming...but be patient. The website was just migrated to a new server which will allow for support of more language diversity....and this process always comes with unintended consequences which need to be fixed.

A great team is working on this now...and any additional volunteers and donations are greatly appreciated.

Victory of the Light!"

Source: The Portal

Meditation for Europe was a great success. Masses of people have responded very quickly to the call and together we have managed to stabilize the energy in Europe to a great extent. It is interesting to note that response was the greatest in countries most affected with refugee crisis: Germany and Hungary. Although the source of the refugee crisis (the Cabal) has not been removed yet, our vigilance and rapid action can counteract the consequences of their actions to a great extent.

Therefore the Light forces have requested that we keep holding the focus and do this meditation daily at the same time (7 pm Central European Summer Time) until the situation is stabilized further. 

Those who feel guided to participate can find instructions here:


Time zone converter for you to find the exact time of the meditation for your location is found at the same link.

Please read on.....

22 September 2015

Meanwhile, Up Above....


Being someone who loves looking at the Sky, I've come across a lot of very beautiful and/or unusual-looking formations over the years. In the recent weeks, however, it would seem as if we've crossed into a different threshold or realm.... (I'll avoid using the word "dimension" for now, but that would be fantastic, wouldn't it?). So many breath-taking views of the Sky, and I'm so pleased that many are now looking up and becoming more connected with it.

I've received some links of very interesting-looking Sky formations, and I'll post a couple of them here, as well as include on of my own, which isn't as spectacular as the others but I love it nonetheless :)

Here's one from Costa Rico, also from the same site as the one above. Please note that there's also an accompanying video on the same page.

Then there's this video of this incredible sighting (Crazy Haarp Activity and UFOs Over Arizona by SecureTeam)....what is it? Please watch towards the end, you'll see more development!

Then here's what I saw outside my window just a couple of days ago:

Steadfastness is Applied by Increasing Numbers of Hue-Beings ~ Gaia Portal ~ 21 September 2015

For some reason, this update makes me think of Soul families, groupings through origins, or Souls beginning to align with their Soul purpose / Soul group. "Flash points" appears again; I'm thinking the 5th line could be a typo ~ Frequencies of thought increase?

Source: Gaia Portal

Steadfastness is applied by increasing numbers of Hue-Beings.
Holographic manifestations from lower levels increase.
Flash points avoided.
Stemmed relations converge.
Frequencies of though increase.
Martinizations flourish, as congruences are noted.

20 September 2015

Two Meditations In Just A Few Hours

 **A quick reminder ~ the urgent meditation for Europe, followed by the weekly Planetary Liberation meditation (for details, please visit Prepare For Change)  **

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 20 - 27 September 2015

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

There are portents everywhere that are informing the people of the world that a great change is taking place upon their planet and that it is time for them to awaken to the knowledge that all are connected to each other. Those who have tried to separate humanity from each other and from their connection to the divine are now being faced with the realities of their decisions and choices. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hide the growing numbers of the world’s peoples who are seeking a peaceful existence. Until the root cause of this is addressed, it will only continue. Those who seek domination through acts of war will continue to be exposed to the effects of it and will have to deal with the problems they have created so that it is to the satisfaction of the world’s population. The sooner they realize that everyone on Earth deserves a life of peaceful co-existence, the sooner peace on Earth will come to pass. All their efforts to date are reflecting directly back to them the problems they have created through their decisions and actions. They must take responsibility and be held accountable for them.

All human interactions must begin to take place in honesty, sincerity and transparency, for the old ways of intrigue and backroom agreements are over. Those who continue in the old ways are being brought to the light of truth and will be held accountable. This fact of the workings of the new energies is being brought to the awareness in every nation in the world. It behooves the leaders of each nation to extend true compassion and kindness to those who are making clear to them that humanity will no longer tolerate any form of deceit, dishonesty and disrespect. The world has truly become a melting pot where each race is represented in each nation and the concept of ‘the other’ will no longer apply. For it is becoming increasingly clear that within each human heart beats the love and wisdom of the Creator of All That Is, that each individual throughout the world is aligned in oneness with every other individual. All seek to express this truth in their everyday lives.

The Great Awakening of the Earth’s people has begun in earnest and every event that occurs will reflect this fact. There will continue to be many challenges to experience, as it is the challenges and obstacles that arise that facilitate the awakenings in each human heart. At some point, the realization will come that humanity is participating in this cosmic evolution together and from that point forward, an acceleration of awakening consciousness will sweep the world. You who read or listen to this message are those who are in the forefront, you have passed all the tests that were given and you are now being further fortified in your role as Light Bearers. You are entering into a new phase of movement and activity. Connect within your heart daily and have faith that what is required of you shall be revealed to you.

You will have to continue to accept and assimilate the increased energetic influxes and this will facilitate remembrance of your part in the workings of the divine plan as it plays out. You are the love brigade, the wielders of the highest alchemy of the greatest force in the entire universe. Hold steady and let go of any energies or situations that are in opposition to this understanding. Your mind is the builder and you are building a majestic new world for all souls to enjoy. The denser energies have no part in your everyday existence and any remaining vestiges of these are quickly dissipating from your consciousness and your auric energy field. Allow your divine essence to speak through voice and words, allow your divine essence to radiate its goodness out into the world around you. Staying small and invisible will no longer be possible for the Light Bearers, adjust to this knowledge and be assured that you walk in safety and protection at all times.

Your guides and angelic teams are being upgraded in order that your role be optimized and empowered to greater effect. This does not mean that you become someone different; it means that now you are operating at the level of the higher aspects of self, your true and authentic divine self. You will be guided to make the choices that will lead you to the manifestation of your highest dreams and your perfect purpose here on Earth. You will be guided and inspired to move forward to the next right step. You will be inspired with ideas that bring you success in all of your highest aspirations in your role as a way shower.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

Watch video version here:

2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited unless authorized by her.

Permission is given to share this text message on other blogs and websites as long as the text message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and author/channel/scribe's credit, copyright and live website links are included as the source of the messages. 


Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.  

Sweeping Changes ~ A Small Fragment of Solara's September 2015 Surf Report

Source: The Nvi,sible

Sweeping changes are taking place all over the world. It's like a gigantic broom that is sweeping up all the dirt that has been hiding in the forgotten corners of the planet. Now we have to honesty face the consequences of our actions and inactions. And even if we have been honest and integrous in our own lives; it's now time to honesty deal with the actions and inactions of the collective, for we are all part of the ONE.

These Sweeping Changes are not just happening to "others" - people separate from us; they are affecting absolutely everyone, whether we realize it or not. We really can't isolate ourselves from what's going on in the world anymore, even if it's not happening where we live. We can't passively ignore the sufferings of others, while we focus solely on our careers, our "spiritual" practices and being entertained so we don't get bored.

From the very beginning, September feels much better than August. An extremely heavy energy has lifted. The Band of Distortion that affected us throughout August is gone. This doesn't mean that September will be calm or without challenges; it won't be. It will be full of massive, SWEEPING CHANGES - changes large and small, changes that affect many elements of our lives and the world we live in -- Tsunamis of Change.

At times, this will be very challenging. Occasionally, we may be rocked to our foundation. Yet, we will be able to deal with whatever happens in a much smoother, more grounded manner than we could in August.

Please read on.....

19 September 2015

Gatekeepers: Highest Potentials, Highest Outcomes ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 September 2015

Despite what the title suggests, this message from Sandra is for all of us! Obviously, we are entering a significant period and what Sandra has to say is pertinent for all.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The completion of our two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways is upon us. Gatekeepers, we have a collective unified opening on Saturday, September 19 and will stay open through the Blood Moon eclipse on the 27th. Every aligned HUman heart is welcome to participate in this Divine Intent of Service. Crystals on the ground, vertical Gateways open wide; including the one in your Solar Cosmic Christed Heart center (the most important for personal activations).

The activations/accelerations are sublimely transcendent (grounding the New). Rays of the wave come through my consciousness (frozen-in-my-tracks moments of *Wow*) and flow liquid light into my fields, stimulating the merge (consistent revelations; how vast we are!)  Sharing our stories can wait; focus is key to Highest Outcomes.

I truly Love this phase and the potential it holds for our embodiment. Stay true to the HUman Heart grid as we unleash our best efforts over the next week. The Higher Realms say we are *ready to drop the payload* … as always, it is up to the collective to be prepared, participating, and capable of receiving this Light on behalf of the highest interests of all concerned. On the ground, we create the maximum potential for anchoring this Light. Vibration = Vibration.

Reminder from the last message:

Please read on....

Urgent! Meditation for Europe ~ Sunday, September 20th at 7:00 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST) ~ Cobra ~ 18 September 2015

 ** Sticky for now **

Cobra had previously reported the following about Archon agents:

"Many of those mercenaries are now being infiltrated into Europe hidden inside waves of refugees and are actually reptilians in cloned humanoid bodies who came on Earth during Archon invasion in 1996."

We've successfully assisted before in such urgent calls for meditations, let's do it again! We'll turn our Light mode setting to "Are You Kiddin'?!" and flood the situation with our Divine Light and intentions!

Source: The Portal

There has been a recent development in Europe that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe has escalated:

Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that as many people as possible support the people in Europe with our meditation. This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. It is time for us to unite in purpose so that Light will be victorious. Please post this on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can share it with your iphone. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Please read on....

18 September 2015

Webinar Announcement: The Latest Developments that Lead to The Event ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 17 September 2015

**Update: A wonderful Soul has provided (via comment below) very helpful information in the form of a useful one-click time-calculator for your local time:

You can also request for a recording if you cannot attend at that time.

Many thanks to Lee Binder for helping, very much appreciated

If you are interested, please register at The World of Truth.The webinar is provided gratis but you could also make a donation.

17 September 2015

Illuminations Commence ~ Gaia Portal ~ 17 September 2015

Sigh.... This has got to be one of the most directly-phrased messaged from Gaia Portal, and yet....

Anyway, crypts and ancient civilisations do tend to go hand-in-hand, but apart from that, I haven't the foggiest what this update really means. But at least I do understand the last line (also the title) "Illuminations commence", which is good news indeed.

Source: Gaia Portal
Sumerian crypts are exhumed and cleared.
Conflagrations unneeded.
Entrances scheduled.
Light pathways have been defined.
Sacred sights are noted and uplifted.
Illuminations commence.

Separation of Worlds ~ Lisa Renee ~ September 2015

I feel that this message from Lisa Renee is crucial for us to understand the Ascension process from a larger and broader perspective. All the more because I personally see many who awaken from one reality, only to plug into another that puts them right back to sleep. Again, some may find Lisa's information hard to accept but as always, follow your Higher guidance.

**Please read her update here (sorry forgot about the link!)

Some quick background info, in case needed:
  • Lisa wrote "Bifurcation of Time" a couple of years ago (seems like just 3 months!), which may provide some additional context to this new article
  • Harmonic Universe (HU) ~ HU1 = Dimensions 1-3; HU2 = D 4-6, and so on
  • GSF = God-Sovereign-Free
  • NAA = Negative Alien Agenda
  • Seriously consider Soul revocation, if you haven't yet done so; I personally used Mary-Jane Banks', which you can find on the right-side bar of this blog 
  • 12-D Shield Building Technique link
  • If you wish to understand more about AI and its influence, sources such as Harald Kautz-Vella provide extensive information.

Some key excerpts:
  • A human that chooses to connect to the Eternal God Spirit is aligned to the mechanics of living light consciousness, which interconnect to the mechanics of time and space made in Universal Law. The Laws will always protect that human while in any dimension or timeline, when making that conscious choice. This choice comes from deep within the heart of a loving, compassionate and empathic person, and not the mind.
  • Commanding our personal space and spiritual right in Universal Law to exist as sovereign and free human beings in the reality that we take full personal responsibility to co-create. 
  • This is the war over consciousness on earth, over how we accept personal responsibility, and how we participate in the hologram. We either accept full responsibility for our consciousness and want to commune with the living spirit in all things, or we give away our consent and personal power to the AI machinery to take full control over our life.
  • At this time, as an awakened spiritual being, it is more important than ever to command your personal space, and to dedicate your life force completely to your spiritual development and to serve organic living consciousness.  To do so is to maintain sovereignty by taking personal responsibility to play by your own rules in the consciousness structure that is governed by your highest power in God Spirit.
  • So when we only use these first three chakras, our consciousness is trapped in the lowest frequencies available in our body, and it keeps us locked into the 3D location of time and space. At this level of negative ego mind, we become locked into the density of matter and trapped in the 3D cycles of time.
  • The number of protons in the nucleus define what chemical element the atom belongs to, so when protons are added, it completely changes the atomic structure. Subatomic properties of the atom are broken down into smaller units of the family of Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. If the number of the protons and electrons are equal, that atom is electrically neutral. This is key to understanding how to expand human consciousness. When we become capable of holding the neutral field between balanced protons and electrons, our energetic aura and body become free of lower frequency limitations and we move to the next higher frequency instruction sets. This is the Ascension process we undergo to shift into the next density.
  • Ascension is a conscious choice taken by the individual and that choice is not interfered with.
  • On the other hand, the Ascending population of earth will be moving en masse to the next density in the harmonic scale of frequencies. For most groups, this will change the position in time of their matter blueprint from the Telluric Shield, to ascend their subatomic particles to connect with the Tribal Shield of the 5th dimension. For some people, they will not be running 1D, 2D or 3D current any longer, but will be replaced by the next density of 4D, 5D and 6D current. Others will undergo gradual frequency upgrade so that their body can comfortably adjust to these new frequencies which replace the 3D Proton, Electron and Neutron structure with its higher 5D version. This equals the planetary consciousness shift from matter density to semi-etheric matter density.
  • For Starseeds and Indigos, this will change the position of our matter forms from the Tribal Shield to either the Galactic Shield or Christos Shield, which also has locations in time. 
  • This shift to the next density is increasing the materialization of both planetary miasma and individual miasma which are the inherited and genetic patterns recorded in our cellular matrix that impact the physical body and spiritual-energetic bodies.
  • Ask your body consciousness and inner spirit to show you the source of the miasma, the timeline to clear it, and what you can do directly to participate with the healing of miasma. We will be addressing individual miasma, family of origin miasma, collective humanity miasma, and planetary miasma at the level our spiritual consciousness and body can handle. Miasma patterns accumulate every seven to nine years of the biological life cycle, so our current bio-spiritual marker will also be relative to the level of accumulative miasma we will be addressing now.
  • If planetary miasma is not cleared and repaired, it infects the brain and nervous system of the Planetary Grid Network (the grid system), all of the planetary kingdoms DNA, as well as infecting human beings DNA. For these reasons and many more, this planet received several quarantines to limit the waste product from infecting the outer rims of nearby dimensions and other planetary worlds, through their potential resonating dimensional key tones. As we undergo this shift into higher density, these quarantines are being lifted. We are accessing higher densities, and this requires a threshold of clearing to our personal inherited miasma, in order to pass through these quarantine fields. We can do this by holding the highest vibration in our body, mind and spirit, and keeping focused on Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy. Additionally, during this time it is helpful to become aware of the oldest, largest and most prevalent source of miasma pattern generated on the earth, the Psora Miasm (lots of details on this topic, so do read Lisa's update).